Prompts on reports build on direct queries to the database

Is there a way to create prompts to reports that have been built based on direct queries to the database rather than using a cube?
I did not find a way to do it, maybe it is not possible at all?

ok. lets go step by step.
im assuming that you know how to create a prompt. in the prompt add all the column you wanted i.e
select control as "Drop Down list". leave "Show" and "Default to" as defaults. in the set variable select presentation variable and type some name. so lets assume for
1, a.resv_status variable is resv_status_var
2, a.begin_date is begin_date_var
3, b.last is last_var.
save the prompt.
now your query is
select distinct, b.last, b.first, a.resv_status,a.confirmation_no, a.begin_date, a.end_date,d.departure_date as last_stay
from reservation_name a, name b, reservation_stat_daily c,stay_records d
where a.name_id=b.name_id
and a.name_id=c.name_id
and c.name_id=b.name_id
and a.resort=c.resort
and a.resort=b.resort_registered
and a.confirmation_no=d.crs_book_no
and a.resort=d.resort
and a.resv_status= '@{resv_status_var}{02}'
and a.begin_date = '@{begin_date_var}{02}'
and b.last = '@{last_var}{02}'
where 02 is the default value. you can change it as you want. now save the report. go to a dashboard page and add the prompt and report you created in to a same page. now changing the values in prompt will change the report.

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    DiId you download Oracle Reports Developer/Server Release 6i for Express, Files for Oracle8i for Windows NT from OTN?
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    For this purpose, you can use :
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    This two solutions need some development skills.

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    The store procedure in SQL Server executes smoothly and  If you run the report with the date = 12/31/2005 in the parameter also returns expected results.

    Is this in Business One? If so CR is an OEM build and that forum/product supports that version.
    Please post your question to:
    It could simply be you need to use a formula to convert the field. Click on the Formula Editor and the hit the F1 key and search on "date". Lots of info on how to convert todate and from date tostring...
    Thank you

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    Hi There,
    I'm hoping that somebody can help me.
    I've developed a crystal report from a stored procedure which I wrote. I can execute the stored procedure within SQL Server and within the Crystal Reports designer without any errors. Furthermore, I have imported the report into sap and can run it within SAP from the server without any errors. SAP version 8.81 PL5
    The issue is that when it's run from a client machine, I get the following error: "Failed to retrieve data from the database. Details: Database Vendor Code: 156. Error in the File RCR10010 {tempfile location}
    Here's a list of things which I have tried, all to no avail:
    - Checked user permissions to ensure that they have proper authorizations
    - Re-set the datasource connection and re-imported the report to SAP.
    - Exported the report and reviewed the datasource connection and re-imported to SAP.
    - Tried to run the report on multiple machines to ensure that it's not machine specific
    - Tried to run the report using different users to ensure it's not user specific.
    - Tested other reports built from stored procedures on client machines to ensure that they work.
    Any assistance in this would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Thank you

    After further testing, we found that the report could be run within SAP on any work station which had the CR designer installed on it.
    As it turns out, the procedure which I wrote has temp tables in it.  The runtimes built into the SAP client install do not support creating temp tables when executing the report from within SAP.  Which is why the report could not retreive data.
    To work around this, I installed external runtimes which were the same version of the Crystal Report and now the report can be run within SAP from any workstation which has the external runtimes (and not just the runtimes within the SAP client).
    I hope this makes sense.

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    Is it SQL now?
    Thanks for any help.

    Originally Posted by youngj
    I'm fairly novice to ZFD Inventory and have a reporting issue when attempting to run from ConsoleOne (1.3.6f). Receive a Report Viewer error that states "unable to log into the database. Ensure the ODBC driver...".
    TID 10094443 describes my symptom exactly but apparently doesn't apply. It applies to ZFD6.5 and we're running 7. Does the Oracle fix it refers to even apply to ZFD7 Inventory? If not, what does address my issue?
    Is it SQL now?
    Thanks for any help.
    If you are using the Sybase database with ZDM7, take a look at the file \database drivers\odbcreadme.txt file on the Novell ZENworks 7 Companion 2 CD (downloadable from if you don't already have it). Page 347 of the ZDM 7 Install Doc also mentions this procedure:

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    Hi Experts,
    I need some assistance.
    I have to build a Balance Sheet querie, and I have to do it within 3 time periods: month to month, quarter to quarter and year to year.
    My problem is that I do not have the characteristc 0CALQUARTER in my Infocube, and, I can´t enchance it.
    I only have this time characteristcs:
    I can do a formula to calculate each quarter, but the querie will always show all the quarters.
    The problem is that in this way the querie becomes little flexible.
    I need to find a way to calculate the quarter without the 0CALQUARTER, using the initial filters set by user in the initial variables.
    Anyone have a tip? I only have BEx to do it.
    Eduardo Gonçalves.
    Edited by: Eduardo Carreira Martins Gonçalves on Sep 16, 2009 7:20 PM

    Hi Akhan, thanks for your anwser.
    Well i´m making the queries for BW/BCS. I can´t change the infocube because the BCS consultant already configured the BCS.
    You said to restrict fiscal year, and make a user exit.
    This I think that I can do, but, how can I populate this quarters with fiscal year, in this user exit?
    And what more informations can I give you to help me?
    Thanks again,
    Eduardo Gonçalves.

  • How to build a search engine in the database?

    Hi there,
    say I have 3 tables:
    1. Table_empl: idEmpl, fname, lname, dob...
    2. table_department: idDpartment, idEmpl, departmentName, section...
    3. table_fligths: idFlight, idEmapl, departure date, destination, carrier...I would like to provide the end-user a text box (in my GUI) where he can write whatever he would like to get info about. If, for example, he'll write: british-airways, I expect the system to search everything in the db that matches this input.
    Question: How can I design such a search engine that retrieve information from every possible table in the db with reference to every column.
    thanks for any pointers

    thanks darted for your reply. so what do you recommend? should i give the end user all names of tables and columns and ask him to choose from the list and than build a query based on that?
    this is optional but i'd rather have one exec button and to return all possible results from the db. if (in the example i provided) it found 'british airways' in the carrier - than that a result. if it founds 'british' in the lname of table_emple - that's another result. so the output should be something like:
    found 2 matches:
    1. british airways, 10/10/2006, LHR
    2. British, John, 12/01/63,
    any idea how to build that?

  • Help discovering the queries in the database

    hi, I have a doubt about oracle. Is there a way to find the SQL of all the select statements, I was using v$_sqlarea, but it doesn't show me all the parameters of the query, some fields of the where clauses are with the value '?'
    Is there any kind of way to get the complete select statement?

    You are getting "?" because the value is parameterised and if you use a bind variable then it will show :1 or something.. the other way of getting ur session sql's is if you are using toad you can get the history of sql's that you have used earlier...

  • SQL Report Builder 3.0 Automatic Scheduling feature ?

    Hello All,
    We have installed and commissioned a HMI SCADA solution for Shell Petroleum South Africa, We are using Copa Data Zenon for our HMI solution, Zenon's historian are writing variable values into a SQL database from where we are reading these variables with
    I-net Clear Reports. 
    However, I net  Clear Reports uses a "PLUS" license which is used for the scheduling function. The license is priced based on the amount of CPU Cores the server has and ours has 16 cores so the license is extremely expensive.
    What we need :
    To create a report with values from a SQL Database.
    Report must be able to be scheduled, to run at specific time.
    I have done some testing and used the same SQL queries we used in I-net clear reports.
    SQL Report Builder 3.0 does get the variable values when you hit "run" , but it does not look like there is an automatic report scheduling function ? We want to execute a daily , weekly & monthly report.
    Does a Scheduling feature exist ?? Please advise
    I would highly appreciate your assistance.
    Automation Engineer

    Report Builder 3.0 is just a report authoring tool.You can design and preview the report with Report Builder,or you can publish your report to a report server or a report server in SharePoint integrated mode, where others can run it. There is no schedule
    running function in Report Builder which can processing the report automatically.
    SQL Server Reporting Services Standard edition or high edition support email and file share subscriptions and scheduling. You can create subscriptions that can automatic running the report based on a schedule(daily , weekly or monthly ) and send reports
    to a shared folder or to an e-mail address.
    Reference:Subscriptions and Delivery (Reporting Services)
    Fanny Liu
    Fanny Liu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Can I create one single  crystal report using 2 bex queries

    HI all,
    I have 2 bex queries and has to develope a single crystal report .Is it possible???? If so, than how to connect two bex queries  and develope  one single crystal report.Any other option is also fine. I mean need to use crystal..( I can go for one single webi..).But need to know the approach ...
    or else...can I create universe on 1 bex and other universe on other bex ..and go for one single webi report..
    Only problem is client is particular about one single report(either crystal or webi)
    if i go for webi ...I know we can use link universe option but I dont know whether it works fro OLAP environment.
    Please let me know if I can link OLAp universes and go for 1 single webi report.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    You can use either CR or WebI.
    In CR Designer create the report using the SAP toolbar (Create report from query) based on the 1st BEx query. Then use the Database expert (first entry in the Database menu) to add an additional connection to your 2nd BEx query (+Create new connection->SAP BW DX query). You can then join the results of the 2 different queries in the database expert also.. Please note that if you do NOT want to join the result sets, then it is more efficient to use subreports. Create two different CR reports, each based on one of the BEx queries and then use one of those as your main report and insert the other one into it as subreport. Once embedded you do not have to keep the separate .rpt file of your second report.
    For Webi you must build 2 universes, each based on one of your BEx queries. In your report you can add multiple queries based on different universes. You can join the results sets here by using the Merge dimensions button in the report editor area.
    PS; Keep in mind that joining a large number of rows at report level (either in CR or WebI) can cause performance problems. If this is your requirement, how many rows do you expect to get back from each individual query?

  • JSP graph image works in Reports Builder but not in JDev9i

    None of these changes work. What else should I check?
    In the file (not **)
    I changed #IMAGEURL=http://<web_server_name>:<port_num>/reports/rwservlet
    to IMAGEURL=C:\Oracle\Oracle9iDS2\reports\cache\
    Would my localhost name and http port be the in-process JDeveloper OC4J listener?
    Also my ports keep being reassigned (up one number) when I terminate the embedded OC4J server and run the JSP again. (That is what you meant by restart the server, right?) from 8988 to 8989 to 8990 etc.
    John Williams
    Hi John,
    The reason that you aren't seeing that graph in JDeveloper is that rwservlet
    isn't available with the JDeveloper in-process OC4J listener. The OC4J
    listener is the minimum requirement. In addition, Reports forces the graph
    to be retrieved via the Reports server for security reasons. Ie: you
    shouldn't be able to get at graph images simply by knowing their URL. In
    the Reports builder environment, security is not the issue so there is a
    direct reference to the file.
    Now, when you're running from JDeveloper, you need to tell Reports how it
    should configure the URL. Reports runs in a secure mode by default to
    retrieve the images and, since JDeveloper is calling it as a through a Web
    listener, it is responding to a normal request and hence forcing the image
    to be retrieved via rwservlet.
    To tell Reports to access images directly or through another listener, you
    need to alter the %ORACLE_HOME%\reports\conf\ file and
    uncomment and change the following line: **
    Where <web_server_name> and <port_num> are the values of the in-process
    JDeveloper OC4J listener.
    You will need to re-start the Reports server. This should generate the
    appropriate link to the image when run from JDeveloper.
    When you deploy your application through a standard iAS OC4J instance
    containing the Reports Servlet, this IMAGEURL entry should again be
    commented out. Since the servlet is available in this iAS OC4J instance,
    the images will appear when referenced through rwservlet.
    When I leave the server parameter attribute out my GraphReport.jsp runs
    from JDev9i (using the same server as Reports Builder). The only thing
    missing now is the graph after my report. It shows up as a small square
    image tag.

    I found out the answer to both of my problems.
    1) for the missing graph image
         In the documentation link below I found a pdf file that gave the details.
    In the file in the IMAGEURL attribute
    the part that was missing is after the port #.
    2) for the port conflict - switch from the 'ojvm' virtual machine to 'hotspot'
         so that the embedded OC4J server is killed when it is terminated.
    I found these answers under Oracle Technology Network > documentation
    Development Tools
    Reports Developer
    Oracle9i Reports Release Notes (pdf file)
    1.19 Oracle JDeveloper Integration
    1.19.2 Graph Not Appearing in Oracle JDeveloper
    When running a JSP report with the rw:graph tag in Oracle JDeveloper, the image is not visible in the browser. To fix this problem, set the IMAGEURL in the file in ORACLE_HOME/reports/conf:
    1.19.3 Reports In-process Server
    If the Java Virtula Machine (JVM) is set to ojvm, minimal, or vanilla in Oracle JDevelopers Virtual Machine settings (Project Settings -> Runner -> Virtual Machine), the rwservlet's in-process server is not killed when JDevelopers embedded OC4J server is terminated. As a result, a port conflict occurs the next time that OC4J is started.
    To avoid this problem, do one of the following:
    Set the JVM to Java Virtual Machine to hotspot.
    Disable the in-process server in ORACLE_HOME/reports/conf/ and
    use the standalone Reports Server instead.
    John Williams

  • Can Coldfusion Report Builder Lock .MDB Files?

    I have been seeing an issue where an .mdb file will be locked into a read only mode state. There is no .ldb lock file on the object, but when I open the DB up a banner pops up at the top stating it is in read only mode. While it is in this mode it cannot be queried by CF pages and nothing on the site works.
    If I rename the same file to soemthing else it works find. If I rename it back to its original name it says it is locked and will not respond. I have been trying to figure out what has a hold o f the .mdb file when this is happening.
    Yesterday afternoon I was working in the coldfusion report builder and was connected to the datasource .mdb through the rds server. I am now wondering if it is report builder that is locking the DB.
    Has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone ever seen issues like this?

    I have never found a solution. It is a problem specific to report builder and PDFs. If you output to flashpaper it will work fine. If you output in coldfusion directly to pdf, it is fine as well with Cyrillic. I have just given up and used flashpaper for a little while longer though would prefer going to pdf for longevity and ease for the users of saving the documents.
    May not hurt to post a bug report specifically for this one. I didn't know this tool existed. It does seem like a bug because the fonts that I have tried to use have Cyrillic available, it just can't deal with them.

  • Need Report Builder Learning Resource -- Books, CDROM, etc.

    I'm a seasoned SW architect and I'm pretty good at learning stuff on my own. I need a resources for learning Oracle Report Builder. I did a few of the tutorials on the web but they do little more than take you thru the wizzards. They don't cover more advanced topics like reports with several linked queries.
    The only book I found dates from about 1999-2000 and covers Forms and Reports. Only about 20% of the book is Reports.
    Anyone know how much the product has changed in six years? Would that be too out of date?
    There is an CD-ROM course from Oracle for $500. Anyone use that who can give a review?
    I know there's also a one week course from Oracle for $3K. I'm not that into sitting in class for a whole week if I don't have to.
    Anyone recommend any other learning resources?

    Try this URL
    This has links for 10g, 9i, and 6i. Look for the PDF called
    "Building Reports" for the version you need. I just started learning Reports, and it is invaluable.

  • Oracle database 10g connectivity problem with Report Builder

    I need to amend a .rdf report and am using the dev10g. I can't connect the test database from report builder.
    It is getting the error like :
    "ORA-12154 : TNS: could not resolve service name".
    I can connect the database from sql*plus, Toad etc. Also It's giving me the response when I run the TNSPING command with the database name.
    Could someone advise me that how can I resolve this problem?

    set the TNS_ADMIN variable point to the correct tnsnames.ora file
    or try the note mentioned in
    Lastly try opening a command line/dos prompt, set the TNS_ADMIN variablea and start the reports builder from commandline

Maybe you are looking for

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