Purchase order text in material is replicated from ECC to SRM?

Hello experts,
In the standard process of replicating materials from an SAP ECC system to SRM, is the purchase order text tab in MM03 replicated to SRM?
I've tried searcing for this text in SRM but I guess it is not replicated.
Is there a way to do this?

Generally speaking, product longtexts are not automatically replicated to SRM via MW.
The filters of text headers and text lines are not taken into consideration.
-- In case in transaction R3AC1 object MATERIAL has inactive filters for tables STXH and STXL, please remove flags and synchronize the filters.
-- In the backend table CRMOBJTAB still shows inactive entries for both tables.
-- Check the notes no. 555520 and 839995. Please apply and follow the instructions given in the longtext.
Now the filters should work and the basic longtext should get replicated.
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  • View "Purchase Order Text" in Material Master

    I need replicated text of  view "Purchase Order Text" in ECC to Material Master in SRM.
    Or When We create a shopping cart in the way in which the text replicated "Purchase Order Text" from the the Material Master(ECC).

    For Purchase Order text in Material Master:
      use this code for Purchase Order text,
    DATA:  l_lsize(3)  TYPE n VALUE '132'.
      DATA:   lwa_tline     TYPE tline,
                lwa_thead     TYPE thead,
                lwa_valid     TYPE ty_input(flat file data),
                lwa_temp      TYPE ty_input.
      DATA: lit_tline TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF tline.
      lwa_thead-tdobject   = 'MATERIAL'.
      lwa_thead-tdid       = 'BEST'.
      lwa_thead-tdspras    = 'E'.
      lwa_thead-tdlinesize = l_lsize.
      LOOP AT pu_it_valid INTO lwa_valid.
        lwa_temp = lwa_valid.
        AT NEW matnr.
          CLEAR: lwa_thead-tdname,
          lwa_thead-tdname     = lwa_temp-matnr.
        IF lwa_tline-tdformat IS INITIAL.
          lwa_tline-tdformat = ' \ '.
          lwa_tline-tdformat = '='.
        CLEAR lwa_tline-tdline.
        lwa_tline-tdline = lwa_valid-text_line.
        APPEND lwa_tline TO lit_tline.
        AT END OF matnr.
              client          = sy-mandt
              header          = lwa_thead
              insert          = c_x
              savemode_direct = c_x
              lines           = lit_tline
              id              = 1
              language        = 2
              name            = 3
              object          = 4
              OTHERS          = 5.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            REFRESH lit_tline.
        CLEAR: lwa_temp,

  • Purchase Order text in Material Master

    Hi experts,
    A material code ( for ex  10000000 ) is opened in plant X and is also extended to plant Y.  We want to enter purchase order text in the same material code  10000000  ( thru tcode MM02 ) for plant X only.  At present, the purchase order text which we entered for plant X is also depiciting in plant Y for above material code.
    Our requirement is that the purchase order text which we entered for plant X should not appear in plant Y.
    Please suggest.
    Solutions / suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    ( Rajneesh Gulati )

    You can try doing in 2 ways of keeping Purchase order text.
    1. If you do not want the text maintained in Plant X and not to maintain the same in Plant Y , you can delete the same in Plant Y and save so that It wont appear.
    2. IF you don want the the text to be maintained in Plant Y, You need not extent the purchase order text view in plant Y.

  • Uploading sales text and Purchase order text for material master

      I have created, material master with LSMW  byt not updated SALES TEXT and Purchase order text with LSMW  now i want to uplaod the sales and po text for material master can you give some link or ref. code to upload the text i have near 1000 items for which i want to uplaod text  when i have done the recording with SHDB  i have not found filed in recording.

    I have made the code in se38
    as below but still it is not working
      data: headerl like thead occurs 0 with header line.
      data itab3 like tline occurs 0 with header line.
    headerl-tdobject = 'MATERIAL'.
    headerl-tdname = '00000000000LSMW123'.          "(Material : 000000000300000560, Sorg : 0001, Dist channel: 01)
    headerl-tdid  = 'BEST'.
    headerl-tdspras = 'E'.
    append headerl.
    move '*' to itab3-tdformat.
    move 'Testing PO text' to itab3-tdline.
    append itab3.
    call function 'SAVE_TEXT'
        header                = headerl
      insert                = ' '
       savemode_direct       = ' '
        lines                 = itab3
       id                    = 1
       language              = 2
       name                  = 3
       object                = 4
       others                = 5.
       IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
                OBJECT   = headerl-tdobject
                NAME     = headerl-tdname.

  • MASS-Display of Purchase Order Text in Material Data

    I want to display via SE16 the Purchase Order Text for a list of Materials but I don't know in which table this kind of information is stored. Con anyone please help me by telling me in which Table I can find the desired Information. If there is a SAP transaction which I can use to obtain this kind of information I'll gladly use it but I prefer to work with SE16 and Tables.
    Thanks for your answers.

    With my SAP rights I'm not able to do that. This is why I'm asking if tehre's another way to retrive this Info in another way using  "SAP standard tools", like transaction or tables.
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  • LSMW - Purchase Order Text in Material Master

    All MM Experts,
    I tired to create simple Batch Input Recording but the screen does not get recorded for Purchase Order text maintenance in mass for article master data. we are maintaining Purchase Order Text in article master data in basic data screen on additional data button under purchase order text tab.
    Any suggestion on creating LSMW for purchase order text.

    LSMW has a standard direct input for long texts, hence it is not necessary to do a recording.
    help.sap.com gives real good help for loading loading long texts with LSMW, further has this been discussed many many times here in MM  and in the data migration forum.
    try to search a bit, you dont really need more than the words you already have used on the subject to get a good variety of answers

  • Material PR transfer from ECC to SRM without Account Assignment

    When a material PR without account assignment is transferred to SRM. The scenario is determined as direct procurement and system will behave in extended classic scenario.
    I would need the PO to be posted in backend ie Classic scenario.
    We are in SRM 7.0 using SOA PR transfer from ECC EHP 4 system.
    I believe there is  consulting note available for this scenario. If any body has the note number please share it.

    While running Materials Replenishment Planning (MRP) purchase requisitions (PR) will be created in SAP ERP (e.g. after creating a Planned Order in MD10).
    Before SAP SRM 7.0 these requisition got the field EPROFILE assigned which enabled the system to extract the PR document to SAP SRM by using report BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER. As of SAP SRM 7.0 and SAP ERP 6.04 you configured Business Add-In ME_REQ_SOURCING_CUST to trigger SOA message PurchaseRequestERPSourcingRequest_Out.
    After running MRP you notice that no sourcing request SOA message got generated.
    Other terms
    SOA, MRP, Sourcing, external sourcing,
    MD10, MD14, MD04
    Reason and Prerequisites
    Program error.
    Due to complexity it is not possible to provide a SAP core correction. However PP-MRP application provides a BAdI interface that gives the possiblity to trigger this functionality of external sourcing.
    If you need to use the external sourcing with SAP MRP create a new implementation for BAdI MD_PURREQ_POST and inherite from the class provided in attached correction instruction.
    Note 1546980 - MRP PReq: PurchaseRequestERPSouricingRequest_Out not send
    1263876 - SAP SRM: Configuration of Procure-to-Pay Scenario
    Note 1504247 - ME54/ME55 does not trigger sourcing SOA message
    Note 1436550 - Multiple PR scenario PurchaseRequestERPSourcingRequest_Out

  • Material Purchase Order Text

        I need to add a new field(column) "Purchase Order Text" in my alv report from MM03 view "Purchase Order Text". This field will have the values that are entered as text in the view in a particular language.
    I suppose we can obtain this text using "Read_Text" function module.
    But, I am unable to use the appropriate tdobject and tdid for executing the function module.
       Please suggest me if using "Read_Text" is the correct way or is there any other way to do it. I simply want to display the Purchase Order Text values.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Tejas Savla

    use this.
    Data:i_potxt LIKE tline OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
           w_thead LIKE thead.
    w_thead-tdname = wa_final-ebeln.
            w_thead-tdspras = 'EN'.
            w_thead-tdid = 'F03'.
            w_thead-tdobject = 'EKPO'.
                id                      = w_thead-tdid
                language                = w_thead-tdspras
                name                    = w_thead-tdname
                object                  = w_thead-tdobject
                lines                   = i_potxt
                id                      = 1
                language                = 2
                name                    = 3
                not_found               = 4
                object                  = 5
                reference_check         = 6
                wrong_access_to_archive = 7
                OTHERS                  = 8.

  • Cant able to see new value and old value for change in purchase order text

    Hi all ,
    I am not able to see changes done in material's purchase order text in material master. When i use tcode MM04 to see changes done material master it does not report new and old value for change if it is done in purchase order text of that material .
    Thanks in advance  ,

    Hi Shikha,
    I'm not sure it works or not. But you can try SCU3 t.code and table DBTABLOG. May it can help you out.
    I also faced this type of issue in Plant data and it get resolved.
    Try and let me know...
    Sunil Sisodia

  • Upload purchase order text through LSMW

    Please tell me procedure for uploading sales order & purchase order text in material master through lsmw

    Long Texts are stored in STXH table with 4 parameters TEXTNAME,OBJECT,ID and LANGUAGE
    You can't find the complete text in any table
    You will find these 4 parameters in the table STXH.
    Texts are created using the fun module CREATE_TEXT and SAVE_TEXT and these texts are fetched using READ_TEXT fun module
    For uploading these long texts using LSMW see
    for Long texts Upload
    Please take a look at this..
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  • Material Group Replication from ECC

    Dear SRMers,
    System Landscape : ECC 6.0 and SRM 5.0.
    I am doing a material group replication from  ECC to SRM using the DNL_CUST_PROD1 customizing object. Before the replication ECC  was trying to confirm the target RFC destination(SRM) by prompting a logon. I logged in as myself and  the system gave a CALL_FUNCTION_OPEN_ERROR.
    I defined the CRM Consumer as SRM in the CRM middleware parameters..
    My question is do we need to define the User SRM in SU01 and when ECC tries to confirm the target RFC destination, do we need to login as the SRM User ?
    Points will be rewarded for answers.
    Thanks in advance,

    The RFC user which you define in the SRM RFC detsination has to be obviously as SU01 user in SRM.Also the RFC user need to have SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW profile attached.See note 642202 for details.
    Also Check:
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  • Vendor Sync Job not updating all vendors from ECC to SRM

    The vendors are updated from ECC to SRM by batch job
    This job is missing updation of some vendors from ECC to SRM.
    Its happening on and of.We are updating these leftout vendors manually by TCODE BBPUPDVD and new left out vendors by BBPGETVD.
    We have concluded that information in these vendors is replicated from
    ECC to SRM GUI but it is not reflecting in SRM portal.
    Reasons looks like when vendor data(Incoterms/Payment terms) is replicated from ECC to SRM an
    addition row is created in vendor data in SRM which does have this information(Tcode ;BBPMAININT).
    Though the information is present in second row in vendor data tab of vendor information when executed using TCODE BBPMAININT but Vendor information in portal is picked from 1st row and does not appear when try to shop.
    Can anyone suggest how to resolve this?

    Hi Harleen,
    The problem is because of the inconsistency in the tables BBPM_BUT_FRG0060 and BBPM_BUT_FRG0061.
    From table BUT000 take the partner guid for the problematic vendor.
    Enter the partner guid as input to the table BBPM_BUT_FRG0060  . check the number of available rows.
    Now check the table BBPM_BUT_FRG0061 with the partner guid. check the number of rows.
    You must see the inconsistent number of records in these 2 tables for the partner, like 1 row in BBPM_BUT_FRG0060  and 2 rows in BBPM_BUT_FRG0061.
    Delete the invalid row in the table BBPM_BUT_FRG0061. That should resolve the problem you are facing.

  • Create list of materials with its purchase order texts from material master

    Dear all
    Simple question I do wanna ask.
    Just need to get out a list with my materials with its purchase order texts from the material master.
    As I do know that PO text is not stored on a table, it might be difficult to get it out from the system.
    Does anyone of you know how to retrieve it simply?

    Check this link Material Master Purchase Order Text.

  • Material description VS Purchase order Text when creating a PO

    Hi Gurus,
    When creating a PO for a specific material, I have to print a purchase order text different from the material description.
    To do this, a specific text has be added to the material master data in the tab "Purchase order Text" with the italian language maintained.
    But, when i start to create a new PO for this material, the short text that is shown is retrieved form the Material description and not from the Purchase order text that has been added before.
    How can I do to have the purchase order text shown in the PO instead of the common material description?
    Thanks in advance for your support.
    Edited by: Valentino Rosso on Sep 9, 2009 10:58 AM

    Hi Rajaram,
    thansk a lot for your answer, it has been very helpful.
    Could you please clarify me the below points?
    1) Could you please confirm me that this is the functionality of the standard SAP System? That means that in case we want to put the purchase order text in to "short text" we would need to create an ad hoc development, right?
    2) In case we print the PO with the purchase order text added for the material, is there any point where we can find this information for the material, or we will see just the material description from the Material Master Data?
    Thanks a lot for your support.

  • Updating Material master purchase order text -LSMW

    Dear Experts
    How can update Purchase order Text  through LSMW, while am doing recording system is not recording this field from material master

    Dear Expert
    Please throw some light on this issue

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