Reading a thermocoup​le with the SCXI 1520

Does the SCXI 1520 have something to account for the interface connection heat, and is it needed? I've heard this is what the thermocouple modules do, and it is necessary.

The SCXI-1520 uses the SCXI-1314 Module which does not have cold-junction(CJ)compensation capability - meaning it can not compensate for either the temperature of the connection to the DAQ system, nor, the additional voltage effect due to the dis-similar metal contacts of the DAQ system. This correction is absolutly necessary for accurate temperature measurement. I suggest you use a "third-party" cold junction module from a vendor such as OMEGA Engineering ( The CJ sensors are battery powered and reference the signal to 32 Deg F while at the same time providing standard copper leads for the DAQ system.

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  • I Am Getting Inaccurate Readings When Some Channels of the SCXI-1520/SCXI-1314 Are Open Circuits

     Am Getting Inaccurate Readings When Some Channels of the SCXI-1520/SCXI-1314 Are Open Circuits
    My hardware is :-
    PCI MIO 16E-1 - 1 no.
    SCXI-1000 chassis - 1 no.
    SCXI-1520 - 4 nos.
    SCXI-1314 - 4 nos.
    MAX is showing all hardware ( DAQ card + Chassis + SCXIs), set in Multiplexer mode.
    I am using MAX task to configure channels ( as per requirement ) and then use the same task in Labview 7.1
    When I am trying to generate task only for connected channels then reading are coming some times....... but when i generate task for all channels including (not connected channels) then the reading are either on - side or on + side (max or min).
    I have tried to ground the +S but not work
    tell me some solution
    Surender Kumar

    No, DAQmx is superior and I strongly recommend you used DAQmx
    Elijah, I guess I understood the problem that Sunder is facing, coz even I had experienced it 2 years back
    What happens is if you scan only the channels to which sensors/strain gauges are connected, all is fine and you get good strain readings.
    But if you happen to include an unconnected channel into the scan list, all the subsequent channels after the open channel will show saturated readings.
    Right, Surender??
    The problem we found, lies in the settling time of the E series DAQ card's ADC. Even we were using PXI 6071 E
    Once the ADC saturates on reading an open channel, it cannot settle fast enough to read the next channel.Hence, the next channel also reads saturated value, instead of the correct value.
    This is irrespective of the sampling rate because, this happened even when we did continuous sampling at low scan rates of 10 to 100 samples /sec
    We found 2 solutions to this problem
    Disable Simultaneous sampling and hold for the SCXI 1520 module ( using a DAQmx property node)
    Use a M series DAQcard, which did not have this settling time problem
    Hope this helps,

  • Applying Excitation Load to the SCXI-1520

    We use the SCXI-1520 signal conditioner to test and calibrate bridge sensors that we manufacture and it works great.  While the system is not used (i.e. when the operator connectes a sensor to the system) the SCXI-1520 is automatically isolated by using relays in a switching system.  The primary intent for this is to avoid possibly damaging the signal conditioner.  (Operators do regretful things.)   This means that the excitation power is floating with no load while the signal conditioner is disconnected,.  I was wondering if it would be appropriate to have the system automatically apply a load resistor to the excitation source to keep it "warmed up" so to speak.  Most sensors are a 350 ohm bridge and may be as high as 5000 ohms.  I was thinking of applying a common 330 ohm 1/2 watt resistor as a load.  (We are currently only using two channels at a time.)  Although I'm sure it would not make things worse, I just wonder if it's worth the bother.  Please advise...

    In my opinion, I don't think it is worth the trouble. The temperature
    of the SCXI-1520 probably won't change much from connecting a load to
    the exictation since there is plenty of heat generated from the
    SCXI-1520 to keep it at a stable temperature with or without the
    excitation source being connected. A bigger concern would be that
    strain gages can have self-heating errors when current is applied,
    which is usually accounted for by using a Quarter Bridge Type II
    configuration with a dummy strain gage next to the active gage. These
    self-heating errors occur when the strain gage is connected to the
    excitation source - so if you wanted to keep anything "warmed up" it
    should actually be the strain gage that you are disconnecting; not the
    -Logan K

  • I would like to programatically make settings on the SCXI 1520 Strain Gauge module. From MAX, I see that you can set the Gain, Fil

    ter cutoff freq, Voltage Exc, and Bridge Config. And from the LabVIEW help for AI Parameter, that these correspond to parameters 13,14, 17 and ?. Bridge Configuration is not listed. Which parameter is used to set this? Is there an example VI available?

    Hi Frank -
    Looks like Michael's post from 2001 is no longer current.  Let's update the list of resources available for this module.
    You can find the user manual for anything at  The manual for the SCXI-1520 is currently here.
    If you're programming in LabVIEW, you can find example programs for this device in the Example Finder.  (Click Help » Find Examples to open it.)  I recommending filtering by your hardware.  To do so, click the Hardware list in the bottom-left of the window and select "Add device".  After adding the SCXI-1520, select it from the list and check the Limit results to hardware box.  This will filter our examples down to the ones that work with your device.  They'll probably all be in the "Hardware Input and Output » Analog Measurements » Strain" folder.
    You can also search Support for the 1520 to see KnowledgeBase articles on it.
    And you can search the Developer Zone for additional example programs or whitepapers/app notes on this device.
    David Staab, CLA
    Staff Systems Engineer
    National Instruments

  • Will Analog Instruments ADXL330 triaxial accelerometer work with the SCXI-1531 input module?

    I have an SCXI-1001 chassis and will soon be purchasing an accelerometer input module (SCXI-1531).  I'm also investigating possible accelerometers to buy.  Does anyone know if the the Analog Instruments ADXL330 accelerometer can be made to work with the SCXI-1531?  Here is a link to the Analog Instrument's page about the device:

    The output voltage and current levels are within specification of the module, the only concern I have is interfacing between the IC chip and the BNC connections on the 1531.  If you have a way to effectively connect the pins to BNC connectors and connect that to the module, then it should work.  Are you using the module's excitation source as well? 
    Kyle A.
    National Instruments
    High Speed Digital I/O Product Support Engineer - R&D

  • What is the combined effect of the SCXI-1520 Gain and NI-Max Gain?

    LabVIEW 6.1
    Windows 2000
    I'm trying to determine how the gain that is settable on a given channel of an SCXI-1520 module is combined with the gain that NI Max assigns to a Virtual Channel.
    For example, if you set a gain of 100 on ch0 of an SCXI-1520, and you then create a Virtual Channel to read the mV output of the Ch0 sensor, (in this case a full bridge load cell), should the AI limits (range) that you specify in the Virtual Channel creation reflect the gain of 100 that the 1520 module is already applying to the signal? And after the 1520 module applies it's gain, does NI Max attempt to apply another gain if there is still capacity to amplify the signal within the AI range of the daq device?
    Also, when measuring a full bridge sensor as an analog input voltage signal, and after performing a Null on the sensor, there is usually some residual offset. Does one then programmatically (in LabVIEW) tare, or zero this residual offset by subtracting its value from all subsequent measurements?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hello Steve,
    How are you applying gain if not through a virtual channel?
    When you set the input signal ranges in MAX for your virtual channel, SCXI and DAQ board gains are applied. For example, if you create a voltage channel to read the mV output of a sensor, and set the range to +/- 10mV, the SCXI Module would apply a gain of 1000 to the signal and send the resulting +/-10V to the MIO DAQ device. The DAQ device will then attenuate this signal to +/-5V (the range of the ADC) by applying a gain of 0.5. Now, if you set the input signal range to +/-1mV, the SCXI Module will apply its maximum gain of 1000 and send the resulting +/-1V to the MIO device. The DAQ device will then amplify this signal to +/-5V by applying a gain of 5.
    If you are still seeing a residual offset after null calibration, you should use the Auto Zero property. This property measures ground before an acquisition and then subtracts that value from every subsequent measurement. You can set this in a strain task, or with a Channel Property Node in LabVIEW.
    Let me know if you have any further questions.
    Sean C.

  • Problems with the SCXI-1126 Frequency Module

    I am finding that, at least my modules, are not responding according to the specifications. I on all channels have not been able to get full range that I set at 0-8kz 1hz filter with a 100mv pp ac signal coming in. The spec shows a 50mv signal for all ranges down to 15hz. Alot of channels have been losing signal at > 200hz sometimes as high as 1khz.
    I have tried 3 different modules and 3 difference sxci-1000 chasis on two different daq cards. All channels where configured for 0 to 8kz at 1hz filter. I am using a calibrated HP 33120A Function generator to test the channels. I am running out of things to try to get them to work properly.

    I am taking these measurments using the measurment and automation explorer test function. I set my range on all channels to 0-8khz and Have been inputing no more than 8khz. What leads me to believe I have a software or config problem is that I sent in a module to NI for repair and this is the brand new one they sent me back. While testing this module, I also have a 1102 module and 1124 module on the scxi-1000 chasis and both of those are working as specified. I also moved the 1126 module to slot 1 and ran it that way as well when I replaced the chasis.

  • Are there any QR code reader's that work with the KIN twoM? Any web based appliacations? VZW based?

    ANy help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

    Well thank you! I just recently learned about them myself  because the company I work for is about to start using them. Many companies are utilizing these now and I bet youll see alot more in the years to come. For example, best buy is actually using these on their price tags. Here, take a look:
    See the QR on the lower left side? If you scanned that with your phone(or did I what I suggested with the kin), it would lead you to best buys mobile site for the item you are looking at.  With that link,  you can access further information about the product before you purchase it. Like all the specs listed online. So it seems like it could be a very useful tool. Recently bought a copy of [email protected] 3d and a QR code was on there as well.  I believe that one linked you to some extra scenes or stuff like that.

  • Long Term Signature & Advanced functionality of Reader (measurement) not compatible with the PDF/A

    Dovrei pubblicare sul web e distribuire più di 800 file PDF di grafica vettoriale quasi tutti ottenuti da ArcView e Adobe Acrobat XI.   (Windows XP S.P.3)
    Tutti i PDF sono stati verificati con la "Verifica preliminare" di Acrobat XI risultando conformi allo standard PDF/A.
    I file sono poi stati firmati con PDF Signer (utilissimo per la firma massiva dei PDF)
    Riverificati con la "Verifica preliminare" di Acrobat XI sono risultati ancora conformi allo standard PDF/A.
    I file sono quindi stati salvati abilitando le funzionalità avanzate di Adobe Reader (creazione commenti e misurazione) e incorporando le informazioni di verifica per la convalida a lungo termine della firma.
    La "Verifica preliminare" di Acrobat XI ora indica che i PDF non sono più compatibili con lo standard PDF/A-1b (2005)
    Problema di sintassi: Oggetto indiretto con numero di oggetto non preceduto da un indicatore EOL
    Dettagli del documento:
    Valori trigger
    L'oggetto indiretto contiene un numero di oggetto non preceduto da un indicatore EOL.: vero
    { 28 0 obj }

    Long-Term validation feature in PDF is not compatible with PDF/A as you have already found out. In Acrobat XI LTV info is automatically added to the signed PDF when a PDF is saved again (after signing). You need to turn this feature off (it is ON by default). Go to Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Verification->More and change the radio button for "Automatically add verification information for signed PDFs" to "Never".

  • I'm looking for a compact flash card reader that will work with the ipad 4 with the lightning port. please help?!

    I purchased the ipad 4/retina diplay 64 GB model today and i need a compact flash card reader that works with it.
    has anyone had any luck with this??
    thank you.

    I found this with a simple Google Search:
    But Diovonex is correct, use the standard Camera Connection kit and transfer them from the camera directly as described in this other thread.

  • Reading a spreadsheet file with the Read assistant - File Close Issue

    I'm using the assistant to read a comma delimited spreadsheet file but it won't close the file when it is done, unless I close/stop the VI.  If I don't use the assistant the file closes fine.  I need to do this in order to open the file (not as read-only)  for other programs while the VI is running.

    Sorry, I am unclear what you mean by "assitant". Are you talking about the express VI?
    In any case, reading a comma delimited file is pretty simple, just use the plain file I/O finctions and set the access options as desired.
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .

  • [10.0.7 ESR] Temporary documents are read-only again, even with the "browser.helperAppsbrowser.helperApps.deleteTempFileOnExit" parameter set on "false". Why?

    We currently updated from the old 3.6 Firefox to the ESR version 10.0.7. Eversince we've used Firefox we've had a problem with documents being read-only when downloaded temporarily. But we've found the solution by finding the entry
    in the about:config and setting it on false. Documents were writeable again, and the world was full of fluffy unicorns and rainbows.
    But that doesn't seem to be sufficient when using Firefox 10.0.7 ESR, since that entry is set but all our documents are read-only again. We checked that it is a Firefox issue by deactivating all add-ons to be sure, that it's the browser itself that makes that setting.
    What is the cause and how can we change it back to them being writeable again?

    While that may be best practice, it doesn't help in this case.
    We use a system that creates documents by using templates and filling datafields with individual values based on the case that is being worked on. These documents are saved in the system and are only displayed for information purpose.
    Still some of these documents have to be altered. The system offers this possibility by letting you edit the temp file and load it back up, so that the altered document is saved in the system. The document gets a unique file name in the temp folder which includes numbers so that the system can identify which document in the system should be overwritten by the altered version.
    Since the documents aren't meant to be on the local harddrive anyway but in the system, "save as..." is no real solution in this case.

  • Why can't I fill out a PDF in Adobe Reader and email it with the saved information?

    When I fill out a PDF in Adobe Reader and "Save As" to desktop the filled out information goes blank when I attach it to an email. Additionally, I can't save to word or excel except for online. What can I do to fix this?

    Try using Adobe Reader XI (fully updated).
    Be well...

  • How can I read PDF bank statements with the new version of Firefox?

    After downloading the new Firefox, I can no longer see the PDF statements from my bank. What do I need to do to correct this?

    You can try this extension to override compatibility issues,
    Once it is installed, open Addons Manager and re-enable Webroot addon.
    Addons Manager URL:    '''about:addons'''

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    Do those videos follow the naming convention? To be seen all files must have the 8 character name, for example VID_4854.mp4
    If they don't follow the naming convention they won't be seen. They also need to be a format that the iPad will play.

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