Reg- Role of Supporting Con about CIF

hi to All Sap ppl
                               a Supportng Proj consutant just have to work on scheduling jobs,monitoring and COnsistency check of ECC ,apart from this do also he do  CIFing( Transfrng M & T-Data) or basis people do this job.
Thnak u in advc
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"Supporting Consultant" is a vague term.  A consultant that is assigned a support task can be asked to do many things. 
In some companies, the supporting consultant may be asked to be a point of contact for all issues generated by the users.  He may be asked to answer simple questions, and he may be responsible for directing the inquiry to the next level of support if the issue exceeds his capabilities. 
In addition, as you suggest, he may be asked to perform general maintenance tasks, and to monitor the health of the applications.  In each consulting company, the tasks can be assigned differently.  In addition, in a single consulting company, the support person's tasks may change over time. Generally, the above mentioned support people should be prepared to deal with users.
A second type of supporting Project consultant would be a junior consultant assigned to a senior consultant, or to a consulting team.  In this role, he would be expected to receive assignments directly from the senior team members.  Such tasks might be to set up less complex configuration, or to perform programming tasks under the direct supervision of a senior team member.
If you are considering applying for a job as a 'supporting consultant', you should ask the employer exactly what are his expectations.

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    and support stpes

       1. Need to check the tickets.
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    2. Have the issues been resolved and included in the latest UPDATE?
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  • Roles for Support help desk

    Hi Friends,
    We have created support help desk in Sol. Mgr. I wnat to create below roles :
    These are std. sAP roles, but in our system we didn't found these. Shall I know where can I get details about these. I also want to know what are the other roles related to help desk.
    Sai Krishna

    These roles should exist in your system. Which client are you checking? If there is problem in your client copy you may miss out these roles. These roles will be present in 001 you can transport from there.
    This should solve your problem.
    Feel free to revert back.

  • Reg: role of TCS Deployer

    Hello Guru's,
    1. In the process of using NWDI and NWDS for the development/ customizations what is the role of TCS Deployer?
    When Checkin the activity from NWDS the requests gets queued in TCS Deployer. What is the main role of TCS Deployer and what are the functionalities.
    2. Assume we have xyz software component which we have added as dependent in the track and now we want to upgrade the SC and deployed the same on the server.
    My Question is when modifying the DC which version of SC will it be checking is it the SC which is added as dependent in the track or the latest version of SC which is deployed on the server?
    3. If we want to have the latest version to be used in the track can we modify the existing track or do we need to create New Track to incorporate the latest SC into the track.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Pramod,
    if you want to just change some dependent SCs to a higher patch level inside your track, but these will have the very same SP, then I think you can go for this option:
    1. obviously you need to copy these files physically to the CMS inbox folder
    2. then you trigger a Restore System State for DEV and COS ("Restore..." button in your transport studio, on the tabs DEV and CONS)
    3. Check-in the new files (check-in tab in transport studio of CMS webui)
    4. import into DEV and CONS (Development and Consolidation tabs)
    5. reimport the development config for each developer (on client side in the NWDSs of the developers)
    NOTICE: when you do this, avoid ongoing development, and when the developers are reimporting their development configurations, ask them not to have any open activities.
    If the distance between the current dependent SCs and the SCs you want to add is larger, then rather use the blog I mentioned before, and notice that if you go for that option, then a new track need to be created with version 2.0 and the version history will be lost.
    Regarding the Red State in the CMS webui, this usually means that the SC definition in CMS differs from the one maintained in the SLD. You can use the "Synchronize SC definition" feature (you can find on the track data tab of the landscape config of CMS webui) when editing the track in question. If you press this button (need to be in change modus)  then a popup comes where you'll find a dropdownlist, and in there there's an option "SCs out of Sync with SLD". Do not press any other buttons here, but if you expand the appeared SC node, you'll see in this table which SCs are in SLD and not in CMS or vica versa. I recommend you to overview this and try to answer yourself why the difference. If you found the problem, I suggest you that after you have triggered an "Update CMS" (on the domain data tab), then remove the problematic SC from the track data tab (landscape configurator) and readd the SC (Add SC... on track data tab). Then the inconsistency should be resolved. Do not use the button "Define Dependencies..." on the Track Data tab (which you find next to Add SC... button).
    I hope this answers your question.
    Best Regards,

  • Health Report for existing role in support and upgrade documentation

    Hi Experts,
    I am looking for create a report or using existing report/FM (if any) which will show new objects been thrown for a role with there SAP suggested values when we use PFCG expert mode merge option. I think this will be very helpful for support person to health check for roles and during upgrade in step 2C documentation people can save a hell lot of time. I do not have ABAP knowledge. Can anyone help me on this?
    Arpan Paik

    Hi Julius,
    I have been to that wiki before and one by you as well (regarding upgrade steps). For current upgrade I have also noticed that SU25 step2B is not only left with customer related changes only. Where USOBT_C/USOBX_C has same values as of USOBT/USOBX there update to customer table automatically happened in step2A. So 2B left with very less changes where customer prefer the standard way!!!
    What I am looking for is actual authorization change delta. Step2C gives us only list of roles get affected. I am lookimg for what change actually can happen to a single piece of role due to upgrade.
    I have followed below method.
    1. Join table USOBT_CD and USOBT_C to see actual proposal for changed transaction and corresponding auth object. Here I had to perform few excel work to remove data repetation
    2. Then take old data for roles from AGR_1251
    3. Put together above 2 data and after proper sorting by object manually remove the data which SAP does by expert mode merge function.
    Can this step be automated by some ABAP code? or function module?
    Otto wrote :
    If I start/ when I start and still remember this thread, I will update it
    Please do so and thanks for sharing thoughts.
    Arpan Paik

  • Oracle Support asking about - which product this feature is for?

    I need someone who can able identify about product
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    I'm asking them how to resolve and troubleshoot it
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    We want to enable this features for us to notify thru our email or each users has email address
    mostly we want to see in APPROVAL WORKFLOW
    can someone who can guide me.

    but the oracle support asked me about "Can you tell us exactly which product this feature is for?"
    We want to enable this features for us to notify thru our email or each users has email address
    mostly we want to see in APPROVAL WORKFLOW
    can someone who can guide me.You already have the answer so you could just update the SR and mention the above.

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    ImgAvatar.Source = bim;
    But It isn't activity. Can you support I show images like it. or auto copy images this link to Assets in Project?
    Thanks you so much !

    use one of them
    var imageBytes = File.ReadAllBytes("bitmap.bmp");
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    System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes(@"C:\image.bmp", img);

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    Dear Friends
    We are using Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release Here
    and there i found that Advanced JDBC features are supported
    (like conn pooling /data source usage etc ) only by
    version onwards. How far this is true.
    Is because of this my JRUN Based Conn. Pooling fails. It tries
    and tries and just go out of service stating
    Err :
    An Unexpected Excetpion has been detected in native code outside
    VM. EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW occurred at Pc=0x77fod462
    function name=(n/a)
    I am sure this happens when Data Base Connection Process is
    going on.
    Please Commnet

    Thanks for that reply. But still some issues. What you have mentioned is you are writing your own conn.poll scheme using Oracle Connection Pool classes. Am i right ? Like OracleConnectionPoolDataSource etc etc.
    I have used thsi with Tomcat with same set up at backend and it was working fine with me too .;
    Now what i am doing is using JRUN's capabilities of Connection Pooling mechanisms (just look up / datasoruce creation/ conn.object retrieval ) . I have avoided all my of own codings. Still it faces porbs. this force me to thndk in this way.
    your comments are eargly awaited.
    [email protected]

  • Conflicting information from support pages about firmware update error

    I recently opened my Macbook to see a firmware update. I followed the instructions to install it, however when I went to shut down to complete the process, I got an error: +"unexpected error occurred (0); unable to upgrade firmware"+
    After several tries, some digging through the support articles yielded this information:
    +Firmware updates for Intel-based Macs require a GUID partition scheme+
    +Firmware updates will not install on an Intel-based Mac if the computer is using a non-standard partition scheme, such as an fdisk scheme. You may see an "unexpected error occurred (0); unable to upgrade firmware" error message, or your computer may start normally (after a single beep if the power button is held) when attempting to install the firmware update.+
    So I followed the instructions to determine which partition scheme I had. It was "applepartitionscheme". I read further to see how to correct this, assuming I should to make sure I had the latest updates on my computer. After seeing that it required backing up data, and potentially my install disc, I decided to put my Service Plan money to work, and have Apple Support walk me through it, as I am still a rather novice Apple customer.
    I admit I was frustrated that the man on the phone did not seem to understand that I already had a grasp on my problem, and that I bypassed a lot of the diagnostic steps already. I realize that tech support has to follow some step by step manual when talking to a customer, but sometimes I hate being patronized. (Yes, my monitor is on, yes I am connected to the internet. I am not stupid.) I explained I recently had the hard drive replaced. He walked me through "Repairing Permissions" using my install disc. This did not fix the issue. He explained that the update was probably not needed. It wasn't compatible with my computer, and that the techs who put my new drive in probably installed any updates I needed at Apple Care.
    But, am I just really not educated enough in this? Wouldn't my computer say then if it had the most current update? When I check my version it reads : MB....B02, 1.13f3 but when I check under the list of latest update for Macbook it reads, MB...B07, 1.4f12. Is my new hard drive is indeed updated, but my "About This Mac" still thinks it has an older version? Am I going to have this problem with every update?
    I find it hard to believe that after reading this highlighted tech support article:
    +An Intel-based Mac's hard disk must be formatted with the GUID partition scheme to apply a firmware update. Intel-based Macs are shipped this way from the factory. If you have reformatted your hard drive, you should check which scheme your hard disk is currently using before applying a firmware update.+
    that I don't need to fix this incompatibility. Can anyone help with this?

    fatoots wrote:
    ... This did not fix the issue. He explained that the update was probably not needed. It wasn't compatible with my computer, and that the techs who put my new drive in probably installed any updates I needed at Apple Care.
    At that point say you are not satisfied and you would like to A: talk to his supervisor
    or B: escalate the problem.
    Trust what "System Profiler" tells you, not what "Software Update" tells you.
    You DO need to resolve this update.
    * backup your data
    * repartition the HD using GUID
    * reinstall MacOS
    * install all updates
    * restore your data

  • ICal uses up my screen showing grayed-out hours of the night when I do not have appointments - support instructions about Preferences do not work.

    iCal has preferences that let you decide how many hours per day you want to see, and which hours of the day you want to make appointments. For example, I need to see 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and I don't need to make appointments for the night. If I specify in my prefs that my "day starts at 7 am" and "day ends at 8 pm," when I look at my screen it still shows me all 24 hours---with nighttime grayed out.
    This also happens if I change the number of hours I ask to be shown, in preferences again. For example, if I specify that I want to make appointments for 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., that totals ten hours. Whether I click "Show 24 hours" or "Show 10 hours," I still have those grayed-out, useless nighttime hours taking up my screen and forcing me to scroll when I don't want to scroll. I don't want my day to start at 1 a.m. When I click onto a day, I want to see 7 a.m. at the top of the screen.
    I'm on Snow Leopard, iMac intel duo, running iCal 4.0.4 .
    Here are the official support directions/instructions for this.
    "To change the time range that appears in the main calendar view, choose iCal > Preferences and click General.To change the range of time when you’re normally available each day, choose your daytime hours from the “Day starts at” and “Day ends at” pop-up menus. All times outside that range are shaded in the day or week calendar view.To set the number of hours that are displayed when you view your calendar in Day or Week view, choose a number from the Show pop-up menu."
    It mentions these unavailable hours will be "shaded," but my issue isn't whether or not they are shaded (I don't much care) but the fact that I don't want to see them on my screen and be forced to scroll a lot.
    I took screen grabs of these calendars and corresponding Preferences settings, but apparently I'm supposed to go into Photoshop and resize them, etc etc, in order to upload them to this forum. Not going to do it. I hope my description above is clear enough.

    Have you tried resetting the SMC ?     >  Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)

  • What Are The Pro And Cons About The Air

    Can you please answer me because i want to get the best for my money
    The Laptop in question is the 13'' thanks!

    Look there is No Best. Simple fact is, throughout your life, you will spend your money on things and they will either work or not. And you can be assured that at some point whatever you buy and whatever amount of money you spend on it, a lot or a little, eventually it will fail. Just like all people die, they fail eventually.
    So stop worrying about it, go down to a store, Look over what they offer, take notes, go home and search the internet for problems, then go back and buy what seems to fit you the best.
    Or be like me. I see something I like, I look at the price, if I can afford it I Buy IT.

  • Reg Role

    User U1 has default privileges assigned to him through a role R1. There is a table named T1. U1 is able to access T1 through Sql plus and not through Pl/sql.
    Can anyone tell me what is the privilege he is missing?

    First of all SQL Plus is different and SQL is different. SQL Plus is editor provided by oracle to test/execute simple queries. SQL is the actual query language.
    Actually my previous statement is only partially correct.
    Subprograms are classified into Anonymous Blocks and Named Subprograms.
    Anonymous blocks means PL/SQL script with no name associated with it. They will not be stored in database. They will get compiled and executed every time you run it.
    Named subprograms means packages, procedures and functions. Generally we will have logic implemented in procedures and functions.
    Again these procedures and functions are classified into invoker right subprograms and definer right subprogram. There is a clause called AUTHID in procedure/function spec.
    By default or if AUTHID is not specified it is definer rights which means that when procedure is invoked it will be executed with the privileges of the user/schema who created that procedure.
    Eg: For suppose there are 2 schemas A and B
    We create procedure by name proc in A with definer rights. Let us assume that table Table1 is used in A on which A has all the privileges. Once procedure is created in A and execute grants are given to B, B can invoke the procedure any time.
    Schema A
    delete from table1;
    grant on proc1 to B
    Now when B invoke the procedure even though B didnt have any privileges the data is deleted.
    Keep in mind that this is default behavior of stored proc.
    Invoker rights means we need to specify AUTHID current_user in proc/func spec.
    In this case the procedure will fail as B didnt have privileges on table1.
    Now come to the point, privileges granted over role will work in anonymous blocks and invoker right subprograms. But in case of definer rights it wont work.
    The reason for this (1 example):
    For suppose A is SYSDBA (DBA is a role) which will have lots of Predefined Package developed in SYSDBA which will play around actual tables.
    For suppose there is a procedure proc1 which will truncate aud$ (important base table)
    Now every one who got execute privileges can the procedure and truncate aud$.
    If in this case only direct privileges work, then it will never happen.
    If B has to do that specific operation related to aud$ we can directly grant to that. All the other users/schemas who try to invoke will fail.
    I hope you understand what I mean.
    You can refer

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