Query on FIAP:Line item cube

hi bw friends
I would like to know that the cube FIAP:Line item (0FIAP_C03) enables us to view about what?
for example
the infocube enables you to view information about sales and billing documents from R/3
such as:
dealer wise/customer wise monthly sales and sales return
sales representative wise monthly sales and sales return
branch wise sales and sales return.
i would like to know what does the cube FIAP:Line item enables us to view?
thank you

The 0FIAP cubes extracts data from Account payables module from R3. The cube gives you the information about the payables(How much the company has to pay its vendors). The best use of the cube can be done for ageing analysis of payables. The characteristics used can be vendor wise, material wise, company code wise etc..

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  • Query on FI AP:Line item Cube

    Hi bw guys i have one query on FI AP:Line item cube(ZFIAP_C03).The cube is customised and it resembles the business content cube 0FIAP_C03.I would like to know that what is the use of the customised cube (ZFIAP_C03).What does the cube analyse and what are the fields that are based on the factor that the cube analyses.
    for example the cube 0SD_C03 is a sales overview cube and it is used to analyse actual sales at the following levels
    company code
    sales org
    sales district
    sales office
    sales employee.
    i would like to know that what does a FI AP:Line item cube(ZFIAP_C03) analyses and what are the levels that the cube analyses
    the characteristics in the cube ZFIAP_C03 are
    Company code
    Dunning area
    Dunning level
    Last dunned
    Payment method
    Reason code
    Terms of Payment
    Cash discount 1
    Cash discount 2
    Net due date
    Net due date
    Chart of accounts
    G/L Account
    Document Date
    Document no.
    Document type
    Item Status
    Posting date
    Posting key
    The keyfigures are
    Cash discount amount
    Credit amt in FC
    Credit amt in LC
    Debit amt in FC
    Debit amt in LC
    Debit/Credit Amount
    Discount amt
    Discount base
    Thank You.

    It looks almost identical to the std content AP cibe and s used to analyse vendor payables
    Ie creditors balances and the ageing of them and the dat aoriginates from BSIK and BSAK inside R3

  • Creating a Summary Cube from Line Item Cube

    1. I have a GL Line Item cube that gives me item level information
    2. As I needed to create a summary cube I copied line item cube adjusted dimensions (removed Line Item) and activated it.
    3. When I loaded the summary cube from Line Item cube I got same number of transactions
    What have I missed? I want to summarize the info at GL Account level; or at any other info object level.
    I have done this before but it did not work this time. I think I have missed a step.
    I will be looking forward to your recommendations!
    Thanks for reading this!

    Just removing tick against Line item will not work. You have to remove that characteristic from the cube. As this characteristic is High cardinality , you need to remove it from he cube.
    Decide at what level you want to have aggregated data and keep only those characteristics in the cube.

  • Aggregates on GL Line Item Cube

    Hi Gurus,
    I am creating a couple of queries on a GL line Item custom cube that I created and feeding it from the GL line item ODS and it is taking a while for 2 of the queries to run, probably because almost all the columns are calculated.
    One of the queries is using just 2 GL accounts and I restricted it to just the 2 GL accounts,so I am wondering if it will make any difference if i created an aggregate based on those 2 GL accounts to see if that will increase performance on the query?

    More than aggregates, try to cache the query results; as only 2 GL accounts and navigation will be minimal.
    Monitor entries in table RSDDSTAT. An analysis of this table for your query will help a lot whether aggregate will be of nay help or not. Accroding to SAP, if the time spend by the query engine in database is more than 30% of the total time to execute the query, then aggregate may be considered.
    Ravi Thothadri

  • Query of GL line items along with "the other side of the JEs"

    Hello All,
    I am trying to create an ABAP program or SAP query that would allow me to create an output of all line items posted to a general ledger account for a particular fiscal year(s) along with the other side the journal entry.
    Said another way, I want all documents posted to a general ledger account along with the rest of the line items included with those journal entry.
    For example, if I wanted to do this for Bad Debt Expense (P&L acct), I would like to see all those bad debt write off postings that were (credit Trade AR and Debit Bad debt Expense) vs. adjusting the bad debt reserve or any other posting in there.
    Rather than looking at each transaction individually, I think this query would allow me to see the big picture of all posting to a particular account.
    Any help is appreciated.

    I appreciate the insight. I think you answered my questions, but could you provide me with a little more detail so I am on the same page as you.
    For the BSIS and BSAS, I am assuming I can just use a FI  t-code FBL3N to obtain the information.
    Could you explain to me how to get the output in such a way and how to include it in the BSEG to get the complete journal entries for all of the document numbers I would get from the FBL3N. Or can I perform this in one function.
    Thank you.

  • Query Related to Line Item

    Hi all,
    In the Query I have to show something like this
    PO   POITEM    Net Price
    X        10            20
    Result   :            20
    X         20           30
    Result  :             30
    Same PO with Different POITEM and the result should be Sum of only that line item PO how can it be done here Net Price is Key figue.
    Po and POItem in the Key section.

    Hello Vishu,
    Have you tried setting the properties for PO as 'Display Results Row'  --> 'Always' and the settings for PO Item as 'Display Results Row'  --> 'Never'?
    Hope this helps.

  • FI_GL Line items cube

    Hi friends,
    I have installed 0FI_GL_4 data source to extarct FI-GL line items. And i connect it to 0FIGL_O02.
    And from here for which cube we have to load data means what is the standard cube for FI-GL line items.
    I am unable to find the same..
    Please tell me what is the standard cube in business content for FI-GL line items
    Thanks &Regards

    There is nothing to give details for this question....There is something you can get directly in help.sap.com documentation...As far as your post was concerned, it was only the Link Farms which you have provided where there was a descriptive question and that needs to be answered with explaination...Moreover this is not the place to bring out any personal Rivalry.
    Moderators, please do take care of these kinds of posts for any questions.
    Amit Kr.

  • Adding classification info into 0FIAP_C03(FIAP: Line Item)

    I'd like to add vendor classification infomation into exist 0FIAP cube whihc is filling through 0FI_AP_4 DS. For each vendor I've just 1 class which is include 2 characteristics. I mean vendor and class relation is 1 to 1.
    Allready I have created a DS in R/3 through CTBW for class type 010 and data is commimg into DS. Ichecked in RSA3. Then I replicated DS into BW system and Infoobjects are created by CTBW_META(I have 3 infoobjects 1 for class and 2 for characteristics)
    I am not sure if I have done the best I could do for this issue or not? Also I don't know how should I joine this characteristic(s) into cube to make sure data will fill correct. Should I create a new InfoSource to fill new data into cube or I should add new DS into an exist InfoSource whch fills cube?
    Thanks for your reply in advance,

    Hi Sudeep,
    Thanks for your reply. In fact in a report we rank vendors from FI side. I mean I need a report of vendors based on their account amount.
    we have diffrent type of vendors like "row material provider", "Consultants" and so on. I wanna make a report, for example, top 5 "row material provider" vendors based on theirs account amount. We assign vendor types through classification module in SAP.
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  • Data loading into 0FIAR_C03 Line Item Cube

    Hello Gurus
    I am bit new to FI extraction and stuck with this problem. I am aware that  we can see  extract structures by tcode sbiw in r/3 and lbwe for LO cockpit. When I use SBIW in r/3 i don't see anything for FI/GL, FI/AR, FI/AP. All I see is financial accounting -special purpose ledger. Is there something wrong with my IDES version ( which is 4.7 by the way) or I should be looking somewhere else ?

    Hi PJ,
    Check these links:
    Difference between FI and LO extraction
    Re: Which tables for LO and FI...

  • 13 line item dimension cube into BWA?

    I have heard earlier that BWA does not support line item dimensions due to swap of data between blades. not sure this is still an issue.
    My cube has 13 line item dimensions. For performane reasons, we created 13 line item dimensions as cube storing 240 million records and user want to analuse all this data.
    I want to push this line item cube to BWA for better performance and like to know the impact.
    thanks for advance replies.

    texas_user wrote:
    My assumption for BWA has no limitations. That's why we spent so much for BWA right?
    Rewording Mark Victor Hansen: "Only in imagination, there's no limitation".
    Best cases for BWA performance are documented; unfortunately the only link I have on hand is to BIExpert article [Tips and Techniques for Optimal Query Performance with SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator|http://www.bw-biexpertonline.com/article.cfm?id=3665].
    > It should support all navigation included single record reading to whole set of data.
    > I have 300 million of records in cube. We don't know what kind of adhoc analysis user planning to do.
    > We put all 14 fields from base cubes in query allowing user to do anything with data to make better decisions.
    > My question is making 13 line item dimension in cube and putting 300 millions records in BWA improve performance or not?
    > Space or cost is not concern here. Do we able to do it?
    > Does Web intelligence query come back? Or die?
    So far there is nothing worrisome in your description. 300M recs is not mind-blowing. The areas of watch-out:
    1/ There used to be performance implications with line-item dimensions in the past, when number of records in dimension was higher than number of records in fact table. But it was 2-3 years ago...
    2/ Once you put something on top of BW, like BO in your case - you need to check where time is spent, because in the past communication between BI tool and BW used to have impact as well. Make sure you have latest patches there.

  • Query on FIAP:transaction data

    Hi bw friends
    We created a customized cube FIAP:Line item (ZFIAP_C03) it is used to analyse  the information about the payables(How much the company has to pay its vendors). The best use of the cube can be done for ageing analysis of payables. The characteristics used can be vendor wise, material wise, company code wise etc.
    there is one more customized  cube FIAP:Transaction data(ZFIAP_C02).I need to know that what can we analyse from this cube and what is the use of this cube.
    The characteristics of this cube are
    company code
    currency type
    cumulative balance
    total credit postings
    total debit postings
    sales for the period.
    Thank You

    Thank you Simon for the information it is very useful.I wish to know tat what kind of information does the cube help to view .
    I would like to know that the cube FIAP :Transaction data (ZFIAP_C02) enables us to view on information about what?
    The characteristics in the cube FIAP :Transaction data
    Company Code
    Currency Type
    Key figures are:
    Sales for the Period         0SALES
    Total Debit Postings        0DEBIT
    Cumulative Balance         0BALANCE
    Total credit postings        0CREDIT
    For example 0SD_C03 enables us to view information about sales and billing documents from R/3
    such as:
    dealer wise/customer wise monthly sales and sales return
    sales representative wise monthly sales and sales return
    division wise sales and sales return
    I would like to know what does the FIAP :Transaction data enables us to view?

  • Can it not possible that i can retrive it for all line items in a single qu

    I have to make report for my application in which I am facing a following problem:
    In the application there are multiple suppliers and each supplier having multiple line items and each item having multipale events. each evant having three status GREEN,RED and BLUE.
    When a user select 'all suppliers' to show the the status time span for a supplier (i.e. for a supplier how many parts and upto how much time parts are in blue, red and green status)
    to show the cumulative status time span I have to find out a event for each line item which is having nearest lower entry time from the lower part of the given time span.for this i have write following query
    SELECT * FROM parts_events
    WHERE vendorid = ? AND partid = ?
    AND visible = 'visible' AND active = 1
    AND entrytime = (SELECT MAX(entrytime) as
    entrytime from parts_events
    WHERE vendorid = ?
    AND partid = ?
    AND entrytime < ?
    AND visible = 'visible'
    AND active = 1)
    the problem is that i have to fire this query for each line item, can it not possible that i can retrive it for all line items in a single query?

    maybe if you can post some sample data and output will help us analyze more youre requirement.

  • Financial reporting and balance carry forward at Line item level

    We are in the process of implementing a new GL and using it to create Balance Sheet and P&L statements in BW.
    We have installed the new datasource for GL line items 0FI_GL_14 and loaded the data to a DSO. Installed the 0FI_GL_10 (totals infosource) as well.
    Also we created a custom infocube on the line items DSO and want to use it to report against a Financial Statement Version. In order to do that we created a
    virtual cube with the FM and added the necessary Financial Statement Item and other key figures in the virtual infocube.
    Now I want to know is it the correct way to create financial reports?
    Can we load totals and Line items to the same infocube? Do we have to load totals to a different DSO/Cube or same Cube?
    How do we address the Balance Carry Forward on the Line items cube? Since the balance carry forward is done on totals only, and the cube I created is a detailed cube is it possible to carry forward balances at that level?
    Also can someone let me know what is the best approach to create financial reports and give drill down capability at the document level?
    Thanks in Advance
    Raju Kosuru

    Now I want to know is it the correct way to create financial reports? 
    NO .. Its not.
    Can we load totals and Line items to the same infocube? 
    Do we have to load totals to a different DSO/Cube or same Cube?
    Yes.. SAP has delivered C10 for Totals and O14 for line items... No point in creating cube for line items i.e. on top of O14.
    Balance carry forward can be done on  totals only (that is how totals extractor _10 is designed), U can not do that on the Line items. Pls contact functional consultant for clarification
    Best approach is RRI (Jump targets) for _10 report to _14 report to give drill down capability at the document level.

  • AP Line Item issue

    Hi Gurus,
    I have an AP report which I need to generate using some fields from the purchasing area which are not available in the AP line item cube.The fields am missing which are going to be needed are :
    PO # - Purchasing order Number from EKBE  -source field is EBELN
    Item -  Which is coming from EKBE - source field is EBELP
    Material - coming from EKBE - source field is MATNR
    Do we have to use a multicube for this or what is a good work around for this?
    Thank you

    you need to create an append structure in the structure of the extractor from RSA6.
    The second step, is to go in CMOD transaction and add an abap program in order to populate the new fields: Enhancement and Preassignment of Fields:
    The SAP Enhancements (SMOD) and Project Management of SAP Enhancements (CMOD) transactions are available for the enhancement and preassignment of fields for connections.
    There are seven enhancements, IEQM0001 to IEQM0007, each with one customer exit.
    Table EQUI contains connection data (equipment data). The customer include CI_EQUL is used to include customer-specific fields in the database table. You can only store customer-specific fields for time-independent data. You can use the field selection to display fields for device and connection (both based on equipment) differently.

  • Full data load for vendor line items 0FI_GL_4

    Hi Experts,
    i need to delete the data from the vendor line items cube and load all the historic data from r/3 production, so how do i proceed, i am assuming that there is no setup table concept for this since its FI, so how do i do this and what are the steps that needs to be done on r/3 side as well as BW?

    Its pretty simple in FI. There are no setup tables like LO extraction.
    1. Double click ont he cube in BW and delete all the requests. make sure all of them are deleted. (or) you can right click on the cube and say "delete data".
    2. As youa re working on production make sure ur requests and data are completely deleted. Check twice
    3. Activate your master data.
    4. replicate datasources and activate transfer structure in BW
    5. Load data from BW
                  I would think twice to delete data from a cube particularly in production. I don't know your situation but if I were u, I would create another cube copying the cube and then load all the R/3 data into the new one.
    Good luck.

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