Profit & loss & balance sheet profit center wise

Hi, Experts
my client want to see profit & loss account & Balance sheet profit center wise , what is the tcode for this report & what is the configuration required

I use this code S_ALR_87013336  there is no figure is shown in report . only one figure shown that is Unappropriated profit from previous year & other accounts are nil

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  • Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet and Project performance Report

    I am in mining service industry and looking for two basic reports as under, can you please guide me through and provide transactions.
    1)Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet
    2)Project Performance report
    Your prompt response will be much more appreciated.

    use this as shown below
    menu path-
    Accounting ® Financial Accounting ® Special Purpose Ledger ® Tools ® Report Painter ® Report Writer ® Report Group ® Display
    tcode- GR53, GR55
    Enter report group SL01.
    Choose  Execute.
    Enter report group SL01 again, and then choose .
    Enter the following data: current year, period 01-12, company code,ledger and plan version
    kind regards

  • Profit & loss & balance sheet plant wise

    hi , expert
    how can i see p&l & bs plant wise
    Moderator: Thread locked due to crossposting into ERP Financials.

    Plant wise balance sheet can not be taken, provided if you would have assigned one plant to one business area. that too you can see only on business area level or profit centre level.

  • Profit & loss, Balance sheet

    Dear all
    Please give me idea with example about P/L and BALANCE SHEET

    P&L indicates your rvenues and expenses where BS shows you your assets and liabilites.
    Salaries : P&L Expneses
    Sales  : P&L Revenue
    Buildings : BS Assets
    Creditors : BS Liabilites

  • Profit center wise Balance sheet & profit & loss account

    HI, Expert
    we are currently using ecc 5.0 and New gl & document spilting is not active i want to see profit & loss & Balance sheet profit center wise . how can i see the report & what are the cofiguration changes need

    Same as in 4.7EE and earlier versions ...
    Create FSV- Financial Statement Version and use TCODE: F.01 to get the reports.
    Also, use the RP/RW for the same.

  • Quantity in Balance Sheet/Profit and Loss statement

    Hello guys,
    in the output of the balance Sheet/Profit and Loss statement, we have total amount of the reconciliation accounts in a period
    Is there any statement which can tell us also how many movements (lines) were in each reconciliation accounts? Like hoe many movements composed the total amount?
    this would be needed for reporting period and also for comparison period
    thanks in advance for letting me know

                 To check recon a/c movement for vendors and customers please use FBL5N & FBL1N.

  • Balance sheet profit - is there a possibility to book it

    Hi experts,
    i hope my question is to understand.
    SAP is calculating the balance sheet profit in the year and at the first of the next year he makes a account brought forward   to profit brought forward.
    but he makes no posting, he is only calculating and showing. Is there any possibility to let it post?
    in the SEM BCS and the BW there is the possibility to post it, in the FICO?
    now in german, maybe someone is speaking it:
    und zwar ist das Problem, das SAP den Bilanzgewinn nicht bucht, sondern nur errechnet und zeigt, und dann als Saldovortrag in den Ergebnisvortrag vorträgt.
    Gibt es keine Möglichkeit, dies als Buchung zu gestalten?
    bitte um Info.,
    mark M.

    ok, but like here, it is possibly. in the konsolidation...
    sry, its german...
    Im Einzelabschluß ist der Bilanzgewinn
    als Saldo aller Bilanzpositionen bzw.
    als Saldo aller Aufwands- und Ertragspositionen sowie der Gewinnverwendung
    jeweils die rechnerische Größe, zu der häufig, z.B. in der SAP-Applikation FI, keine direkten Buchungen oder Sachkontensalden physisch gespeichert sind.
    Die Konsolidierung weicht von dieser Systematik ab. In der Konsolidierung ist der Wert des Bilanzgewinns zu erfassen. Es werden vom System Buchungen durchgeführt, die Auswirkungen auf den Bilanzgewinn haben. Zum einen können Währungsumrechnung und Konsolidierungsbuchungen Ergebniseffekte beinhalten, zum anderen erfolgen im Zuge der Kapitalkonsolidierung Verrechnungen des Bilanzgewinns. Aufgrund der Systematik der automatischen Buchungen ist es nicht möglich, den Bilanzgewinn direkt zu bebuchen.

  • Balance sheet by project wise

    Hi Experts,
                     Is it possible balance sheet by Project wise????
                     Trial balance, P&L are possible but not balance sheet by project wise .if any one have idea pls suggest me.
    Sudhir Pawar.

    Hi Sudhir,
    It is not possible in default SAP.But it seems to be a specific requirement for your client because when you are dealing with Projects your profit loss and trial balance reports can give you as much details as you want.
    Also you can see your transactions based on Projects in Transactions report by project.
    I this should be suffiecient to get detailed picture transactions for the Projects.Isn't it?
    Md.nazeer Shaikh

  • Financial Reporting in BI. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss

    Hello Gurus,
    I have a problem in finacial reports esp. Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports. When SAP ERP implemented, they have designed the FSV according to the country accounting and business requirements for external reporting. But the regional financial office in the UK requires a different way of reporting esp. the break up of costs in P&L.
    As a solution they, non BI and Management have suggsted to design these reports Balance Sheet and P&L in BI and change the design as per the requirement for UK office. i.e For P&L combine FI and CCA queries.
    My problem is, the queries are designed as GL Account Heirarchies and that are static. So for any GL I need to open the Query (FI) and add the GL into the specific group and any new Cost Center I need to open CCA Query and update Cost Center and Cost Elements manually. After adding the GL I need to reconcile both reports...etc It takes half day or full day sometimes to reconcile the reports.
    P&L Report is designed as a workbook having three sheets. This workbook has two queris , FI and CCA. Both of them static heirarchy (user defined). So GL Grouping is maintained manually. The third sheet, has the layout and formula to fetch the values from the other two sheets.
    Also Balance sheet workbook is having two sheets. The query is having 0GL_Account heirarchy. So when a new GL is added, I need to change the formulas on the other sheet which displays the Balance Sheet in the required format.
    My questions
    What is the best practice for month end / year end financial reports? 
    How you have designed the P&L and Balance sheet in BI?
    Do you maintain GLs manually?
    How can I re-design this reports so that I need not spend a signle minute of them on every month end / year end.

    To be honnest, I didn't fully understand your case, but I got the general logic.
    I would say that you first need to harmonize your data and apply to them the group business rules before doing your reporting. This can be done by different ways. The best one according to me is to define a consolidation chart of accounts (based on the group policy) and mapp these accounts to the operational accounts automatically using BI transformations. Then you'll be able to define your reportings based on this harmonized referential.

  • Productwise Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss account

    Dear All,
    We have the unique scenario. We have the 5 plants and one product we are manufacturing this produect across all the 5 plants.
    In future we are planning to mfg more products.
    Request you to let me know how to get productwise balancesheet and profit and loss account.

      Given the information, it appears that you deal with single projduct with a large value or may be heavy volume of just a single product. You could choose to activate Profit Center Accounting and design profit centers based on products (profit oriented).
    Profit Center Accounting is account-based. That means, the values are updated in EC-PCA according to account. Consequently, you can reconcile the data here with that in Financial Accounting.
    You can also take Balance Sheet separately for profit centers. You can build alternate hierarchies for other purposes of profit centers.

  • Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Account - SAP Standard Structure

    Hi all,
    Can anyone send me the SAP standard structure of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account......
    Here i have configured Financial Statement Verson in OB58 and framed structure for P&L and Balance Sheet....
    But i dont know whether it is right or worng......
    So for the comparitive purpose only i need the standard structure

    There is no standard SAP Balance sheet and P&L.
    Through OB58, we will map the G/L accounts as per the client required Balance sheet and P&L formats.
    with regards

  • BPC Balance sheet , Profit loss and cash flow planning

    Hi Friends,
    Can anybody have the documents or links for BPC balance sheet and Profit loass and cash flowing for data flow from R/3 to BW abd BW to BPC as wells as what is process form business point of view. what are the EVdre reports and input scdules and we deelope and also data source for balancesheet and Profie and loss and Cash flow planning in BPC/
    PLease share any documents if you hae.
    Best regards

    Hi SG,
    What Raghu has shared are the best practices. However, what you need is the understanding of the these financial statements from a general perspective (not BPC). These documents are just financial statements. BPC is just a tool, in which you can create these statements. But, in order to create these statements in BPC, you need to understand the basic terminologies of the financial statements.
    You can search them directly. on the internet.
    Hope this helps.

  • Consolidated Profit and Loss , Balance Sheet

    Our client has been requesting for Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss, which consolidates accounts across multiple SAP companies.
    If I understand correctly, the only way to pull the data is through journal entries, OJDT and JDT1. 
    This seems to be very cumbersome especially just imagine as time passes, the database is growing.  It will be good if SAP could have a table that actually summaries the balance (balance sheet) and net movement (Profit and Loss) of each accounts by year by period.
    Year    Month   Accounts        Formatted Acc   Parent Acc    Type     Balance
    2007    Jan       _SYS000012   1100-00             1100             Asset    1000
    2007    Feb      _SYS000012    1100-00             1100            Asset     200
    2007    Jan      _SYS000011     8888-00             8800           Expense  20 
    What is the chances of this improvement?

    thank you for your input.
    We are planning enhancements for Financial Statements including new user templates and new print layouts. The idea of consolidating Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet will be investigated as well.
    Summarizing balances per year and net forward of each G/L Account year by year should be a part of complete Data Archiving solution planned for one of the next releases. Please check threads on this very important topic.
    Peter Dominik
    B1 Product Definition

  • PCA  Virtual Cube for Balance Sheet/Profit & Loss

    I ma trying to create a Balance Sheet and P&L for profit centers, similar to the BS & PL available on 0FIGL_V11. I have assigned 0GLACCEXT to a custom virtual provider, but I am unsure whether I can use the same function module (RS_BCT_FIGL_DATA_GET) on the custom VC or should whether I will need to create my own.
    If I need to create my own Function Module, can I copy RS_BCT_FIGL_DATA_GET, but how should I adapt it? Are there any other function modules more suited to this task?
    Any help will be highly appreciated.


  • In Balance sheet profit period A/c show negative value

    Dear All
    Pls. Inform me what is the reason in my balance sheet for june 2011 profit period  account show negative value. and also beginning of year(INR) and Current Period(INR) of amounts for profit & loss Account is different. pls. suggest me

    Hi Rashmi.......
    I would suggest you to again go for Financial Report Template for new template of P&L.
    Then try to run. If same thing happens then please check Company Details where in Basic Initialization first option of credit balance is tick or unticked?
    It should be ticked........

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