Profit Center for Vendor/Customer line item in F-02

hi all,
We have implemented SAP ECC 6.
At the time of vendor line item posting, there is no input field for profit center.
Can anyone please tell the way out for Profit Center field pop up in case of t-code like f-02 for vendors & customers

Please note the following:
- On FBL5N and alike customer/vendor line item reports you won't find
the field profit center filled; hence you can't directly input it during document entry (as pre-mentioned)
and the profit center for customer/vendor gets inherited (as of document splitting functionality) from the document other line item(s) (according to the defined document splitting rules...)
- Yet you can use the below reports (with New G/L.) to get the customer/vendor line items wise reporting over a profit center (i.e. unlike FBL5N & showing the inherited customer/vendor profit center in the G/L. view)
S_AC0_52000887 - Line Items->Open Items->Receivables: Profit Center
S_AC0_52000888- Line Items->Open Items->Payables: Profit Center
In both reports you can use:
"Custom Selections" -Dynamic Selections Icon- enabling you to filter the output according to
a. Customer line items specific data entered within the posted document(s)
b. General ledger items of the G/L. view of the posted document(s)
& the "Output type" includes like most of the New G/L. Reports:
- Graphical report output
- Classical drill-down report
- Object list (more than one lead column)

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  • Profit Center wise Vendor & Customer  Line item report

    We are on SAP ECC 6. Can I get Profit Center wise Vendor & Customer  Line item report (as like FBL1N)

    Please Try using "S_ALR_87013343 - Profit Center: Receivables " and "S_ALR_87013344 - Profit Center: Payables"
    Best Regards,
    Ravi Reddy

  • Need profit center in Vendor & customer Line items in reports FBL1N & FBL5N

    how to get profit center field in reports FBL1N and FBL5N.  Please help.
    Sumit Jain
    Moderator: Please, search SDN; it has been answered several times

    I have done the below to get this. (You can change the naming convention of function module as per your wish):-
    Step 1:-
    Create function module Z_GET_PRCTR as below:-
    ""Local Interface:
                                    AND  DOCNR = BELNR
                                    AND  RLDNR = 'NL'
                                    AND  RBUKRS = BUKRS
                                    AND  DOCLN = ZDOCLN.
    Step 2:-
    Then create the Function Modules as below:-
    ""Local Interface:
    Initialize Output by using the following line -
          E_POSTAB = I_POSTAB.                "<-- important
                    BELNR           = I_POSTAB-BELNR
                    BUKRS           = I_POSTAB-BUKRS
                    BUZEI           = I_POSTAB-BUZEI
                    GJAHR           = I_POSTAB-GJAHR
                    PRCTR           = E_POSTAB-PRCTR
                    OTHERS          = 1.
    Transaction FIBF:-
    Settings -> Products -> of a Customer
    PRCTR     Profit Center in Line Item Display          Active
    Settings -> P/S Module -> of a Customer
    00001650     PRCTR                    Z_LINE_ITEMS_GET_PRCTR
    Step 4:-
    Create the layout for FBL*N with display of the profit center.

  • T code for vendor,customer line item display

    we are using ecc 6.
      I would like to know the wheter any tcode is available in ECC6 for cust and vendor line item display.
    NEW TCODE for FBL3N is FAGLL03. Like that any new new tcode is availbale for FBL1N & FBL5N?
    Please clarify.

    Dear Rajesh,
    There are not direct 'replacement' as the FAGLL03->FBL3N for FBL1N and FBL5N.
    So the FBL1N and FBL5N can be used further without any problem.
    As stated before, only the G/L are has directly changed.
    But in the relation to the New G/L, there are two new 'Recherche' tools for the vendor and customer area in relation to the 'Segment' and 'Profit Center'.
    You can find them in the FGI0 transaction.
    They are called:
    Maybe they can also help you further.
    Best regards,

  • Informing cost center or profit center for vendor/client items

    Hello all,
    We need to post vendor or client items with a profit center, we tried modifying the field status group for Vendors/Customers account, but we can not enable the cost center or profit center field, is there anyway to enable these fields?, and if not, to assign a profit center to the vendor/customer line item in a different way?
    Thank you very muchs Gurus

    Hi for the reconciliation GL Account use G067 field status group.
    There is no much sense to post the amount on vendor items with cost center. Normally amounts posted on customer or vendor will not go to cost center. However, this can be flown to PCA, provided if you run 1KEK at a periodic time intervals. Please not that F.5D would be pre-requisite for running any transferable from FI to PCA

  • Change profit center for accounting document on item line

    I need to change profit center for accounting document on item line, for that purpose I have used user-exit EXIT_SAPLV60B_004, but my new profit center gets latly overwritten in FM CO_DOCUMENT_CHECK (which is called from FM AC_DOCUMENT_CREATE). It gets overwritten from COBL. Is there any way to solve this?

    possible reasons are :
    In GR document profit center pulled from PO Material :
    If you have ordered with material code, must check profit center assigned into material by mm03/Plant Data2
    If you have ordered without material code, than check cost center assigned Profit center by 1KE4

  • Assigning profit center for vendor to vendor transfer (F-02)

    We are having two profit centers and would like to generate financial statments each profit center wise for which we must assign profit center for each entry passed.
    Now we want to transfer balance from one vendor to another(which is a normal scenario in our case) with tcode F-02, but it doesn't allow us to select profit center  and at the same time it gives  an error that profit center not selected.
    kindly guide us

    You have not mentioned teh Verison you are in.
    Assuming you are in ECC 6.0 (As the error posted seems to be more relevant for this version) and document splitting is enabled, you cannot transfer from vendor to vendor or customer as profit centres in recon accounts are not taken by system.
    So you need to take a intermediary GL account for first transferring from one vendor to  GL account where you will be giving the profit center in teh gl line item and save. After that you use same GL account to transfer th amount to other Vendor account.
    The system derives the proft center from GKL line item to teh AR/AP line items. Use F-44 or F-32 as the case may be.
    Check document type in F-02 if you are using this as document type also controls the psoting in new GL.
    Reward if useful.

  • Profit Center on Vendor/Customer Reconn account

    I have a requirement where we need to replace the dummy profit center on the Vendor/Customer line item in the Accounting document with the profit center from the offset line item. The transactions that will be used MIRO, VF01 and FB60.
    We cannot user 3KEI or 3KEH since the profit center is dynamic and needs to be copied from the second line item in the accounting document.
    I have used substitution rules to achieve the same. But the same does not work for MIRO since the BSEG-BUZEI is not populated and I do not have access to the entire item table to do the modification in the program of substitution.
    Please let me know if I can achieve the using substitution or is there any exit or BADI that can achieve the same.
    Preetham S

    If you have new GL, profit center is copied from the second line item. I believe, you need to check your splitting configuration throughly. There is no need for any BADI or other configuration settings. Follow the path
    IMG>Financial Accounting(New)>General Ledger Accounting (NEw)> Business Transactions>Document Splitting>Extended Document Splitting>Define Document Splitting Method
    Here in check the Item Categories and Base Methods assigned for Document Splitting. Pls check for your Splitting Method, for Business Transaction 0300 - Vendor Invoice and 0200 - Customer Invoice, if you have all the categories assigned. For example for Vendor Invoice Business Transaction 0300, you should have at least the following base categories assigned like, 03000 - Vendor, 05100 - taxes on Sales & Purchase, 05200 - With Holding Tax, 01100 - Company Code Clearing to give you an example.
    Pls check the configuration. In case of doubt, pls revert back
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sanil K Bhandari

  • Update Profit Center Field in CO Line item tables

    We are working on ECC6.0 NewGL with Real-time CO-FI integration for Cross Company Code and Cross Pofit Center.
    For those CO internal documents (like activity confirmation at production order) where there is no cross company code or cross profit center postings, no FI document is generated and hence table FAGLFLEXA is not updated. So, we wanted to take data from CO table COEP / COVP for these internal CO documents. However, there is no Profit Center field in CO line item tables COEP / COVP. We don't want to refer to Object Number (OBJNR) of COEP / COVP tables and take profit center from master table of cost centers, IOs etc..,as Profit center in the cost center, IO masters may get changed latter.
    I tried to generate a new report through report painter from structure CCSS, but Profit center is not defined as Charactericts there. Hence of no use.
    Can we append Profit Center field in CO line item tables COEP / COVP and update tatabase at the time of posting? Is there any risk?
    Please suggest any other alternative...

    As per the standard process we can't derive PC from CO-internal per my knowledge.
    Better you can derive from IO-CC master PC ....if your question that it will change frequently then -no control can make.

  • Change the Profit Center in Sales Order line item's Account assignment tab

    Hi Gurus,
    I need to change the Profit Center at Sales order Line item in Account Assignment Tab. Currently  The Profit center is coming from Material Master for the Line Item's Material as default but I have to change / overwrite  that.
    Can any body provide me how can i achive that means
    Any User exits, substitution or any thing ?
    I tried MV45AFZZ but i am not able to find out the right place where I can change COBL-PRCTR.

    There is perform which moves the values to VBAP field.
    This PRCTR field is stored in VBAP (i.e., SO line item table)
    Hope it works.

  • Error - Balancing Line Item Profit Center not filled in Line Item 007

    I am trying to do a transfer posting from one vendor account to another. However, system is giving an error - Balancing Line Item Profit Center not filled in line Item 001. Pls suggest.

    hi  vaibhav
    you go through this Tcode  FAGL3KEH  and maintain default profit centre. in the  error message system shown GL accounts
    hope you userstand

  • How to assign profit center to automatically generated line items

    Hi, Experts,
                       My problem is that I want system automatically assign profit center to automatically generated line items.
                             (Vat is @ 10%)
                                        Transaction                             Amount                            Profit Center                    
                              Purchase                   Dr                    Rs.1000/-                           XYZ
                              Vat                             Dr                    Rs.100/-
                              To Vendor                  Cr                                      Rs 1100/-
    Here I have to assign Profit Center in VAT G/L by double clicking on it, in reality, system should automatically assign profit center to VAT G/L same as to purchase, because this vat amount belongs to same purchase G/L.
    Kindly help me
    Thanks in advance

    1. In which SAP version you are working ? Are you using SAP 4.7 or ECC 6.0. ?
    2. If you are in ECC 6.0, have you activated New G/L ?
    3. Segment reporting is happening with Profit Center is one of the scenario ?
    Auto updation of Profit Center will depend upon these conditions. Accordingly one can provide you the solution.

  • Business Area wise Vendor & Customer Line item report

    We are on SAP ECC 6. Can I get Business Area wise Vendor & Customer Line item report (as like FBL1N)

    In FBL1N in dynamic selections you can give the business area as the selection parameter otherwise after execution of report with the help of layout you can set filters for business area.
    Go to FAGLB03 give the vendor or customer reconciliation account along with business area. So after you execute the report you can choose vendor code and business area.
    Check once it may help you

  • Profit center not flowing in line item 2

    Hi Experts,
    We have activated document splitting and kept the field Business Area (BA), Profit center (PCTR) and Segment mandatory and only business area and segment as zero balancing field.
    While doing F-02 for an entry of Expense a/c..... Dr, Bank A/c ... Cr, I am giving cost center (say A) in the expense line item. From that Business area (say K) and Segment (say X) is taken in the expense line item and if I do not give anything in the bank line item the same is inherited there also.
    If i give a separate profit center (B) in the bank line item (other than that in the expense line item) and keep the business area blank, automatic line item of 'inter branch clearing' is generated with 2 different PCTR (say A and B) and segment (say X and Y) but same business area
    *But if I give a separate business area in the bank line item and keep the profit center blank though it is generating automatic line item of inter-branch clearing for separate business areas but it is not inheriting profit center from the expense line item and it is giving me an error that profit center in line item is not filled
    Please help

    @ Murli: The scenarios for OL ledger is maintained so that is not the reason.
    @ Ravi: I also initially thought the same but even after making profit center zero balanced it did not work.
    The scenario is like this:
    We are trying to post a JV - Dr. Expense a/c to Bank a/c.
    1. When both BA & PC are left blank in the Bank line item, both are getting  inherited from the Expense line item.
    2. When both BA & PC are manually given, system is taking the manual inputs only.
    3. When user enters PC manually but leaves BA blank, system takes that PC (user input) and inherits BA from the Expense line item.
    4. BUT, when user enters BA manually & leaves PC blank, system is taking the BA (user input) & leaving the PC field blank, i.e. not inheriting PC from the Expense line item.

  • Few queries about foreign revaluation for vendor/customer open items

    I am trying the transaction F.05 for the first time for vendor & customer open items in foreign currency. I have a few queries:-
    1. The ouput contains 2 exchange rates. One is picked from the transaction header. My query is from where is the other rate being picked up. In my current system, I could make out that exch rate in transaction header is being picked automatically from table OB08....however I am unable to deduce the source of the 2nd exch rate.
    2. What is the significance of "balance sheet preparation valuation". Earlier in test runs, only "new difference" was getting populated. However the user wanted to see "old diff" also. So while doing some trial run in test client, I checked the "bal sheet prep valu" and posted.....after this run, I am getting values in "old diffe" and "new diff" also. And the posted amount is the difference of the two. What is the significance and ideal way?
    3. Should the entry be reversed if I am revaluating at year end? Why I am asking is because in some threads I read that revaluation at year is not to be reversed....

    1. To find out difference latest date(Key Date for OI Overview) will be taken by comparing with document posted dated. Based on that system shows diffrences
    2.   The items are valued using the exchange rate valid at the key date. The
          difference determined in local currency is output and posted. The
          valuation can also be done for parallel local currencies and according to
          different valuation approaches (HGB, GAAP).
          The result of the valuation is required for the creation of the financial
          statements. You should therefore carry out the valuation before the
          grouping of receivables and payables with program SAPF101. The valuation
          difference is then noted in the document. Use the valuation areas to
          calculate a different valuation method, or to save the result for further
          processing activities.
    3.   we need to reverse entries .

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