Remove an e-mail account from my blackberry

I wish to remove an e-mail account from my phone.
Can anybody give me advice step by step.

Go to Setup - Email Settings (or your carrier's BIS website) and delete the account from there. 

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    On my Nokia 5230 I'm using the Nokia e-mail client: . This works fine for me. Yesterday I encountered a little proplem which I cannot resolve so far. I want to remove an e-mail account from my account list and I cannot find a option to do that. Within the menu I can find an option where I can change the settings for the different e-mail accounts, but there is no menu option "remove account". If someone knows a solution please feel free to share it with me.
    The workaround mentiond in this topic: /t5/Messaging-Email-and-Browsing/How-can-i-delete-​my-email-account-from-5230/td-p/685163 does not work sinc it would not find any mailboxes........

    try this was just asked earlier
    If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice thanks.
    Now using the Lumia 1520

  • REMOVING my e-mail account from OS X.  How to do it?

    I only want to access my e-mail accounts via the webpage. When I was a PC user, I never entered any of my e-mail information into Outlook, and I didn't want to enter any e-mail information into OS X either.
    But I accidentally entered my e-mail info into OS X, and now OS X has access to my Gmail account.
    I tried to remove everything from the e-mail's preferences, but it keeps stopping me from doing it, saying that I "incoming mail server field cannot be empty" or other things can't be left empty. (Well, why not!!??). I can delete the password, +but I can't seem to delete the e-mail address from OS X.+
    I want my Gmail account completely removed from OS X. I don't want any record of it whatsoever on OS X. None. Nada. Zippo! Not the password. Not the e-mail address. Not even the fact that I even use Gmail. I want it all gone from OS X's e-mail handler.
    Is this possible? Or would I theoretically have to format the entire hard-drive and reinstall OS X in order to accomplish this? (Obviously it's not that important, but still...I'd like to know).

    In Mail, select Mail>Preferences from the menu bar. In the pane which opens select 'Accounts' in the top bar. On the left you will see a list of accounts (or just the one if that's all you have). Click on your account to select it, then on the '-' button just below the list. All gone.

  • Removing an iCloud mail account from a specific device ?

    My iCloud mail account happily synchs with my iMac, iPhone and iPad. I now would like to remove the account from the iMac.
    I tried that but the next time I logged on it reopened the account from the server.
    What do I need to change to remove it from this shared device which I no longer use ?

    Just turn off mail syncing in system preferences > iCloud.

  • Remove E Mail account from a 5300

    Can anyone tell me how to remove an E Mail account from a 5300.
    I can not work it out LOL
    N96-1 + 8G SD~Software Version 30.033~Software Version Date 18-06-09~Type RM-247~P/C 0543713~T Mobile UK

    Funnily enough a user of a 6300 Nokia had that problem - see in this post :
    The solution in that case was a restart of the phone ... you could try this ?
    Alao - there is a reset option detailed in p57 of the manual, although I'm not sure whether this will delete the email accounts.
    Since I don't actually own a 5300 that's about as much help as I can give you (I own a N70) ... alternatively if you want me to have a look you can send it to me and I'll find the menu option and let you know
    Let me know how it goes ...

  • How does one remove temporary files from Safari?  A friend logged on to her Facebook account using my iMac.  Now I can't remove her e-mail address from Facebook.  It was suggested to me that I try clearing temporary files from Safari but I can't find

    How does one remove temporary files from Safari?  A friend logged on to her Facebook account using my iMac running Mac OSX 10.7.5 and Safari 6.1.6.  Now I can't remove her e-mail address from my computer.  When I open Facebook her address shows in the user button.  I do not have a Facebook account.  It was suggested to me that I try clearing temporary files from Safari but I can't find anything that tells me how to do this.  Are temporary files the same as the cache?  It also was suggested that I try clearing Safari cache.  How do I do that?

    Check Safari/Preferences/Passwords to see if the Facebook account is there. If so, select it and remove it. If you are still having problems, Safari/Preferences/Advanced - enable the Develop menu, then go there and Empty Caches. Quit/reopen Safari and test. If that doesn't work, Safari/Reset Safari.

  • How do I remove an entire email account from mail if it does not allow me to click "remove mailbox"?

    How do I remove an entire email account from mail if it does not allow me to click "remove mailbox"?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Unfortunately you can't delete accounts, you also can't change or remove iCloud addresses.

  • How do I remove iCloud mail accounts from my iPad.

    Hello. I want to remove 2 mail accounts from my iPad.
    The accounts are located on the following path.
    Settings- iCloud- Account- Advanced- Mail
    The mail account appears here and I want to delete it.

    sign out of icloud at setting>icloud>delete account and it will be gone

  • How do i remove an e-mail mailbox from my iPad (leaving one behind)?

    How do I remove an e-mail mailbox from my iPad, as it appears to be causing problems with an account?

    You can deactivate an email account in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > the account > Account. Turn it OFF.

  • How can i remove unwanted e-mail address from my list?

    how can i remove unwanted e-mail address from my list?

    Go to settings -> mail contacts and calendars -> tap on the desired account and choose delete at the bottom of the page. This will delete the email accunt from the device.

  • How do i remove an e-mail address from my i phone?

    how do i remove an e-mail address from my i phone?

    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > under Account select the email you want > scroll down and tap Delete Account

  • How do I remove an OWA email account from my E71

    I need to work out how to remove a OWA email account from my E71. I have seen various replies for removing email account but not for OWA.
    I have already looked in Installations --> Emailon3 --> but the account I want to delete is not listed there.
    Have also tried Communic. --> Messaging --> Options --> Settings --> E-mail --> Options --> Delete but the delete option is not there.
    I need to remove the account because I changed my account password at work and then was unable to update the password in the phone, I had to install the account a second time to get it working again. Any suggestions for avoiding this in the future also gratefully received!  

    In the Messaging application, it seems from your description that you didn't go deep enough: Options > Settings > E-mail > Mailboxes.
    There choose/select/highlight the mailbox you wish to delete and hit 'C' (or Options > Delete).

  • Sync outlook mail account from the infotab in Itunes

    I have selectet my outlook mailaccount from the infotab in Itunes, and expected it to appere in Mail on my Iphone. But even if it shows how many unread mails I have got, I can not find them.
    When I open Mail it is like I have no mailaccount ready. I have to select i.e. exchange, hotmail, gmail etc. Did it not sync properly?
    Do I need to set up a imap or pop3 account to connect to my mail anyway? Contacts and calender sync's like a charm!
    Best regards
    Stig M.

    Hi jmknight,
    When you disable contact syncing or delete a mail account from the phone, the data that is removed from the phone is ONLY that data that was synced from that account.  So if you previously had [email protected] added to the phone and had contacts synced from that account, those contacts will not be removed from the phone when you delete [email protected] from the phone.  Additionally, it will not ever delete the contacts from the mail server itself (they will still be accessible at through webmail), rather it just un-syncs the contacts from the phone. 
    I hope this helps!

  • Remove additional icloud mail accounts

    My daughters each have an iPhone, and they've been using my apple ID in the app store and for their mail. Since I discovered the family sharing, I setup an icloud account for each of them, but when I go into settings, icloud, scroll to the bottom under advanced and click on mail, they have other icloud mail addresses, not the one I recently setup under family sharing. How can I delete these icloud mail accounts and set their phones up to use their new icloud account?

    Yes, I'm trying to setup Family Sharing because in the past, their devices all had my Apple ID, so they could buy apps and music, but as they're getting older, they're tired of sharing the same Apple ID, mine, because when someone texts them, they both get it.
    I've already setup Family Sharing using my Apple ID, and I assume I've set it up correctly, so when you first enter the iCloud settings, my Apple ID is at the top of the page and under it lists their names, which is where it used to read Family Sharing.  Now that they each have their own iCloud account, I'm trying to setup the device to use it,  but from what I can tell, it looks like they tried setting up their own Apple accounts because they were tired of receiving each other's texts. When I go to advanced iCloud mail settings (at the bottom of the iCloud settings page, they have multiple iCloud accounts. I'd like to delete all of these and only use the one I setup for them, but I can't figure out how to delete these accounts from the device. Or, is it possible for me to add one of these accounts, which are already listed, to my Family Sharing account and then delete the others? Only problem is, I can't figure out how to delete these iCloud mail accounts from the device.
    I know this must be confusing to understand, I use Android, so I've attached a couple of pictures from the settings screens that I'm referring to. Hopefully this will help me explain it better so you understand whatII'm trying to do.  Thanks.
    <Images Edited by Host to Remove Personal Information>

  • Removing an e-mail account in Mail

    I want to remove my mail account from a secondary computer in the house and just have it on my main computer. I have gone to "account" in Mail and clicked the little minus button at the bottom, which does indeed remove the account. However, when Mail is relaunched, there is shows up again! It's as though it cannot be removed from this computer. Any ideas?? Thank you!

    What version of OSX are you using? Is the subject account a .mac account? If it is a .mac account, open System Preferences/.Mac and remove the info there under Account (may depend of the version of OSX you are using).

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