Profit Center population in the Vendor and Customer Line items

our client is asking for  getting profit center in the vendor and customer line items  where in the view FBL5n and fbl1n we are not getting the profit center populated - in the new gl i understand that there is a standard report based on the gl account.
but our business is not satisfied with the report and expecting report at profit center level.
Can any one suggest any way of doing this.

Dear Vijay,
Let me provide you my view of solutioning for this. This is an enahcement that needs to be done
1. You can get the profit center from the given vendor and customer line item at the time of posting, using an enahcement you will be able to capture it.
2. Existing the profit center field is not populated in the BSIK,BSAK,BSID and BSAD tables
3. Hence, in the same enhancement once you capture the profit center , you can write the code that profit center is updated in these tables also.
4. This will help you to do the vendor line item wise selection in the FBL1N,  FBL5N profit center wise.
Constraints of this solution:
The only constraint remains where in the for a given document if there are multiple profit center, then the system will do the splitting profit center wise for a vendor line item, which will not populate the profit center in those tables as there is only one field available in the bsid etc.. tables.
This basically would be the one the soltuion where in as seeen from the end user ther eis no change in the front end interface , the way they are doing always they can do.
You need to also take care the % of document splitting means cross profit center postings /cross document splitting charactericstics postings and the volume involved in this. so that you can suggest this to your client.

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    Deal ALL,
    We have not activated Business Area.
    We have 10 plant under one company code. Client is booking the vendor and customer invoice as per the cost center and profit center of the plant. Payment and Receipt is also made according the bank maintain for each plant. As one customer or vendor is dealing with all the plants.
    Can any body can help me out how to get the vendor and customer line item display according plant or cost or profit center wise, so we can make or receive payment accordingly.
    Request you all to reply.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Try the transaction codes for Profit Display by suitable config in TCode O7F1, O7F2, O7F3
    Assign Points if useful

  • Profit centre needs to be updated in Vendor and Customer line item reports

    We are using ECC 6. 
    Profit centre is updating for vendor and customer line items in document level.  But the same is to be reflected/updated in profit centre field in FBL1N and Reports.

    Use this T codes you will get Profit center wise  S_AC0_52000888 Paybles (vendor balances )
    Tcode for Profit center wise receviables S_AC0_52000887  (customer balances )

  • FI Open Vendor and Customer Line item

    Dear Experts,
    Do we have to migrate the Tax code in the Vendor and Customer Line Items during data migration?
    I read somewhere that is it not necessary to do so.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    Hi ,
         It depends on the legal enviroment and sometimes on the settings used in your system. It is a matter of whether the Tax code information is needed in any circumstance that could arise subsequent to migration.
    Examples where you must migrate the tax codes:-
         i) Deferred VAT is used.
         ii) Prepayments with Gross Display.
        iii) Prompt payment discounts are VAT relevant.
    Kind regards

  • How can i clear the vendor and customer open line items at a time same vendor as a customer of the company (same vendor same customer and equal invoices )

    my vendor and customer are same . purchase invoice due100000 and sales invoice amount is also 100000 at a time with any manual action , have any setting for cleared both vendor and customer line items at a time ...........

    X Ltd. will be Vendor & Customer.
    Purchase Invoice is booked under Vendor SAP number & Sales Invoice is booked under Customer SAP number. Then you can transfer amount from Vendor to Customer or vice versa with T-code F-04.
    Then if you have transferred amount from customer to Vendor (F-04), Vendor account will have two entries Debit & Credit. Then go for clearance with T-code F-44 clear Vendor.

  • Profit Centre updation in Vendor or Customer Line item

    Dear All,
    With the concept of New GL, system is configured with profit centre and business area mandatory fields. after posting the document in MIRO and VF01 system is not able to capture the Profit Centre in the vendor or customer line item in " Entry View" where as in  "General Ledger Veiw" PC is capturing properly.
    Business area field is updating in the both the veiws.
    Due to this we could not able to take the vendor or customer line item in the t code FBL1n / 3n. is there config setting missig or else system is behavior correct.
    if sytem is behaving correct in this case how to take the vendor or customer line item with respective profit centre wise.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Sahil. K

    First of all go to SE37 and copy the function module SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001650 and make a Z one out of it .
    Then code your requirement playing aorund with the structure RFPOS .
    Then Go to FIBF - Settings - Products - Of a customer . Here make a new entry with a Z one of yours as per your convinience .
    Again go to settings - P/S modules - Of customer - Entere here the BTE 1650 and the product that you have created and enter the fucntion module name that you have made the codings in .
    Save the entries .
    Also , in the FM you can keep a break point and check what is the effect that is coming out in the Structure RFPOS after the FM is executed .
    May take the help of an ABAPER for the same .

  • T.code required for Vendor line item display and Customer line item display

    Hi Gurus,
    Pl provide me transaction code for "Vendor line item display and " Customer line item display apart from FBL1n for vendor and FBL5n for customers.
    Kindly advise.

    You could use these, for example:
    S_ALR_87012103 - List of Vendor Line Items
    S_ALR_87012197 - List of Customer Line Items
    Just curious: what's wrong with FBL1(5)N?

  • RE: COPA report and customer line item report not matching

    Hi All,
    COPA report and customer line item reports (fd10n) are not matching please let me know the reason.


  • Derivation of Profit Centers in case of bank and Cash line items

    We are in the process of configuring the Profit Center Accounting functionality. We are in ECC 6.0 but have not migrated to New G/L.
    We understand that Profit center needs to be derived for each of the items for which it does not flow online in realtime. As regards Bank and Cash Line Items, we are not able to understand how Profit Center Derivation will happen.
    We have posted an FI payment document using Tcode F110 and further to which we executed F.5D and 1KEK. Further to this, we have checked the Profit Center Total records report (2KEE). It updates the vendor line items. But it does not reflect the Bank line item. Unless this happens, we understand that our Profit Center wise Trial Balance will not tally.
    Kindly let us know how bank and Cash line items will update in PCA. In our view, it should derive the Profit center from the offsetting entry in the vendor invoice. Pl. correct me if I am wrong.
    Pl. help.
    Venkat Iyer

    Hi Venkat,
    You may define a derivation rule in 3KEH

  • LSMW upload for Vendor and Customer Open items

    Hi Experts,
    1. I wanted to use to use LSMW to upload through FB60 for Vendor Invoices through recording, but the problem is Amount in Document Currency is 'USD' and Amount in Local Currency is 'INR'. While recording it is not allowing to input values in Amount in Local Currency while my upload file has values in both Amount in document currency as well as Amount in Local currency. Any help with this regards?
    2. Do i need to open the all fiscal years which are there in upload file?
    3. Any better option to upload the Balances with LSMW?
    Any useful information will be Highly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Rajkumar,
    To upload Open items of Vendor and Customers, in LSMW, you will have two files header and line items with  a link linking both the files.
    Now, Suppose if you have to enter an amount in USD, then in the header file, enter USD in the currency field and give Exchange rate also in the header file and give the exact exchange rate which should be the value of your Amount in Local Currency INR.
    In such cases, you do not enter directly the amount in local currency field.. It is a calculated figure..
    Yes, depending on the posting date, all those fiscal years need to e open for which you are posting the data.
    LSMW is a tried and tested method for uploading open items.. Simple Go Ahead...

  • Profit center determination in R/3 when releasing line item in CRM

    Dear All,
    In CRM under Service Contract,whenever a line item is getting released,automatically debit memo request is created in R/3.However,the profit center is not populating in the line item.Even the profit center field in r/3 is in non-editable mode.
    We have maintained the profit center substitution rule in R/3 based on sales org using 0KEM T.code and assigned the same to CO Area.
    Kindly suggest me in this juncture.

    I assume you had setup "Single Object Controling" for your scenario and the profit center are in connection with the internal order which is created in case of "Single Object Controling"
    See :Single-Object Controlling - Generic Functions in Service - SAP Library
    You can set up the profit centre substitution in the ECC transaction SCRM
    under the path Customer relationship management -> General settings ->
    Settings for Profit Center Accounting, you can define substitution
    rules for the profit center. Documentation is also provided.
    Furthermore for determination of the relevant profit center, you can also use BAdI CRM_UPLOAD_CO (method CHARACTERISTICS_SERVICE_FILL) to assign the proper profit center to the internal order. See the documentation for these BADI in the documentation for these BADI (Tx. SE18).
    I hope these information will help you.
    Best Regards

  • Cheque Number in Vendor and GL Line iTem Display

    How can we get to display the Cheque Number in T Codes FBL1N and FBL5N

    Please follow the paths
    GL Accounts:
    IMG ==> General Leder Accounting ==> Master Data ==> GL Accounts ==> Line Items ==> Define Special Fields for Line Item Disply
    Enter Table PAYR
    Field Name CHECF
    Vendor Accounts
    IMG ==> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ==> Vendor Accounts ==> Line Items ==> Display Line items ==> Define Additional Fields for Line Item Display
    Enter Table PAYR
    Field Name CHECF
    After adding this, when you run FBL1N and FBL3N you can see the cheque number against payment documents.
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sanil K Bhandari

  • Unable to update profit center or plant code in the customer line item

    We require the profit center and plant code and division in FI
    documents (Posted through billing document or through direct FI entry)
    We are unable to input plant or profit center in the customer line item
    while using F-21 or any other FI transaction
    The plant and profit center is not appearing even in customer line item
    in RV document (From SD billing)
    We have made the Field status group as optional for the reconcilation

    Profit center / cost center are generally entered in revenue & expense line items (P&L items). Customer / vendor master and line items are balance sheet items which will not show profit / cost centers.

  • How to take Profit Center Wise (Customer Line item & fixed assets)?

    Profit Center Wise (Customer Line item & fixed assets)
    GL Report: S_ALR_87012282 (Profit Center wise GL A/C Line item)
    AP Report: S_ALR_87012103 (Profit Center wise Vendor A/C Line item)
    Similar for I want customer line item wise and fixed asset line item (profit center wise) report, S_ALR_87012197* this for customer line item wise report but,Here in the dynamic function there but not available in profit center, I need report what t.code available in profit center wise customer line item and fixed asset line item.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Sweta
    For obtaining profit center wise receivables/payablees and stock reports, you may need to follow these steps at every period end.
    1. Execute F.5D - Calculate Balance sheet adjustment
    2. Execute 1KEK - Transfer Payables/Receivables
    3. Execute 1KEI - Transfer Assets
    4. Execute 1KEH - Transfer material stocks
    5. Execute 1KEJ - Transfer Work in progress
    For more information, you can read the heading "Balance Sheet Items in Profit Center Accounting" in the below URL.

  • Profit Center populated in FBL5N Report

    Dear Friends,
    our client is asking for getting profit center in the customer line items where in the view FBL5n we are not getting the profit center populated in the report, but our business is not satisfied with report and expecting that profit center should populate in the report.
    Can any one suggest any way of doing this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, MD.
    Moderator: Please, search SDN

    Hi Prasana
    As per your issue 1st you have maintain the required entry in filed status group level as well as at posting key level in the General TAB and select Reference specification 1/2 as a require entry after that you have to MAP in the T code OB32 at account type level
    Eg:  D        BSEG-XREF1        Reference key 1
           D        BSEG-XREF2        Reference key 2
          S      BSEG-XREF1           Reference key 1
          S      BSEG-XREF2           Reference key 2
          S      BSEG-XREF3           Reference key 3
    Like above based your requirement you have to maintain
    - Document change rules line item (TC: OB32)
    - Posting key (TC: OB41)
    - Field status groups (SPRO -> FI -> FI Global settings -> Ledgers -> Fields -> Define field status variants)
    - Special field display (SPRO -> FI -> GL Accounting -> Master Data -> GL Accounts -> Line items -> Define Special Fields for Line item display)
    - Doccument change rules header (SPRO -> FI -> FI Global settings -> Document -> Rules for changing documents -> Document change rules, document header)
    After that while you posting  any transaction data you have to enter reference key1 and 2 filed at more data Tab  where you can see  at header level tabs
    Finally  you can able see in the FBL5N report...same case we have faced previously it was resolved
    I hope it will helps you
    Thanks and Regards
    sudharshana vamsi

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