Production order status as "Change by external system"

I am come across the production order status as "Change by external system"
In what condition above status is maintain in production order.
Please help me.

Any change in the order done in the external system other than SAP, this status is set by the System.
For example XMII.

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  • Send production order changes to external system IDOC

    I need to send production order changes to an an external system. I understand that I can trigger idocs using t-code POIT.
    but my requirement is when a order is changed, i want to trigger an IDOC to external system with the new PO can I achieve this

    Hi Swathi,
    A very high level idea.
    You can use the user exit..."LXCO1U06" and call the transaction POIT in back goround and submit the idoc. This exit is used @ save of TA code CO02. Moreover as the production order can be changed through several transactions like COHV, CO40, COOIS have to check whether this exit would be applicable for all transaction.

  • Production order status was not changed to 'CNF' after final confirmation.

    Hi guru.
    I experienced very special case that production order status was not changed to CNF after final confirmation.
    I did final confirmation and canceled confirmation. (CNF -> REL)
    And I did final confirmation again because of fixing activity quantity.
    the strange thing is that production order status wasn't changed from REL to CNF.
    I did  confirmation again with 0 activity, thereby  I solved this problem
    BUT i don't know why this case happened.
    Please, explain the reason.

    As per my observation, their is not any change in the status of the order REL with confirmation CNF, instead of this, it has change from CRTD & then to TECO.
       Sequence of the status of the order as below
    2) REL  NMAT SETC - Changes from CRTD to REL after releasing of the order
    3) REL  CNF  PRC  CSER ERTR OPGN SETC -  After confirmation, it updated after the order REL status.

  • Mass change of Production Orders status from TECO to CLSD

    Hi All,
    I want to do mass change of Production Orders status from TECO to CLSD. could you tell me is there any t-code by which i can mass change Production orders status from TECO to CLSD. I want Production Orders to be closed, so that further confirmation shouldn't be done for these Production Orders. please let me know the solution.

    Hi Girish/Dogboy,
    I can set the status 'Complete' if Order is fully confirmed/fully delivered. When ever i run COHV for partially confirmed/delivered Orders, i get error log saying 'Balance of ORD................ is not zero'. Actually we have lot of Production Orders, where there may be Production Orders released only, partially confirmed etc. so i want them to be closed once for all.

  • Production order status CLSD, TECO

    Dear friends,
      What is the diffrence between  production order status CLSD and TECO?
    In what kind of situation should i enable these statuses to my production order?

    Hi Shri,
    Status TECO:
              TECO, Technical Completion refers to an logical ending of Production Order from a Logistical point of view. This status we generally use if,
    1. The order is completely executed from the Logistics point
    2. If the order has to end prematurely for any reason and we wanted to have all the open requirements (Like Capacity & Material reservations) to be deleted.
    What it does:
              Once the order is given a status TECO, what system does is
    1. The order will not be considered for MRP planning and it will not appear in Stock Vs Requirements list (MD04)
    2. Capacity & Material reservations against the order gets deleted.
    3. Purchase requisations for Non stock materials & External operations gets deleted.
    4. The operations and the order header get TECO status.
    Followup after TECO status:
    1. You wont be able to make any further changes in the fields of the order even in change mode. However you will be able to revoke the TECO status.
    2. It can still allow to post confirmations or good movement and it allows all Finance and Controlling period end activites for the order.
    Status CLSD:
         CLSD status refers to completion of all business activites for the order interms of Logistics and Finance and Controlling. This status is generally a prerequiste for an Production order  to be archived and deleted from the SAP database, also to have a control on the orders on which we do not want to have any further Cost posting. But for having a production order to CLSD status, certain Prerequisites have to be met.
    1. The Order must have a TECO or REL status in it.
    2.  Open Purchase requisations & Purchase order with commitments to Production order should not exists          
    3. There cannot be any future change records in terms of goods movement or confirmation errors in COGI.
    4. The order balance should be 0.
    What is does:
    1. It executes all the functions listed for TECO status if the order is in REL status.
    Followup after CLSD status:
    1. Goods Movement, Confirmation and Finance & Controlling cost postings to the order is not allowed.
    2. It will allow the order to be flagged for deletion.
    3. It will allow revoking of CLSD.
    Hope this helps you in understanding the status TECO & CLSD with respect to logistics.
    Thanks & Regards,
    <b></b><u></u>Dont forget to reward points, or ask for further clarification if needed

  • Report on production order status and shortage report

    I want to know standard report on production order status and shortage report. Kindly suggest.

    COOIS - Production order information system . In this report you can give system status in selection screen  and in report you can get complete status details (both system and user status) .
    shortage report - CO24

  • IDoc Configuration for Production Order Creation and Change

    Hi All,
    Please Help me out for IDoc Configuration for Production Order Creation and Change
    I have found the IDoc for Production Order
    Messgae Type : LOIPRO and IDoc type : LOIPRO01
    Actually my requirment is to send the (LOIPRO01 )IDoc from SAP R/3 to XI system ,when ever the Production Order Created and Changed,
    I have done following Configurations:
    1. RFC Destination created for XI system
    2. PORT was created for XI
    3. Partner profile created WE20 and LOIPRO01 IDoc is added in OutBound Perameter.
    I need to know how to do the followning.
    1. How do i configure the outbound Production order idocs when Production Order is created or changed.
    2. in NACE (Output control) which is the Application for Production Order.
    3. How can I set IDoc as output Type for Production Order Creation.
    Thanks in advance
    Dhanabal T

    Hi Michal,
    I know that it is the old thread but still want to get clarified from you out of curiosity.
    Unlike other IDOC, i actiavated change pointers for LOIPRO
    1.message and idoc type is linked
    2.function module , message type , idoc type is linked
    function module used is CLOI_MASTERIDOC_CREATE_LOIPRO
    3.BD64, distribution model is created and distributed
    4. port and partner profile is in place.
    5. IDOC is not getting generated after creating the process order.
    do we need to activate the change documents for the message type in BD52,
    if yes can you please provide the object types for the same.
    or i am missing something else. please guide me in this regards.
    Thanks in advance for your time.

  • Production order status reverse

    Dear all
    My production order status is
    Now i want to reserve a Vcal status . is it possible ? then i wnt to do "Read PP master data "
    Plz guide me brifly

    If the variances were calculated in a target cost version relevant to settlement, the order receives the status VCAL (Variances calculated). So it is not possible to reserves it.
    During the variance calculation process, the system also reads the orders for which the status DLV or TECO has been active. If the status was withdrawn, any variances and scrap variances are canceled.

  • Production order status TECO-Revoke implications in FI/CO

    Production order status TECO can be revoked functions -
    > restrict processing -
    Can any one tell me the activities happening while revoking teco.
    is it possible to revoke the teco for an order which has been closed in the past and financial closing also over for that period.still if we want to do what kind of implications r there in system point of view.

    Production orders pass through various phases. These phases are expressed by the status of the production order:
    The production orders are first created (CRTD).
    The orders are then released (REL).
    The shop floor papers are printed out (PRT).
    The production orders are carried out. The produced quantities, services, and deadlines are continuously (partially) confirmed (PCNF).
    Final confirmation takes place (CNF).
    The production orders are technically completed (TECO).
    Finally, the production orders are flagged for deletion (DLFL).
    Process Flow
    When you create a production order, a workflow can be started to inform the MRP controller of the current production order phase.
    Note that a large number of work items may be created in this scenario. If a large volume of production orders is created in your production system, therefore, you should not use this scenario.
    The work items are deleted at the latest if a deletion flag was set for the order in question.
    If this scenario does not fulfill your requirements, you can use it as a template to create your own scenario.

  • Production Order Status - MACM

    Hello Champs
    have a query on Production Order Status.
    We have Prodcution Order setup and Bom components are managed in WM.
    So the process is  - Release only if all componenets are available and then create the Transfer Order.
    Now issue is tht when a  Prodcution Order was released it was showing the all materials componenets are available ( as per out settings..No Rlease if Missing parts).. but it didn't create TO , when We are checking material availability showing the missing pasrt.
    Why System is allowing some one to pick the materials if its already reserved for a Prodcution Order?
    In this case wht the meaning of material committed (MACM) it was showing tht material commited status ..
    Helpful answers will be rewarded..
    Thanks in advance

    The material was committed based on the availability situation at the time of releasing the order. But there is no check in the system preventing any one to issue material. Stock could be issued without reference to order. Also it is possible to issue stock to an order for which no coommitment has been made. SAP has given the facility for planners to use to make decisions. But SAP does not prevent them to overrule this. Its the responsibility if the issuer how he wants to control this.

  • Production Order status FM

    Dear All,
    Is there any function module which return the production order status in internal
    table format when we key in the production order number.
    Basically I am looking if i pass aufk-aufnr or objnr i am expecting order status which are in jest table.

    Below is the example code :
    Data : d_objnr        like jsto-objnr,
    t_status        like jstat          occurs 0 with header line.
    loop at int_orders.
        clear d_objnr.
        refresh: t_status.
        concatenate 'OR' int_orders-aufnr into d_objnr.
        call function 'STATUS_READ'
                  client          = sy-mandt
                  objnr           = d_objnr
                  status          = t_status
        if sy-subrc eq 0.
      Start of change Seshu 01/15/2007
      Reason - Short dump got on 01/14/2007 - Deletion of internal table
      Put continue command Properly.
          delete t_status where stat gt 'I0099'.
          delete t_status where inact eq 'X'.  "Delete Inactive Status(es).
          read table t_status with key stat = 'I0076'. "Deletion Indicator
          if sy-subrc eq 0.
            delete int_orders.
            clear int_orders.
          read table t_status with key stat = 'I0045'. "Tech. Complete
          if sy-subrc eq 0.
            delete int_orders.
            clear int_orders.
          if p_open eq 'X'.
            read table t_status with key stat = 'I0009'. "Confirmed
            if sy-subrc eq 0.
              delete int_orders.
              clear int_orders.
    Reward points if it is helpful

  • Exit/Badi in the transaction of production order create or change (CO02)

    hi all,
    I need an exit/Badi in the transaction of production order create or change (preferably during SAVE).
    I want to change structure AFVGD-usr02,AFVGD-usr03 .
    <b>PPCO0007 Exit when saving production order</b>
    the exit is not applicable EXIT_SAPLCOZV_001 .

    we around 200 exit for this tcode i found only three badi for this tcode.
    AFABD_CHANGE          Change Relationship
    CAUFVD_CHANGE        BAdI: Overall Network Scheduling with Selection Option
    SIDAT_UPDATE            Change date of price simulation.
    check with this goto se18 and F4 thn give the Package as CO.enter u get this three.
    reward pointd if use full

  • Table for production order status in ABAP

    In which table we get production order status like ( TECO , CRTD, etc......) ?

    it should be JEST Table
    get the production order Object number from AUFK-OBJNR
    Goto JEST Table -> use value into jest table ,you get status.

  • Table : Production order status

    Hi all ,
    i need the Table in which the Production order status will appear .
    i tried AFKO and AFRU but not finding the same .
    Pl tell me the field name if possible .

    Goto CAUFV
    get the field - CAUFV-OBJNR
         Pass this in JEST in field = OBJNR, object number and INACT = space
         you will get severail entries for field STAT.
         pass this field entries STAT to tabel TJ02T and field - ISTAT, language = EN
         you will get status in the field TJ02T-TXT04 and text in field - TJ02T-TXT30.
    or simply use FM- STATUS_TEXT_EDIT
    pl come back if required
    Edited by: Rajesha Vittal on Mar 27, 2008 10:17 AM

  • Production order status for wm staging for production

    Hi Friends,
    What should be the status of production order for wm staging of raw for production.
    In production order status Confirmed & delivered will I be able to do staging for the production order.

    Material staging should be allowed following the Release of the Production Order.
    Then, as an example, you could have your first operation in the order (OP10) to Consume Materials. This will then backflush the materials in the PSA (Production Supply Area) that the staged materials were taken to. Ensure that the materials are set for Backflushing in the material master in MRP2.
    If the OP10 is confirmed before materials have been staged then they will not appear in the LP12 staging report.
    It's all about timing

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