R835-P56x motherboard Part number

Toshiba R835-P56X
Part number PT324U-008003
I need a motherboard but there is no part number on original motherboard. would anyone know the part number or know where i can go to find out what it is? Its a I5 systemboard
Thank you
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Portege R835-P56X (PT324U-008003)
   P000542730 or P000549190

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    Hi guys,
    I'm currently repairing an ideacentre B520 for a customer and need to have the MB parts # to have the parts ordered. 
    i've found a white sticker with somes number on it but I don't know which one is the MB parts number.
    Here the number:
    4*mfg: 1*2 (in bold)
    PL*00:u0* (in bold)
    and the last one on another sticker.
    MB            11s1*013462z*0mP17*043  A*<
    (I've put somes * instead of caracters on purspose.

    The Motherboard part number starts with 11......
    If you download the Hardware Maintenance Manual from the Lenovo Support site, all the part numbers are there, as well as removal instructions.
    Good luck!

  • What is the motherboard part number for DV3-2232TX (VZ462PA)?

    My DV3-2232TX is not booting - and only flashing the Scroll and Caps Lock lights 4 times in a cycle.
    From searching, this means the graphics card is broken, but it also seems it's built into the motherboard on this model.
    It's out of warranty so I would rather just try and repair it myself with a replacement part, as I suspect any HP repairer will charge like a wounded bull for the service.
    I can't, however, find the correct part number to order it!

    Part number 614-0305-A
    Hope this helps.

  • What is the motherboar​d part number for hp dv6-3037tx​?

    I have a bricked laptop and would like to buy a replacement motherboard
    What is the motherboard part number for hp dv6-3037tx notebook PC?
    Laptop product number is WY285PA.
    And also, will the replacement motherboard be identical to the old one (i.e. same GPU). I don't want to get a new motherboard with a crappy GPU, my old one was great.

    I can't find any specs on your notebook to pinpoint the motherboard you need.
    Below is the link to the service manual for your notebook series.
    See chapter 3, pages 22 and 23.
    If you know your processor, GPU, and what wireless device you have, you should be able to select the exact part # you need.

  • Motherboards id number ? on DV7-3188cl

    Hi there,
    I have a dv7-3188cl .I am trying to find out what my id number is for the hp laptop.any help is appreacated...Thanks

    Open the memory slot and look under the modules. The motherboard part number should be printed right there.

  • How to find part number on Motherboard?

    Hi all - I've got a G4 MDD dual 1g mac that I fear has a bad motherboard. I have done some preliminary research into buying a replacement board, which leads me to my question (2-parter):
    1. Can anyone tell me how to find the part number or identify the motherboard in this computer? (so I don't buy the wrong thing)
    2. Other than eBay, can someone recommend a good source for finding a replacement board?
    Any info would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    The part number is at the end of PCI card slot 5. It will say "APPLE COMPUTER 820-nnnn 2002" (or 2003).
    820-nnnn is the part number, it'll always be 820 in the first part, but the last 4 digits can be different depending on model and manufacture date. Typical values are 1308, 1440, 1445.
    If you're planning to re-use your existing processors, the new board number should match exactly.
    I say"If" because you may find a complete MDD or one sold without certain parts a lot easier than the exact model number board.

  • Mid-2010 MacBook Pro 15" 2.8 GHz Logic Board Part Number

    Hi all,
    I have been searching for a few hours trying to find the part number for the logic board one of my MBPs.  I, unfortunately, have the Mid-2010 15" MBP with the bad GPU that results in endless kernel panics.  (I also had the first Pentium chip, the pentium 60 with the floating point error in 1995 too).  I upgraded the MBP to the 2.8 GHz, core i7 (2 core) processor when I ordered it in 2010.
    Anyway, the apple tech guide exploded view does not show the part number for the 2.8 GHz.  It only shows the part numbers for the other 3 configurations - 2.4, 2.53 and 2.66.  I took the cover and discovered my my EEE code is "QAG".
    I have just started trying to figure this issue out (too much time has passed and Apple will charge me to fix).  I want to try and find a replacement logic board and do it myself.   Does anyone have an idea what my part number is for the logic board?  None of the sites I searched have a 2.8 GHz board listed just 2.66.
    An alternative question - In my PC building days, some motherboards were compatible with multiple speeds of main processors.  My computer model number
    is the same as the 2.66GHz model.  Does the 2.66 GHz logic board support the 2.8 core i7 too?  I don't want to screw up and order the wrong part.
    OSX Yosemite is installed.

    http://www.powerbookmedic.com/MacBook-Pro-15-Unibody-28GHz-Core-i7-Logic-Board-p -36842.html

  • What is the part number of MB of Satellite A300-1L0 PSAGCE

    I've got Toshiba A300-1L0 Model NO.PSAGCE-03100UGR.
    But there is a problem with graphic adapter ATI 3450 (M82 chipset). After installing proper drivers I got blue screen when Windows starts - and it is written that file ati2....dll gives the problem. The same situation happens both on Windows XP and VISTA.
    What is the part number of mentioned notebook mainboard? I'm planning of selling every part of this notebook that is why I would like to know the part number.

    Not sure exactly if the part number is the same but the PT10G_6050A2171501_MB_A03 motherboard is compatible with Satellite A300-1QD, A300-1GC and A300-1L0
    But I dont know why the part number is so important you can describe the motherboard as a mobo for Satellite A300 PSAGCE series.
    There are different Satellite A300-xxx which belongs to the PSAGCE family and this motherboard would be compatible with all these notebooks

  • What is the proper AppleCare part number...

    ...for the original 11" MBA?
    I have the option to purchase 2 different part numbers that are both for MB, MBA and 13" MBP. One is less expensive than the other. I can't seem to find any part number beyond the current one sold in the Apple Store. The part number in question is MC246LL/B. Anyone?

    I can't find any specs on your notebook to pinpoint the motherboard you need.
    Below is the link to the service manual for your notebook series.
    See chapter 3, pages 22 and 23.
    If you know your processor, GPU, and what wireless device you have, you should be able to select the exact part # you need.

  • DC Power Jack part number Satellite M105-S3041

    My Toshiba laptop (M105-S3041) seems to be having a lot of problems with the power.
    My OEM Power adapter broke and i bought a replacement (non OEM) from ebay.
    That has been working fine till about a month ago I started having problems charging my laptop.
    I believe the power adapter is working fine (as the light on the adapter lights up) and I may be having a problem with my power jack.
    I have been searching for the model / part number for the DC Power jack without any luck. Would someone please help me out with the correct model/part number, where to buy and the approximate price for it?
    Secondly, does anyone know if the power jack is plug 'n' play or does it need to be soldered into the mother board?
    I have been pretty good at dis-assembling the laptop and putting it back together (except for one damn screw that does not agree to come off, I will probably saw that guy off).

    Im not quite sure but I think the DC-in socket is soldered to motherboard.
    In such case it would be tricky procedure in order to replace this.
    But it seems that you are not 100% sure that this part malfunctions.
    It could be also the AC adaptor issue as you said, you bought an not original part.
    Its just a suggestion but I would try to replace the AC adaptor with an Toshiba recommended one before trying to disassemble the notebook and to replace the DC-in socket.
    PS: All parts can be ordered from local Toshiba ASP!

  • Satellite P300 - Replacement mainboard part number

    I recently broke my ac adapter and had it resoldered by my local store who did a poor job and consequently shorted the regulators on my motherboard. It's now dead and I need to find an inexpensive replacement motherboard. Would someone be able to assist me finding the exact part number for my model - PSPC5A-00U00E?
    There are so many P300's and don't want to risk getting an incorrect motherboard.

    Hi sonikcharge,
    I think such technical questions can only be answered from an official authorized service provider. The guys can order all original Toshiba spare parts and exchange it for you.
    On the Toshiba website you will find a list of them. Get in contact with them and ask for that. Im sure they will help you as best as possible! :)

  • MSI motherboard model number location?

    Hi...........I have a simple question.  I bought, from a private party, a recently built computer with a Pentium 4 2.53 GHZ processsor, running Windows XP Pro.  It has an MSI motherboard in it.  The builder doesn't know the exact model number of the mobo. 
    The builder forgot to install a driver for the SM Bus Controller.   I need to download the driver for it, but before I can do that, I need the mobo model number.  I've taken the side cover off and have looked for a model number.  I don't see anything that looks like a model number. 
    In addition to the SM Bus Controller driver, I also want to download the instruction manual and anything else concerning this board.
    Almost in the very middle of the board is "MSI" in large white letters.  This is right above the agp slot for the video card.  I don't see any numbers close to it that would be what I'm looking for. 
    It's not the most recent socket.  Would this possibly be socket 478?  I'm just not sure.  There is a chip labeled MSI Core Cell.
    There is also a small white upc code with a number on it, which I assume could be the serial number.  It's a 10 digit number with a letter for the second digit.  I wonder if there is somewhere in the MSI site that cross references serial numbers with model numbers?
    I check Windows system information to see what it would tell me.
    This is what it showed:
    System Manufacturer:                Micro-Star Inc.
    System model:                          MS-6728
    System type:                            x86 based PC
    Processor:                                x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 Genuine Intel ~2533 Mhz
    I've done some searches on the MSI site for MS 6728 but have had no results.
    I can't think of anything else that might help identify this board.  With the information I've provided, can anyone give me a clue where to look for the model of the board?
    Thanks for your assistance. 

    Thanks to all that replied to my post.  I had a sudden realization that I could Google the number MS 6728, which is a MSI part number, not the model number.  Unfortunately, I had this epiphany after I posted.  I was able to find a picture of the board.  It's actually a 865 PE Neo 2 Platinum. 
    Thanks for the google hint!
    About the only place I didn't look was between the PCI slots, which is what the provided link indicated.  I looked, and there it was!
    Thanks again.

  • I need the Lotes (or HP) PCI-e edge connector part number to replace it on a H8-1360t

    The PCI-e graphics processor in my H8-1360t was pulled without releasing the tab on the edge connector first. As a result, the plastic connector pulled free of the fingers. The PC is long out of warranty and this would not be covered by warranty anyway.
    This leaves the PC inoperable as the plastic housing cannot be pushed back on to the fingers. So the motherboard will have to be removed and the PCI-e edge connector replaced.
    The connector is made by Lotes, but has no part number on it. I need a part number in order to obtain a replacement. As far as I know, there is no part-specific tech manual for the motherboard that I could refer to for this information. It would have to come from someone at HP.
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    A difficult search for the part.
    http://www.ttiinc.com/object/fp_fci_pci.html      http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/188358.pdf
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  • Where do I find the mother board part number of my notebook Pavillon dv9379ea?

    How can I find the part number of the mother board of my notebook Pavillon series dv9000, model dv9379ea?

    fabioweb wrote:
    How can I find the part number of the mother board of my notebook Pavillon series dv9000, model dv9379ea?
    Download and run CPU-z. Go to the Mainboard tab.
    There is another identifier for your notebook. Look on the barcoded sticker on the bottom of your notebook. Please post number 2.
    For part number GH839EAR the system board (motherboard) is HP p/n: 434660-001
    Best regards,
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  • R835 P56X lock ups

    From day 1 (purchased a month ago) I'm still having lock ups with this laptop!  After few hours of use the screen goes black (sometimes blue), if I try to revive it the fan kicks in at full speed sounding like a leaf blower!
    I've reinstalled Win7 with the latest drivers, installed a new SSD instead of the HD and this problem keeps re-occuring randomly (daily)!
    I certainly would appreciate any ideas!

    I replaced my HDD with a OCZ Vertex 3 SSD for my R835-P56x.  It boot in seconds and runs nice and fast, but I get lock-ups and BSOD after several hours (as described above).  Not sure if it had the problem with the HDD, because I didnt use the PC very long before upgrading.  I am also running a 800MB Dataram RAM Disk (Version 3.5.130) for browser cache, which I suspect could be the culprit.   My bios is 3.90 (7/31/2012).
    Portege R835-P56x, i5 2410M, 16GB RAM, Vertex 3 SSD 240GB.

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