Regarding the 'Dispatch time' settings for output type...

Hi Experts,
May i know what 'Send with application own transaction' means when we configuring output type in SPRO for 'Dispatch time'.
Cause i knew if we set it as 'Send immediately', then this output type will be triggered upon saving the orders.
But i dont know what that item for..Could you kindly help me on this...
What it means if we set the dispatch time as 'Send with application own transaction' for delivery output..??
Thank you very much.

If you choose 'Send with application own transaction'  when maintaining condition record for output type,during order,delivery and invoice saving the output type signal is yellow,that means unless you select that output and trigerred for printing it will not goto the spool.i.e in simple words the output is for manual printing.......
Let me know if you need any clarifications on this..

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    What is Microsoft's official policy regarding the processing time for HCK2.1 Driver Submissions?
    Can someone point me to a document that states the official policy stating their maximum review time?  This info used to be in the WLK1.6 FAQ but I don't see it for the HCK2.1 suite.

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm sure LabVIEW uses the (default) Windows timer. And yes, 1 mS is not guaranteed due to the preemptive nature of Windows (and even "RTOSs" to varying degrees), which is why I see about plus or minus 2 mS. 
    Apparently the Windows timer can be set by API calls. See: Here's a screen shot of his TimerResolution.exe on a Windows 7 PC:
    Here it is on my Windows XP PC after I set it to "Maximum" (initially it was 15.625 mS):
    Notice that it sets the Maximum to less than 1 mS, which is supposed to be the max, so there are some bugs. Plus the Default button does not reset it in XP, but does work on Windows 7 or 8. (I know this is not the place to "debug" non-LabVIEW applications!)
    I'll bet LabVIEW sets it, too. The only caveat, as I said, is it looks like another application can change it, since the hardware timer is a "global" timer. I have not seen this issue in my LabVIEW applications, have you?
    I guess I need to do some more digging to see the code to set the timer, but it looks like the developers of LabVIEW have it figured it out.
    (FYI, I did notice that running my LabVIEW app (which gives about 2 mS resolution) or a C# app, which gives 15.625 mS resolution, does not affect what TimerResolution.exe reports, so I'm not sure if it's really working correctly. If I figure it out I'll post the results.)

  • Change the default margin settings for the MS word!

    Hi All,
    BI Publisher version:latest
    Oracle Apps:12.0.6
    We are facing an issue of which description is as below:
    RTF output is being uploaded through "XML Publisher" Responsibility.
    3.1.9 Header and Footer Margin from Edge Not Preserved in RTF Output
    This issue applies to Versions,,,,, and
    Microsoft Word provides a Page Setup option for specifying the margin for the headers and footers from the edge of the page. This option is available by choosing the File menu, then Page Setup, then the Margins tab, and the From edge box. This margin setting is not retained when the output format is RTF. The output is created with the default margin settings instead. The margin settings do work correctly for other output formats such as HTML, PDF, and Excel.
    So, the "default setting" mentioned here is around 1/2 inch for MS Word which is getting added in the output, even if the margin in template is zero.
    Expected output:
    So what we need to do is -
    1. Check the MS word installation on the application server
    2. Change this default margin setting as top and bottom 0 on the server in the MS word page setup. (I can give you steps to do this in word if required)
    We have tried setting this margin to 0 on client side and generating the output and it makes no difference, so it must be coming from the server.
    We need to know how could we modify the settings and need to know te source and Check the MS word installation on the application server?
    Could anyone please share such an issue faced before!
    Thanks for your time!

    Hi All,
    Our understanding about the RTF output is this -
    When we generate an RTF report output from Oracle EBS, the word document that is generated is with the settings of MS word that is installed on application server.
    This understanding could be wrong as we have never faced such situation before! We have come to this conclusion because the default settings that we do on client machine do not work.
    And as per the documentation of BI publisher the RTF should always be generated with the default settings of MS word.
    So what you could help us with is this -
    1. See if the MS word application is installed on application server ( if you think this is not application server, but any other server then please check there!)
    2. Change the default margin settings for the MS word.

  • Maintain archiving parameter(s) for output type RD00(appl.V3)

    Hi Guys,
                 While trying to get the output for billing documents I'm facing a error : Maintain archiving parameter(s) for output type RD00 (appl.V3)
    At the time of output determination,the archiving parameters for output type RD00(application V3) were incorrectly maintained in customizing.
    Additional information:
    SAP object:
    Archiving object:
    Maintain the archiving parameters and repeat output determination for the required document.
    Expecting the solution.

    Can you check what you have in the Storage System Tab in the fields Storage Mode and Document Type.
    It should be Print Only and SDOINVOICE respectively.

  • Form is printing two times from MRRL, output type ERS

    I have copied the standard script MR_PRINT to custom script and done changes in the script to print the invoice form using MRRL transaction (for output type = ERS). Now I am facing two issues. Please help.
    1) The form is printing two times on ise my custom form and one is the standard form.Checked the configuration output type ERS is assigned to my custom form only.
    2)The form is printing a new invoice document for every line item of a Purchase order. Suppose if a PO has two lines item. MRRL is printing the form 4 times. That is custom form for each line item and standard form for each line item. How to fix the issue.
    Are these the technical issues or configuration isssues. I have done changes to only my custom script layout.

    Please reply. If any one has any idea???

  • ChangeConfigurationByName fails with "The specified configuration settings for Settings are invalid."

    I am tryint to update deployment and always have following error
    "The specified configuration settings for Settings are invalid. Verify that the service configuration file is a valid XML file, and that role instance counts are specified as positive integers."
    Have found similar
    thread  and
    stack overflow - without any success. I am not chaning anyting. Just reading deployment configuration and tryint to update with the same settings. I use .net azure sdk  wrappers to generate requests. Code looks like:
    var deployment = client.Deployments.GetByName(location.DataCenter, location.Cluster);var result = client.Deployments.ChangeConfigurationByName(location.DataCenter, location.Cluster, new DeploymentChangeConfigurationParameters{  Configuration = deployment.Configuration});
    Catched request response from fiddler:
    POST[subscription-id]/services/hostedservices/[service-name]/deployments/[deployment-name]/?comp=config HTTP/1.1
    x-ms-version: 2013-11-01
    User-Agent: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.Compute.ComputeManagementClient/
    client-tracking-id: 2
    Content-Type: application/xml
    Content-Length: 544
    Expect: 100-continue
    Connection: Keep-Alive
    <ChangeConfiguration xmlns="">
    <ExtendedProperties />
    HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
    Cache-Control: no-cache
    Content-Length: 351
    Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8
    Server: 1.0.6198.51 (rd_rdfe_stable.140226-1543) Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0
    x-ms-servedbyregion: ussouth
    x-ms-request-id: dcb1c5aedb5872d4aaf90acfede2de0b
    Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 13:38:10 GMT
    <Error xmlns="" xmlns:i=""><Code>BadRequest</Code><Message>The specified configuration settings for Settings are invalid. Verify
    that the service configuration file is a valid XML file, and that role instance counts are specified as positive integers.</Message></Error>
    the same data returned by operation status. Decoded base-64 encoded string looks like
    <ServiceConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
    <Role name="yauhen-ccis2">
    <Instances count="1" />
    Have tried without new line symbols, without xmlns, updating by production. without any success

    The configuration file is a file with extension .cscfg. If you have Visual Studio, the file is automatically generated when you create the project, and automatically updated when you modify the project's properties.
      >> Not sure were could I get content of this file from api?
    It's needed to encode this file's content use base64, and put the result in the body of your request. (Please refer to for more information.) 
      >> <ChangeConfiguration xmlns="">
    However, may I know how you find the body for your request? (It seems you do a base64 decoding, you find it is a valid configuration file, but it doesn't have any configuration settings.) Actually, the settings defined in csdef needed to
    be contained in the configuration file.
    Best Regards,
    Ming Xu
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  • Deletion Log for output types

    Hi all,
    Where can i find the deletion log for output types
    need to know the username and timestamp.

    Hi Mayank,
    some of the NACE settings are customizing.
    If you enabled the customizing change recordings (which should be ALWAYS enabled on dev system's client), you can browse the changes with the Change Log Browser of customizing tables
    To enable the client recording, please find
    If recording was not enabled, no change logs are availible.
    You may reconstruct "old" values by drilling into (released) TMS customizing transports to see which values where included but that's pretty technical view of data.
    Best regards,

  • What is the default time settings in Process chains

    What is the default time settings in Process chains.
    How to set time settings for daily,weekly,monthly loads in Process chains.
    What is the time settings that we have to take care when creating meta chains.

    Hi Madhu,
    The Time settings for any PC is done in the start variant of the PC. There is nothing like default time setting. These settings are totally depended on the requirement and system performance. It is a general rule of thumb to load the data during a time when the user activity is minimum as the loading process is going to occupy many dialog as well as background WPs. So, if you schedule them at a time when there are many users on the system, they might feel that the system is slow. Hence, you decide as to what is the best time for scheduling a PC. The same applies to meta chain also. In case of meta chains, you make sure the dependencies of the local chains is also handled. Hope this helps.
    Thanks and Regards
    Subray Hegde

  • The email message cannot be sent. Make sure the outgoing email settings for the server are configured properly

    i have an issue when loading a workflow. it gives me a following error "The email message cannot be sent. Make sure the outgoing email settings for the server are configured properly". it doesnt send me any alerts and worlflow fails at the end
    with the above error message.

    I agree with Bistesh. But after Outgoing e-mail settings are configured properly, if the issue still exists,
    It may result from your Anti-Virus. Please refer to the following steps:
    Open MCAfee Console and go to Access Protection window.
    Click Anti-Virus Standard Protection and edit “prevent mass mailing 
    worms from sending emails” rule.
    Now we need to know which processes are being blocked therefore we need to check the MCAfee Log located at
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\DesktopProtection\AccessProtectionLog.txt
    you may find entries of DtExec , DtExecUI and DatabaseMail90, now these processes need to be entered in the exclusion list of selected rule .
    Reset the IIS And SharePoint Timer service to check if this works for you.
    Here are some similar issues with you, you can use as a reference:
    Best Regards,
    Lisa chen

  • No processing log for outbound delivery for output type

    Dear Gurus,
    I want to see processing log for output type for outbound delivery .
    But when i click processing log push button for output type for outbound  delivey  , one error is comming as 'NO PROCESSING LOG FOR OUTPUT TYPE'.
    Could you please let me the reason ?
    Edited by: susheelkodam on Sep 9, 2010 10:33 AM

    What transaction are you running when you press the [Output log] button?  If you're in the create transaction, then I think the output log should be available but if you subsequently go in to VL02N and press the Log button, the I don't think the log is available.
    Regards,   Andy

  • No archive exist for output type YWNK

    in order to see the output message (print) I click on the print icon within contracts (T-code ME33K).
    I get the message 'No archive exist for output type YWNK'. How else can I see the output print. I have
    to preview the output. What is wrong in this case. What has to be made. Pls help.
    Marco M.

    Try to check if that message was uploaded in the contract you need to see else u need to create it

  • How to create an output condition record for output type

    For SD LE shipping...
    Create an output condition record for output type
    Message was edited by:
            Hoo Laa
    Message was edited by:
            Hoo Laa

    Hi Hoo,
    Follow the path.
    SAP Easy Access -> Logistics -> Logistics Execution -> Master Data -> Output   -> Shipping - > Create.
    Tcode: VV21.
    Hope I have clarified your query. Do reward if so.
    Nadarajah Pratheb

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