Refresh data in a Dynamic Document

I'm using a Dynamic Document inside a dynpro but the data (add_text - display_document methods) are not refreshed even if I use the CL_GUI_TIMER to auto-refresh the contents of the dynpro.
Any idea?

Hi Angelo.
Did you get any idea how to solve the problem? I face the same problem and found out, that if you use the print method (print_document) you get the refreshed document. But if you display the document you´ll get the old one.
Thanks for your or any othe´s reply.

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  • Dynamic Documents Printing Problems

    I have developed a report which displays the data using the dynamic documents class cl_dd_document.  I have added shading and colors.  My problem is when I print, using the method PRINT_DOCUMENT, none of the shading/colors show on the printout.  Also, there are no table grid lines being printed.  Is this normal or do I have a problem.
    Another problem is that the column headers only print on the first page.  I expect them to print on each new page.

    Back Ground will not be print using cl_dd_document.,  Check  DD_STYLE_TABLE  Program.. this will help u., to print document.,
    also you can see backgrund colors cannot be print...  but you can print text color..
    hope this helps u.,
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Dynamically read data from a txt document

    I try to dynamically read data from a txt document
    in swf
    stop ();
    var pafh=this;
    var Araray_id:Array =new Array();
    var v_length:Number;
    var myTextLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
    myTextLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoaded);
    function onLoaded(e:Event):void {
            Araray_id =",");
            trace("Araray_id: "+Araray_id);
            trace("v_length: "+v_length);
            for (var i:Number=0;i<v_length;i++){
                pafh["Id_"+i]=new Array();
                trace("pafh[Id_+i]: "+pafh["Id_"+i]);
                var v_help:Object="id_"+i;
                trace("v_help: "+v_help);
                //pafh["Id_"+i]=",");????? Here stops the script
                //pafh["Id_"+i]=",");????Here stops the script
                //pafh["Id_"+i]=[v_help].split(","); ????Here stops the script
    myTextLoader.load(new URLRequest("myText1.txt"));
    in text
    Araray_id: aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff
    v_length: 6
    v_help: id_0
    TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
        at skuskaceatarraybiforas3fromtext_fla::MainTimeline/onLoaded()
    Can you help me with this problem

    More suggestions.
    1. If you align naming conventions between data and your application - reading data could be practically a one-liner.
    If you write pafh["id_" + i] (with small case i) instead of pafh["Id_" + i] (with capital case I) the function can be just:
    function onLoaded(e:Event):void
              for (var prop:String in
                        pafh[prop] =[prop].split(",");
    2. If changing conventions is not feasible, here is another thing you can do:
    function onLoaded(e:Event):void
              for (var prop:String in
                        pafh[prop.replace(/^\w/, String(prop.match(/^\w/)).toUpperCase())] =[prop].split(",");

  • Dynamic Documents & Exercise

    Hi guyzzzzzz,
    i want the document for the following........
    ·  Dynamic Documents Display
    ·  Structure of Program that Use Dynamic Documents
    ·  Classes for Dynamic Documents
    ·  Important Methods of DD Classes
    Its very urgent, plz help me in this
    Thanks in advance,
    Vishnu. R

    Dynamic documents in ABAP Objects are HTML documents that are generated during runtime using ABAP code.
    Dynamic documents enable developers to give totally a new look and feel to ABAP screens and report outputs (provided screens are used in the report output). Many features that are not possible in the traditional ABAP programming are available in dynamic documents. Why we are saying a new look and feel is it uses SAP HTML Viewer internally to bring HTML web page kind of look and feel to screens.
    Dynamic documents may contain Forms and Tables, which intern can contain elements like input fields, push buttons, dropdown lists, texts, icons and pictures in different sizes. Of course some of these features are also available in ALV reports with limited usage, but not like in dynamic documents.
    The below mentioned are some of the features of dynamic documents.
    Large font sizes and more colour options than traditional ABAP/4 (There are some limitations also)
    ICONS and pictures in different sizes
    Input fields
    Dropdown list boxes
    Tables with row span and with column span
    Tables with frames and without frames
    Tables with buttons, icons, pictures, input elements and texts in it
    Steps for using dynamic documents in ABAP program:
    For using dynamic documents, all that we need is a screen and a custom control in that.
    The following steps need to be done in the program in order to display a dynamic document in a screen.
    Create a screen and a custom control in that using Screen Painter (This step is not required if we already have a screen and custom control in the program)
    Define an object reference to the class CL_DD_DOCUMENT and instantiate it.
    For example:
    Dynamic document is ready now for including elements in that. The below are few methods, which we can use for adding elements to the dynamic document. Method Description
    NEW_LINE To generate a line break
    UNDERLINE To draw a horizontal line across the full width of the document
    ADD_GAP To place a gap in a line
    ADD_TEXT To add a text
    ADD_PICTURE To add a picture
    ADD_ICON To add a SAP icon
    ADD_TABLE To add a table
    ADD_FORM To add a form area
           For example:
                  NO_OF_COLUMNS        = 2
                  WIDTH                = u2018100%u2019
                    TABLE              = OBJ_TABLE.
    Once all the elements are included, all these elements need to be merged into a single dynamic document. This can be done using method MERGE_DOCUMENT.
                            For example: CALL METHOD OBJ_DD->MERGE_DOCUMENT.
    Dynamic document is now ready for display/print/export.
    Method DISPLAY_DOCUMENT can be used to display document in the screen. Here it is possible to display dynamic document in an existing container or in the existing document also.
    Method PRINT_DOCUMENT can be used to print the dynamic document. Here system enables local printing.
    Method EXPORT_DOCUMENT can be used to export the document as a HTML file into PC.
    In case of the dynamic document need to be refreshed based on the user action, one should first call the method INITIALIZE_DOCUMENT to clear the dynamic document contents. This method does not clear the dynamic document object reference. So it is possible to include another set of elements in the same dynamic document.
    After displaying the document, any user action can be handled in the event RESOURCES_CHANGED of the class CL_GUI_RESOURCES. For example refreshing the document contents, displaying new contents on the same document etcu2026
    Event RESOURCES_CHANGED can be triggered explicitly using the method ON_RESOURCES_CHANGED of the class CL_GUI_RESOURCES.
    For showing a dynamic document in a report, a screen with custom control in it must be called from the program.
    Example programs:
    SAP provided a complete set of example programs (Package: SDYNAMICDOCUMENTS), which explain all the features mentioned in this weblog.
    Program Description
    DD_ADD_FORM_BUTTON Buttons on Forms
    DD_ADD_FORM_INPPUT Interactive Elements: Forms with buttons
    DD_ADD_LINK Interactive Elements: Links
    DD_ADD_PICTURE SAP icons and pictures stored in BDS(transaction OAOR)
    ADD_PICTURE To add a picture
    DD_ADD_TABLE Tables
    DD_ADD_TEXT Text input
    DD_SPLIT_DOCUMENT Distribution of areas on dynamic documents
    DD_STYLE_TABLE Style types & list colours
    Also refer to this links:
    Reward Points if found helpfull..
    Chandra Sekhar.

  • Retrieve data from a dynamic page via loadURL

    I would like to ask you how it is possible to retrieve data
    from a dynamic page (asp classic in my case) using the loadURL
    I would like to create an html authentication form (with
    username and password fields). The loadURL method should call an
    asp page and then pass to the usual function 'DoIfSucceded' the
    results of the elaboration.
    Of course I'm going to have a switch in the function in order
    to make different actions depending from the results of the asp
    page (authentication succeded or failed).
    I had a look to the examples at this page:
    Is there anyone who can explain clearly how the results data
    must be written by the asp page and how the success function can
    retrieve them ?
    I thank you in advance for your help.

    loadURL() uses the the XMLHttpRequest Object so if the
    content you return is XML, you have 2 choices for accessing your
    data. You can either access it as a text string via the
    XMLHttpRequest object's responseText property, or as a DOM document
    via the XMLHttpRequest object's responseXML property:
    function MySuccessCallback(req)
    // If my data is XML, I can access the data that was sent
    from the server
    // as DOM elements via the XMLHttpRequest's responseXML
    var xmlDOM = req.xhRequest.responseXML;
    // OR, you can access the data sent back from the server as
    text via
    // the XMLHttpRequest object's responseText property.
    var xmlAsAString = req.xhRequest.responseText;
    var req = Spry.Utils.loadURL("GET",
    "/app/book.php?id=1&code=54321", true, MySuccessCallback);
    If your serverside script wants to use some other format as a
    response like JSON or plain text, then you can only access the data
    as text via the responseText property.
    --== Kin ==--

  • What sql is run In Webi with prompt while refresh data

    In inforview, create a Webi Document with prompt.
    prompt's proverty is "Prompt with List of values" and "Keep last values selected"
    while click "Refresh Data",  sometimes it may take long time until prompt appear.
    Are there any SQLs  running during the process from clicking "Refresh Data" to prompt 's appear?
    whether the sqls are to get  the prompt's value list or others else?

    Yes an SQL is ran to generate the list for the prompt.  Most likely the SQL is a "select distinct" on the value.  The amount of time for this to complete depends on the number of rows that must be read before a distinct list can be obtained, the number of other users accessing the database at the same time, and the load on the application server.  There are a couple of stragegies for speeding up the "select distinct" process, to include the use of a lookup table to the column so that the "select distinct" goes against a smaller data set (the lookup table) versus the production table.

  • Can not refresh data int the report...

    Application on C#.
    1. Get Report without data from the database
    2. Change the dataconnections in report to the current user
    3. refresh data on the report (FilePath = TempFilePath)
    4. Resave report file with data
    5. Automatically open CrystalReportsViewer2008 and load the report
    On developer machine is allright, but on the user machine data isn't refreshed. Therefore CrysrtalReportsViewer2008 can't open report. It say that check the SaveDatawithReport parameter.
    In process  I found that in temp directory on user pc, didn't creates some temprorary files which creates on developer PC. Why? Help me please.
    Sorry for my English.

    There is the code of my programm
    function ParseReport is refreshed the data and change dataconnections for current user
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.ComponentModel;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Data.SqlClient;
    using System.Drawing;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Windows.Forms;
    using System.IO;
    using System.Diagnostics;
    using CRApp;
    using Microsoft.Win32;
    namespace CRApp
         * u041Au043Bu0430u0441u0441 u0434u043Bu044F u0430u0432u0442u043Eu043Cu0430u0442u0438u0437u0438u0440u043Eu0432u0430u043Du043Du043Eu0433u043E u0432u0438u0437u0443u0430u043Bu044Cu043Du043Eu0433u043E u0434u043Eu0441u0442u0443u043Fu0430
         * u043A u0444u0430u0439u043Bu0430u043C u0448u0430u0431u043Bu043Eu043Du043Eu0432, u0441u0433u0435u043Du0435u0440u0438u0440u043Eu0432u0430u043Du043Du044Bu0445 u0432
         * u043Fu0440u043Eu0433u0440u0430u043Cu043Cu0435 Crystal Reports
        public partial class Export2CR_MForm : Form
            public Export2CR_MForm()
            public void Start()
                LoginForm Login = new LoginForm();
                DialogResult Dres = Login.ShowDialog();
                if (Dres == DialogResult.OK)
                    if (Login.GetConStr().ToString() != "")
                        Visible = true;
                 * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0430u0435u043C u043Fu0443u0442u044C u043A u0432u0440u0435u043Cu0435u043Du043Du044Bu043C u0444u0430u0439u043Bu0430u043C
                TempFilePath = Path.GetTempPath();
             * u041Au0440u0438u0441u0442u0430u043Bu043Eu0432u0441u043Au0438u0439 u0432u044Cu044Eu0432u0435u0440u043Eu043A
            CrystalDecisions.Windows.Forms.CrystalReportViewer viewer;
             * u041Fu0443u0442u044C u043A u0432u0440u0435u043Cu0435u043Du043Du043Eu0439 u043Fu0430u043Fu043Au0435
            private string TempFilePath;
             * u041Fu0430u0440u0430u043Cu0435u0442u0440 u0437u0430u043Fu0438u0441u0438 u0432 u0440u0435u0436u0438u043Cu0435, u0442u0430u0431u043Bu0438u0446u0435 (u0438u0442u0434...)
             * u041Du0443u0436u0435u043D u0434u043Bu044F u0442u043Eu0433u043E u0447u0442u043Eu0431u044B u0432u044Bu0431u0438u0440u0430u0442u044C
             * u043Eu043Fu0435u0440u0435u0434u043Bu0451u043Du043Du044Bu0439 u0434u0430u0442u0430u0441u0435u0442, u0441u043Eu043Eu0442u0432u0435u0442u0441u0442u0432u0443u044Eu0449u0438u0439 u0432u044Bu0431u0440u0430u043Du043Du043Eu0439 u0437u0430u043Fu0438u0441u0438
            private int ObjectIDOfTemplate;
             * u0423u0441u0442u0430u043Du043Eu0432u043Au0430 u0437u043Du0430u0447u0435u043Du0438u044F ObjectIDOfTemplate
            public void SetObjectIDOfTemplate(int /*
                                                   * ObjectID u0442u043Eu0433u043E u0448u0430u0431u043Bu043Eu043Du0430,
                                                   * u043Au043Eu0442u043Eu0440u044Bu0439 u043Du0430u0434u043E u043Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0438u0442u044C
                ObjectIDOfTemplate = EnternalObjectID;
             * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0438u0442u044C ObjectID u0448u0430u0431u043Bu043Eu043Du0430
             * u0441 u043Au043Eu0442u043Eu0440u044Bu043C u0440u0430u0431u043Eu0442u0430u043Bu0438 u0434u043Bu044F
             * u0438u0441u043Fu043Eu043Bu044Cu0437u043Eu0432u0430u043Du0438u044F u0435u0433u043E u0432u043Du0435 u0431u0438u0431u043Bu0438u043Eu0442u0435u043Au0438
            public int GetObjectIDOfTemplate()
                return ObjectIDOfTemplate;
             * u041Fu0443u0442u044C u043A u0432u044Bu043Fu043Bu044Eu043Du0443u0442u043Eu043Cu0443 u0444u0430u0439u043Bu0443
            private string TemplateFilePath;
             * u0423u0441u0442u0430u043Du043Eu0432u0438u0442u044C u043Fu0443u0442u044C u043A
             * u0432u044Bu043Fu043Bu044Eu043Du0443u0442u043Eu043Cu0443 u0444u0430u0439u043Bu0443
            public void SetTemplateFilePath(string In)
                TemplateFilePath = In;
             * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0438u0442u044C u043Fu0443u0442u044C u043A
             * u0432u044Bu043Fu043Bu044Eu043Du0443u0442u043Eu043Cu0443 u0444u0430u0439u043Bu0443
            public string GetTemplateFilePath()
                return TemplateFilePath;
             * u0424u0443u043Du043Au0446u0438u044F u043Eu0442u043Au0440u044Bu0442u0438u044F u0444u0430u0439u043Bu0430,
             * u043Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0435u043Du043Du043Eu0433u043E u0438u0437 u0431u0430u0437u044B u0438
             * u043Fu043Eu043Bu043Eu0436u0435u043Du043Du043Eu0433u043E u0432u043E u0432u0440u0435u043Cu0435u043Du043Du0443u044E u043Fu0430u043Fu043Au0443
            public int ParseReport(string FilePath)
                viewer = new CrystalDecisions.Windows.Forms.CrystalReportViewer();
                CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument rd =
                    new CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument();
                        for (int i = 0; i < rd.DataSourceConnections.Count; i++)
                            for (int j = 0; j < rd.Database.Tables.Count; j++)
                                DataTable dataSet = new DataTable();
                                SqlConnection C = new SqlConnection(GetConnectionString().ToString());
                                string ViewName = GetDataViewName(GetConnectionString(), ParseTableName(
                                SqlCommand Q = new SqlCommand("select * from " + ViewName
                                    , C);
                                Q.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
                                SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter();
                                adapter.SelectCommand = Q;
                    catch (Exception e)
                        SetTemplateFilePath(TempFilePath + "\\" + FileTreeView.SelectedNode.Text.ToString() + ".rpt");
                        rd.ReportOptions.EnableSaveDataWithReport = true;
                        viewer.ReportSource = rd;
                        return 0;
                    catch (Exception e)
                        return -1;
                catch (Exception ex)
                    rd.ReportOptions.EnableUseDummyData = true;
                    rd.ReportOptions.EnableSaveDataWithReport = true;
                    MessageBox.Show("Error: Could not read file from disk. Original error: " + ex.Message);
                    return -1;
             * u0420u0430u0437u0431u0438u0435u043Du0438u0435 u0438u043Cu0435u043Du0438 u0442u0430u0431u043Bu0438u0446u044B
             * u0434u043Bu044F u043Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0435u043Du0438u044F u043Du043Eu043Cu0435u0440u0430 u043Au043Bu0430u0441u0441u0430
            public string ParseTableName(string TableName)
    //            MessageBox.Show(TableName);
                int x = 0;
                if (TableName.Contains("Class"))
                    x = TableName.LastIndexOf("s");
                    return TableName.Remove(0,x+1);
                    x = TableName.IndexOf("r");
    //           MessageBox.Show(x.ToString());
    //           MessageBox.Show(TableName.Remove(0, x+1));
                return TableName.Remove(0, x+1);
             * u0424u0443u043Du043Au0446u0438u044F u043Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0435u043Du0438u044F u0444u0430u0439u043Bu0430 u0438u0437 u0431u0430u0437u044B
            public int ParseReportWithDataBase()
                    string ConnectionString = GetConnectionString().ToString();               
                    SqlConnection C = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString);
                    string SelectString = "select P119 from "+ GetDataViewName(GetConnectionString(),"24") +" where P115='";
                    SelectString = SelectString+FileTreeView.SelectedNode.Text.ToString()+"'";
                    SqlCommand Q = new SqlCommand(SelectString, C);
                    Q.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
                    SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter();
                    adapter.SelectCommand = Q;
                    DataTable table = new DataTable();
                    byte[] b = (byte[])table.Rows[0].ItemArray.GetValue(0);
                    FileStream fs = File.Create(TempFilePath+"\\"+FileTreeView.SelectedNode.Text.ToString()+".rpt");
                    fs.Write(b, 0, b.Length);
                    return 0;
                catch (Exception ex)
                    return -1;
             * u0421u0442u0440u0443u043Au0442u0443u0440u0430, u043Eu043Fu0438u0441u044Bu0432u0430u044Eu0449u0430u044F u043Fu0430u0440u0430u043Cu0435u0442u0440u044B
             * u043Fu043Eu0434u043Au043Bu044Eu0447u0435u043Du0438u044F u043A u0431u0430u0437u0435 u0434u0430u043Du043Du044Bu0445,
             * u043Au0430u043A u0434u043Bu044F u0432u043Du0435u0448u043Du0435u0433u043E u0438u0441u043Fu043Eu043Bu044Cu0437u043Eu0432u0430u043Du0438u044F
             * u0442u0430u043A u0438 u0434u043Bu044F u0432u043Du0443u0442u0440u0435u043Du043Du0435u0433u043E
            public struct ConnectionString
                 * u0418u043Cu044F u0441u0435u0440u0432u0435u0440u0430 u0431u0430u0437u044B u0434u0430u043Du043Du044Bu0445
                private string DataSource_Value;
                 * u041Du0430u0437u0432u0430u043Du0438u0435 u0431u0430u0437u044B u0434u0430u043Du043Du044Bu0445
                private string InitialCatalog_Value;
                 * u0418u043Cu044F u043Fu043Eu043Bu044Cu0437u043Eu0432u0430u0442u0435u043Bu044F
                private string UserID_Value;
                 * u041Fu0430u0440u043Eu043Bu044C
                private string Password_Value;
                 * u041Fu0435u0440u0435u0433u0440u0443u0436u0435u043Du043Du044Bu0439 u043Au043Eu043Du0441u0442u0440u0443u043Au0442u043Eu0440
                 * u0434u043Bu044F u0440u0443u0447u043Du043Eu0439 u0438u043Du0438u0446u0438u0430u043Bu0438u0437u0430u0446u0438u0438
                 * u0441u0442u0440u043Eu043Au0438 u043Fu043Eu0434u043Au043Bu044Eu0447u0435u043Du0438u044F,
                 * u043Du0443u0436u0435u043D u0434u043Bu044F u0438u0441u043Fu043Eu043Bu044Cu0437u043Eu0432u0430u043Du0438u044F u0435u0433u043E
                 * u0432 u043Eu0434u0440u0443u0433u0438u0445 u0444u043Eu0440u043Cu0430u0445
                public ConnectionString(string /*
                                                * u0418u043Cu044F u0441u0435u0440u0432u0435u0440u0430 u0431u0430u0437u044B u0434u0430u043Du043Du044Bu0445
                                        string /*
                                                * u041Du0430u0437u0432u0430u043Du0438u0435 u0431u0430u0437u044B u0434u0430u043Du043Du044Bu0445
                                        string /*
                                                * u0418u043Cu044F u043Fu043Eu043Bu044Cu0437u043Eu0432u0430u0442u0435u043Bu044F
                                                */ InUserID_Value,
                                        string /*
                                                * u041Fu0430u0440u043Eu043Bu044C
                                                */ InPassword_Value)
                    DataSource_Value = InDataSource_Value;
                    InitialCatalog_Value = InInitialCatalog_Value;
                    UserID_Value = InUserID_Value;
                    Password_Value = InPassword_Value;
                 * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0438u0442u044C u0438u043Cu044F u0441u0435u0440u0432u0435u0440u0430
                 * u0431u0430u0437u044B u0434u0430u043Du043Du044Bu0445
                public string GetServerName()
                    return DataSource_Value;
                 * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0438u0442u044C u043Du0430u0437u0432u0430u043Du0438u0435
                 * u0431u0430u0437u044B u0434u0430u043Du043Du044Bu0445
                public string GetDatabaseName()
                    return InitialCatalog_Value;
                 * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0438u0442u044C u0438u043Cu044F
                 * u0442u0435u043Au0443u0449u0435u0433u043E u043Fu043Eu043Bu044Cu0437u043Eu0432u0430u0442u0435u043Bu044F
                public string GetUserName()
                    return UserID_Value;
                 * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0438u0442u044C u043Fu0430u0440u043Eu043Bu044C
                 * u0442u0435u043Au0443u0449u0435u0433u043E u043Fu043Eu043Bu044Cu0437u043Eu0432u0430u0442u0435u043Bu044F
                public string GetPassword()
                    return Password_Value;
                 * u041Fu0435u0440u0435u0432u043Eu0434 u0441u0442u0440u0443u043Au0442u0443u0440u044B u0432 u0442u0435u043Au0441u0442u043Eu0432u044Bu0439 u0432u0438u0434
                 * u0434u043Bu044F u0438u0441u043Fu043Eu043Bu044Cu0437u043Eu0432u0430u043Du0438u044F u043Fu0440u0438 u0441u043Eu0437u0434u0430u043Du0438u0438 u043Au043Eu043Du043Du0435u043Au0442u043Eu0440u0430
                public override string ToString()
                    return "Data Source="+DataSource_Value+";Initial Catalog="+
                        InitialCatalog_Value+";User ID="+UserID_Value+";Password="+
             * u0424u0443u043Du043Au0446u0438u044F u043Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0435u043Du0438u044F u0441u0442u0440u043Eu043Au0438 u043Fu043Eu0434u043Au043Bu044Eu0447u0435u043Du0438u044F u043Fu043E u0443u043Cu043Eu043Bu0447u0430u043Du0438u044E
             * u043Du0443u0436u043Du0430 u0431u044Bu043Bu0430 u0434u043Bu044F u0442u0435u0441u0442u043Eu0432
            static private string GetDefaultConnectionString()
                return "Data Source=BSRV01;Initial Catalog=Prokat_Last;User ID=sa;Password=";
             * u0412u043Du0443u0442u0440u0435u043Du043Du044Fu044F u0441u0442u0440u043Eu043Au0430 u043Fu043Eu0434u043Au043Bu044Eu0447u0435u043Du0438u044F
             * u043Du0435 u0434u043Eu0441u0442u0443u043Fu043Du0430 u0434u043Bu044F u0432u044Bu0437u043Eu0432u0430 u043Du0430u043Fu0440u044Fu043Cu0443u044E
            private ConnectionString localConnectionString;
             * u0423u0441u0442u0430u043Du043Eu0432u0438u0442u044C u0441u0442u0440u043Eu043Au0443 u0432u043Du0443u0442u0440u0435u043Du043Du0435u0433u043E u043Fu043Eu0434u043Au043Bu044Eu0447u0435u043Du0438u044F
            public void SetConnectionString(ConnectionString CS)
                this.localConnectionString = CS;
             * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0438u0442u044C u0441u0442u0440u043Eu043Au0443 u0432u043Du0443u0442u0440u0435u043Du043Du0435u0433u043E u043Fu043Eu0434u043Au043Bu044Eu0447u0435u043Du0438u044F
            public ConnectionString GetConnectionString()
                return this.localConnectionString;
             * u0424u0443u043Du043Au0446u0438u044F u0443u0434u0430u043Bu0435u043Du0438u044F u0432u0440u0435u043Cu0435u043Du043Du043Eu0433u043E u0444u0430u0439u043Bu0430
             * u043Fu043Eu0441u043Bu0435 u0437u0430u0432u0435u0440u0448u0435u043Du0438u044F u0432u0441u0435u0445 u043Eu043Fu0435u0440u0430u0446u0438u0439 u0441 u0448u0430u0431u043Bu043Eu043Du043Eu043C
            private void MainForm_FormClosed(object sender, FormClosedEventArgs e)
                if (FileTreeView.Nodes.Count!=0)
                    if (File.Exists(TemplateFilePath))
             * u041Eu0431u0440u0430u0431u043Eu0442u0447u0438u043A u0434u0432u043Eu0439u043Du043Eu0433u043E u043Au043Bu0438u043Au0430
             * u043Fu043E u0448u0430u0431u043Bu043Eu043Du0443 u0432 u0434u0435u0440u0435u0432u0435 u0444u0430u0439u043Bu043Eu0432
            public void FileTreeView_DoubleClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
                int Result = 0;
                    Result = ParseReportWithDataBase();
                    if (Result == 0)
                        Result = ParseReport(TempFilePath + FileTreeView.SelectedNode.Text.ToString() + ".rpt");
                        if (Result == 0)
                        MessageBox.Show("u0424u0430u0439u043B u043Du0435 u043Cu043Eu0436u0435u0442 u0431u044Bu0442u044C u043Eu0442u043Au0440u044Bu0442!");
                catch (Exception ex)
             * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0435u043Du0438u0435 u0432u0441u0435u0445 u0444u0430u0439u043Bu043Eu0432 u0441 u0440u0430u0441u0448u0438u0440u0435u043Du0438u0435u043C .rpt
             * u0438u0437 u0431u0430u0437u044B u043A u043Au043Eu0442u043Eu0440u043Eu0439 u043Fu0440u0438u0441u043Eu0435u0434u0438u043Du0438u043Bu0438u0441u044C
            public void GetReportNamesFromDataBase(ConnectionString CS)
                    SqlConnection C = new SqlConnection(CS.ToString());
                    SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter();
                    DataTable table = new DataTable();
                    string sqlcom = "Select P115 from " + GetDataViewName(CS,"24") + " where P116 like '%.rpt'";
                    SqlCommand Q1 = new SqlCommand(sqlcom,C);
                    Q1.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
                    adapter.SelectCommand = Q1;
                    for (int i = 0; i < table.Rows.Count; i++)
    //                        MessageBox.Show(table.Rows<i>.ItemArray.GetValue(0).ToString());
                catch (Exception ex)
             * u041Fu043Eu043Bu0443u0447u0438u0442u044C u0438u043Cu044F DataView
             * u0434u043Bu044F u0442u0435u043Au0443u0449u0435u0433u043E u043Fu043Eu043Bu044Cu0437u043Eu0432u0430u0442u0435u043Bu044F
            private string GetDataViewName(ConnectionString CS,string ClassID)
                string ViewName = "";
                SqlConnection C = new SqlConnection(CS.ToString());
                SqlCommand Q = new SqlCommand("[dbo].[_SysGetClassesInfoNew1]"/*P115 from dbo.Attr24 where P116='.rpt'*/, C);
                Q.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
                SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter();
                adapter.SelectCommand = Q;
                DataTable table = new DataTable();
                for (int i = 0; i < table.Rows.Count; i++)
                    if (table.Rows<i>.ItemArray.GetValue(0).ToString() == ClassID)
                        ViewName = table.Rows<i>.ItemArray.GetValue(13).ToString();
                        // MessageBox.Show(ViewName);
                return ViewName;
             * u041Eu0431u0440u0430u0431u043Eu0442u0447u0438u043A u043Au043Bu0438u043Au0430 u043Du0430 u0432u044Bu043Fu0430u0434u0430u044Eu0449u0435u043C
             * u043Cu0435u043Du044E u0432 u043Fu0443u043Du043Au0442u0435 "Delete"
            private void deleteToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

  • Dynamic documents in ABAP Objects (weblog)

    Hi SDNers,
    Do you want to implement the following features in ABAP Screens?
    1. Large font sizes and more colour options than traditional ABAP/4 (There are some limitations also)
    2. ICONS and pictures in different sizes
    3. Texts
    4. Links
    5. Pushbuttons
    6. Input fields
    7. Dropdown list boxes
    8. Tables with row span and with column span
    9. Tables with frames and without frames
    10. Tables with buttons, icons, pictures, input elements and texts in it.
    Then please read the below weblog to incorporate these features...
    <a href="/people/venkata.ramisetti/blog/2005/12/20/dynamic-documents-in-abap-objects">Dynamic Documents in ABAP Objects</a>

    one limitation which comes to my mind immediately is that you cannot create spool output of the dynamic document.

  • Refresh Data in Xcelsius

    In Dashboard  using Web Intelligence Report  and updating it through live office.I created a dashboard but i have to refresh data every day for that  i used a button  to refresh the data in the screen.
    i.e connection refresh Button will  it works for live office . if it means please explain how to get data .
    Thanks & Regards,

    Or you trying to get the refreshed data on open then check the webi report is scheduled.
    If you are using any prompt to get the refresh data, then check the trigger to cell is configured properly.

  • A better way to refresh data

    Hey everyone, I'm creating a Flex/ColdFusion app. and I've
    been working with CFCs and RemoteObjects. I know that when you want
    to refresh data you have to call the CFC with the RemoteObject
    every time (after the creationComplete is called I use addedToStage
    and removedFromStage to re-call the CFC). Is there a better way to
    refresh my data or "re-initialize" the component?
    Also, does anyone know the proper way to log someone out
    using ColdFusion and Flex? I pass the cflogout method in my CFC and
    in Flex I return the user to the login page and "reset" my objects
    I use to store user data, but after logging in as a different user
    the previous user's info is still present. So I've resorted to
    reloading the URL to clear the application of all data. Any tips?

    I don't really get what you mean with "re-initialize the
    Here you can learn about login and logout in ColdFusion. -Uses-ColdFusion-CFLogin-and-CFC-Role-Security

  • Cannot refresh data in Excel Services with SQL Azure databases

    I am using Excel Services on a SharePoint Online.
    I get my data from a SQL Azure. When i create my Excel repor with Excel 2013 pro I have no problem. So I upload my file on my Sharepoint and try to refresh data.
    Connexion : Power Query - RPT_Event_ByEventType 
    Erreur : Erreur sur site (OnPremise) : Sorry, the data source for this data connection isn't registered for Power BI. Ask your Power BI
    admin to register the data source in the Power BI admin center. 
    I do not understad why I get that error because my data source is on Azure why It told me "OnPremise" ?

    >> this button of excel gets just address of web and have button for import it
         i test it by rest API project , but doesn't work, do you know how it is work?
    Do you mean that you don't know how to get the table? You may input the site address into the address box, and then click go button nearby, select the table you want to import into the Excel. Then click import button.That also works for  rest API,
    and your rest API should get the data that you want
    By the way, this is the forum for discussions about Excel develop(VBA ,customization), better to go to TechNet forum for Excel for Excel features question, so that you could get more professional help.
    Best Regards
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • Report prints Saved Data not Refreshed Data

    We were running VS 2005 and using the Basic CR 2005 Basic that comes with it.  We upgraded to use CR 2008 and found MANY issues after we went live in production that were apparent in the development.  This has caused a lot of stress with us as well as our users.  Iu2019ll summarize everything we found, possible workarounds and the open issues including the Printing/Loading of Saved Data.
    First, it was reported that printing changed.  It turns out when PrintMode = u2018PDFu2019 (default setting) it now asks after you choose u2018EXPORTu2019 (use to be u2018OKu2019) that it asks to Open or Save the Adobe.  When our customers were running 20 some reports at a time and we had hundreds of users, this became a nuisance for the heavy reporting users and a training issue in general for us.  With research, I found that we can change the PrintMode to be u2018ActiveXu2019.  This was much better when we were testing.  However, in Production it became a nightmare.  If the user is on a Domain that disallows itu2019s user from installing software or if the user has tight security settings, this became a nightmare.
    The second thing reported was that it was exporting to the wrong format.  It was exporting into RPT format.  It turns out with CR2008, it automatically defaults to RPT and the new pop-up, doesnu2019t isnu2019t clear to the user they even have a choice (the pop-up is much prettier, but it doesnu2019t look like a dropdown anymore).  In addition, they reported it was taking twice as long to export (we think it was related to export file type now).  With CR2005 Basic, it would have no default selection and if the user didnu2019t pick one, it would remind them they need to pick one.  After much research, I found there is no way to customize the operation of the export without writing my own export.  My users 90% of the time want to export to PDF and Excel the rest of the time.  Since we arenu2019t using a CR Server like product, they NEVER will do RPT.  There is no way with CR2008 to limit this list or to default the File Format.  So now, if they forget to select the type, they get the wrong file format instead of being reminded to select one.  Since the new pop-upu2019s dropdown selection isnu2019t easily apparent, this was a BIG issue for us.  Since I have close to 300 reports on 7 websites, this will be a lot of work for me to write my own code and change all the ASPX page to use my own control.
    The third thing reported was that the default name on Exporting was changed.  Export uses the ID property of the Crystal Report Viewer as the default name of a file on export.  When it replaced the viewer on all our pages, it set the ID to CrystalReportViewer1 instead of preserving the original ID.  We now have to go back and change them to what we wanted manually.  BEAWRE of this!  For our power users who wanted to export 40 reports they now have type the name in manually on all of them.  What took minutes now takes over an hour for them to do, until we can fix all the pages.
    Now it was reported that some reports are showing OLD data.  It turns out there shows Saved Data from design time.  In our site, we have a parameter page which getu2019s user selected parameters, save to a session and then load the report page using the session variables, and then redirect them to the report page which on page load we set the reports parameters.  We use the CrystalReportSource using ODBC.  The report has all the connection information.  Well if the user happens to select the same parameters I used at design time, it wonu2019t pull the data from the database.  They see our test data instead which is garbage.  If they select different parameters, display the report and then go back and select the original parameters, they will get the correct data.  This can be catastrophic for us!  So I added at the beginning of the Page Load before setting parameters the following:
         If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
         End If
    This seemed to work.  A pain to add on every report page though when it wasnu2019t necessary before.  But then I just got called this morning and they say when they print, it prited the OLD data.  It seems the refresh pulled new data and updated the display in the viewer but the ActiveX print still used the original Saved Data!  I couldnu2019t find a solution for this.  I found switching PrintMode back to u2018Pdfu2019 worked but now I have the extra click issue again, which I described above.  I tried setting the reports u2018Discard Saved Datau2019 option but it still had the data!
    In the end, had I known about all these issues I would have NEVER upgraded to CR2008.  Iu2019m still looking for help on getting by the following:
    u2022     Stop using Saved Data at runtime (either on Display or Print)
    u2022     Getting the PrintMode=u2019Pdfu2019 to just pull up Adobe in Open mode without prompting the user.
    u2022     Remove File Type options from Export
    u2022     Set the default File Type options to nothing or something I want.
    Another nice feature to have would be the ActiveX control for printing to be part of the .NET Framework so users donu2019t need to download it.  Come on BO is a big company Iu2019m sure they can work with MS.  

    What is that method to clear Saved Data; I looked and couldn't find it.  I never had to call one in the prior version of CR 2005 Basic in .Net.  With the .NET controls, it always refreshed the data before.  This is a change in behavior for me.
    As for the Print using Adobe, with CR2005 Basic, it didn't prompt the user to Open or Save before.  This is new behavior.  It used to just open the report in Adobe in memory before without this specific prompt (it did have the first prompt for All or specific pages, but it would just open after that).  This is a change in behavior from prior versions and it has caused me several issues. 
    Many users don't like change and I didn't know to communicate this to them.  They were taken by surprise.  We'll learn to live it I guess, but I would ask you just to consider, why have an option to "Save" to PDF when you choose to print?  I would think you would use Export if you want to save.  It would never hurt to add an option to allow alternatives either.
    As for including with .NET Framework, it was just an idea.  I know how hard it can be working with third parties.  However, given that CR Basic comes with it, I thought it may be possible to work with them.  The better the integration the better the product is for the developers.  I was thinking the button could call JavaScript/Java to print instead of an ActiveX, or some other method.  Since I donu2019t know how the Control works, I couldnu2019t say.  It just would be nice.  I had a smiley face after that request, it didn't come out right when I saved the post.
    I still don't understand why .Refresh will update the data in the viewer but printing using the ActiveX Control will still print the saved data instead of refreshed data.  Since I never used this in the prior version I don't know what it would of done or not, but it just doesn't seem right it shows one set of data, and prints another.
    In addition, why the designer still saves data with the report when you state not to, I think may be a problem still.
    Edited by: Thomas Johnson on Nov 21, 2008 12:26 PM

  • Getting Modified date of a particular document in KM Content

    Can I fetch the modified date of a particular document from KM Content?
    I know  i can find the date in settings -> properties. But I want to fetch the value of modified date/time.
    I want to save that  modified date/time in particular attribute in a program developed in NWDS so that I can proceed with my code depending on modified date/time.
    Please guide me.

    Belw code snippet gives me the Modified date for the document RFCCall.html stored in documents folder.
    public void doContent(IPortalComponentRequest request, IPortalComponentResponse response)
              IUserContext uc = request.getUser();
              IUser user = (IUser)uc.getUser();
              ResourceContext ctxt = new ResourceContext(user);
              RID rid = RID.getRID("/documents/RFCCall.html");
              IResource resource;
              try {
                   resource = ResourceFactory.getInstance().getResource(rid, ctxt);
              } catch (ResourceException e) {
                   // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    You need to add a sharing reference to knowledgemanagement for this to work.

  • How to embed data into an InDesign Document

    Hello everybody,
    I'm porting a QuarkXTension to InDesign CS3 on PC but, maybe, I've found a showstopper...
    The current xtension writes some collected data into a document slug that is retrieved by an external application simply scanning the content of the file.
    I need to maintain the same way with InDesign but I've discovered that the persistent data added to a document workspace doesn't stay all together when is more than few KBytes (everything seems to be ok until 2 KBytes but that's too little) inside the InDesign document but is scattered on many locations. Of course this makes the work of the external application impossible.
    Is there any way to command/force inDesign to write the persistent data insidde the file in one single chunk?
    I understand this is something unusual but that's the way that complex publishing workflow works and can't be changed in that part.
    Thanks a lot in advance for any help.
    Best regards,
    Luca Severini

    I think I have found a possible solution to embed my data in a way readable by an external application. To use the XMP toolkit.
    Very interesting the fact XMP Toolkit includes the source of a simple command line tool that parses the xmp embedded into InDesign file.
    The same source can be easily modified to get all the objects contained in the document aka database.

  • Clicking on link in dynamic document does nothing

    Hello my friends,
    I Add link to my dynamic document but when I press on the link it does
    nothing. I create event handle class and connected it to the link and
    it still did not work.
    Please help me if you can, its urgent.
    Eitan Iluzz.

    Try this:

Maybe you are looking for

  • Change Purchase Order - Tolerance and Routing

    Hi, I would like to implement the Change Order functionality (Tolerances and Routing) for standard purchase orders. The Problem is that only percentage tolerances are available. our business requirement is to use fix amount tolerance. Is it possible?

  • WIFI problem in NEO V after ics update.

    I am facing some problem in wifi...After connected i am able to browse for some tym then it gets stuck n again after few secs it works... i don't knw what the problem but the connection isn't consistant....

  • Write an ABAP to build a hierarchy

    Hi, I have a table TVBVK that is required to be read off from to create a hierarchy. The fiedl VKBUR is used to create a root node and the field VKGRP is then to be used to create the leaves. Has anyone written a program to read from this table and t

  • Tab page problem help needed

    Hello all, I have 8 tabs in my form and has different items in each tab. it has 2 seperations, Top single record based on block A and table A and bottom multi record based on block B and table A. (both blocks are based on same table but exists on 2 d

  • How do we submit a new build/update to the stores?

    We have an active/live app that was previously done by an agency via their own server. We have terminated their service, and now via Adobe DPS, how do we submit a new build/update to the stores (instead of submitting as a new app)? We are new to Adob