Question about using TVARV in an ABAP program

Hello gurus, Im sorry about the silly question.
I have a question about using TVARV in an ABAP program.
A program is presenting a problem and I think that in this code:
  WHERE  NAME = '1_163431035_VELOCIDADE'
  AND    TYPE = 'S'.
      ZMM001-MATERIAL       IN R_1_163431035_PRODUTO.
What happens is that the value "ZMM001-SPEED" B not exist in "R1_163431035_VELOCIDADE" but the program executes commands under the IF and not under the ELSE, as I imagine it would work. Is this correct ?
I am new to ABAP programming, but I have a lot of XP in other programming languages ​​and this makes no sense to me.
Anyone know where I can find some documentation of the use of "TVARV" in ABAP programs?
I search the Internet if other programmers use TVARV this way, but found nothing, which leads me to think that was a quick and dirty solution that used here.
If this is a bad way to program, what would be the best way?

Hi Ronaldo,
But in this case, the range is not empty, there are 17 records, in this way.:
For the column "SING" all values ​​are "E"
It means that the result is false if ZMM001-VELOCIDADE_B has the same value as one of the 17 records (E = exclude).
For instance, if it has value 'C' and one of 17 records matches C, then the result is false.
The "IF" with "IN" using "TVARV" as used in the program of the post above has the same behavior of a selection screen?
Yes, the same behavior as the selection criterion to be exact. You can press the help key in the complex selection dialog for more info.
I know it's a silly and very basic question, but other language that I used, only the SQL has the "IN" operator, but I think they work in different ways, so I would like to understand how it works in ABAP.
Not silly ;-). Yes they work differently.
More info here:

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    "Sandeep Suri" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    Hi, I have quick question about use of USEBEAN tag in SP2. When I
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    Try our New Web Based Forum at
    Includes Access to our Product Knowledge Base!

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    Are your Edit>Color Settings the same?
    Are you using spot colours, such as Pantone (there have been some changes in CMYK values with new colour books)?

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    1) Apex is a package that can be installed into any properly licensed database.
    2) The price for the production license of the database varies by edition.
    The price for Express Edition is $0 for use in production. Part of the cost for that edition is 'no Oracle Support based support, no patches, data volume limitation, etc.'

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    I use a periodic job to make around 100 event-based jobs run each time. There are totally 1000 event-based jobs. I choose 100 of them in a round robin way. If I run the periodic job too frequently, that means I will trigger another 100 jobs to run not until the last 100 jobs complete.
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    Because I find that I cannot make the CPU utilization reach 100% no matter how I decrease the period of the triggering job. I think there should be something wrong with the event-based jobs.
    The following codes are what I wrote for sending messages to trigger those 100 jobs. I find out that the time that these codes take to finish (the loop) varies a lot. If the queue is full, will the program wait here?
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    l_jobnum := 0;
    IF l_issue_num != 0
    FOR i IN 1..l_issue_num
    l_jobnum := mod(l_offset + i,1000);
    IF l_jobnum = 0
    l_jobnum := 1000;
    END IF;
    -- l_jobnum := i;
    l_queue_msg := t_queue_payload('subscription'||TO_CHAR(l_jobnum));
    DBMS_AQ.enqueue(queue_name => 'schdl_queue',
    enqueue_options => l_enqueue_options,
    message_properties => l_message_properties,
    payload => l_queue_msg,
    msgid => l_message_handle);
    END IF;
    UPDATE scheduler_info_tab2 t SET t.start_num = l_jobnum;
    The queue is created by
    DBMS_AQADM.create_queue_table(queue_table => 'schdl_queue_tab',
    queue_payload_type => 't_queue_payload',
    multiple_consumers => TRUE);
    -- Create the event queue.
    DBMS_AQADM.create_queue (queue_name => 'schdl_queue',
    queue_table => 'schdl_queue_tab');
    -- Start the event queue.
    DBMS_AQADM.start_queue (queue_name => 'schdl_queue');

    AQ actually has its own forum here
    Advanced Queueing
    and you may get better answers there.
    As far as I know a queue can store an unlimited number of messages. The enqueuing program will enqueue the messages and complete but there may be a delay until the messages are processed.
    As I mentioned before running lots of jobs results in overhead disk activity which will limit the max cpu utilization and each job also has a CPU overhead which may not be accounted for in Oracle cpu totals.
    DBMS_AQ.enqueue should never hang waiting for messages to enqueue (it should just add the message to the queue and continue). I don't know enough about it to know why its time is varying (the AQ forum may give some answers).

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    Did you try download the latest version or applied the latest service pack?
    This software is not free, you can also contact them for better support
    Also using 2 antivirus is not recommended. You also can try to disable them, disable UAC and disable firewall to check

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    You cannot import your Android voice memos to your iPhone's voice memo app.  You might be able to play the Android memos and have the iPhone pick up the audio and record it.
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