Purchase order - output type vendor different from PO vendor

we have created a new output type that sends our purchase order as emails. The email will be sent to the vendor email address that is entered together with the output type under messages of a purchase order.
We need the emails to be sent an internal email address, so we don't send them to the vendor right away. For that reason, we have created a new vendor X that has our email address, only for that purpose.
If we now have a purchase order with vendor Y (this is the real vendor) and use our new output type along with vendor X (this is the vendor only created for sending the PO as email to us), will this affect the accounting process of how the purchase order is handled? Or does vendor X have no impact on accounting in this case?

Hi Anne,
Vendor available  (in your eg. X) in the output type messages screen for PO does not have any impact on accounting processes of main vendor (in your eg Y).

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  • Purchase order output type disappearing at approval

    Anyone encountered the problem of output type disappearing when purchase orders approval is carried out ?
    PO does not appear anymore in ME9F and vendors are calling as they haven t received the order. No problem when PO amount is below fisrt approval range or until PO is getting approved.
    Thanks for your help

    reposted in MM forum

  • User exit -BADI for overriding Partner number in Purchase order output type

    Hello All,
    We have a requirement wherein the EDI message type will distribute the Idoc to the partner number determined in the output type of the purchase order. We are maintaining the condition record for a generic partner number in MN04 and we want this partner number with partner role SH from the condition record to be modified to the sales order sold to party partner number. We are using third party processing and hence sales order number can be fetched from account assignment (EKKN) table of the purchase order. Kindly do let me know the user exit /BADI that can be used for achieving this functionality.
    Thanks in advance for your immediate response.
    With regards,
    Joseph Anand B

    check with below link,
    fo this one you will find both user exit and badis

  • Repeat Purchase Order Output Type - Auto Repeat

    Currently, when we create the Purchase Order the output type will be automatically generated in the message tab once the  Purcahse Order is saved.  In our Purchase Order process, we have using the function Purchase Order Online Approval and Purchase Order Auto-email to vendor once the Purchase Order is approved.  
    For the Purchase Auto-email to vendor, we have modified the output type program to enable the Purchase Order auto-email function to vendor once the Purchase Order and it's working successfully and teh email is based on the output type status.
    Now we have problem when the approved Purchase Order is revised and requires the reapproval. Once the Purchase Order is reapproved there is no new output type is genereated and therefore now email is out to vendor.Need the expert advice how to configure to repeat the output type when the Purchase Order is reapproved.

    You have to ensure all the changes that are print relevant are included in the following configuration. Basically you have specify the PO fields that are print relevant, which means any change on this field will trigger a new print out message.
    Here is the configuration path
    SPRO -> Material Management -> Purchasing -> Messages -> Fields Relevant to Printouts of changes

  • Purchase Order Output Types

    My requirement is that clients needs different header in Purchase Order Printout based on Plant. Means for each Plant we need a particular Header in Purchase Order.
    I have found that for Purchase Order, Standard Output Type NEU is there and we attach either the standard Layout 'MEDRUCK' or custom layout to it.
    Now I am thinking of making multiple Custom Layout(Copies of MEDRUCK). And also making a separate Output type for each Plant. then I will attach the appropraite Layout to each Output Type created.
    1. My Question is can we create multiple Output Types?
    2. And also attach multiple Output Types to a PO. And select any one(based on the need) at the time of Printing?

    Hi Nitin,
    1) You can create multiple output types for a purchase order and each output type will have different layout names when use assign outtypes through transaction NACE.
    2)Yes,You can select a particular output type for a PO.
    Just specify a parameter in your driver program which will accept output type(KSCHL).
    I recommends you not to create multiple layouts based on each plant. Try to create a Pagewindow in your layout which can hold PO header data.Based on your plant you can pass values through text elements to Pagewindow.You can simply write code for this in your driver program.
    Note:Plz award points if is is helpful

  • Purchase order output type NEU is not get assigned automatically

    Dear All,
    when i am creting purchase order the output type NEU is not get assigned automatically.
    I have maintained message condn record for NEU and for specific PO doc type NB.
    same problame i was facing for the inventory docuemnts but i was resolved by running one SAP std program so please guide me if any such program is available for Purchasing documents also or any other setting i am missing to make.
    Pl suggest

    Please check the following in customization.Dont check in NACE you may miss something like fine tune control
    1) Check the Message determination procedure is having the NEU output type
    2) Check the std Message determination procedure is assigned to PO
    3) Check the output type for the Access sequence, default data for transmission medium and partner function VN, Language & Form assigned to it
    4) Check the Access sequence for the condition tables
    5) Check the condition record in MN04/MN05
    6) Check the purchasing group has printer assignement
    7) Check the fine tuen control for operation 1 & 2 for message type.
    Hope your problem now solved.
    Thanks /karthik
    Edited by: Karthik on Aug 13, 2009 5:29 PM

  • Purchase order output type determination

    Hello All,
    We have a requirement where in we need to trigger custom outout type at the header level on Plant. We have added the plant field at header communication structure but the output type is not getting triggered.
    Functionals confirmed that all the condition records and other configs are maintained. While debugg I could find that value is not getting passed to the communication structure.
    Does any one has ever configured output type on Plant at header level.
    Thank you!

    You can get some idea by clicking this.

  • Different interfaces for purchase order output from MM system

    Dear Guru's,
    We are configuring the business scenarios of service procurement classic and Plan driven procurement with supplier enablement in the MM-SUS environment for our SRM7.01/ECC6 ehp 5 combination.
    These two scenarios are using different interfaces for purchase order output.
    The service procurement classic is using the proxy interface PurchaseOrderERPRequest_
    Out_V1 for purchase order output from ERP.
    However, the plan driven procurement uses the interface ORDERS.ORDERS02 for idoc message for purchase order output from ERP.
    Why are there two different interfaces for the same document output in two different business scenario? How the system will determine which interface needs to be used in the runtime for the purchase order output?
    Any thoughts will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks and regards,

    Hi Ranjan,
    Please add the value 'CL' in the table SWF_CATIDS
    Then it will work.
    With Regards,

  • Purchase order contains an order price unit that differs from the order uni

    Purchase order contains an order price unit that differs from the order unit
    Treatment at the time of "Goods Receipt" so that the stock maintained in Kg and at the same time the purcahse order unit is also to be entered at the time of GR.

    the purchase requisition has your valuation, this is not the price you have with your vendor.
    The valuation in the PR, is automatically copied from material master, dependend on the price control, it is either the moving average or the standard price, the valuation of your current stock. If MAP then this valuation was calculated by historic stock values and receipts from maybe several vendors.
    the valuation is mainly used for the release procedure.

  • I need output type NEU automaticaly for create purchase order document type

    Dear Experts,
    I need output type NEU automaticaly for create purchase order document type NB
    when transaction code MN04, I am doing the following:
    (1) I selected the third option Purchasing Output determination: Document type
    (2) I selected the output type NEU.
    (3) In condition records in document type , i have chosen NB.
    (4) In name its automatically coming as Purchase requisition
    Please suggest how Purchase Order NB will come

    Check & press F4, NB Purchase Order (for catagory F) will be there after entering PO output type NEU & then maintaion the condition record in MN04.
    Output type NEU automaticaly defaulted during purchase order creation with document type ,then just fine tune the output (message) type in following path:
    SPRO--->MM->Purchasing>Message>Output control->Message types> Define message type for Purchase Order----->Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order
    Now here select the check box corresponding to your output(message) type NEU to have print output automatically displayed & save.
    Now try to creating Purchase Order & you will have default message type NEU.
    Biju K

  • Purchase Order output to be blocked in ECC when the PO is technically Incom

    Hi All,
    First of all I would like to say that, I have searched the entire forum for this issue & as i could not find any thread relating to this, I am posting.
    We have implemented SAP GTS & whenever a purchase order is created in ECC system and due to Business partner missing or Legal Unit missing in GTS, the document is created as Technically incomplete in GTS.  Inspite of technically incomplete, the ECC users are able to print out the PO.  We have implemented a SAP note for blocking the purchase order output when the customs Import document is Blocked in SAP GTS.
    Could anyone let me know if we have any OSS note for blocking Technically incomplete purchase order's or is there any workaround to prevent the output from being printed.
    Aravind G

    We have a requirement to block PO output as well so we implemented Note 900555. But how does it work? We do not see anything anywhere on the PO that would prevent output. We have POs that are blocked in GTS and nothing is any different on the PO. The note doesn't really explain how it works either. We assumed that the Output logs would also show a message of some sort.
    In addition, when this note references blocking "output" is it only meant for blocking print? Or can it block electronic transmission as well?
    If we can't get this note to work, we are thinking of adding GTS to the PO Release Strategy, in order to block transmission of anything to the supplier.

  • Event : changing purchase order's type in transaction ME21N

    Hi all,
    I am looking for a user exit or an enhencement to set some abap code when a purchase order's type is changed by the user in transaction ME21N.

    Please find the user exit list below for ME21N. You can try out.
    MELAB001 Gen. forecast delivery schedules: Transfer schedule implem.
    MEQUERY1 Enhancement to Document Overview ME21N/ME51N
    MEVME001 WE default quantity calc. and over/ underdelivery tolerance
    MM06E001 User exits for EDI inbound and outbound purchasing documents
    MM06E003 Number range and document number
    MM06E004 Control import data screens in purchase order
    MM06E005 Customer fields in purchasing document
    MM06E007 Change document for requisitions upon conversion into PO
    MM06E008 Monitoring of contr. target value in case of release orders
    MM06E009 Relevant texts for "Texts exist" indicator
    MM06E010 Field selection for vendor address
    MM06E011 Activate PReq Block
    MMAL0001 ALE source list distribution: Outbound processing
    MMAL0002 ALE source list distribution: Inbound processing
    MMAL0003 ALE purcasing info record distribution: Outbound processing
    MMAL0004 ALE purchasing info record distribution: Inbound processing
    MMDA0001 Default delivery addresses
    MMFAB001 User exit for generation of release order
    MRFLB001 Control Items for Contract Release Order
    AMPL0001 User subscreen for additional data on AMPL
    LMEDR001 Enhancements to print program
    LMEKO001 Extend communications structure KOMK for pricing
    LMEKO002 Extend communications structure KOMP for pricing
    LMELA002 Adopt batch no. from shipping notification when posting a GR
    LMELA010 Inbound shipping notification: Transfer item data from IDOC
    LMEQR001 User exit for source determination
    LMEXF001 Conditions in Purchasing Documents Without Invoice Receipt
    LWSUS001 Customer-Specific Source Determination in Retail
    M06B0001 Role determination for purchase requisition release
    MEFLD004 Determine earliest delivery date f. check w. GR (only PO)
    MEETA001 Define schedule line type (backlog, immed. req., preview)
    ME590001 Grouping of requsitions for PO split in ME59
    M06E0005 Role determination for release of purchasing documents
    M06E0004 Changes to communication structure for release purch. doc.
    M06B0005 Changes to comm. structure for overall release of requisn.
    M06B0004 Number range and document number
    M06B0003 Number range and document number
    M06B0002 Changes to comm. structure for purchase requisition release

  • Authorization based on plant and Purchase order document type

    My client has a requirement wherein a user will have authorization for transactions only in his plant. But only for Purchase order document type UB (Stock Transport Order) the user should be allowed to create for all plants.
    In short, if Purchase order document type is UB, should be allowed for all plants
                 if Purchase order document type is NB, should be allowed to only one particular plant.
    My Basis person says that such a restriction is not possible.
    Kindly suggest me on how to provide a solution to this.
    Thank U.

    This is possible.In this case you need to create two seperate roles.
    1)Create purchase order for all plants (This can be used in long text)
    2)Create purchase order for <plant no> plants.
    For case 1:--
    i)Populate field BSART of M_BEST_BSA with UB.
    ii)Populate field WERKS of M_BEST_WRK with '*'. SAP reccomends to fill up organizational data through organizational level tab only.So while doing this step you need to put * from organizational level tab only.
    For case 2:--
    i)Populate field BSART of M_BEST_BSA with NB.
    ii)Populate field WERKS of M_BEST_WRK with 'plant no'.
    Dont worry about the objects i mentioned those are maintained through SU24 and will be automatically pulled once you insert ME21 transaction code.
    Let me know if it helps.

  • How to view the purchase order output

    Hi all,
    how to view the purchase order output in the transaction me23n?
    How to obtain the purchase order output form?
    Please help..

    goto NACE tcode then select the purchase order type and go to output types u cna use standard one NEU and provide the sapcript name and form name default will be there with MEDRUCK and print program.
    then in ME23n click on messages there create ur message type NEU and save it
    then print the purchase order...
    hope u get solved with this
    Syed A

  • Number of messages for Purchase Order output

    Hi All!
    I have to set the number of messages for the Purchase Order output at 2 (NAST-ANZAL). For a certain output type, in the Communication method the default value for Number of messages (original + copies) has to be 2. There is a transaction which allows me to do that but I don't remember it.
    Yours answers and your time are appreciate.
    Best regards.
    Florina C.

    The transaction is MN05 or
    Logistics->Materials Management->Purchasing->Master Data->Messages->Purchase Order

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