PS Elements/Organizer 11 sync with iCloud Photo Share

i have Photoshop Elements 11 suite on a PC win8. I wanted help in setting up my organizer so everytime I download pictures from my camera/card reader into organizer library, it would sync with icloud photo share. This is a functionality that iPhoto has that I just transitioned from. Since my wife and I take pictures on our iPhones, iPads and other cameras with SD card, the latter photos don't get to be part of the latest taken (not shown on icloud photo share) and we miss out on them when viewing the latest consolidate photos we take. I think I understand the watch folder in Organizer which I set to photo share folder of the icloud app's picture designated folder, but don't know how to set up the upload from organizer to icloud. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is a great question.  I've been using Photoshop Elements/Organizer (and PS Album before that) for many years and now more recently iCloud.  I also am interested in consolidating these collections.  I don't think there is any way yet to easily synchronize these, but with iCloud Beta you can easily upload photos in a PSE catalog into iCloud by simply selecting and dragging (I find it necessary to first drag/copy them into a temp folder on my desktop, and then upload them into iCloud using the iCloud Beta upload button).  After this full resolution photos will appear in iCloud and on your iPhone and other devices.  One problem I've discovered though with turns out to be a real headache, is the dates.  The date the photo was taken is not read properly by the iPhone Photo app and so the photo will appear to have an incorrect date.  I don't know why this is happening, but it seems to be a problem with how iCloud Beta is importing the JPG file.  I wish Apple would solve this.  If anyone else has found this problem and a solution, I'd like to know.  Anyway, I hope this answer helps.

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  • Will all photos in iphoto on my mac be synced with icloud photo library?

    I enabled the "Icloud Photo Library" (beta) just now, and I have lots and lots of photos in "photos" in Iphoto.
    Will these be uploaded and backed up in that cloud? So if i would lose my computer, would they still be up there?
    If not, is this an option that will be created in some future?
    (Thats right, i don't know how to google)
    Thanks you!

    No photos from your Mac will be uploaded anywhere at this time. iPhoto does not use the iCloud photo library at all. It's only available on the photos app on your iOS device. When iPhoto is replaced with Photos for Mac, sometime in 2015, then we will know what features are available.
    But right now, if your computer is stolen you will lose everything.
    Most Simple Back Up:
    Drag the iPhoto Library from your Pictures Folder to another Disk. This will make a copy on that disk.
    Slightly more complex: Use an app that will do incremental back ups. This is a very good way to work. The first time you run the back up the app will make a complete copy of the Library. Thereafter it will update the back up with the changes you have made. That makes subsequent back ups much faster. Many of these apps also have scheduling capabilities: So set it up and it will do the back up automatically.
    Example of such apps: Chronosync - but there are many others. Search on MacUpdate or the App Store

  • Photo's not syncing with iCloud photo library from and to iPhone

    Photo synchronization stopped working from and to my iPhone 6.
    Currently new photo's taken on my phone aren't uploaded to the iCloud photo library and new photo's uploaded from my mac to the iCloud library aren't showing up on my iphone. I still have enough space available on iCloud.
    It worked fine until two weeks ago.
    Any suggestions how this issue can be resolved?

    My process was turning on iCloud Photo Library on my imac only at first and uploaded my 70,000 pics which took about 2 weeks (did much of it at night). After it was done I turned it on my three devices at the same time (iphone 6, iPhone 6+ and iPad 2). The download to the devices (eg thumbnails) took about another week and it seemed to work largely fine until recently. It doesn't however really work on my iPad 2, but it's so old I'm not too surprised.
    My only issue now (hopefully) is the response time on the 6+ which seems quite slow. Good luck and I would try to turn it on and see what happens. But be patient, at first it takes quite some time.

  • Photos are being added to my iPad, without choosing any events in iPhoto or having them sync with iCloud

    Photos are being added to my iPad, without choosing any events in iPhoto or having them sync with iCloud
    I just upgraded to IOS6, and now my ipad is full of pictures I did not choose to sync.
    I cannot delete them without deleting them from all sources.
    Actually, the message is when I go to hit EDIT, select a picture, and then choose DELETE: "This photo is used in an album. Do you want to delete it everywhere? Delete Everywhere"
    Does that mean "Everywhere" on my iPad, or everywhere including whatever place on my computer it found the photos to begin with?
    I've already done this:
    To delete photos from your device
    In iTunes, select the device icon in the Devices list on the left. Click the Photos tab in the resulting window.
    Choose "Sync photos from."
    On a Mac, choose iPhoto or Aperture from the pop-up menu.
    On a Windows PC, choose Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements from the pop-up menu.
    Choose "Selected albums" and deselect the albums or collections you want to delete.
    Click Apply.

    You can still sync the photos and keep the photos that are already on the device. You have to include all of the albums or events in the pictures folder that you sync from. If you are using iPhoto, select that in the Sync Photos from drop down menu and then select all of the albums or events that you want to sync. Make sure to check Selected Albums, events, faces and automatically include (no events). Using that option will allow you to choose exactly which albums and events to sync.
    You have to remember that all photos must be included in every sync so you cannot sync photos from iPhoto today and then try to sync photos from another folder tomorrow, or you will erase all of the photos that were synced from iPhoto. You need to maintain one main Photos syncing folder for the photos that you want to transfer to the iPad. You can have subfolders within that one main folder and you can selectively sync those subfolders. You just have to place all of the photos that you want to sync into one main iPad syncing photos folder.
    There are WiFi transfer apps that allow you to transfer photos to the iPad without having to sync with iTunes. I use this one. This app (and others like it) will allow you to use multiple computers to transfer photos.
    Wireless Transfer App Easily send photos to iPhone/iPad ...

  • Since syncing with iCloud all my photos in my photo app are much lower resolution than they were before. Can anyone explain what happened an how I might get back my high resolution photos?

    Since syncing with iCloud all my photos in my photo app are much lower resolution than they were before. Can anyone explain what happened an how I might get back my high resolution photos?

    Thanks again.
    Unfortunately I don't have iPhoto (running Windows).
    I did, however, figure out a work-around.
    I created an empty directory on my computer, and told iTunes to "Sync Photos from..." that empty directory. This deleted all the photos from the iPod (go figure).
    I then set the "Sync Photos from..." dropdown back to directory that actually contained all my photos, and sync'd again.
    And, yes, they all loaded onto the iPod at their better, higher resolution.
    Thanks for all your help. Photos (and wallpaper) are perfect, again

  • Do photo albums sync with iCloud?

    Do photo albums sync with iCloud?
    If so, will they be back after a restore?

    photo albums do not sync. Camera roll is backed up to icloud in backup file and is back after restore. Photostream is not synced, but rather streamed, so it will not be back with exception of default time (30days) or default amount (1000 pictures). whichever is smaller.
    Photo albums that were synced from computer do not go to any backup.

  • If I delete photos on my Iphone or Ipad, are they also deleted from Icloud and other devices which are synced with Icloud?

    I have a number of photos on my Ipad and/or Iphone, and I have synced them with Icloud (my IMac is also synced with Icloud). I know that I can choose to synch directly with my IMac instead of with Icloud, but I would like to know what happens to the photos if I delete them from my Ipad/Iphone? I want to delete photos and movies to make more room on the devices.
    I have not selected automatic syncing with Icloud for my photos.
    I assume that the photos remain in Icloud until I go to Icloud to delete, but does anyone know how that is supposed to work?

    Remember that you should not store photos on iCloud. It's time and capacity limited. It holds up to 1,000 photos for no more than 30 days. So, import  no. 1001 and the first one is dumped. Leave them untouched and they will be deleted from iCloud after 30 days.
    You can't delete individual photos from iCloud (only reset the whole thing) so trashing from a device will not trash from iCloud.

  • 2 photo streams on my iphone 4s in albums - I just want one to sync with iCloud

    I have 2 photo streams on my iphone 4s - I just want one to sync with iCloud.
    When I go into my Albums 2 show up as Photo Stream under my Camera Roll and even using edit I can't delete the blank one.
    I just want one that syncs photos I take to the iCloud and to delete the other.
    Help please - its a 4GS version 5.01.

    Photo stream only maintains photos in photo stream for 30 days, although they will remain on your devices until deleted.  Chances are only 56 of your photos were added within the last 30 days.  At this point, the best course of action is either to copy the remaining photos in a new album in iPhoto, then sync them to your phone by selecting the album on the Photos tab of your iTunes sync settings and syncing.  An alternative is to copy them to a folder, then use an app like PhotoSync to wirelessly transfer photos in the folder to your phone.

  • Looking for a good document on family syncing with iCloud and multiple iOS devices

    We have recently migrated off of Android devices for the whole family except for a Kindle Fire HD for my daughter.  We all have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch type device that we want to sync our family calendars/reminders/notes to.  Is there a good document on how to setup this family environment so that our notes/reminders/appointments are all in sync on each other's device. That way we all know what each other is doing. Do we each have to have a separate Apple ID or do we all share the same Apple ID to make this syncing work.  I think I get how to make this work between my PC, 2 - iPhones (work and personal) and iCloud Web.  Now how do I layer on my other family members into my calendar digital Cloud?  HELP ME PLEASE.  I HAVE A DIGITAL MESS.
    Right now I have a personal Apple ID for my personal devices, new iPhone 6 Plus coming.  I have a separate Apple ID for my Work iPhone 4s.  My wife and kids have iPhone 5s.  Wife and son have an iPad.
    Please tell me I don't have to go see Rush Limbaugh to figure out how to make all this work.

    You could each have separate iCloud accounts with separate IDs, and also share a "family" account for syncing a family calendar, notes and reminders.  That will allow you to maintain still keep your contacts, and other data and photo streams separated while having access to the shared the family data in the secondary account.  It also gives everyone their own free 5GB of storage for their backups, etc.  The shared family calendar, notes and reminders will appear alongside your other calendars, notes and reminders in the corresponding apps on your devices.  You'll just need to be sure to select the correct account within these apps when entering data to ensure it is added to either your personal or the shared family account.
    To do this, create your primary accounts in the usual way, by going to Settings>iCloud and signing in with separate IDs and turn on the data sets you want to sync with iCloud.  Then create a secondary account by going to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Add Account>iCloud and signing in with a different ID and have everyone add this account to their devices as a shared family account.  You can sync mail, contacts, calendars, notes and reminders with the secondary account, although you may want to just turn on calendars, notes and reminders.
    You can continue to share the same iTunes store ID on all devices if you wish.  It does not need to be the same as the ID you use for iCloud.  Also, each person should use their own ID (such as the primary iCloud ID) for iMessage and FaceTime, otherwise you'll end up getting each other's text messages and FaceTime calls.
    If you don't want to do all of this, and are primarily concerned about sharing your calendars, you can do that as explained here:
    Another option to consider is to look into the new Family Sharing feature of iOS 8 if all of your devices will support iOS 8:  The details on this haven't been released yet but should start to appear after it is released tomorrow.

  • Does iPhoto 9.6 work with iCloud Photo Library at all?

    I have iOs 8.1, but I have not enabled iCloud Drive or iCloud Photo Library yet, and I have not updated to Yosemite yet. I don't want to activate those until I know how photos between thee mac and iPhone will work after they are enabled.
    Does iPhoto 9.6 interact at all with iCloud Photo Library? Does it even "see" iCPL photos similar to PhotoStream? Can it import from there? Do any of the crops and edits come through in iPhoto from the iOS photos app (whether imported from the iCPL or even via direct d/l from the phone via usb?

    So what are you guys doing to manage your photos until the OSX Photos app come out? Just not using iCloud Photo Library at all I assume?
    Can you use iCloud photo library but still manually import photos into iPhoto from USB import?
    You can view your iCloud Photo Library (Beta) and download from iCloud Photo Library (Beta) at  or  on your Mac, if you click the "Photos" icon. Click the "?" mark, to view the help for "Photos". But you cannot yet upload directly from your Mac to this library, even if the iCloud Photos Help is saying otherwise.
    You can download to your mac from your devices using USB, but with iCloud Photo Library (Beta) enabled on your iPad or iPhone, you can no longer sync photos to them using iTunes Photo sync. So it is hard to get any photos onto your devices at the moment, other than using Photo Stream. To upload  photos to your iPad/iPhone using iTunes you have to disable iCloud Photo Library. And the synced photos will be erased, when you enable iCloud Photo Library again.

  • How to insure that contacts and calendar are NOT synced with ICloud?

    I do not understand, why it is not possible anymore to sync your contacts and calendar data between your mac book and your mobile devices using USB cable.
    I also heard that with Maverick and Itunes 11.1.2 you can not sync anything using USB anymore, is that true?
    Why is it not possible to let the customer decide how to sync their data? Why not leaving both options?
    In case it is true that with Maverick and Itunes 11.1.2 you are not able to sync using USB anymore, does anybody know a good app to sync your photos and address data between your computer and mobile devices?
    How can I insure that my contacts and calendar data are NOT automatically synced with ICloud?
    Yesterday I synced some Photos from my macbook to my IPad and wondered why I had the photos twice. I realized that my IPad had ICloud enabled, after disabling ICloud one picture folder (Photostream) was gone. What do do to avoid that my MacBook is sending Photos to ICloud?
    However, when I opened ICloud today, I did not find photos, but I found some address data from my MacBook in the Cloud.
    I do not want to have my contacts and calendar data anywhere else on a server.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Hark

    Connect your phone to your computer using the USB power cable that you charge your phone with.
    Launch iTunes, it will go thru the normal sync back up progress bar thing at the top, let it finish.
    double  click on the phone in the left side bar then click INFO at the top of that pane, it will allow you select what you want to sync (contacts,calendar,etc) make your selections and click apply, then click sync. There buttons along the top for different functions (Movies, Apps, etc) just make sure that you do not have anything checked (like your whole music library) that will not fit on the phone.

  • My iPhone is requesting to sync with icloud, but it is using on old ID and password. How do I delete the old ID and password?

    My iPhone is requesting to sync with icloud, but it is using on old ID and password. How do I delete the old ID and password?

    To change the iCloud ID you have to go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account, provide the password for the old ID when prompted to turn off Find My iPhone, then sign back in with the ID you wish to use.  If you don't know the password for your old ID, or if it isn't accepted, go to, click Manage my Apple ID and sign in with your current iCloud ID.  Click edit next to the primary email account, change it back to your old email address and save the change.  Then edit the name of the account to change it back to your old email address.  You can now use your current password to turn off Find My iPhone on your device, even though it prompts you for the password for your old account ID. Then save any photo stream photos that you wish to keep to your camera roll.  When finished go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account and choose Delete from My iDevice when prompted (your iCloud data will still be in iCloud).  Next, go back to and change your primary email address and iCloud ID name back to the way it was.  Now you can go to Settings>iCloud and sign in with your current iCloud ID and password.

  • Having issues with music volume after syncing with iCloud, Having issues with music volume after syncing with iCloud

    Has anyone had issues with their music volume after syncing with iCloud ?

    There have been several posts here and on the iphone site about this.
    The jury is still out what the fix will be. Some posts say it's a problem with the metadata and the orientation data contained there-in. I can not confirm that.
    I do know that when I take a landscape screen snap, the orientation is wrong when I email or upload the photo to my computer.

  • I am trying to set up and sync with icloud but it says my email has not been verified. How do i do this? When i click the email verification nothing comes to my email allowing me to verify.

    how can i get confirmed to sync with icloud?

    You might try contacting iTunes store support.  Even though this is an ID that you want to use for iCloud, it's still an Apple ID.  iTuens store support deals with Apple ID issues all the time and they may be able to help you.  Just explain that you are trying to verify your primary email address for your Apple ID but are not receiving the verification email from Apple, despite multiple attempts to resend it.  You can reach them here:
    You might also check with your email provider to be sure they aren't blocking email from [email protected] as spam at their end.

  • I have my Calendar app syncing with iCloud.  Every time I open it it says, "Moving Calendars to Server Account..."  It runs and runs and does not stop.  As a result, I cannot access my calendars.  Please help.

    I have my Calendar app syncing with iCloud.  Every time I open it it says, "Moving Calendars to Server Account..."  It runs and runs and does not stop.  As a result, I cannot access my calendars.  Please help.

    I have the same problem, I tried the solution of Dr Cox but that didn't work as he said go to system preference then mail, contacts etc. but I don't have that.  Can someone help?

Maybe you are looking for

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