Recognizing wireless Mighty Mouse

I just got my new Macbook, and was so excited to get it up and running that I went through the start-up procedure for it before I'd even opened the box for the wireless Mighty Mouse. But when I read the instructions included with the Mighty Mouse (but not found ANYWHERE in the start-up for the computer itself), I discovered that in order to sync the wireless mouse to the Macbook, I should have turned it on FIRST (put the batteries in and turned it on), in order for the Start-Up Assistant to recognize it when I first started my Macbook. Now I can't get the computer to recognize the mouse! I tried finding the start-up assistant in the applications folder, to run it again, but found nothing that related to synching a wireless mouse. The only other advice I've seen on Mac:Help is to install the software from the CD that "came" with the mouse - only one problem.... there isn't a software CD in the package. I'm not sure if that was obsolete advice, or if I'm legitimately missing a software CD.
What has compounded the problem is my Rogers internet has not been installed yet, so I can only access the internet from work on the eMac here, rather than going to Mac:Help from home with the computer right in front of me.
Can anybody help?!?

You don't need the CD, which I'm guessing refers to an earlier version. Right now, support is supposed to be built-in to Leopard. The following is Apple's instructions if all else fails, but I think the lower half (starting with System Preferences) is how you're supposed to be able to pair a Wireless Mighty Mouse to your MacBook.
1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
2. Choose the Bluetooth pane.
3. Click the Set Up New Device button.
4. Follow the instructions to set up the wireless Mighty Mouse.
I got my Wireless Mighty Mouse after I bought my MacBook. I didn't use any start-up assistant, and I think that's only an option right out of the box (or perhaps installing OSX from scratch). I paired it using System Preferences>Bluetooth>Set Up New Device.

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  • Latest boot camp + wireless mighty mouse

    I was using boot camp 1.01, I just upgraded to the latest version of boot camp. Now, my wireless mighty mouse scroll doesn't work on the WinXP side. Does anyone know how to get it working again?
    In the bluetooth area in WinXP, it doesn't show the mouse, but the mouse works. I tried to add it but it doesn't find it.

    Not correct. I did the complete install with my bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The firmware has low level basic support for bluetooth and it recognized my keyboard and mouse immediately. Once have finished loading xp and installed the apple drivers, you will need a usb mouse. Once the apple bluetooth driver is loaded, you won't beable to pair your keyboard and mouse until you have gone to the bluetooth control panel in xp. All you need is the mouse to do the pairing. Just have it discovery your mouse and keyboard and select to pair without using the code authentication. The caveat to this is that your keyboard loses it pairing when you start up and you will need to turn if off then on to repair. It might loss the pairing later on if you do not use the keyboard for a while. Just turn it off and on again and it will re-pair.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Name Changes

    For the past 5 months, I've used the same wireless Mighty Mouse without issues. During that time it retained the name I gave it upon setting it up for the first time. Then this morning (3/15), I go on my Mac and see it is label as "[MyLastName]'s mouse" and then after a few moments "[MyFirstName]'s mouse." I tried to change the name back, but I don't have the rename option under the Bluetooth cogwheel, only update name is available. Any thoughts?
    This may seem trivial, but I always get concerned when something on my MBP changes suddenly. Thanks!

    Mine works...I had to have it manually recognize the bluetooth mouse and install it. Right click the bluetooth icon in the lower right bar on windows and then go thru the recognition and install. When I boot up into windows, takes about a minute after finishing booting for the mouse to be recognized, but it works OK then

  • Wireless Keyboard + Wireless Mighty Mouse questions

    Hey everyone, Mac users please don't hate me for asking this but I have some questions about using the Apple wireless keyboard and wireless Mighty mouse on a windows XP PC (Not in boot camp).
    I have already bought the wireless keyboard, and have it working with my Windows PC using a Belkin bluetooth dongle, and was just wondering why the Control + Alt + Delete combo on the apple keyboard of (Control + option + Fn + Backspace) isn't working for me? I think it may be something to do with the keyboard being wireless, or possibly the Fn key will not work in Windows? I also would like to be able to remap some of the "F" keys on the wireless keyboard to windows functions like the volume and playback/ pause media keys. Is there any software anyone can reccomend which will allow me to do this?
    My second question is about the wireless mighty mouse. I haven't bought it yet, but I have strong intentions of doing so and using it with a Windows XP (to be updated to Win7 when it gets out of beta ~Sept) PC. I love apple hardware- peripherals especially, which is why I already bought the wireless keyboard and now wish to buy the Mighty mouse along with a 30" Apple display to use with the PC in my office at home. I have read mixed reports on many Mac forums about the compatability of the WMM with Windows, and have come here to get it cleared up before I spend close to £50 on a mouse that may or may not work. I heard somewhere that some but not all functions of the mouse would work in Windows, whereas somewhere else I read that a guy had installed a driver that was extracted from a (I think Leopard) Mac install disk and that the mouse was working 100% on his XP or Vista PC.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, I built myself a special edition of one of my own design Eclipse series PC's to put in my new office at the start of this year and normal monitors/ peripherals just dont look right in that room because its very minimalist and modern and Apple make the most minimalist but functional hardware I know, which is why I want to use this KB/Mouse/Monitor combination.

    I'm REALLY interested in how you got your Apple wireless keyboard to work on your XP PC. Was the keyboard recognized and working immediately? I've been reading thread after thread; still can't figure it out. Can you provide any help? Thanks.

  • Connect Wireless Mighty Mouse to windows xp pro sp2 on bootcamp

    I recently installed windows xp pro sp2 on bootcamp i tried to hook up my Wireless Mighty Mouse and I got basically nowhere. I was able to get the computer to recognize it and i typed in the passkey "0000" and it knows that it is a bluetooth device and I changed the settings of the bluetooth to "always" be discoverable and still I have hit a dead end. I can still not seem to connect the wireless mouse in any way. What do I do???

    I FUIGURED IT OUT!!! omg im so happy right now. For anyone who might be wondering I'll tell you how to make it work it you had the same problem. Once you establish the mouse a device, highlight it in the devices menu, then click properties, then services, and once it is done searching check the box for the driver and click apply and your mouse should work.

  • Does Time Machine Backup irritate wireless Mighty Mouse?

    Hi there. I'm having a strange issue here. With an iMac that came with bluetooth mouse and keyboard, OS out of the box (no software updates installed because there's no internet connection), each time Time Machine is backuping files, the Mighty Mouse is acting weird. It actually feels like someone else is working with it. Even if I do not use it and leave it alone, the pointer goes wild on the screen. Trying to work during Time Machine backups is impossible, because I cannot use the Mouse properly.
    Does anyone of you have a similar, if not, the same issue? Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance,
    later, Stephan

    I am having a similar problem with my IMac and Time Machine. During wireless Time Machine backups, the wireless mighty mouse and wireless keyboard disconnect. If the mighty mouse remains connected, it moves very slowly and is virtually unusable.
    So far I've thought of two potential problems to troubleshoot:
    1. I experience this problem when I connect to the Time Machine through the "802.11n (802.11b/g compatible)" wireless connection (set in the AirPort Utility), but I don't experience the same problem when I connect to the Time Machine through a wired ethernet connection. So it appears the b/g compatible setting is causing interference. I haven't tested to see if the "802.11n only" wireless connections causes this problem or not.
    2. I also wonder if the IMac does not have enough RAM to complete the wireless backup. My IMac has 2gigs of RAM, and during backups it maxes out. I plan to upgrade to 4 gigs to see if the problem continues. (Stephan, how much RAM to you have installed?)

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Sputters During Network activity

    Has anyone figured this one out yet.
    I have a wireless mighty mouse that when you copy files to or from a computer off a network,
    it sputters and barely moves when trying to use it. If i plug in a usb mouse there is no problem at all.
    Was using a verizon wireless router and just bought an airport extreme. Guess what. Still does it. When I hard wire my computer to the router all works fine.
    I just cant think of what this could possibly be. Any help would be appreciated.

    There are a lot of people with this problem - mostly MacBook owners, but probably because they're more likely to have the wireless and BlueTooth running.
    I have the problem with a Logitech mouse on a Mac Mini -- cursor goes bonkers at random intervals, with terrible mouse lag, and I basically can't use the mouse when it's happening. It doesn't correlate with anything I can see in the Activity Monitor, but I can stop it if I turn off BOTH Airport and the router.
    Not likely to be RF interference with the signals, IMO, but some have reported that switching to an 802.11n router (or 802.11g with b compatibility disabled) solved the problem.

  • Bluetooth headset disconnects wireless Mighty Mouse

    I have a Jabra bluetooth pair of headphones (BT620S) that I use with my Intel iMac. They work great as headphones since they are connecting via A2DP. But they also have the option of being used as a headset, for example with softphones or similar. Only this is useless!
    Every time I connect as a headset, my mouse disconnects and the sound result I get is really bad. It's like an inch thick concrete wall is between the headset and the computer, even though I'm sitting immediately in front of it?!
    Any ideas? I've tried to unpair and pair both devices again. I also have a wireless Apple keyboard. Thanks!

    "can you tell my why it says that while 2 weeks ago my WIRELESS mighty mouse
    was working and that i was able to go into bluetooth icon and it was active???" Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Troubleshooting Connection Issues
    If the above Article is of no help and DaddyPaycheck does not have any more solutions then I suggest that you cross-post over in the Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Forums where the Bluethooth users hang out.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse unresponsive during Bluetooth connection to K800i

    Whenever I use Bluetooth to sync my Sony Ericsson K800i with my Mac, I notice that my Wireless Mighty Mouse sometimes becomes slow and unresponsive. I have to switch the mouse off and on again, after switching off Bluetooth on the phone, for the mouse to go back to normal.
    I am using a third-party plugin to provide iSync support for this phone, but I don't know if that would make a difference. I never had this issue with my K750i.
    Any suggestions would be very welcome!
    iMac Core 2 Duo 20"   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    The combo update rolls up all the patches Apple has released since 10.5 hit the shelves into one monster download; so you don't need to have installed 10.5.3 to install 10.5.4 - you can go from any version. Some users swear that applying the combo update makes for a more reliable Mac, and it fixed my Mac problem.
    But beware the combo is over 1/2 Gb in size and will take a good while to download, even on a DSL connection. You can find it on the Apple downloads page at:
    There are separate versions for the regular version of MacOS X and the more specialised server edition, so make sure you download the correct version (most people just need the file named Mac OS X 10.5.4 Combo Update).
    Once you've got the update, close any applications you are running (remembering to save your data), double-click the update to start and follow the instructions. You will have to restart your machine at the end of the installation and rebooting may take a little longer than normal - this only happens the first time you restart your machine. Hopefully you'll be back in business as soon as you see the login prompt.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse has stopped selecting, cutting or pasting

    My batteries ran out two days ago. I changed the batteries but since then my wireless Mighty Mouse will not select text, cut or paste. It has other erratic behavior. Any help and advice welcomed.

    Sending back to Apple. Free refund.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse has "loose" top shell

    Has anyone else observed/been annoyed by the "looseness" of the top shell on the Wireless Mighty Mouse? I've noticed that the top shell has a definite "give" to it that preceeds the intended click of the mouse. This results in an audible "click" as you hear the plastic top shell come into contact with the base of the mouse, as well as a physical "give" that throws off the whole clicking motion and otherwise makes this $70 mouse seem like a cheap plastic toy... I posted a video (ironically filmed using my built-in isight) of the whole thing. It's the first time I've posted a video online so make me feel competent and take a look and see if this is what you're suffering from. If there is a serious issue with this, maybe we could take this info back to apple...
    The video of this can be found here:
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   2 GHz/1G/80G

    Try cleaning it!

  • Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse internal speaker not working !!!

    Recently I bought an used Wireless Mighty Mouse (first version with grey side buttons), the mouse is working perfectly minus the single little detail that I can not hear any clicking sound from the internal tiny speaker inside the mouse when I use the little scroll ball above the mouse or when I press the grey side buttons, is this normal or should I hear the clicking sound simulated by the internal speaker? is there a way to enable or disable the internal speaker by software? Maybe is disabled by default, I don't know. I really don't think the speaker could be damaged due to the rest of the mouse is working like a charm but maybe mine came without a speaker, could be? or maybe it got disconnected somehow. Any clues or ideas would be very helpful. Thanks !

    I know what a microswitch is, please look at these links, here are the proof there is (or maybe there was) a tiny speaker in some mighty mouse and wireless mighty mouse:
    and this:
    and this:
    and this:
    and this: ck_for_clicking_and_scrolling/
    and I can keep giving you tens of links to proof you that actually there is (or maybe there was) a tiny speaker inside the mighty mouse and the wireless mighty mouse, If yours came without one it doesn't necessarily mean all came without one, right? That is why I asked you what version you have in order to figure out which ones does have the speaker and which one doesn't.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse on Windows PC (one last time). Any luck?

    Anyone with any luck trying to pair a wireless Mighty Mouse with a Windows PC?
    I'm trying to get the wireless Mighty Mouse to work on a PC (not a Mac with Boot Camp). I thought it should have been easy enough since I have other Bluetooth devices that work fine. I know that topic has been discussed before but I haven't come across anything definitive that shows a way to get it to work. Would someone please point me in the right direction. If not I'll be returning it for the wired Mighty Mouse.
    As it stands now my Bluetooth software recognizes the Mighty Mouse but it can't pair it. I'm pretty sure it's a Bluetooth software issue. Your thought? Thanks.

    I've installed 'Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba' to pair my bluetooth headset with XP to get music from iTunes. It's working great.
    I've just tried to pair the Mighthy Mouse with XP and it's working!!!
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  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Pointer not moving

    Need some advice. My 7 month old IMAC wireless mighty mouse is scrolling fine but does not move the pointer...can someone help? Thanks!

    Hi Rich:
    That file is located in Macintosh HD>library>preferences. Sometimes (rare, but it happens) preference files become corrupted - causing all sorts of odd behavior.
    If that does not help, try resetting the PRAM:
    If that does not fix the problem, take the mouse to an Apple store or call Applecare and indicate you have a warranty issue. Apple does replace things under warranty at no cost (shipping paid both ways). I have had a mouse and keyboard replaced in the past and was pleased with the service.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Disc

    I left my install disc in a hotel room in San Francisco.
    I can not find the drivers for the Wireless Mighty Mouse anywhere on Apple's site. Do I have to buy another mouse just to get the drivers? Why doesn't Apple have the option to download them?
    Am I missing something?

    Have you tried with the disc. Drivers for the wired Mighty Mouse are in Tiger 10.4.7. Maybe they will work with the wireless. If it doesn't work, and Apple won't send you a new disk, you could try SteeerMouse
    There is a free trial, and it costs a lot less than a new mouse. It might not work without the Apple drivers, but it won't cost anything to try it.

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