Random loss of photos

Some of my iPhoto thumbnails lost their photos yesterday evening and only the file name remains under an empty grey box. When I tried looking up the file name in Finder, the following thread came up:
(my name) = library = iApps= iPhoto = Album Data.xml. When I clicked on Album Data.xml the board game 'Big Bang 4 in a Row' came up. On advice from a user in another forum (I couldn't locate this one at the time) I downloaded a 'zapper' programme and deleted the board game Big Bang. Now when I click on Album Data.xml I get the error message code 10660.
What does all this mean? Have I lost these photos for ever? Does anyone know why? Can I stop it happening again? I have a free copy of Open Office.org 2.1 and have often wondered if it has been interfering with my files, as it sometimes behaves erratically? If anyone has any answers I would love to hear from them. Linda.

I had been moving things around in the iPhoto library folder in the Finder.
You'll need to create and populate a new library.
To create and populate a new library:
Note this will give you a working library with the same Rolls and pictures as before, however, you will lose your albums, keywords, modified versions, books, calendars etc.
Move the iPhoto Library to the desktop
Launch iPhoto. It will ask if you wish to create a new Library. Say Yes.
Go into the iPhoto Library on your desktop and find the Originals folder. From the Originals folder drag the individual Roll Folders to the iPhoto Window and it will recreate them in the new library.
When you're sure all is well you can delete the iPhoto Library on your desktop.
In the future, in addition to your usual back up routine, you might like to make a copy of the library6.iPhoto file whenever you have made changes to the library as protection against database corruption.
To access files: There are many, many ways to access your files in iPhoto:
For 10.5 users: You can use any Open / Attach / Browse dialogue. On the left there's a Media heading, your pics can be accessed there. Apple-Click for selecting multiple pics.
To upload to a site that does not have an iPhoto Export Plug-in the recommended way is to Select the Pic in the iPhoto Window and go File -> Export and export the pic to the desktop, then upload from there. After the upload you can trash the pic on the desktop. It's only a copy and your original is safe in iPhoto.
This is also true for emailing with Web-based services. If you're using Gmail you can use THIS
If you use Apple's Mail, Entourage, AOL or Eudora you can email from within iPhoto.
If you use a Cocoa-based Browser such as Safari, you can drag the pics from the iPhoto Window to the Attach window in the browser.
Or, if you want to access the files with iPhoto not running, then create a Media Browser using Automator (takes about 10 seconds) or use THIS
Other options include:
1. *Drag and Drop*: Drag a photo from the iPhoto Window to the desktop, there iPhoto will make a full-sized copy of the pic.
2. *File -> Export*: Select the files in the iPhoto Window and go File -> Export. The dialogue will give you various options, including altering the format, naming the files and changing the size. Again, producing a copy.
3. *Show File*: Right- (or Control-) Click on a pic and in the resulting dialogue choose 'Show File'. A Finder window will pop open with the file already selected.
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    2. Yes.
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    The photos have just been dumped into a new home and need to be told how to be arranged.  Go to the top left of the browser view for the merged project and select the desired sort order from the drop-down and they'll all sort according to that setting.

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  • I loss my photo when i software update in iphone4 i want to get back the photos from itunes backup i can not find

    hi i update the iphone 4 software 4.3.3 that time i made the back up file after update the software i want restore my backup and i start backup restoring half way the error message come your computer space not enough need to clear some files so i clear some files accidently i clear Quick time player after that
    reinstall quick time player but my back up file corrupted i loss my photo but in my computer ipod photo cache folder created automatically but only 50 folder is there how can i get my photo pls help me

    If you add punctuation, your post might actually be intelligible.

  • Loss of photos- is compensation appropriate?

    I'm curious if others think that Apple might owe me some compensation for upgrading to iPhoto 11, and through no fault of my own, lost many, many of my priceless photos.
    After using Data Rescue 3, provided by Apple (complementary) I estimate I still will have lost more than 1000 photos and another 1000 photos need to be reimported (from rescue file) and then organized and then reedited.
    I'm guessing it will take 5 to 8 hours to reimport and organize photos. This is in addition to the more than six hours I have spent actually on the phone with Apple and another five or six hours doing busy work they recommended to restore the iPhoto library… with little success.
    I haven't, as yet, bothered to read the licensing agreement and for all I know I may be entitled LEGALLY to no compensation…
    Notwithstanding that, for all the hours and most importantly, for the loss of my precious photos… do you believe Apple owes me some restitution. What would be appropriate?

    Well what would you like? Personally I don't think they owe you anything. I have 198,000 pictures in my libraries and have them backed up on several drives because in my experience there will be a catastrophe at one point or other in your days of usage. I could not get my libraries to upgrade either and so I imported them into Aperture 3.1 which took 8 days but they are there and all albums etc intact. It took me much time and effort to get to where I am but so be it. Software is what it is and when you are dealing with photographs that have meaning to you you should be extra careful with backups. I don't know the statistics of how many IP 11 copies where sold but I suspect most people did not have issues. I was not so fortunate. I did work with Apple Tech for 10 days but could not get it to work. So my option was to us IP09 or move to Aperture. So figure out what you think is appropriate and ask Apple to give you the bone you speak of. I feel that they should at least return your money for the software that does not meet your needs.

  • Photo app on ipad randomly switches to photos not in the album

    I added a new album of photos from my pc to my itunes to use as a slideshow to showcase specific photots. It is the oddest thing, part way through the slideshow it will randomly pull photos not included in the album and show them in the slideshow. Has anyone else encountered this or know why the ipad photo app might be doing this?

    Unfortunately, photo stream on a PC is iffy at best.  Many people have problems getting it to work properly, including myself.  A work around would be to use an app like PhotoSync on your PC, which can send photos wirelessly to the camera roll on any of your iOS devices on the same wifi network.  Once in the camera roll, you iOS device will be added to your photo stream.

  • Syncing - loss of photos and movies / ipad only shows movies under 'events'

    Two issues
    1 - I have recently upgraded ipad to 5.1. Syncing with pc on windows 7. Sync has omitted 65 photos and 60 movies, with no apparent logic e.g. 50 photos have been omitted from the middle of a folder on pc with 1010 photos. The other 15 are random omissions over several folders, where the other photos in the folders have been taken with the same camera on the same day as others that have successfully synced to the ipad. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know the solution? I can sync again and see what happens, but I would rather understand why the photos have been omitted.
    2 - Also, none of the movies show in 'photos' or 'albums' on the ipad, although they do show under 'events' (nnnIMPRT), and play in a 'slideshow' of 'events'. I am unclear on what defines an 'event' in Apple's ipad world, but it is not a good basis for a slideshow. Does anyone else have this problem with movies not showing in 'photos' or 'albums'? Or does anyone understand what the purpose of the 'event' option is?

    since both last 12 months and events or photos are simply different views of the same photos in your library they are there - the most common issue is incorrect dates so you are looking in the wrong event - you can find the event by selecting the photo in the last 12 months view and and right clicking and using the show event command - you can correct the dates by selecting the photo and using the photos menu ==> adjust time/date command

  • HT5661 i have an ipad an a iphone im selling my ipad and wanna erase all the content but was wondering if i erase everything will it take that stuff ofmy phone to? i dont want to loss my photos

    i have an ipad an a iphone im selling my ipad and wanna erase all the content but was wondering if i erase everything will it take that stuff ofmy phone to? i dont want to loss my photos

    Be sure your photos and any other important data/media/pictures
    are backed up - iCloud, DropBox, some service of your choice.
    If your only copy is on the iPhone and the iPhone is lost/stolen/broken,
    you lose your photos, etc.

  • Loss of photos resulting from rebuilding the iPhoto library?

    On behalf of myself and Susan Pease: Can following the directions to rebulild the iPhoto library (by holding down the option and shift keys while opening iPhoto) result in a loss of the photos? Is there some precaution we should take to make sure that the photos are not lost?

    Hi, aag. I didn't make myself clear, at least not to you. Inside your personal Home folder on your hard drive is a Pictures folder, and inside the Pictures folder is an iPhoto Library folder. You can see this folder structure by visiting your Home folder in the Finder. What I was advising against in my prior post is opening that iPhoto Library folder in the Finder and adding, deleting or moving any of its contents. Don't do that.
    When iPhoto is open, what it displays is the contents of that folder. It expects to find them exactly as they were the last time you closed iPhoto, and it counts heavily on finding them structured exactly the way it structured them the last time you ran it. If you have changed anything in there while iPhoto wasn't running, you're going to have trouble: iPhoto won't load the library, it won't display all your pictures, some of your albums may be missing or incomplete, etc.
    "Nobody has any business in there except iPhoto itself" means that the only methods you should use to tweak, edit, delete, import, copy, export or organize the photos in your iPhoto Library folder are the methods offered by iPhoto itself when it's running†. When iPhoto isn't running, leave your iPhoto Library closed and stay out of it.
    † Note that, at least in iPhoto 4 (I'm not familiar with iPhoto 2), these allowable methods include the designation of a different application for use in iPhoto's Edit mode, allowing you to use Photoshop, GraphicConverter, etc. to tweak your photos without removing them from iPhoto's control. But under no circumstances should you import a photo from your camera into Photoshop or GC and then save it in your iPhoto Library folder without opening iPhoto and importing it properly. And similarly, you should never open one of the photos in your library with another application, make changes to it, and resave it in the same place (or worse, a different place in that folder) without going through iPhoto to do so.
    If you can train yourself to think of the iPhoto Library folder as a locked box to which only iPhoto has the key, you'll be doing yourself a big favor.

  • Random Import of Photos from old library

    I have always made a new iPhoto library each for year. Now that I have upgraded to 9.5.1 iPhoto is randomly importing photos that I had in my 2013 library to 2014. If I delete them they just reappear. How do I stop this?

    After I posted the original question I found this answer in another post. I did the option 1 and it worked.
    It means your existing Library has a damaged database file.
    Option 1
    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Choose to Rebuild iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup.
    If that fails:
    Option 2
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. This will create a new library based on data in the albumdata.xml file. Not everything will be brought over - no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your albums and keywords back.
    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one. .

  • Random viewing of photos on iPod - help

    I have a 20GB iPod photo and trying to look at my photo collection from a recent vacation.
    If I view the photos on my iPod they display in what seems like a random sequence. I want to see them in chronological order. I have tried renaming all the photos so they are all in alphanumerical order, but they still display in a random order.
    I also tried putting photos in subfolders, but that does not seem to work.
    Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    That's exactly what I've been fighting with since receiving my iPod photo 20GB 3 days ago.
    I've noticed that if I just copy the photos from the camera to the PC and then sync with that folder, the order seems to be preserved; however if I try to edit the photos (e.g., rotate some of them), then after that the photos will show up randomly on the ipod. I've even tried using utilities to manually change the "creation date" to match the "modified date" or renaming the pictures so that they only contain numbers in the file name but none seems to work.
    I believe it's a problem in the iTune. I'd like to see a solution to this problem.
    BTW, I don't have a MAC - Winxp Pro only.

  • Random loss of Exposé functionality

    it's rather weired and happens only on this machine (the 12") so I guess I post here before moving this question over to the Leopard forum.
    Randomly (maybe about once a month) Exposé just stops working and the only cure is a restart.
    Any ideas ?
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Barbara,
    Check the hard disk for errors. Restart your Mac while holding down the C key, pressing the power button and inserting your restore disk all at the same time. An Installer window will open, but do not proceed with any installations. Instead, from the Menu Bar, select Utilities/Disk Utility. In the Disk Utility window click First Aid, and then click Verify. If Disk Utility reports errors, click Repair. When Disk Utility is finished, from the Menu Bar, select Utilities/Startup Disk. Select MacintoshHD 10.x.x and click Restart.
    Go to System Preferences/Expose and Spaces/Expose and see if your keyboard and mouse shortcuts have changed.
    Insufficient disk space can cause system corruption.
    Right or control click the MacintoshHD icon on your Desktop, then click: Get Info. In the Get Info window, click the discovery triangle so it's facing down. You will see; Capacity and Available Make sure you have 10% available disk space, 15% is better. Insufficient available space, can cause performance issues, system corruption, and possible loss of data.

  • IOS7 randomly geotagging my photos in collections; Location service is off.

    I Have noticed when looking through my pictures under the photo>collection mode it would have some with a "location" under the time frame. When I select it, it shows the photo on a map where it was taken. I'm not sure how it's doing it because I have geotagging off (settings>privacy>location services>camera off) it seems to be randomly doing it. About 2-5% of my photos have locations with them. one just happened yesterday and I don't understand why. I was thinking maybe being on cell data and wifi made the difference  but I'm not sure.  Screen shots below.
    all the other photos just have dates but the recent one has a location and when you click on the location it show it on a map.
    any ideas?

    Lawrence please read my post to understand it.
    I send a message to locate my iphone, and after one week I received a mail saying that my message was delivered and that my iphone was located, when I go to mobile me to see where the iphone was, I can't view the iphone in my devices list.
    Because of this it is important that Apple shows you the last location of your iphone this way you could find or recover a stolen iphone more easily.
    About police, NSA, etc, etc, they already have the technology to view where you are at any time, also do you know that even if you turn off your mobile phone it is still sending signals? Have you seen any movie where everybody removes the battery of their phones so that no one can see their location or remotely turn on their phone to listen to their conversations? In phones like the iphone it is not possible to remove the battery this is why I bet that it keep sending signals all the time.
    Building more features to locate your iphone will only make it better for you because anyone with the right techonology can already view your location right now.

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