Purchase Group to be selected based on Material Group

Dear Gurus,
I would like the system to automatically suggest the purchase group based on the material group mentioned in the purchase requisition.
Is there any way this can be done?

There is no standard config to achieve this requirement.
You can create one  Z table to maintain the relation between PGrp and Mat.Grp and use exit to populate the corresponding PGrp for the line item

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  • Contracts based on Material Groups....

    Can we create Contracts based on material Group?
    Like We want to create a contract for Material Group Casting. We want to negotiate terms for Material Group & then procure the part.
    How do we do this?
    Thanks Anupam

    Create a Quantiy Contract with Item Category 'M'- Material Unknown.
    Then create PO refering to this contract.
    System asks for material number or AAC. It also checks the material group against the one in the contract.
    By defaut a warning message is issued if material groups do not match (message MEPO074).
    This can be set to 'E' in customising but SAP gives a warning when you trying to set this message as error.
    Customising path: SPRO>MM>Purchasing>Environment>Define attributes of system messages.
    It is also possible to code this check in PO user exit and issue a custom message.

  • PO release strategy based on Material Group (CEKKO - MAKTL)

    Hi Experts,
    I have configure the Rel strategy based CEKKO-MATKL (material group) for purchase order, but when i raise the PO Rel strategy is not affecting, Can any body tell me why.

    You can set Release strategy based on Material group & other Line item specific fields..
    You better follow a suitable and hinder less process..
    For PR use Material group & Account Assignment based Release process..
    then for PO use a Release Process based on Header level fields like Doc type, Amount, pur Group etc..
    So that the approved PR line can be converted into PR and then the PO also subjected to Release before sending it to External Vendor..
    Even if you want you can make that the PO can not be created without referencing PR for SOme users or All users..
    based on your business requirement..

  • Order based on material group

    In our current system the system looks on based of the Requisitioner and under which Purchasing Group the Requisitoner is set under PPOMA_BBP where the Purchase Requisition is going.  Then the Purchaser can create a Purchase Order. Under each Purchasing Group is an appointed Purchaser.
    Weu2019d like to change this proces. We want this change based on material group. However, when multiple Purchasing Groups use the same material groups than the system always looks for the top Purchasing Group. This is not the intention. Can this set separately in PPOMA_BBP? Or elsewhere in the system?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,
    Petra de Winter

    Issue resolved

  • Report on Vendor selection according to material group

    Hi gurus,
    I have a requirement from client where the client want a report of the vendors according to material group.
    There is a standard report for this in SAP T.C.---- ME6B. But this report is not working . it is throwing message that no vendor exists for the selection criteria. Material group has been maintained in Material Master record. Vendor master records exists. Please tell me is there any customising that may be required to generate this standard report.
    Thanks N regards,

    Hi ,
    Thanks for your mail.T C MC$< wont work for me as the client want vendor no.So I will have to work with ME6B.
    The data in the MATKL (Material Group field )in table EINA is not getting populated , could you please tell me the reason or any customisation required for that as all other field in Table EINA is getting populted.
    Thanks N regaards,

  • PO release based on Material Group

    Client wants to release PO based on material groups, Client will ensure that all the materials in the PO would be of same material group.
    i see CEKKO has material group MATKL field .. but not sure how we have to implement this..
    Do we have to use some exit or badi?

    mohammed wrote:
    > Client wants to release PO based on material groups, Client will ensure that all the materials in the PO would be of same material group.
    > i see CEKKO has material group MATKL field .. but not sure how we have to implement this..
    > Do we have to use some exit or badi?
    > regards
    > Mohammed
    For this you have to create one characteristic for material groupand that characteristic in additional data view you have to maintain table and field as( CEKKO,MATKL) .and in values tab you have to given your all material groups .
    After that your  characteristic to be assign to your class.
    thanking you.

  • [Authorization] Entry Qty Based on Material Group

    Dear gurus,
    I've requirement like this:
    In tx. VL02N, in picking tab, picked qty can only be entered by personnel based on material group (there's material no. in that screen, and can be traced to get material group).
    Is it possible?

    Is it possibl?

  • Field Selection Based on Material Type

    Can any one tell me how to make a single field mandatory in material master based on material type?
    I know we can use OMS9 to make it mandatory... the field i was looking is in a field selection group....when i make it mandatory i am actually making all the fields in the field selection group as mandatory...i dont want to do that...i just want to make only one field as mandatory.....
    If some one has any kind of training documents...could you please send it across?
    Thanks in advance.....

    Go through: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_45b/helpdata/en/08/6dec6eb435d1118b3f0060b03ca329/frameset.htm
    Re: New Movement Type
    Define field in a particular movement type
    Syed Hussain.

  • Report based on Material group

    Dear all,
    Actually our Business wants a report based on the material group and G/L account.
    For each material group what are the accounting documents generated and the G/L account triggered with amount.
    Example :
    mat.grp         G/L account(121001)  G/L account (121002)
    NUFW             3000 INR                                2000 INR
    Please can anyone suggest me
    What will be my logic to generate a report and how can i extract data
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    use ME2N-with selection para meterWE101
    if required use dynamic selection......

  • New Access Sequence for Tax based on material Group

    Hello All,
    Our requirement is that we tax our employees on apparel only if the value is greater than $50.00.
    To achieve this, we created a new tax condition table (953 which is copied from 053) and assigned it to access 09 in the access sequence ZTX1 (created w/ref from TAXJ). We added material group (MATKL) to the condition table and selected exclusion indicator for the access.
    We created the condition record in FV11.
    When we created the sales order, the new access sequence (09) is not being accessed. It gives a message "Access not made (initialized field)" Message 102(VE).
    Please advise if we are missing something.

    Hi Leela,
    Are you creating sales order in the same system like
    You have created table in Development system in same system your are creating sales order
    If you are creating here you just go to V/07 transaction then slect your access sequence go in to the tables detail screen here you select your table 953 then click on fields here you check all the fields are available correctly or not then save the changes.
    Now try
    You transported these confugaration to other system like Quality or Production here and you are creating the sales order,
    If you are creating here you need to create condition table again then try.
    I hope it will help you,

  • Update of Registers based on Material Group

    HI Gurus
           There are  Material groups say A,B,C etc.
    They require A-A1,A2,A3(Subgroups)
    Now Requiremnt is registers should be updated /extracted (J1I5(Update of registers RG1 and RG23 Part-1) based on Material subgroups
    Can this requirment be fulfilled
    Thanks in advance
    Edited by: sameer basha on Jan 12, 2009 12:06 PM

    hello sunny,
    i tried to reproduce the behaviour on my machine, but i got not the same result.
    could you provide the steps i need to take to reproduce it as it is on your machine?
    robert h
    national instruments

  • How to get products based on Material Group 2

    Hi all,
    I want to find out all the products for a particular "Material Group 2". COMM_PRODUCT table dosent contain the Material Group 2 field. I tried finding in other tables, but couldnt find relation between Material Group 2 and the product.
    any hints on how do i proceed ?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Ruth,
    Thanks a lot !. This linkage really works !
    Full credit to u for that !
    Also, I need to get the "Distribution-chain-specific material status" value in CRM. Any hint on this ?
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  • Material Number should be based on Material Group

    Hi Experts,
           I have a Requirement in MM01 the material number should be depends on material
    Group . The material number should generate base on material group.
    Is there Any BADI / Exit For this.

    In the method CHANGE_AT_SAVE
    parameter TI_RSEG_NEW uses
    <b>MRM</b> Type Group is used which consists of
    TYPES: BEGIN OF mrm_idoc_data_ers,
             s_rbkp       LIKE  rbkp,
             t_rseg_x     LIKE  rseg  OCCURS 0,
             t_ekbe1      LIKE  ekbe  OCCURS 0,
             t_ekko       LIKE  ekko  OCCURS 0,
             t_ekpo       LIKE  ekpo  OCCURS 0,
             t_bset       LIKE  bset  OCCURS 0,
             t_t001w      LIKE  t001w OCCURS 0,
             t_mara       LIKE  mara  OCCURS 0,
             t_makt       LIKE  makt  OCCURS 0,
             t_marm       LIKE  marm  OCCURS 0,
             t_eina       LIKE  eina  OCCURS 0,
             t_essr       LIKE  essr  OCCURS 0,
             s_addr1_val  LIKE  addr1_val,
             s_lfa1       LIKE  lfa1,
    it consists of    
            t_mara       LIKE  mara  OCCURS 0,
             t_makt       LIKE  makt  OCCURS 0,
    so from these tables you get MATKL (material group) use it along with GL account as the MRM  type group consists hell lot of info.
    Reward points if useful

  • Confirmation profile selection based on material

    Hi All
    Is it possible to have a confirmation profile based on the material which is being produced in the Production order? If yes then please give me your suggestions on how to achieve this.

    Hi Madhu G
    I have defined the confirmation profile in Opk0. I know that I can assign a different profile with reference to user.
    I dont want confirmation profile based on Storage location
    I want the confirmation screen to be different for different materials -plant combination. Does anyone have any idea how this can be achieved?

  • Account assignment through material group?

    Hi All,
    Can anybody suggest me, How to done the account assignment config. through Material group.
    And what all the significance of material group. i.e. in which scenarios material group comes in the picture?

    material group comes in to picture for,
    1.Manatain Delivery Tolerances
    2.Procurement Analysis by material groups âu20ACu201C most of the standard reports support material groups
    3.Vendor Evaluations based of Material Groups
    4.Vendor Information Record âu20ACu201C material groups âu20ACu201C if you have a long-term relationship with your Vendor for a particular Product , you can maintain the planned delivery time , pricing , quantity, discounts for the vendor
    5) Automatic account assignment determination
    6) Release Strategy
    7) Reference for the definition of purchasing group etc..

Maybe you are looking for