Purchase Order on particular release date

I am SAP HR consultant working on MM. I have one scenario how to find out the Purchase Orders on particular date.
Is there is any tcode or report for that.

There are many option.
Just search in enjoy menu in Materials Management
Some t.codes : ME2M, ME2N
Satish Purandare

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  • Purchase order Revision and Releases

    Hello All
    Can any one tell me the keyfig for Purchase order Revisions and Releases.I am trying to built a report that has PO Revision count and PO Releases count.
    Any help would be appreciated

    PO release is a approval procedure. If a PO fulfills certain conditions (e.g. the total order value exceeds $10,000), it has to be approved (by the cost center manager, for instance) before it can be processed further. This process of approving is knows as release procedure.
    PO revision refers to changes made to PO. If an existing PO is changed, the system can print an amended PO displaying the changes. The first change is printed as 'amendment no. 1", the second as 'amendment no. 2" and so on.
    Hope this helps.

  • Purchase order yet not released

    Hi sap gurus,
    i have done purchse order .then i am creating goods receipt for that purchase order but i am getting these error purchase order yet not released.plz tell me how can i solve these problem

    Hi Prasad
    Its simple prasad ur PO is suject to release strategy (Approval process) so the authorized person has to release the PO through the following process -
    Just go to Transaction ME29N or ME28, enter ur PO no.
    If u follow ME28 give ur release grp / code enetr PO no. and execute ur PO will be reflected in the list put the cursor there and press Release+Save Iconit will release the PO and then u will able make the GR.
    If u follow ME29N then give ur PO no. and go to release tab at the header level and press release icon.
    Best regards
    Vineet Baweja

  • Purchase order Text and Basic data text needed from MM03 tcode

    I need Purchase order text and Basic data text to be fetched by material number.
    Purchase order text and Basic data text are present in MM03 Tcode.
    Can anyone please guide me how to do it.
    Kind Regards

    Purchase order text
    GotoMM03 ->view purchase order text.
    In purchase order text screen, below you find one icon 'Editor'
    click on this icon. It will open another screen.
    In this screen -> click Goto Menu->Header.
    It will open the details about Purchase order text.
    TextName (Generally it is material name)
    Text ID : BEST
    Text Object: MATERIAL.
    Pass the above to READ_TEXT to get the text
    *Basic data text *
    Basic Data Text in MM03

  • Purchase order changes after release

    How can I block a purchase order to any changes after release it and then, in case of need, mark for deletion the purchase order itens?

    To block any changes in the purchase order to after release, set Changeability  indicator as 1 for  Release ID "R" in following path & save.:
    SPRO ->MM - Purchasing -> PO -> Rlease Procedure for PO -> Define Release for PO -> Release Indicator
    NOTE:If you set  Changeability  indicator as 3, PO can be changed after release and trigger a  new release strategy based on value changes.
    Biju K

  • Purchase order status tab(header data) field correction program

    Is there any correction program to correct status tab header details(purchase order - ME23N) ?
    There is a mismatch between order quantity,delivered quantity & still to deliver quantity, I want to correct these data.
    Please respond, if any thing can be done.

    Be careful,
    I have never heard of this being worng, however, sometimes it LOOKS wrong.
    For instance you can have
    ordered 100
    delivered 90
    still to deliver 0
    (Due to the use of the delivery completed indicator)
    You can also have
    Ordered 100
    Delivered 90
    still to deliver 0
    (due to the fact that one of the items was flagged as not GR relevant)
    So you really MUST make sure that the data is incorrect before you consider any action.
    this would be the first time in 17 years that I have ever heard of this data being worng (and that would be across MILLIONS of POs)
    Steve B

  • Customized R12 Standard Purchase Order report with custom data and layout

    Hi all,
    We need to customize the seeded Purchase Order report in R12 to add an additional section to include cost data coming from our custom table. The key is that our customized report should be launched instead of the seeded report via various PO forms (e.g. View Document menu option, PO Communications form to email, fax and print PO, etc).
    I manually set up a custom Document Type Layout for the Document "Standard Purchase Order" to use my customized template so my custom layout is shown instead of the R12 layout, but according to Oracle support the report can only draw data from a set of seeded Oracle views like po_headers_xml,po_lines_xml etc.
    Any suggestions how we can add our custom data to PO report in R12?
    Thanks! Mike.

    Hi Mike
    thats a tough one, the PO generation is a bit restrictive to say the least when it comes to customizing. It sounds like you have worked out how to get your own template in there to render the PO.
    On the data front, all I can think of is to customize and replace the seeded PO view with one that incorporates your extra data.
    Or, get into the page customization world and write your own extract and format concurrent program/procedure and then hook it onto the buttons where you want to launch it.
    You might have more luch, response wise from the EBS PO forum.
    Procurement : Procurement
    OAF: OA Framework

  • Purchase Order Report Showing Delivery Date

    Hello All
    I am looking for a report which will show Purchase orders with delivery date . something like ME2N but it is not showing delivery date.

    Hello Guys
    Thanks for your answers but it seems no body have checked it.
    Vishal : I am looking for a standard report and not table.
    Ranga : In SPRO field delivry date in not there under new scope of list
    Chidanand: Boss ALLES not giving delivery date.
    Please tell me some other way.

  • Open Purchase Orders Report with Confirmation Dates

    Hi Friends,
    I have searched a lot for the following need and I have found nothing. I was wondering if there ia any report that I can show the scheduled delivery dates from a Purchase order. I have seen in ME2L that by placing EINT in scope of list I can see the schedule lines. However, if there is a new delivery date due to supplier confirmation that have been placed in PO with the indicator AB this is not appeared. At the same time if there is a partial quantity that has already been delivered then it does not appear as well. So, I need a report with all the scheduled delivery line plus the open quantity.
    Many Thanks in advance,

    It is very strange. Because what I see is that in this report the confirmation date is not appeared although the schedule line is appeared. Then If I go to change the confirmation date in PO for second time then it is appeared. I have no idea why this is happening

  • Purchase order error with future date

    Here one scenario like
    We have created a sales order VA01-->Pur. Order ME21N with current date i.e., 05.09.2008. System able to post perfectly and post MIRO, cutomer invoice and finally released to accounting.
    Now, same sales order VA01-->Pur. Order ME21N with future date i.e., 05.09.2009. System threws error message "Account requires an assignment to a cost object".
    Here my question is, why system is asking this assignment if i gave future date(05.09.2009) and why system is not asking if i gave current date(05.09.2008) ? remaining all are same except date
    Looking forward your comments/thoughts

    Thanks for your reply
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  • Purchase Order Controlled by Release Budget Amount.

    Dear Friend's
    I have created project upto level 2 wbs element.with ext services.
    In Budgeting,
    In CJ30 Tcode i have allocated budget Rs.100000/-
    In CJ32 Tcode i have released above mentioned same amount for WBS 1.
    In Purchase Ordering,
    While creating PO In ME21N Tcode i have taken services for WBS 1 for which PO net amount is more than Rs.100000/-
    When i go for saving of PO.The system must show Error "PO Amount is more than Released Budget.
    Pls tell me the customizing setting for above mentioned scenario.By doing this setting system must show error while saving PO.
    Pls help me urgently.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sandeep N.Theurkar

    As far as I see, all the customizing settings are correct in this case. But just to summarize, please make sure:
    a) In budgeting profile (OPS9) make sure flag "releases" is set
    b) In CJ32 verify you have released budget for the WBS element (or superior)
    c) In CJ02 verify that status BUDG and AVAC are active for the WBS element
    d) In customizing path Project System > Costs > Budget > Define Tolerance Limits make sure you have entered the necessary tolerance limits for your budgeting profile. At least, one entry with Activity group ++,  action 3 and usage 100,00 is necessary in your case.
    e) In OPTK transaction, please make sure you have not included any cost element for your controlling area.
    f) In ME22N make sure the PO is correctly account assigned to the WBS element
    Once all this is done, please run CJBN and retest.
    If you still don´t get the error when posting the PO, please send the output of BPFCTRA0 report
    Hope this helps

  • Release Tab in purchase order disappear after release using ME29n

    Hi there,
    We are busy testing support stacks (upgrading from ECC6 SAP_APPL SAPKH60305 to SAPKH60307)and we've come accross a strange problem.  When we create a normal purchase order (ME21n) the purchase order does pick up a release strategy.  Using the older ME28 transaction to release this purchase order, everything is fine.  We can use ME28 to release the purchase order, as well as unreleasing the purchase order, as often as we want (the same purchase order).  When we use transaction ME29n the release tab in the purchase order just simply disappears after saving.  In the purchase order header changes, the release change is visible, but the release tab is missing.  This purchase order is now not subject for release, and a goods receipt is possible without release.  I checked in table EKKO as well and the release fields in this table for this purchase order is empty.
    Has anybody had a similar experience?  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
    Christo Vermeulen

    Hi Christo Vermeulen,
    I have detected the same problem as reported by you. Did you solve it? Do you know how can I procedure to solve it?
    Thanks in advanced,
    Eder Nicoleti

  • Regarding LSMW Purchase Order header and item data

    Hi Friends,
    I have one requirement i.e purchase order data need to be upload through LSMW via Direct input method.
    pls find the belwo flat file structure
    old_PO           material            price            qty
    P123              M111                  10               1
    P123              M222                  10                1
    P123              M333                  20               1
    Normally if I upload same data into SAP, it will create three purchase orders with different SAP numbers.
    I want if old_PO number is matches with the previous record all the materials should be in single transaction and single Purchase order should be created.
    Can any body help how to resolve this issue. This is very urgent.
    pls explain in detail. I am using LSMW. I don't have no other option.
    please don't post any junk amswers.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Raghunath,
    Don't think that this reply is junk one.I cannot explain you in detail but try like this.
    In the fifth step of LSMW,You can find Global data definitions & Processing times.
    In any of these you can just fetch the values from database with reference to flat file data like..
    select PO from ...where PO = source-PO.
    if sy-subrc EQ 0.
    skip_transaction. Using this function you can skip this record
    Award points if useful.

  • How to get the purchase order's delivery completed date in the dictionary

    Hi consutant :
    In me23n transaction code ,I set the delivery completed indicator mannul . I can see the state of
    delivery completeed by click environment->item changes menu . But I don't find the date that I  set
    the state of delivery completed  in the abap dictionary .
    How to find that table store the date of delivery completed about purchase order ?
    thanks .

    you will get delivery date from
    eket table .
    and field name is eindt.
    how to go there. ?
    SELECT ebeln  ebelp  eindt          " For Delivery Date EKET
         FROM eket
         INTO TABLE it_eket
         FOR ALL ENTRIES IN it_ekpo
         WHERE    ebeln = it_ekpo-ebeln
          AND     ebelp = it_ekpo-ebelp.
    reward point if its usefull.

  • Purchase Order Updating by Due Date

    Dear Sirs,
    I am testing purchase orders commitments in payment budget with update profile 000202. This UP updates postings by due date as standard. To reinforce it I market as due date at OF39 to Value Cat. 51.
    However system is still updating POs postings with the delivery date in FM instead of update it with the due date.
    Since I have a payment condition in the PO, shouldnu2019t the system be able to predict a due date and update as we need?
    Does anybody could tell me if it is the regular behavior or if I am actually missing something?
    Best Regards,
    Gustavo Cordeiro.

    Hi Gustavo,
    There are two restrictions to using terms of payment from MM for determine the FM due date.
    1) OFUP: only MM-invoice is updated.
    2) Update profile: the update date for payment budget and commitment budget cannot be set to delivery date.
    Since point 2 you have already for due date, please check if your OFUP is customized correctly for due date.
    I hope this helps.
    Best Regards,

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