Quicktime updates

i have been trying to upgrade qt for almost a year now.
And anything past 7.15 doesn't work. when i go on the web to view videos
a message comes up quick time is not install correctly then it says there
is a plugin error then a broken icon appears.I went into the registry and cleaned anything to do with quicktime and still no help there.
It appears apple doesn't support quicktime so i am stuck. If the websites gave me a choice i would use real player and save myself the aggrevation.
the only reason i am even bothering with this is i have an ipod and apple won.t
share is files with anything but itunes. i wont buy one again.appple should go to open software with Ipod in my opinion.someone will hack it sooner or later anyway.Apple is not a safe as it was.If they can crack the iphone they can crack the Ipods.

There's lots of opinions about that here if you look around. I did it successfully from a clean install recently. Just doing the update will likely give you grief. I think the general consensus is stay with same generation software.

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  • Hi.  Ever since I downloaded the last itunes and quicktime update (a week or so ago), I can't access any video podcasts or movies I have stored in itunes.  iTunes keeps crashing and telling me I have a quicktime error.  Do I uninstall quicktime? or?

    Hi .  Ever since I downloaded the last itunes and quicktime update ( a week or so ago), I can't access any movies or video podcasts i have store in itunes on my pc (vista).  iTunes crashes and my error reports tell me it is a quicktime error.  Do i uninstall and reinstall quicktime, or completely uninstall itunes and reinstall it -- if so, what will i lose?  Help, please!

    Let's try the following user tip:
    iTunes for Windows "iTunes has stopped working" error messages when playing videos, video podcasts, movies and TV shows

  • Videos take a long time to open after the last quicktime update

    Hey guys
    Since I've downloaded the latest quicktime update videos are taking a very long time to open. They used to open instantly and now they take about 40 seconds (negligable difference if quicktime is already open or not).
    This is with a Powermac G4 1.25Ghz with 2GB RAM running 10.4.10 and all latest updates.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    I'd suggest tracing system activity when this long runtime issue occurs, so you could know where this time is spent (db access ? etc) ... a plain SM50 call in parallel could do the trick if runtime is long enough !

  • Quicktime update fixes arrange

    when expanding the arrange the playhead didn't stay at the same place.
    i was working and in the meantime updating quicktime, after the restart the problem that is around since logic 8 is fixed.
    now the playhead stays where it belongs.

    that is freakin hilarious man,
    actually after running updates on my machine, it shows as a macpro quad core with 3 TB hd space, and I noticed a emergence of Apogee Symphony rack in the corner of my room
    just kiddin with you guys, I hope that you are right, but I doubt that the quicktime update has anything to do with anything.

  • After installing the latest itunes/quicktime update, I can no longer access the itunes store and my iphone does not complete syncing. What can I do to fix this?

    After installing the latest itunes/quicktime update I can no longer acces the itunes store nad my iphone does not complete syncing. What can I do to fix this?  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling itunes.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled windows updates. I have checked the firewall settings. what else?

    The problem is with version 10.4.1.  I had to reload 10.3 to get it to work.  The recommendation from a previous poster worked for me.  Here was their list of steps:
    Go to Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall
    2.  Uninstall the following Apple programs in the following order:
         a. iTunes
         b. QuickTime
         c. Apple Software Update
         d. Apple Mobile Devices Support
         e. Bonjour
         f.  Apple Appllcation Support
    3.  Reboot PC
    4.  Find, Download and Install iTunes 10.3 (you can find it at FileHippo.com)
    If you start iTunes now you will get an error message saying that the current iTunes library was created by a newer version of iTunes.  To correct this:
    5.  Go to your Music>iTunes folder and delete the "iTunes Library.itl" database file
    6.  Within this iTunes folder find and open the "Previous iTunes Libraries" folder and locate the most recently dated "iTunes Library (date).itl" database file.
    7.  Copy and Paste this file back into the iTunes folder
    8.  Rename this "iTunes Library (date).itl" file by removing the date.  It should say "iTunes Library.itl"
    9.  Reboot PC

  • After recent QuickTime updates fcp and QuickTime will not open .mov files captured on my FS-H200. Iran

    After recent QuickTime updates fcp and QuickTime will not open .mov files captured on my FS-H200. I put this onthe quick time thread and they sent me here.

    and NEVER do a software update unless you've got a clone of your startup drive so you can restore your system to it's working state if something goes wrong.

  • QuickTime Update will not install

    Hi All,
    I ran software update on my 2.3GHz Mac Book Pro today. The OS security update installed just fine, but the QuickTime 7.4.1, ProKit 4.5 Update, and iTunes 7.6.1 will not install. All i get as an error is: "Sorry, An unexpected error occurred" It seems that this is QuickTime related as it seems to be the common thread among these updates (and the os update went though ok). Current QT is 7.4.0 (92).
    I have repaired disk permissions and ran the repair disc function on my OS partition, but i didn't help.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    My computer has Final Cut Studio 2, Adobe CS3 web, AE CS3, among other things.

    I'm having a similar, but worse problem. The quicktime update crashed upon install, and now many of my programs don't work.
    - Quicktime crashes when I click on it, telling me to update to a new version (more on that problem later)
    - Windows Media Player gives me an error saying ""Windows Media Player" could not be launched because of a shared library error: "B<WindowsMediaPlayer><Apple;Carbon;Multimedia><CFMPriv_QuickTime>"
    - Internet Explorer does the same shared library error
    - World of Warcraft hangs the computer on a black screen when I try to launch it.
    So, you might ask, why don't I just install the newest version of QT? I can't. When I try it through Software Update, it gets almost completely done, then says "sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. The installer has been moved to the trash. Please try again from the file."
    If I move the installer out of the trash and try to install, it gets to 86% complete, then crashes and says "There was an error installing the software. Please try again."
    If I download the installer directly from Apple's QuickTime site (and I'm installing the version for Tiger that is supposed to be good for OS 10.4.9 and above; I have 10.4.11, so in theory I should be good to go), the same error occurs.
    So, not only can I not use QuickTime, but it appears as though substantial other portions of my computer are inoperable due to the botched software upgrade.
    I, much like the original poster, would be greatly appreciative to hear any suggestions as to how to solve this problem.

  • OS9 Quicktime update 4.1.2 error-- Pro Tools 5.1.1

    I have a Pro Tools optimized OS9 G4 graphite (?) mac
    When I try to open Pro Tools LE, I get an error message:  
    can not be opened because "Soundlib--SoundConverterFillBuffer" could not be found.
    After googling this error message, on an Avid Forum, I found that it refers to a Quicktime 4.1.2 update that must be made before Pro Tools LE 5.1.1 can run on OS9:
    Ok, so, I downloaded the Quicktime update onto my MacBook laptop USB-stick, then tried to install on my OS9 G4-- but to no avail-- when trying to install, I get the following error message:
    "Quicktime Installer" could not be opened because an error type -39 occurred.
    I'm not finding anything useful on Google in regard to this "error type -39"
    I'd be eternally grateful if anyone here has any ideas on what I might try to remedy the above problems.
    A "friend" gave me this G4 to use for a inexpensive recording device-- he told me "it worked." Maybe he was wrong, or didnt wanna admit that it had this problem (?) Or maybe its something simple that anyone familiar with OS9 would know about-- I've never worked much on one of these os9 macs...

    That error is often caused by Stuffit Expander intruding where it should not, particularly when the download is in a .smi (self-mounting image) format, a format generated by Apple's Disk Copy. Stuffit Expander has ShrinkWrap technology built-in, which allows it to mount some kinds of disk images - but not .smi ones. Yet ShrinkWrap tries to - hence the error message.
    The solution - double-click Stuffit Expander, and open its Preferences (under the File menu). Select "Disk Images" from the list on the left, then turn off (uncheck) "Mount Disk Images". Quit Stuffit Expander.

  • File vault home folder becomes ejectable after QuickTime update

    I have two user personalities on my Mac - an administrator and a normal user.
    The normal user has an encrypted home directory using FileVault.
    I just installed Apple's 9/9/08 QuickTime update and the updater seems to have destroyed a few things. I ran the update from inside the user personality, typing in the admin password.
    After the restart, my home folder is now ejectable. That was the first curious sign.
    Also, no browser other than Safari works any more. I also have Camino and Firefox on this machine and both can no longer be started. This seems to be related to the QuickTime updater and I assume it is related to running the updater from a non-admin account...
    So how do I get my system back to normal? It is very puzzling and potentially dangerous having the "eject" button next to your home directory....

    looks like you have a number of problems. the best would be to restore your system from a backup to a point before the update. if you don't have a backup you should first of all start backing up. no idea what's wrong with your browsers but for the filevault I would first restart and see if the problem remains. if it does I would try turning filevault off/on. You need quite a bit of free space to do it - at least as much as your home directory holds and then some.
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  • After downloading latest quicktime update, itunes store will not load

    Has anyone had this same problem after downloading latest quicktime update. iTunes store will not load.

    This happened to me today as well post installing the latest version of itunes.   I did a search on google for the error and came across a recommendation to :
    Note: Start Windows in Safe Mode to complete any of the following steps if you're unable to access Windows normally due to the msvcr80.dll error.
    If, and only if, you're receiving the msvcr80.dll is missing error when you open Apple iTunes, do the following: (skip this step if your msvcr80.dll error is occurring with a different program)
    Uninstall from Windows the following five programs in this order: iTunes, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, and finally Apple Application Support. If you have iCloud, remove it as well.
    Uninstalling these programs in Windows is done from an applet in Control Panel called Programs & Features (in Windows 8, 7, or Vista) or Add or Remove Programs (in Windows XP).
    Note: Songs and playlists in iTunes will not be removed when you uninstall the iTunes program or any of the other, already-mentioned Apple programs. If you'd still like to back them up, they're usually located in the My Music folder in Windows.
    Download the latest version of iTunes from Appleand note the location you're saving it to so you can find it once it's done.
    Run the iTunes installation as an administrator. If you're not sure how to do that, see How Do I Open an Elevated Command Prompt? for help. That procedure shows you how to open the Command Prompt program as an administrator, but the steps are essentially the same for anything, including the iTunes installation package you just downloaded.
    A general overview of removing and reinstalling iTunes can also be found here on Apple's site but the above procedure seems to work better in this particular situation.

  • Quicktime Updater should ONLY be used to push updates

    From a user standpoint it enrages me that you use the quicktime update application to push the use of iTunes. It is not the role of an update mechanism to push the adoption of other software but purely to distribute updates to existing applications. At the very least there should be an option to never harass me again about iTunes and to only prompt me to update installed applications. Your current practices amount to adware rather than an update mechanism. Put on the other foot, how would Apple react to the idea of MS providing an update mechanism in Office that prompted users to install a mac compatible instance of the Zune software (this is a hypothetical; I realize there is not a OS X zune client)? I don't think that would be seen in a great light by you folks in cuportino.
    From a security standpoint, this is a counter productive approach. Subverting your updater as a means to advertise products and push adoption encourages a subset of users to disable the mechanism and resolve to manually apply updates. You are in essence encouraging a subset of your users to actively disable your update mechanism. Considering the regularity that security flaws are found in quicktime this is a dangerous move.
    I really believe that quicktime is becoming the real player that was so prevelant several years ago; the nagging, invasive piece of software that ignored basic customer satisfaction in the hopes of strongarming adoption. I used to install quicktime on every machine I used; now it is installed on precisely one machine and only for the purpose of watching movie trailers. As Yahoo offers more and more trailers in WMP friendly format the likely hood that even this one machine will keep quicktime is deminishing. Finding all of the icons I deleted from my desktop, start menu, and quick launch bar restored after an update motivates me all the more.
    So at this point I propose Apple decide whether they wish their software to satisfy their customer, or if they would rather just use it as a trojan distribution method to stongarm product adoption. Hopefully it is the former, but at the rate things are going it looks to be the latter and if the anti-customer practice continues I believe you are going to start losing customers. It wasn't WMP that killed real player after all; it was real player.

    Thanks Kyn. I was looking through the standard apple contacts area for some sort of feedback mechanism (which is what my post really is) rather than on individual product pages. Since I didn't find any feedback links there, just support links, that is how I ended up here.

  • Can not download ITINES/QUICKTIME  updates

    Have an IPOD Suffle 2nd generation that works works great. Everything was fine til I tried to download and Itunes Quicktime update about 2 months ago. Error message said a necessary file was missing. Would not finish the download. Went i went to Itunes half my songs were gone. Intead of a play list I have these blank file folder things. I can not access my playlist. Can not sync my ipod. Can not download more music. All I can do is charge my IPOD.
    How do I fix this? I have tried deleting and reinstalling Itunes already to no avail.

    sync your phone to itunes and update the software that way.  Before you update make sure you BACK UP  your phone!!  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766

  • Can Quicktime Updates interfere with saved iMovie projects?

    I'm just about to do an update to the latest Quicktime and I wondered if these updates can cause any problems with iMovie projects that have been made and saved on my computer with older Quicktime versions?

    Thanks Bengt,
    But how about after a project is fully completed and burned to DVD but still remaining stored on the computer as a final iMovie project. In case you want to burn it again or just play it on the computer, will that original iMovie on the computer be confused by a newer Quicktime Update? I have all mine still saved as both disc images and also the original project. I know a disc image will not be affected but I was curious about the original project?

  • HT1926 I received an ITunes and Quicktime update notice on my Windows 7 PC, from Apple this morning. During the update installation, RealPlayer installed. What gives? Why is Realplayer installing with the Apple software.

    I received an ITunes and Quicktime update notice on my Windows 7 PC, from Apple this morning. During the update installation, RealPlayer installed. What gives? Why is Realplayer installing with the Apple software.

    Thanks for the reply. I went back to check if there was a history in windows (Event Viewer) but could not locate it in Win7. The only updates that were in the Apple Updater window were the Quicktime and ITunes. Had I let the Realplayer continue on its own, it would have installed the Google Chrome and other apps. I let it finish installing and then removed the entire program. I do not remember checking or seeing anything saying that realplayer was being downloaded until after a reboot was requested from the ITunes Update Installer.
    I just thought it was strange since I do not use Realplayer and have not downloaded any software for it.
    I am on a corporate PC with a pretty thick firewall, but something may have slipped through.
    Thanks again for the assistance.

  • Problems with Quicktime update

    I just downloaded the latest Quicktime Update and then opened FCP 5 on my PowerMac G5 with 4 GB of memory. I can't do anything. I have 80GB of space on my hard disk plus a couple of Firewire drives attached. If I click on Preferences and anything else on the menu bar it takes forever (I actually give up) before I'm given a drop down menu. Is this a Quicktime Problem?

    Hmmm. I don't have an answer to that, but I just installed the latest Quicktime Update last night on my TiBook 1Ghz and after the restart my airport will no longer auto-connect to my wireless network. I have to connect manually now. I don't see how the two would be related, but that is the last thing I did before things went bad!
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Can't open GarageBand after latest Quicktime Update

    Not sure, but I think after downloading latest Quicktime update, GarageBand won't open. It bounces in the dock, then a bar that says "initializing" appears, but never gets past that. Any advice. TIA

    Incredible that this can even happen with an update to QT. It happened to me with the 2.01 GB update.
    Did all I could to fix it, but no avail. I ended up reinstalling the OS.

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