hi experts,
while creation of PO with reference to PR,user gets error " NO UPDATE OF SALES ORDER FROM PO erroer I0 114 ".
What could be the reason for this error?any idea...

Hello Jurgen,
here the error message is " NO UPDATE OF SALES ORDER FROM PURCHASE ORDER  error I0 114 " .
is there any solution for this issue.user looks frustrated because its working for one PO and the next PO its showing error.

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  • No update of sales order from purchase order

    When I am trying to change the delivery date of a purchase order line item, I get the error
    "No update of sales order xxxxx from purchase order (error V1 348)" How can I resolve this?

    Check whether this PO is created w.r.t. PR and PR is created automatically during Sales order creation.
    If it is so then need no to change the delivery date in PO, it will always get updated as per the Schedule Line date of sales order.
    You can go for GR w.r.t. PO directly.

  • Update PTO Sales Order from PO with Partial MIGO

    how to update dates and quantites in PTO sales order from PO with partial MIGO.
    I could find the FM 'SD_PURCHASE_CHANGE_ORDER' which can change the date in PTO sales order from PO with MIGO fully done.
    Can we do it through any other means?

    I Could change the date through some user exit

  • Issue Updating Base Sales Order From A Delivery

    As a Delivery doc is added that was created from a Sales Order, I would like to be able to update certain unclosed information in the base Sales Order document.  Two of the fields are user fields, which don't present an issue.  I can make the updates accordingly through the SDK.  The issue I'm having presents itself when I attempt to update the TransportationCode (ORDR.TranspCode) field in the base sales order, which is a field on the logistics tab.  I can make the update through the SBO interface version 2005 fine, but when I make the update through the SDK version 2005 use VB.NET 1.1 I get the following error:
    [ORDR.DocRate] , 'Field cannot be updated (ODBC -1029)'.
    It's strange because I'm not making any updates to the DocRate field.  This issue arose after an upgrade from 6.5 to 2005.  Worked fine in 6.5.  The DocRate (exchange rate) field is not used in documents entered in local currency as far as I know.
    Any ideas?
    Private Sub UpdateOrderFromDelivery(ByVal DS As DataSet)
            Dim oORDR As SAPbobsCOM.Documents
            Dim oDEL As SAPbobsCOM.Documents
            Dim RetVal As Long
            Dim DT As New DataTable
            Dim DR As DataRow
            Dim OrdrTrackNum As String
            Dim AL As New ArrayList
            DT = DS.Tables(0)
            oORDR = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
            oDEL = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oDeliveryNotes)
            Dim i As Integer
            For i = 0 To (DT.Rows.Count - 1)
                DR = DT.Rows.Item(i)
                Dim CurBaseDocEntry As String = DR.Item(0)
                'Check to see if the Sales Order update has already been processed
                If AL.Contains(CurBaseDocEntry) Then
                    GoTo SkipLoop
                End If
                If oORDR.GetByKey(CurBaseDocEntry) = False Then
                    Throw New Exception("Could not find Sales Order Key " & DR.ItemArray(0) & ".")
                End If
                If oDEL.GetByKey(DocEntry) = False Then
                    Throw New Exception("Could not find Delivery Key " & DocEntry & ".")
                End If
                Dim DelTrackNum As String = oDEL.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_TrackNum").Value
                oORDR.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_TrackNum").Value = DelTrackNum
                Dim DelShipCost As Double = oDEL.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_ShipCost").Value
                oORDR.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_ShipCost").Value = DelShipCost
                <b>Dim DelTransCode As String = oDEL.TransportationCode
                oORDR.TransportationCode = DelTransCode</b>
                RetVal = oORDR.Update
                If RetVal <> 0 Then
                    Dim Err As String, Msg As String
                    oCompany.GetLastError(Err, Msg)
                    Throw New Exception("Unable to update ORDR from ODLN.  " & Err & " - " & Msg)
                End If
        End Sub

    i think any of the fields in the base sales order get updated when u set the delivery 's(target's) base entry no
    oDel.BaseEntry = docnum of Order
    Hope this helps

  • No update of sales order from purchase order V1 322

    'No update of so from po V1 322' This error occurred while we were trying to delete 3rd party PO line item
    Help please..

    The error was because the user exit MV45AFZZ was changing some values on table VBEP.

  • Update of Sales Order Delivery Dates from Production Order Date Changes

    I work at a discrete made-to-order manufacturer. 
    When our factories maintain their production orders, they will often have to change their order dates.  Is there a way so that these changes can automatically update our sales orders so we can re-send sales order confirmations?

    this comes under development part.
    please check the feasibility with your abaper because you will have to change standard code.

  • Error determining posting period(infostructure S008,Variant Z2,RC3) while creating Sales orders from Inbound IDOCS

    I am getting this Error message"error determining posting period(infostructure S008,Variant Z2,RC3)" while creating Sales order from Inbound Idocs in the IDOC,which is affecting sales order creation.
    While viewing this Info structure S008, I could see no records have been maintained. Wanted to know the reasons behind this Hard error?
    Is it something related to Date Field used in the Update Rules for this Infostructure which is causing this posting period error?
    Appreciate your inputs on this.
    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Roshan

    Thank you Jelena,I checked the Ship. Delivery dates in the IDOC which are for Current Fiscal Year- 20140703 and 20140711,Could there be any other reason for this error?
    Could it be an issue with e Update rule in this Infostructire S008
    Secondly when we try change the update rule thru MC25 for this Infostructure S008,It gives a message"
    "Maintenance of SAP standard updates not allowed"
    Kindly advice
    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Roshan

  • Transfer of sales orders from one plant to another

    Dear all,
    My requirement is as follows:
    I have created some 500 sales orders (open) in one sales org+plant.
    Now due to plant shifting to other area, I want to transfer all the above open sales orders to another sales org+plant.
    One option is to create them manually. But that is time consuming and prone to errors.
    Second option is to upload thru LSMW. That too is very tedious.
    Third option is to extend/assign new plant to the old sales area and change the plant in the orders. But I want in the new sales org + new plant.
    Is there any other option by which I can transfer the above sales orders from one plant to another?

    Hi SAPshed,
    The problem is not the change of plant, which is standard functionality, but the change of sales organization.
    An awful lot of information depends on the Sales Organization: Company code (!!), customers, materials, prices, profit center, etc.
    SAP does not even admit creating a sales order in a Sales Organization A with reference to a sales order with a sales organization B.
    IMHO your best option is to try to maintain the current Sales Orders with the current Sales Organization and change the Sales Order in VA02 (your third option).
    If you are absolutely sure that all materials and customers are created for the new Sales Area in the same way and that prices (discounts) are the same, you might want to do a direct update to VBAK table to change the Sales Organization (nasty!), but be prepared for the consequences (no SAP support in case of problems, you are on your own).
    Therefore if you insist on a different Sales Organization, then option 2) will be your best best.
    Best Regards,
    P.S. IMHO it is Best Practice to have a unique Sales Organization / Company Code.

  • Create multiple sales orders from single service notification?

    Is it possible to create multiple sales orders from a single notification (IW51)? 
    We currently create sales orders directly within transaction IW51 (Create Service Notification).  We kick off the sales order creation by pressing the "SALES ORD." button in the notification screen.  We're now interested in creating a 2nd Sales Order which would tie directly to the same Service Notification.  This is so that we can have the second order assigned to a different account assignment WBS (there are two different parties doing work on the service notification).
    I assume you would have to go to VA01 to create the Sales Order, but am not sure how to tie it directly to the service notification from here.  I treied to do a create with reference, but there is no ability to create with reference to a service notification.
    Do I have to create a second service notification for the 2nd Sales Order for this to work?  I want to avoid doing this if at all possible.
    I'm running SAP R/3 Enterprise
    Thanks for your help!

    go to vtaa- copy controls for sales document to sales document.
    select your combination of order and quotation go to item level. There select value 0(zero) in field positive/negative negative.
    No need to change update document flow.
    After setting zero in copy control that be told on above. create order with respective to the quotation.
    After saving the order.
    go to document flow to see the status in between quotation and order.
    If you placed setting right, then u certainly observe for quotation status will be open. so you can create no. of sales order with respect to that quotation..
    Have a good day..

  • Error V2 005 when creating a sales order from a quotation

    I hope someone can come up with some ideas to help me with this error. My client is creating a sales order from a quotation and immediately on the first screen the error V2 005 pops up. The quotation was not created with reference to any previous document, and at this point not sold-to party has even been copied through to the sales order.
    To make this error more interesting, this is only happening with 1 particular customer.
    I have checked: credit management, customer hierarchies, material determination, customer info records and none of these are in use.
    Can someone please come up with some ideas?
    Thanks and regards

    Dear Sai,
    Thanks for this note I am going to try it, however I have some concerns because the issue is only happening in production, with 1 custoemr only, and QA is an updated copy of production and I could not replicate the error in QA using the same customer....
    If anyone has any other ideas please I would appreciate it

  • Create Sales order from Internal Purchase Order using IDOC

    Hello Friends,
    I have requirement to create Sales Order from Internal Purchase Order Using IDOC.
    Backgorund, we have already configured IDOC orders05 to create Sales Order from external Purchase order from Inbound IDOC, and it is working fine.
    Now we have new requirement to create Sales Order from our own Purchase order, i.e. When PO is created in one plant corresponidng sales order automatically must needs to create in another Plant with respect PO.
    I m trying to design a solution for above problem as follows,
    1.create an Inbound Idoc from PO, by creatiing one new message type on PO save.
    2.Process that Inbound  IDOC same as it is from external PO.
    3.Once processed Sales order will create.
    Please help me in step 1. to create Inbound IDOC from PO.
    If you want any further clarification please write me.

    I had done a similar scenario before and we achieved it through SAP XI. The problem is with the control record. When we create a ORDERS IDOC from a PO the control record will be for outbound transmission. We sent the file to XI and XI resent it back with some data parsing and a new inbound control record. This way it went neat outbound and inbound.
    I'm not sure what kind of architecture you have. If you have to do it within your ECC/R/3, then you could create the outbound IDOC to a new port and write a fresh RFC to pick it up from the same folder and create a new control record for inbound processing.
    I haven't tried this; but there is a "processing w. trigger (inbound)" option on the outbound process code. May be you can explore into that a bit more.
    I'm sure there could be better approaches to handle this within ECC so if you stumble on any, do write back. I would like to know to update my knowledge .

  • Condition type value not update in sales order

    Hello Guru's
    As per the  sales order in VA01 the condition type value i.e surcharge value is not updating in sales order.
    But I have maintain the condition record(Surcharge)also and in Condition technique I have checked every thing is correct .
    please find below I have attached the Screen short .
    Please give me solution Asap.

    Hi Sukdev,
    Have you checked the respective pricing procedure for From and To reference step maintained against the condition type ZSUR?

  • Updating a sales order through DI API

    Hi All,
         I have an issue regarding updating a sales order.
    The problem is:
      If there r 2 items(A00001&A00002) existed in the sales order and if I am adding two more items(A00003 & 4)the sales order is updated in a fashion that first item is replaced with third item and forth item is added as last record.The items to that particular sales order after updating will be like this(A00003,A00002,A00004).My doubt is why the 3rd item is replaced with first record.I am sending the code also i have written.
    objRecordSet = SBOCOMUtil.newRecordset(company);
                          IDocuments  oOrder =SBOCOMUtil.newDocuments(company,SBOCOMConstants.BoObjectTypes_Document_oOrders);
                                  objRecordSet.doQuery("select DocEntry from ORDR where DocNum=" + 1111);
                                  DocEntryL =objRecordSet.getFields().item(new String("DocEntry")).getValueInteger().intValue();
                          str += DocEntryL;
                          if (oOrder.getByKey(new Integer(DocEntryL))) {
                                  //objRecordSet2.doQuery("delete  from rdr1 where DocEntry="+DocEntryL);
                                  str += "2";
                                  oOrder.setDiscountPercent(new Double(5));
                                  IDocument_Lines oOrderLines = oOrder.getLines();
                                  str += "3";
                                  String[] item={"A00005","A00006"};
                                  for (int counter = 0; counter < item.length; counter++) {
                                       //  oOrderLines.setCurrentLine(new Integer(counter));
                                         if (counter > 0)
                                         str += "4";
                                     //oOrderLines.setBaseType(new Integer(-1));
                                     //oOrderLines.setBaseEntry(new Integer(0));
                                   //oOrder.getLines().setCurrentLine(new Integer(counter));
                               //oOrderLines.setQuantity(new Double(1));
                                         //oOrderLines.setPrice(new Double(1500));
                                         //oOrderLines.setLineTotal(new Double(dblLineTotal[counter]));
                                  str += "5";
                                  //oOrder.getLines().getUserFields().getFields().item("Quantity").setValue(new Integer(2));
                                  int result = oOrder.update();
                                  str += "6" + result;
                                  if (result == 0) {
                                         System.out.println("successfully updated");
                                  } else {
                                                 "Error :" + company.getLastErrorDescription());

    If you are using SBP 2004 there are many threads on this forum talking about bugs when updating sales order lines through DI API. This issue was supposed to be fixed with patch level 45 for 2004 which was recently released.
    If u are using 2005 or SP1 I think you may have found a new bug.

  • Problen in price updating in sale order

    Dear All,
    I have maintained pricing condition based on customer Price list (KNVV-PLTYP)
    and price list type assigned in customer master.But I am facing two problems during
    updating sale order.
    1.If I assign the price list in customer master(KNVV-PLTYP) and then use carry out new
      pricing in sale order, New Prices are not updating in the sale order mainatined on price list.
    2.If I change the price list type in customer master (XD02) from X to Y and then
      using the carry out new pricing in sale order, prices are not updating in sale order
      as per price list Y.
    Plz suggest how I can resolve this.

    In the sale order item level condition tab,goto analysis and check the combination in which  system is capturing the price.
    Then you will be knowing the root cause.
    Phani Prasad.

  • Disable to update a sales orders

    How can i disable the update a sales order if some one try to change project field? Can i use the SPO_TransactionNotification?
    I could not find a way to work in the sp. So i´m asking if someone already had the same situation and can help me.
    Kind Regards
    Margarida Pedroso
    Edited by: Margarida Pedroso on Jan 27, 2010 1:03 PM

    Hi Margarida,
    if your requirement is to prevent users from updating existing sales orders, you can do that within the application:
    Admisnistration -> System Initialisation -> Document Settings -> By document -> select 'Sales Orders' -> remove the tick in the checkbox 'Allow changes to existing orders'.
    All the best,

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