REMADV Idoc setup

I want to send REMADV Idoc (remitance advice) to vendors after payment run F110 is complete. I have completed following steps
1. in Vendor master checked the flag for "Pay. Adv. by EDI)
2. Maintained variant for program RFFOEDI1 and selected variant in F110.
3. maintained partner profile for vendor. with message type REMADV, Idoc type "PEXR2002".
After I run payment run, I do not get the Idoc. The log shows that no records selected for RFFOEDI1.
Can some please let me know what I am missing?
Thank you

In program there is a check for field REGUH-EDIBN. In our case the field is blank, and that is why the data does not get selected. Any ideas what needs to be done so that the field have value is 'X". I have maintained partner profile for vendor ( without message control) already.

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  • Idoc Setup For Automatic Payments

    could any body share Step for IDoc setup for  Automatic Payments?
    Thanx in in advance.

    Idoc Setup For Automatic Payments .

  • OB55 Customer worklist REMADV IDOC Payment advice

    We are using REMADV IDOC to enter payment advices for customer open items. We have for ex 3 customers A, B and C. Customer C is entered in Customer's master data A & B as the alternative payer. (company code, payment transaction tab). Customer C sends in payment advice with payment for line items of customer A & B. The aim is thus for the system to clear them by creating a batch input.  When viewing the REMADV IDOC (FBE3) we should have in field "account value "C" but in field "alternative account" we should have either customer "A" or "B".
    This is done through the help of customer worklists. I am unable to understand how this works. How do I create a worklist?
    I tried creating one in OB55 by naming it Worklist "Customer C" REMADV. Then in Edit > Automatic Worklist > Alternative payer. In there I did not enter anything in the prefix, in offset 2, display length 8. I tried many options prefix RE, offset 2, length 6.
    but nothing is working. When integrating the REMADV IDOC, impossible for me to see in FBE3, in Alternative customer account A or B. It is always customer "C"
    Can anyone explain clearly how to create a customer worklist.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Can you please share any IDOC file for the following: On Accout Posting, if the invoice is not found, Debit Memo and Credit Memo with text fields populated?

  • IDOC Setup

    Dear Experts,
    I need to do a IDOC setup for inbound IDOCS in SAP ERP.
    After doing all the steps I think I have, I use We19 to do get an IDOC using an existing one and modifying the sender and receiver. I try to find the Functional module for inbound idocs which I dont seem to.What steps I have to do to ensure this that when I use my new defined message type linked to the Functional Module.
    After I execute the IDOC I get a message EDI: Receiver port in control record is invalid.
    I have maintained the partner profile (We20)also with new logical system which is sender (outside of SAP) to the SAP which es already defined as a port.
    EDI: Partner profile not available
    Need your help

    Hi Andy,
    check the ALE settings again:
    Here is a quick guide for you:
    First of all you need two logical systems, one will act as sender and other as reciever .
    1)Define logical systems through BD54.
    2) Assign clients to logical systems (SCC4)
    3) Create RFC Destination (SM59)
    4) create port(we21)
    5) Create Partner profile
    If all these steps are done then go to BD64, there
    1) Create Model view
    2) Mention your sender and Reciever for that Model (logical systems)
    3) Mention The message type
    4) Distribute your model view through Environment -> Distribute
    If model view is distributed sucessfully that means messages can flow sucessfully between two systems. To ensure your your model view is distributed sucessfully, take special care while setting up partner profiles in sending and recieving system.
    Now please ensure that you have not missed any step and all steps are carried out sucessfully.

  • Creating REMADV idoc- payment advice

    Hi Experts,
    I want to generate REMADV idoc after the payment run, can anyone please suggest the configuration need.

    To create REMADV  you can use the program RFFOEDI1. This program should be added to the payment run, in the same you use the old RFFO* to create payment medium.
    These links provide hints on how to configure it or how to define the integration:

  • REMADV Idoc

    Hi Experts,
    Can anyone suggest that is there anyway to trigger the REMADV Idoc(payment advice) when a Goods receipt is posted.

    Using the REMADV inbound idocs, payment advices will be created. The created payment advices can be viewed using the transaction FBE3.
    For creating internally it uses FB01 tcode. inbound function module will be IDOC_INPUT_REMADV.

  • Idoc setup::Partner profile for Logical system

    HI All,
    I am using Idocs to transmit my invoice details from ECC to PI, but every time I do this for a new customer I have to setup a partner profile for the customer whose invoice is to be sent. I setup the partner profile using WE20, I setup the partner profile for partner type KU(Customer) in the we20,
    Is there any way we can setup partner profile for LS(Logical system) in we20 & I don't have to setup partner profile for each & every customer for which Idoc is to be generated.
    Please provide some useful information/help to handle this business scenario.
    Saurav Singh

    Hi Saurabh,
    Please refer SAP Note 1103146 and check.
    Please also refer the below link:-
    Thanks & regards,
    Rahul Verulkar

  • ALE / IDOC setup

    I did ALE setup to Send Idoc from R/3 to XI. I generated Idoc and sent to XI. Idoc status on R/3 is 03 - Idoc sent to R/3 System or external program ).
    In XI I did setup Port for R/3 system using IDX1.
    However the Idoc sent from R/3 to XI did not reached XI. What could be a problem ?. Would someone guide me please.
    I did everything one possibly do using step by step guide.
    When I do consistency check using BDM5, all messages are green and one in RED with folowing message
    Checks in Partner System XXXXXXXXX
    Test function in partner system : connection closed

    Hi Ram,
    As Bhavesh told, check in transaction sm58 if u can see any errors.
    Did u create port SAP<SID> in “idx1” in the XI box and relevant RFC destination for the same from XI Box to sending system?
    Also see if these links help you...
    Where is my IDoc??? Sent from R/3 to XI
    Configuring to receive a iDoc in R/3 sent by XI
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  • IDOC setup for SLD

    Dear XI experts,
    I woule like to ask you when I want to do the PI setup for IDOC sending and receiving in the SLD, as to what steps I have to take for this. I had done the setup and chosen ABAP as a choice in the Technical and Business system, however, I am not clear where I should define the Integration server to be able to choose this when I create a Technical and Business system and do the assignment of the Integration server.
    Perhaps I need to do step by step the SLD setup for  IDOC sending and receiving from SAP Backend and viceversa to find what I am missing.
    Thanks for your input.
    Best regards

    Check this blog "How To Configure IDoc Adapters"
    It consist all setting including all steps required for SLD.

  • Scheduling Agreement --- IDOC Setup

    Please let me know the Configuration for SA for Inbound & Outbound IDOC
    Amey Kulkarni

    I don't know if you're talking about SD Schedulling Agreements or MM Purchasing Schedulling Agreements.
    For the second type there is also an important IDOC output:
    - message type: DELFOR / DELJIT
    - basic type: DELFOR02
    that carries Delivery Schedule Forecast and/or JiT lines that you release and send to supplier.
    to receive despatch advice from Supplier there is:
    - message type: DESADV
    This messages are predefined in SAP so you only need to set them in WE20 t-code for each Supplier as partner.
    To outbound Delivery Schedule with IDOC (EDI)  it is also needed to maintain Output type LPH1 in MN10 t-code and sometimes in SPRO in Message settings for Schedulling Agreement Delvr Schd release output,
    Best Regards,

  • ALE/EDI : IDoc Setup

    While setting Partner Profile when I am assigning the process code & FM Name it giving me the following error
    Application object type is not planned
    Message no. B1405
    The application object type '' is not permissible for the input function module 'Z_IDOC_INPUT_ZORDER01'.
    Something wrong with the FM I guess.... Some setting I am missing...
    Let me tell What all I have done....
    (1) WE30
    (2) WE81 - Message Type
    (3) BD59 - Object Type
    (4) WE57 - Linking Message type to FM
    (5) BD51 - FM settings
    (6) WE20 - Partner Profile....
    On step six its giving the above error....
    Please Guide how to resolve this issue....
    Thanks & Warm Regards
    Ankur Jain

    Hai Ankur
    check the following Links
    ALE and IDOCs
    IDOCs !!!!!! need your help
    ALE, EDI and IDOCS
    ALE---IDOC Creation Steps
    01 Error --> Idoc Added
    30 Error --> Idoc ready for dispatch(ALE Service)
    then goto SE38 --> Execute the Program RBDMIDOC
    29 Error --> ALE Service Layer
    then goto SE38 --> Execute the Program RSEOUT00
    03 Error --> Data Passed to Port ok
    then goto SE38 --> Execute the Program RBDMOIND
    12 Error --> Dispatch ok
    Inbound Status Codes
    50 Error --> It will go for ALE Service Layer
    56 Error --> Idoc with Errors added
    51 Error --> Application Document not posted
    65 Error --> Error in ALE Service Layer
    for 51 or 56 Errors do the following steps
    goto WE19 > give the IDOC Number and Execute>
    Press on Inbound function Module
    for 65 Error --> goto SE38 --> Execute the Program RBDAPP01 then your getting 51 Error
    Sending System(Outbound ALE Process)
    Tcode SALE ? for
    a) Define Logical System
    b) Assign Client to Logical System
    Tcode SM59-RFC Destination
    Tcode BD64 ? Create Model View
    Tcode BD82 ? Generate partner Profiles & Create Ports
    Tcode BD64 ? Distribute the Model view
    Message Type MATMAS
    Tcode BD10 ? Send Material Data
    Tcode WE05 ? Idoc List for watching any Errors
    Receiving System(Inbound ALE )
    Tcode SALE ? for
    a) Define Logical System
    b) Assign Client to Logical System
    Tcode SM59-RFC Destination
    Tcode BD64 ? Check for Model view whether it has distributed or not
    Tcode BD82 -- Generate partner Profiles & Create Ports
    Tcode BD11 Getting Material Data
    Tcode WE05 ? Idoc List for inbound status codes
    ALE IDOC Steps
    Sending System(Outbound ALE Process)
    Tcode SALE ?3 for
    a) Define Logical System
    b) Assign Client to Logical System
    Tcode SM59-RFC Destination
    Tcode BD64 !V Create Model View
    Tcode BD82 !V Generate partner Profiles & Create Ports
    Tcode BD64 !V Distribute the Model view
    This is Receiving system Settings
    Receiving System(Inbound ALE )
    Tcode SALE ?3 for
    a) Define Logical System
    b) Assign Client to Logical System
    Tcode SM59-RFC Destination
    Tcode BD64 !V Check for Model view whether it has distributed or not
    Tcode BD82 -- Generate partner Profiles & Create Ports
    Tcode BD11 Getting Material Data
    Tcode WE05 !V Idoc List for inbound status codes
    Message Type MATMAS
    Tcode BD10 !V Send Material Data
    Tcode WE05 !V Idoc List for watching any Errors
    1)a Goto Tcode SALE
    Click on Sending & Receiving Systems-->Select Logical Systems
    Here Define Logical Systems---> Click on Execute Button
    go for new entries
    1) System Name : ERP000
    Description : Sending System
    2) System Name : ERP800
    Description : Receiving System
    press Enter & Save
    it will ask Request
    if you want new request create new Request orpress continue for transfering the objects
    B) goto Tcode SALE
    Select Assign Client to Logical Systems-->Execute
    000--> Double click on this
    Give the following Information
    Client : ERP 000
    City :
    Logical System
    Client role
    Save this Data
    Step 2) For RFC Creation
    Goto Tcode SM59-->Select R/3 Connects
    Click on Create Button
    RFC Destination Name should be same as partner's logical system name and case sensitive to create the ports automatically while generating the partner profiles
    give the information for required fields
    RFC Destination : ERP800
    Connection type: 3
    Target Host : ERP000
    System No:000
    lan : EN
    Client : 800
    User : Login User Name
    save this & Test it & RemortLogin
    Goto Tcode BD64 -- click on Change mode button
    click on create moduleview
    short text : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Technical Neme : MODEL_ALV
    save this & Press ok
    select your just created modelview Name :'MODEL_ALV'.
    goto add message type
    Model Name : MODEL_ALV
    sender : ERP000
    Receiver : ERP800
    Message type :MATMAS
    save & Press Enter
    4) Goto Tcode BD82
    Give Model View : MODEL_ALV
    Partner system : ERP800
    execute this by press F8 Button
    it will gives you sending system port No :A000000015(Like)
    5) Goto Tcode BD64
    seelct the modelview
    goto >edit>modelview-->distribute
    press ok & Press enter
    6)goto Tcode : BD10 for Material sending
    Material : mat_001
    Message Type : MATMAS
    Logical System : ERP800
    and Execute
    7)goto Tcode : BD11 for Material Receiving
    Material : mat_001
    Message Type : MATMAS
    and Execute --> 1 request idoc created for message type Matmas
    press enter
    Here Master Idoc set for Messge type MATMAS-->press Enter
    1 Communication Idoc generated for Message Type
    this is your IDOC
    Thanks & regards
    Sreenivasulu P

  • Wrong Partner Type in IDoc with message type REMADV

    Dear all,
       We have created 2 IDocs, one for outbound (first in one company code) and one for inbound (receiving company code) with transaction F110 (message type REMADV, Idoc basic type PEXR2001). However, for the first outbound IDoc we have created, we have the wrong Partner type (we would like it to get type KU (customer)) LS (Logic system).
    Does anyone know how to change the partner type from the Idoc generationg?
    Many thanks,

    Welcome to SDN.
    Please delete the exisiting outbound partner profile (WE20) for message type REMADV which under partner type LS (Logical System) and setup new outbound partner profile for partner type KU (Customer).
    Ferry Lianto

  • IDOC Listener setup in SAP 4.6C

    from the documentation I've found the Idoc setup should be quite standard, but still real life is different. The 4.6C system here has no registered server program option in the SM59. When I try to test the connection I get the following error: program <PROGID> not registered / CPI-C error CM_ALLOCATE_FAILURE_RETRY.
    The operating system is HP-UX.
    I would be glad to receive any hints.
    Kind Regards,
    Christoph Mertins might help.
    As this question is not directly related to MII would suggest you to search other forums as well.

  • F110 Payment Run Idoc

    I have the partner profile setup for F110 Payment run.
    I have added the message types : REMADV for the basic type PEXR2002.
    I also have added : PAYEXT for PEXR2002.
    The Payment run generates the Idoc successfully. PAYEXE IDoc is generated.
    I want to actually generate REMADV Idoc as per my functional requirement.
    1. Whats the difference if Both are pointing to same Basic Type - PEXR2002 ?
    2. What should I do to generate REMADV and Not PAYEXT?
    3. Any configuration that decides the idoc type?
    FYI - The payment method configured for all this is "E" - BACS Payment.
    Any help would be appretiated.

    Hi ,
    check this blog
    IDOC Configuration steps for EDI
    IDOC Information
    IDOC type: PEXR2002
    Message type: REMADV
    Function Module: IDOC_INPUT_REMADV_CTR
    Process code: REMC
    When an inbound Payment advice is received, it will create a payment and clearing AR document with the document type set up in the config below.
     Define posting rule in SPRO->FI->Bank accounting ->Business Transactions ->Payment transactions ->manual bank statement->define posting keys and posting rules
     Assign company code to EDI payments in SPRO->FI->AR and AP ->Bus Transactons->Incoming Payments->Electronic->Payment Advice Notes->Assign company codes for EDI payment advice notes.
     Define Payment advice type 06 in SPRO->FI->AR and AP ->Bus Transactons->Incoming Payments->Electronic->Payment Advice Notes->Define Further processing with account type D.

  • IDOC ISSUE full point assigned

    Hi all
    I m facing problem to upload data through idoc.the scenario is like we receive electric meter reading in flat file format. And to upload that data JAVA code is written which will create an IDOC FILE this authorization is only give to 2-3 person in organization and to basis guy also as user changed it’s password in SAP and in JAVA the java code is not going to create the IDOC file and data is not going to upload. after changing user password in sap system ,user not able to upload the data.
    ISU_MR_UPLOAD01 is the idoc file generated. So is there any authorization issue, password issue how to see and view IDOC IN SAP, can any one help me out into this.
    The error with java throws is as;
    ERROR file opened at 20061109 133610 India Standard, SAP-REL 640,0,59 RFC-VER 3  MT-SL
    T:2736 ======> User TR has no RFC authorization for function group SYST .
    T:2736 <* RfcReceive [1] : returns 3:RFC_SYS_EXCEPTION
    C:\j2sdk1.4.2_07>cd bin
    C:\j2sdk1.4.2_07\bin>java sandsupload
    Creating IDoc...Exception in thread "main"$Exception: (2) I
    DOC_ERROR_METADATA_UNAVAILABLE: The meta data for the IDoc type "ISU_MR_UPLOAD01
    " is unavailable.
            at sandsupload.main(
    the part of java code
    try {
                //create a JCo client pool
                JCO.addClientPool( "MyPool",    //pool name
                                   3,           //maximum pool connections
                                   "333",       //SAP client
                                   " TR",    //user ID
                                   " XYZ",  //password
                                   "EN",        //language
                                   "   ", //app server host name
                                   "00" );   //system number
                //create an IDoc repository
                IDoc.Repository idocRep = JCoIDoc.createRepository("MyIDocRepository", "MyPool");
                //create a new and empty MATMAS02 document
                System.out.print("Creating IDoc...");
         Line where it shows error
                IDoc.Document doc = JCoIDoc.createDocument(idocRep, "ISU_MR_UPLOAD01");
                //get the root segment from the document
                //The root segment does not contain any fields or data. It is only
                //used as the standard parent segment and won't be transmitted when
                //the document is sent to an SAP system.
                IDoc.Segment segment = doc.getRootSegment();
                //create and add a new and empty child segment of type E1MARAM
                //and fill the segment data

    Seems like the error is because the user passed through the JCO call does not have the necessary SAP. Trace the authorizations for that user and grant what is needed... in particular the functions about the IDOC setup and structure used by the repository...

Maybe you are looking for

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