Regarding sourcing cockpit

Hi Experts
When I go to the Purchase Order Process when I try to display all POs only the held ones appear. In extended search all feilds are blank. Kindly help

please check if there are any Badis active that could influence this behavior.

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  • Purchase Order error message when on Sourcing Cockpit.

    Hi All,
    I have encountered a series of error messages when I try to convert my Shopping Cart into a Purchase Order in SRM 5 within the Sourcing Cockpit. I am using Extended Classic Scenario and have defined the number range in SRM and ECC5. The error messages are below, the moment i try to concert the cart to a Po;
    - Internal number range is missing for transaction type. Inform syst. admin    
    - Transaction type * does not exist. Check entries    
    - Some backend documents could not be generated, or they contain errors  Further Information 
    - No status object is available for 
    I have checked the transaaction type, number ranges assignments, attributes in PPOMA_BBP but fail to find the cause.
    Any pointers would be welcome!

    Hi Muthu,
    The number ranges are consistent as I have checked the number range for local purchase order and this is set as an internal between the range 3000000000 - 3999999999. On the transaction type for BUS2201 Purchase Order, 30 has been set as the Int Number Range, with all other fields left blank.
    The strange thing is that the documents that failed to convert into a PO had been reprocessed in the Application Monitor for Purchase Orders, but when I go back into Sourcing to create the PO, I now get the message:
    "You have either failed to select an item, or you cannot create a follow-on document due to an error that has occurred"

  • Error in Sourcing Cockpit

    Hi Gurus,
    we're working with EC Scenario in SRM 4.0 and Sourcing Cockpit.
    We can create the following documents from a shopping cart: Bid Invitation, Auction and Purchase Order, but not a Contract. The system goes exits out and dumps the following messages:
    The following error text was processed in the system SV5 : Transaction type ECPO must not be used for object type BUS2000113
    The error occurred on the application server itsv03_SV5_10 and in the work process
    The termination type was: TH_RES_FREE
    The ABAP call stack was:
          Form: ADD_MESSAGES_TO_LOG of program SAPLBBP_SOCO_APP
          Function: BBP_SOCO_EV_FOLLOW_ON_CREATE of program SAPLBBP_SOCO_APP
          Form: FCODE of program SAPLBBP_SOCO_UI_ITS
          Module: FCODE of program SAPLBBP_SOCO_UI_ITS"
    Could u help us?
    Thx, Enrico

    Hello Enrico,
    Please maintain the transaction type for the BO/TransCat- BUS2000113 in the SPRO at the path SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings->Define Transaction Types and also if you have implemented the Badi BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS , please verify the code for the method ~CONTRACT_LOGSYS_DETERMINE.
    hope this info will be useful.

  • PO split  in  sourcing cockpit   ?      :-(

    Hello my helpful
    I have quick question for the SRM gurus:
    In the sourcing cockpit, I selected 20 items (per example) and the application splits those items among 2 purchase orders.
    What is the reason of this behavior ?  I know that ebp separates direct and indirect materials.   But in this case everything is indirect.
    Is there any field that may cause a PO split ?
    Thanks and regards from Mexico !

    Following is the criteria which is used to split POs
    For Backend Purchase Orders
      Company Code
      Purchasing Org
      Purchasing Group
      Document Type
      Subtype (Direct/Hierarchy)
      FI Logical System
      Logical System from where an External Requirement comes
    For Local Purchase Orders additional criteria is used to split POs:
      Delivery Address (for higher releases)
      Procument Card Number
      Procurement Card Company
    Additionaly as mentioned by Vadim, check the Implementation of BADI BBP_SC_TRANSFER_BE (Method GROUP_PO) for any Customer Added Splitting Criteria.

  • Assigning a source of supply in sourcing cockpit not working.

    Good day Gurus,
    When we assign a source of supply in sourcing cockpit we get the following error : Invalid combination of sources of
    supply for item 1200012571/1
    This is how we got the error.
    Create a shopping cart and approve it.
    Go to sourcing cockpit and in the comntract column enter the contract number and in the contract item enter the contracts item number,when click enter we get the error as indicated below.
    Please assist,Your help is very much appreciated.
    kind regards,
    Lethabo Kgatla

    HI Anamika,
    I created a free text shopping cart and wanted to propose the source of supply without using the propose source of supply button and got the error.The functionality did work previously and does not work anymore.I am trying to find how can be resolved.

  • Requirements reappear in Sourcing Cockpit after running BBP_GET_STATUS_2

    I have set up plan-driven procurement in the extended classic scenario in SRM 5.0 with an ECC 5.0 back-end. When I assign a vendor to a shopping cart in the sourcing cockpit for an external requirement, it disappears from the worklist. As soon as I have run program BBP_GET_STATUS_2 and I run transaction BBPSOCO01 again, the SC will appear in the worklist again although a PO has been created in both SRM as in the Back-end system. The status of the SC is ordered, the Purchase Requisition is not send again to SRM and I have implemented all relevant notes for program BBP_GET_STATUS_2. How can I prevent that shopping carts are being ordered multiple times? The problem is similar to the problem from KA posted on 9 July 2007, only this is not yet solved.

    Hi Nishant,
    Thanks for your answer. The problem I have that I have already applied note 1050349. Besides note 1050349 I have also implemented the following notes:
    0000691569 Error messages in BBP_GET_STATUS_2                         
    0000989891 BBP_GET_STATUS_2: Incorr quantity determination in back end
    0001001882 BID: Requirement reappears in sourcing cockpit             
    0001012124 SHP not reappear in SOCO after backend PO delete           
    0001027598 BBP_GET_STATUS_2: Error message E 011 in back end          
    0001032713 BBP_GET_STATUS_2: incorrect sourcing indicator             
    0001033208 Complete sourcing indicator is getting lost                
    0001040847 Requirement is removed from sourcing after BBP_GET_STATUS_2
    0001041334 BBP_GET_STATUS_2 cannot handle more than one PO            
    0001044351 BBP_GET_STATUS_2: Error message with reservation           
    0001049989 External requirements: Object id not found error in XI     
    0001050349 Sourced Shopping cart reappears in Sourcing cockpit.       
    0001055375 BBP_GET_STATUS_2: Error message during conversion          
    0001056941 Shp. cart sent back to SOCO in case of P. Req. or Reservatio
    0001062223 BBP_GET_STATUS_2: Performance and runtime error            
    0001062565 No reference of backend Object ID is updated in Shop. cart 
    0001066128 Shp cart item is not updated from the related PO           
    0001084144 BBP_GET_STATUS_2 sourcing relevant indicator               
    0001088315 External Requirement: Sourcing ind. flag is wrongly set    
    0001106550 SOCO: completed requirement is sent back to SOCO           
    Do you have other recommendations?
    Jos van den Berg

  • PR to SRM Sourcing Cockpit Issue

    In ECC, the ME_SOU* BADI is implemented to activate sending PR of type RV to go to SRM Sourcing Cockpit.
    The necessary Workflow Event Linkages are activated in ECC to send the PR to SRM.
    When the PR is released, it does not trigger the event to call the workflow. The event trace SWELS at the time of releasing the PR does not show any events triggered.
    Any thoughts here to resolve this issue?

    Hi Kasee,
    If you are going to transfer ECC PR to SRM via SOA, the following steps should be configured well in ECC side:
    1, LOG_MM_P2PSE_1 should be activated via trx SFW5 in ECC side;
    2, implement BADI ME_REQ_SOURCING_CUST;
    3, go to trx SWETYPV and check if the following objects are existing:
    4,activate outbound message as below:
    (ERP) Transaction SPRO -> Other components->Supplier Relationship Management->
    Message Control-->Activate outbound messages through qRFC
    5, configure RFC destination for workflow system
    6,configure RFC destination for SAP XI
    7, create SU01 XI user
    8, trx olme: Portal  >Set Up Landscape
    9, trx smqr: MMPURS_BUS2105_* should be registered.
    XML message should be triggered after this.
    You may also refer to the following notes:
    note 1263876
    note 1268336
    Hope this helps.

  • Shopping cart item not appearing in sourcing cockpit

    I have an issue which is related to sourcing activity.
    I ordered a shopping cart and the status is approved the product category is set to sourcing always carried out after ordering when I check the status of the line item it is showing that the line item is in purchaser work list,but when I login as a purchaser I am not able to see the cart in sourcing cockpit.
    I have maintained strategic and operational purchaser roles for that user and product responsibility for that pruchasing group even then line item is not appearing in sourcing cockpit can any one among you throw some light on this.

    Usually when I browse sourcing area the last work item should be my shopping cart line item.
    But I am not able to find the line item in sourcing area,I searched in all possible ways,do you think I missed some sort of settings regarding this.

  • Need Information on Sourcing cockpit and Business rule framework

    Hi Experts,
    I am having 2 general qustions :
    1. ) What is sourcing Cokpit and what are the things that we can done from sourcing cockpit.Please explain in detail.
    example  : what i knw abt sourcing is...... It means from where we are going to source our material means vendor.
    My idea is to know everything abt sourcing cockpit.
    2. ) In SRM 7.0 what is the Busniess rule framework concept and if i need to configure a BRF approval process with respect to Shopping cart and a Purchase order in Extended classic scenario then how do i need to move ahead.

    Q no 1:
    Sourcing Cockpit is an area from where you can source the requirements..There are two ways  by which sourcing can be done.
    1. The Purchase requisiton created from ECC 6.0 can be pushed to SRM for Sourcing . Either direct material with Part no or
    Service requirement without part number
    2. The shopping cart created in SRM can be converted to sourcing.
    once the requirments are flown from ECC 6.0 and  SRM . in the SRM server in sourcing node--click Carry our sourcing.
    you can get all the requirements.
    From this  you can convert  it to Purchase order,contract,Auction. Bid invitation.
    Q. no 2 :Business Rule Framework.(BRF)
    This is related to Workflow .From SRM 7.0 this workflow is called Process controlled workflow. Only by simple rules the
    Workflow for  Approval process for P.O ,Contract,Bid invitation can be done.
    If you are SAP ABAP person they you can confugure this .Normally  ABAP person will do this.. Please go to S ID and get the
    details there for Business rule framework
    Just check in this forum in Search you can get more details and notes
    go to and enter business rule framework you get more material
    check this link [original link is broken]
    G.Ganesh Kumar

  • Buyer not able to change fields of SC in sourcing cockpit in SRM 7.0

    We are on SRM 7.0 , SP 07 . We are in classic mode.
    Buyer is not able to change fields of shopping cart in sourcing cockpit like delivery date and quantity . He is able to add supplier and create PO . Even when he creates draft PO , he is not able to edit the fields of shopping cart like delivery date and quantity. Is it a standard Bug , is their any OSS SAP Note for this

    As per SAP Standard BUYER can only vendor and Enter price and create  a follow on document.
    Buyer does not have a control to edit other data.
    Buyer wants to they can do it in ME21N ..PO
    not in the shopping cart

  • Shopping cart not in sourcing cockpit after PO qty been reduced

    Hi ,
    We have a issue where a shopping cart was created with qty 100 and it came to sourcing cockpit.PO was then created for the shopping cart with the value qty 100. Later GR and Invoice was done for against the PO for quantity 25. PO qty was then reduced to 25. But still the shopping cart has not come back to the sourcing cockpit.
    Table BBP_PDIGP shows the following value for the item of the shopping cart :
    VAL ASN E = 0
    VAL ASN = 0
    VAL CF E = 25
    VAL CF    =          0.00
    VAL CF     =         0.00
    VAL IV E       =     25.00
    VAL IV       =       0.00
    VAL PO E        =    0.00
    VAL PO E AGG     =   0.00
    QUAN ASN E      =    0.000
    QUAN ASN      =      0.000
    QUAN CF E =          25.00
    QUAN CF       =      0.000
    QUAN IV E    =       25.00
    QUAN IV        =     0.000
    QUAN PO E  =        25.00
    NUM ASN      =       0
    NUM CONF     =       0
    NUM INV     =        0
    SOURCE REL IND = blank
    My questions are :
    1) Root cause of the issue ? Scenario where this can happen ?
    2 ) How to resolve the issue ? Just changing the SOURCE REL IND to X does not suffice (Tried the FM BBP_PDIGP_DB_DIRECT_UPDATE to set the sourcing indicator ) . Only when I clear all the values shown above to zero (change the values from 25 to 0) , does the shopping cart comes to sourcing cockpit . But the SC come with the qty 100 which is not correct , it should be 100- 25 = 75.
    Please suggest and pls answer all the questions.

    as of now ,
    if the deletion of purchase order can make shopping cart item available in the cockpit.
    but you can not expect the sc item should goes to cockpit if the PO quantity has been reduced .
    In the PDP scenario - SAP suggested some custom logic if the quantity increased in the PR and remaining item comes / shows in the cockpit but no sap never provide any solution for quantity REDUCED.
    The above is my experience but you can check with SAP what is the standard.

  • Some doubts regarding sorcing cockpit in EBP

    Hi all,
    This is sankar bhatta , working in IBM . I am new to the EBP module. I got  few doubts regarding the sourcing cockpit.
    When a shopping cart comes to the sourcing cockpit of the purchaser. I mean in what cases??
    i am listing some of the cases where i have doubts.
    1) A user creates a SC , but he doesn't assign any vendors. in that case it comes to the sourcing cockpit of the Purchase . is it right??
    2)A user created a shopping cart ( with more than one item) without vendor and it has gone to SOCO of purchaser . he has assigned the vendor and orders it. the PO is created in the Backend. now because of some reason ( for example the vendor is not able to supply the item ) the purchase deletes one item from the PO in EB. In this case is the SC comes again to SOCO of the Purchaser???
    3) the user created the SC without vendor.The SC goes to the SOCO of the purchaser. The SC is in approval process. Now the user deletes one item and orders it again. In this case whether the SC goes to the SOCO again???
    4) User created a SC ( with more than one item) and approval is over. PO is created in the backend. Now, if the user or somebody who has the authorisation deletes the item in SC , does the SC goes to the SOCO of the purchaser??
    5)According to SAp standard functionallity, PO can be deleted only by one in purcasing organisation. Is this person person csn be a purchaser (or) some other person in the Purchasing organisation??
    Please answer these questions and if you know any other case where a SC comes to the SOCO of the Purcher please include that also.
    Thanks and regards
    Sankar Rao Bhatta.

    Hi Sankara,
    The Sourcing cockpit is much more simple than that. Your questions show you'rre very confused in this.
    There is only one customizing point used : SAP Reference IMG -> SAP Implementation Guide -> Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Sourcing -> Define Sourcing for Product Categories
    If Sourcing for Product Categories is not configured, the system creates purchase orders in the local scenario for all requirements; these are incomplete if the source of supply is missing. If you require additional control options, for example, the facility to control processing at product level, you can use the following BAdI: Define Execution of Sourcing.
    The diferent options you have in the customizing point are:
    -Sourcing is never carried out: This is the default setting. Enterprise Buyer does not transfer any items to the purchaser's sourcing application ¨C independent of the status of the shopping cart.
    -Sourcing is always carried out: Enterprise Buyer transfers each item to Sourcing ¨C independent of the status of the shopping cart.
    -Sourcing is carried out for items without a source of supply: Enterprise Buyer transfers all requirements that have multiple sources of supply of which none is assigned, or if there is no source of supply for the requirement, to Sourcing.
    -Automatic requirement grouping; sourcing for items without assigned source of supply:
    If a source of supply is assigned to a requirement, the report BBP_SC_TRANSFER_GROUPED automatically groups requirements together for the creation of a PO. If the requirement does not have a source of supply, it appears in the work list of the sourcing application for manual assignment. Once you have assigned a source of supply, you can submit the requirement to the report.
    -Automatic grouping; sourcing is never carried out: If a source of supply is assigned to a requirement, the report BBP_SC_TRANSFER_GROUPED automatically groups requirements together for the creation of a PO. If the requirement does not have a source of supply, an incomplete PO is created.
    -Automatic bid invitation for items without a source of supply: Enterprise Buyer creates a bid invitation for all requirements that do not have any source of supply.
    So for your questions:
    1)depending on your customizing, this SC will lead to:
    -Backend PR (classic scenario)
    -Local incomplete PO (standalone or extended classic without soircing)
    -Requirement in the Sourcing cockpit (if customized)
    2)The modification of a PO will never change the initial document (SC and/or requirement), nothing 'comes back' into the sourcing cockpit
    3)If you customized the sourcink cockpit, the SC line goes into it only after the approval process
    4)This has nothing to do with the sourcing cockpit
    5)The POs can be deleted by people who have correct authorizations (that is purchasers of the document purch. org. in standard). Be careful the POs cannot be deleted as soon as they have been edited (as of R/3).
    PS: Please don't forget to reward points for helpful answers on your threads.

  • Type PO by item in Sourcing Cockpit (new field)

    Hi Dear Experts,
    I need your help again.
    I`m working with extended classic scenario (SRM 5.0 and R/3 4.7)
    I have a big issue in my process: I need to choose the type of PO by item in sourcing cockpig, but that needs to be done manually by the user, because I don`t have rule of business to include in the program for automatically determining the type of PO - by the system (like Pgroup or POrganization).
    I checked the note 1052650 - Sourcing cockpit: Split criteria for creating follow-on docs, but this note doesn`t resolve my issue.
    I need to include one new field in item level (Sourcing cockpit) and use this new field in split_po_loc_cmp_criteria.
    Someone knows if it`s possible or not to resolve this issue ? Or Someone knows wich badi ou other criteria I need to use for solution this big problem ???
    Thanks very much.
    Best regards,

    Refer this BADI BBP_GROUP_LOC_PO
    Regards, IA

  • Shopping cart from catalog in sourcing cockpit

    Hi experts
    I have a doubt when I create a shopping cart from a catalog it's going to sourcing cockpit of the buyer I am in SRM 5.5 ECS, I have configuted in customizing for soucing option 5 Aut Grouping . Sourcing for itens whithout assigned souce,
    It must send for soucing cockpit only itens without source.
    Someone knows how to solve it?

    Which SRM version are you using ?
    <b>This is correct.. It's standard functionality...</b> For every shopping cart, created from catalogs, the SOS (Source of supply) - Vendor will always be available.. (Until and unless you have activated any other Active BADI) and once the Shopping cart is complete and is ordered... It will directly by pass the buyer and will directly go the Approver for Approval, if required.. Otherwise, Back-end document (PO, Pur Req.. etc ) will get created...
    Do let me know.. Incase you still face any issues.
    - Atul

  • Shopping cart not in sourcing cockpit

    I created a shopping cart. It has been approved and shows as status approved when I search for it in "monitor shopping cart". I have checked the source_rel_ind and this is X. But when I check the sourcing cockpit, my shopping cart is not there.
    I checkedthe application logs too and there is nothing in there.
    Any idea where the shopping cart could go to?
    Kind regards

    What is your scenario?
    Do you remember for which product category this SC is created?
    Check your config in both these places : Define objects in backend system and Sourcing --> Define sourcing for product categories.
    Based on these two config in SPRO the SC will be converted into PR, PO or will be in sourcing cockpit if you dont have any other technical BADI's available.
    See BBP_PD and check for the status whether it is approved or item in transfer process or followon document created and then look into monitor shopping cart.
    Best regards,

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