Read keywords from file but not develop settings?

Is there any way to read IPTC Core metadata, but not develop settings, from a file? I'm still figuring out my Lightroom workflow and made some errors that I'd like to recover from. Here's the situation:
In Lightroom 2.x I selected images, gave them star ratings, and made initial Develop module adjustments. I did NOT write the metadata back to the files (my mistake). Later, my keywording assistant opened the files in another program (Breeze Browser) and added extensive keywords using a controlled vocabulary that works very well and very fast in Breeze. Now I have extensive caption and keyword data in the XMP sidecars, but develop settings in Lightroom's database. I need to merge them.
The slow and tedious workaround in Lightroom is to select the photo, copy the develop settings, read the metadata from the file, then paste the develop settings back in. It works, but is repetative and slow. There's not even a keyboard shortcut for reading metadata. The other tedious workaround is to export the keywords to a text file (using Breeze) and copy & paste them into Lightroom's keywords field. But that's even slower.
Is there a way to write only the develop settings to the files?
Any other suggestions on how to proceed? I have several hundred images that need to be fixed.
In the future, I know I need to write the metadata to the files after making any adjustments in Lightroom so the data travels with the files themselves and isn't just in Lightroom's database.
-- Mark Turner

Ok, thanks for the reply.
I feel a bit ashamed now, because my topic title contains the function i needed...
So, assuming that i would have
String content = "458,304,0,345,432";i could split this and put this in an array string using a code like
String[] arry = null;
array = content.split("\\.");I haven't tested the code yet, cause i'll go to bed soon, but will this split all at once and put it in the array or do i have to create a loop or something ?
And is it possible to put number one using split in the array[x][v] on the x location and the others at the [v] location ? (the first number of each five has to be added to [x] and the other 4 to [v] )
Again thanks for your reply, cause im a bit further this way in accomplishing what i want to reach :)

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    Load.png ‏62 KB
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    Bob_Schor wrote:
    Please do not attach tiny pictures of your VIs (I can't see them clearly).  Instead, attach the VIs, themselves -- this lets us open them in LabVIEW, see if there are any broken arrows, read the error messages, and actually try your code (any test any fix we might suggest).  Help us to help you.
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    (Happens in LR3.4 RC and probably also in previous versions... but I am not sure if it happened in LR2)
    The problem seems tro be somthing like de-sync of database status and what we see on the screen.
    1) Let's say we have a photo with keyword "abc"
    2) Click in the Keyword List on the arrow around the "abc" keyword to show only photos with this keyword (single one), leave the filter on this settings
    2) Save Metadata to File
    3) Edit XMP in an external application, add new keyword "def"
    4) Read Metadate from File
    5) Now what happens is: The photos disappers from the screen as if it lost the "abc" keyword (weird), but if you look at the Keyword List, the "abc" keyword has still 1 photo attached to it. Also, if you release the filter and find the photo, it clearly has the "abc" and "def" keywords in the Keywording panel. And you can search for this keyword in the text filter (works correctly), but if you click on the arrow around the "abc" keyword, the photo is not shown.
    6) If you restart the Lightroom, it will work correctly again.
    I have an own application that is able to modify the XMP and the modifications may not be perfect, but in my opinion, this shouldn't happen when reading the metadata. If any developer is reading this, I can supply a file with original and changed metadata for debugging.
    It would be great it this could be resolved.

    Please do report your find with the details you state (well done!) here:

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    My guess is they don't care. Most likely they're illiterate and don't know what a colon is for. They probably think it's a little-used character. Remember: these are the people who don't know the difference between "deprecate" and "depreciate".
    I have the same colon problem as you do. But it's not the biggest problem I have encountered in Lion. If it was only that I'd be Mr. Delighted with Lion. There's worse than having a colon - uh -  that won't cooperate. A lot worse, in Lion.

  • I downloaded music to my ipod (4th gen) from my computer but it was mp3 format.  It shows that the music is in there but I can not play it.  It seems to  be in there as a file but not as music.

    I downloaded music from my computer to my ipod (4th gen) but I can not listen to it. It shows that it is on there as files but not music is this because the music was format for a mp3.  How do I convert it to play on the ipod or move it to the music file?

    The iPod can play MP3 files, so that's not the problem.
    It sounds like you're accessing the iPod as a disk drive, and copying files in Windows Explorer.
    This is not the way to put music on your iPod. You have to install iTunes on your computer, and put your music in iTunes. Then you can use iTunes to select the music you want on your iPod.

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    I have a new Macbook Pro and an old Canon ip Pixma 8500. I have downloaded the software from Canon but my printer settings will still not register it. Looks like I can print a colour calendar but not a letter!

    Use the trackpad to scroll, thats what it was designed for. The scroll bars automatically disappear when not being used and will appear if you scroll up or down using the trackpad.
    This is a user-to-user forum and most people will post on here if they have problems. You very rarely get people posting to say there update went smooth. The fact is the vast majority of Mountain Lion users will not be experiencing any major problems with the OS, or maybe with apps which are not compatible, but thats hardly Apple's fault if developers don't update their apps.

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    Printing from web pages is excruciatingly slow since downloading most recent upgrades of Firefox Mozilla. I have a desktop iMac, OS 10.6.8, and an HP officejet printer 4500 G510n. The printer works fine with the Safari Browser and with woodprocessed files, but not with Firefox and web pages. Help please! It used to print fast with earlier versions of Firefox.

    Hello and welcome to the Apple Discussions Forum.
    I have hardly any experience with HP printers but since your posting has not been replied to yet I thought I'd offer some assistance.
    With the printer status and ink levels working, it shows that you have a connection to the printer. So I would look at the issue being with the protocol being used for the print queue on the Mac.
    Since you have XP and Vista working, I would check the printer queue configuration on either box. In XP, go to the Properties and select Ports. Click the Configure Port tab to view the connection. If you are using RAW, then this is known as HP Jetdirect-Socket on OS X. So if you are not sure what protocol was used before I would create another printer queue, this time selecting IP > HP Jetdirect-Socket. Then enter your IP address and select the K5400dn from the Print Using menu.
    If this still fails to print then please reply. There may be limitations with adding the HP driver this way that I am not aware of. There may also be other driver options you can look at, such as HPIJS. If Greg Sahli reads this posting he has expert knowledge on this matter and will be able to offer some guidance.

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    I am using OS X Mountain Lion and I have this .avi file but not able to read. What is missing in my setup and what other file do I need to download to enable me to read?  I can read mp4 files though.

    Here is a link:
    I agree that VLC is also a good choice but MPlayerX is more user friendly.

  • Feature Request: save metadata to file, and read metadata from file.

    Please have function to save metadata to file, and read metadata from file.
    This would allow us to write cross-platform plugins that can assure data is up-to-date in the xmp, or modify xmp and have it reinstated in the catalog.
    This would go nicely with the ability to save xmp for virtual copies, dng, and rgb formats.

    Perhaps someone with direct experience with publishing to Smugmug will chime in.  Short of that, some thoughts on your issues:
    Should I not bother to "Save Metadata to File", this seems to be what is messing up the SmugMug publish service?
    I very much doubt that it is messing up the publishing.  What gets saved to the file from the catalog is independent of what gets exported.  Saving metadata to the file is generally a good practice (in case you screw up your catalog backups).  Many, perhaps most, users set the preference Catalog Settings > Automatically Write Changes Into XMP.
    I would have expected it to behave like an export which would write synonyms, exclude keywords that should be excluded, etc, which seems to work ok in point 6 above.
    Yes, that's a reasonable expectation.
    You may have done this already, but double-check: Right-click the Smugmug publishing service in the left-hand column of the Library, select Edit Settings, and in the Metadata section verify that you have Include: All Metadata set.
    Did you download the Smugmug plugin from Smugmug? You might try this Smugmug plugin instead -- the author designed the publishing architecture of LR and has an excellent reputation. 
    Are the publish services more effort than they are worth? So I get SmugMug to work, what happens when I try Flickr?
    I think many users find the publishing services are generally worthwhile.  I publish regularly to Flickr (using the built-in Flickr plugin, which isn't completely reliable) and the Zenfolio plugin from Friedl. 

  • Want to delete mails from Thunderbird but not from the server?

    Please tell me how to configure the settings of Thunderbird so that if i delete any mail from Thunderbird that mail would be delete only from Thunderbird not from server. I'm using IMAP configuration for all my mail accounts and I'm using Thunderbird in my laptop and tablet both.
    Currently i'm using Thunderbird 24.4.0 and i just want to delete my useless mails from Thunderbird but not from the server without using pop-3 settings.
    Actually the reason for this Question arises because whenever i use to uninstall and reinstatement Thunderbird, i use to take "profiles" as a back up and its size is increasing day by day that is making a big issue to me as i cant take a back up of such a big size file.

    Imap mail accounts keep the emails on the server and you see a remote view of those emails and folders.
    When you subscribe to see a folder, the headers are downloaded, when you select an email to read, the entire folder is downloaded to a temp cache facilitating quicker access. If you synchronize folders, then a copy of that folder is downloaded to an mbox file in your profile, so that you have a copy of the server folder. When you make any changes to a synchronized folder, read an email, delete or move etc, then Thunderbird will resynchronize with the server to update the server. A synchronized folder allows you to work in 'offline' mode and this is the best time to perform a backup as you know there is a temporary stop on synchronizing as you are offline. They will resynchronize when you go back into 'online' mode.
    So, with IMAP mail accounts, the folders you see in Thunderbird are the same folders on the webmail server. If you make any changes via Thunderbird or webmail then you are changing the same folder. You cannot delete an email without deleting it from the server, they are one and the same.
    What you can do is move/copy an email into Local Folders and delete the one on the server. The Local Folders emails are kept in your Profile on your computer, these folders/emails are not on the server, unless you chose to keep a copy of them on the server.
    Pop mail accounts cannot see the folders on the server. They only access the server Inbox folder and download emails not previously downloaded to the mail account Inbox in Thunderbird. These emails are kept on your computer in your profile folder. You can select to keep a copy on the server or not. You can choose to delete emails off your computer and off the server or not.
    If the mail account is gmail , have you subscribed or even synchronized to see the 'All Mail' folder ? Gmail's all Mail folder is their Archive folder, it keeps a copy of all of your non-deleted emails. So, you do not need to subscribe to see this folder as it only shows you what you can already see in other folders. It doubles the disc space.
    Please read section on 'All Mail' at this link.
    You do not have to download/synchronize the entire folder. You could select to only synchronize the most recent xx days of emails.
    see info here:

  • Since upgrading Firefox, it no longer accepts URLs in the URL bar - it works if I have a bookmark, a link or from History, but not if I enter or paste a URL.

    Firefox 33.0.2 on Windows 8.1 64 bit. Since upgrading Firefox, it no longer accepts URLs in the URL bar - it works if I have a bookmark, a link or from History, but not if I enter or paste a URL and hit <enter>, in which case nothing happens at all.
    I have found that issue reported for Ubuntu ( but not for Windows. The solution there to change the keyboard is not feasible since it's a laptop with a built-in keyboard.
    I did not have this issue with FF 28 (I finally upgraded because I was getting BSODs) and I don't have this issue with any other Browser on same platform.
    Any help appreciated.

    '''Try Firefox Safe Mode''' to see if the problem goes away. [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode|Firefox Safe Mode]] is a troubleshooting mode that turns off some settings, disables most add-ons (extensions and themes).
    If Firefox is open, you can restart in Firefox Safe Mode from the Help menu:
    * Click the menu button [[Image:New Fx Menu]], click Help [[Image:Help-29]] and select ''Restart with Add-ons Disabled''.
    If Firefox is not running, you can start Firefox in Safe Mode as follows:
    * On Windows: Hold the '''Shift''' key when you open the Firefox desktop or Start menu shortcut.
    When the Firefox Safe Mode window appears, select "Start in Safe Mode".<br>
    [[Image:Safe Mode Fx 15 - Win]]
    '''''If the issue is not present in Firefox Safe Mode''''', your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to figure out which one. Please follow the [[Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems]] article to find the cause.
    ''To exit Firefox Safe Mode, just close Firefox and wait a few seconds before opening Firefox for normal use again.''
    When you figure out what's causing your issues, please let us know. It might help others with the same problem.

  • Reading data from file in EJB

    I would like to read data from files in EJBS (Stateless Session Bean I think). I've heard that the EJB sepcifications don't allow to use the package to access the filesystem. How can I resolve this problem? Possible solutions I've thought of are:
    * Use a webserver to store the data
    * put the files in a jar and access them using the getResource() in the classloader class
    Could you comment on this plesae

    The specification states:
    "An enterprise bean must not use the package to attempt to access files and directories in the file system.
    The file system APIs are not well-suited for business components to access data. Business components should use a resource manager API, such as JDBC, to store data."
    From this I understand I cannot acces files directly, but it does not specifiy I can't use the package at all. It specifically says not to use the package to acces files and directories, they don't say anything about using the classes for other use.
    however, a litle lower the specification states:
    "The enterprise bean must not attempt to create a class loader; obtain the current class loader; set the context class loader; set security manager; create a new security manager; stop the JVM; or change the input, output, and error streams.
    These functions are reserved for the EJB Container. Allowing the enterprise bean to use these functions could compromise security and decrease the Container�s ability to properly manage the runtime environment."
    I'm not sure how to interpret this, but I believe this rule makes my solution invalid.
    Please comment on this,

  • Reading in from file

    Hi, I've been looking at some resources online but cant seem to understand it very well.
    I have been given partially completed code from my lecturer, and i have to complete this code.
    I'm not looking for solutions but if you would be so kind to either explain or point me into the direction of helpfull resources i would be very gratefull!
    Heres my partially completed code:
           public void load(File file){
                String line;
                String[] fields;
                try {
                    BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(file));
                    line = in.readLine();
                    line = in.readLine();
                    fields = line.split(",");
                    HeadOfSchool h = new HeadOfSchool(fields[0], fields[1], fields[2],
                        Integer.parseInt(fields[3]), Integer.parseInt(fields[4]));
                    // COMPLETE THE READING IN FROM FILE
                    // ADD YOUR CODE HERE
                } catch (IOException e) {
                        // ADD YOUR OWN CODE HERE
        }Here is the contents of the file which is being read in:
    The file which stores information about the school is as shown below
    School of Computing
    Prof Shirley Campbell,Aberdeen,female,45,45000
    Dr John Smith,Aberdeen,male,40,28000
    Dr Joan Simpson,Aberdeen,female,30,27500
    Mr Tony Orlando,Banchory,male,40,27500
    Dr Craig Stuart,Aberdeen,male,38,18500
    Dr Moira Cables,Aberdeen,female,35,22500
    Dr William Green,Aberdeen,male,38,35500
    Mr Henry Brown,Aberdeen,male,37,27265
    Ms Jill Blossom,Aberdeen,female,48,30000
    Course UG1,4
    Alan Smith,Aberdeen,male,35,A
    Mary Grant,Banchory,female,25,B
    Joe Bloggs,Aberdeen,male,42,A
    Jack Hawkins,Stonehaven,male,30,C
    Course UG2,5
    Susan Clark,Aberdeen,female,18,C
    Carol Roberts,Murcar,female,32,B
    Roy Rogers,Ellon,male,37,B
    Melanie Sykes,Murcar,female,22,A
    Colin Firth,Aberdeen,male,27,A
    Course UG3,3
    Cindy Lauper,Aberdeen,female,27,A
    Jim Bowen,Banchory,male,47,C
    Andy Townsend,Arbroath,male,35,BFormat of the file:
    The format if the file is
    Name of school
    Details of the Head of School
    Number of Lecturers
    List of Lecturers
    Name of course1, number of students
    List of Students
    Name of course2, number of students
    List of Students
    Name of course2, number of students
    List of Students
    Name of course3, number of students
    List of StudentsSorry if i havent supplied you with relevant details, just let me know if theres anything else i need to let you guys know

    The code given to you as an example demonstrates how to open the file, read a line of data from it, and split that line into parts.
    You are given the format of the file, and example data.
    So - given that you know how to read a line of data from the file and split it into parts, and given that you know what the lines of the file look like - can you write out in your native language what you need to do, using "read a line", "split the line into pieces", "use the nth piece" operators, to process the file? If you can, then do, and convert that to Java. If you can't, then you need to back up and understand your problem better, then try to write out your solution in your native language.
    If you run into any specific, technical problems come back and ask away
    Good Luck

  • After updating os to 10.9.1can't open pdf files.  I get a message saying It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn't recognise. I can still read older saved files but no new ones arriving by email.  Any help would be appreciated.

    After updating os to OSX 10.9.1 I can't open any new pdf files.  I get a message saying It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn’t recognise. I can still read older saved files but no new ones arriving by email.  Also can't attach a pdf to an email to send out.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Back up all data before making any changes. Please take each of the following steps until the problem is resolved.
    Step 1
    If Adobe Reader or Acrobat is installed, and the problem is just that you can't print PDF's displayed in Safari, you may be able to print by moving the cursor to the the bottom edge of the page, somewhere near the middle. A black toolbar may appear under the cursor. Click the printer icon.
    Step 2
    There should be a setting in its preferences of the Adobe application such as Display PDF in Browser. I don't use those applications myself, so I can't be more precise. Deselect that setting, if it's selected.
    Step 3
    If you get a message such as ""Adobe Reader blocked for this website," then from the Safari menu bar, select
    Safari ▹ Preferences... ▹ Security
    and check the box marked
    Allow Plug-ins
    Then click
    Manage Website Settings...
    and make any required changes to the security settings for the Adobe PDF plugin.
    Step 4
    Triple-click anywhere in the line of text below on this page to select it, the copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C:
    /Library/Internet Plug-ins
    In the Finder, select
    Go ▹ Go to Folder
    from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-G. Paste into the text box that opens (command-V), then press return.
    From the folder that opens, move to the Trash any items that have "Adobe" or “PDF” in the name. You may be prompted for your login password. Then quit and relaunch Safari.
    Step 5
    The "Silverlight" web plugin distributed by Microsoft can interfere with PDF display in Safari, so you may need to remove it, if it's present. The same goes for a plugin called "iGetter," and perhaps others — I don't have a complete list. Don't remove Silverlight if you use the "Netflix" video-streaming service.
    Step 6
    Do as in Step 4 with this line:
    ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins
    If you don’t like the results of this procedure, restore the items from the backup you made before you started. Relaunch Safari.

  • Failed to read PID from file /run/ Invalid argument

    tried to get an nginx server running to set up an owncloud environment.
    When starting the nginx server
      $  systemctl start nginx.service
    I get the message: "Failed to read PID from file /run/ Invalid argument"
    [[email protected] /etc/nginx]# systemctl status nginx
    nginx.service - A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server
    Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/nginx.service; disabled)
    Active: active (running) since Sat 2013-10-12 17:50:46 CEST; 8min ago
    Process: 1823 ExecStart=/usr/bin/nginx -g pid /run/; daemon on; master_process on; (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
    Process: 1821 ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/nginx -t -q -g pid /run/; daemon on; master_process on; (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
    Main PID: 1825 (nginx)
    CGroup: /system.slice/nginx.service
    ├─1825 nginx: master process /usr/bin/nginx -g pid /run/; daemon on; master_process on;
    └─1826 nginx: worker process
    Oct 12 17:50:46 klaus systemd[1]: Failed to read PID from file /run/ Invalid argument
    Oct 12 17:50:46 klaus systemd[1]: Started A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server.
    but /run/ is readable:
    # cat /run/
    # ll /run/
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4 Oct 12 17:39 /run/
    It seems nginx is runnung thought but in my browser I only get a blank page.
    Any help appreciated.
    Last edited by wombalton (2013-10-13 14:17:46)

    Actually it's the first time I tried to set up one.
    I Basically followed this guide [1] adopting it to arch.
    That's where i got my nginx.conf from. Taking the standard nginx.conf that comes by install and replacing the server part.
    After some searching I found the owncloud manual[2] with an example nginx.conf. Comparing that with my one I found some differences. Applying them works out fine.
    I get now the owncloud page.
    The systemd error  still ocurs, but I think it does not matter to run the server.
    Thanks for your help.
    [1] … ring&pli=1
    [2] … figuration
    Just in case someone stumbles over this and tries to use the config:
    This one [3] really works
    [3] … thers.html
    Last edited by wombalton (2013-10-14 13:31:22)

Maybe you are looking for