Remove or delete vi from memory

I am running a vi which will run ok the first time I run it but doesn't execute correctly subsequent times.  If I close the vi (return to labview startup screen) and reopen it, then it works again.  The vi in question uses labpython to run some python code.  It is not possible for me to change this code, which is where the underlying bug must be located.
Is it possible to remove or delete a vi from memory similar to closing vi and returning to labview start screen?  I know this isn't elegant and will be slow, but it seems my only option.
I am using Labview 2009 SP1
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Hi everybody,
Thanks for your help.
Problem solved.
I had an instance of the VI that I was trying to dynamically open hidden in a case structure, once removed it all works great.
I have attached a copy of vi for anybody else who may have similar issues.
P.s. The Get vis in memory is a vi I found on the forum which is very useful.
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        You can use memory ids for storing variables or even internal tables. The syntax for that would be
    export p1 = gt_mara to memory id 'ZABC'.
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    No need to declare p1 anywhere.
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    So, these two mailboxes appear to be zombies, with no life and no soul, but doomed to foil my plans to delete the database gracefully - they are all that stands between me and the success of my mission.  Now, I know I can take the database offline,
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    So I come to you for possible guidance - keep in mind that these are totally unnecessary mailboxes and I have no qualms about deleting the database if that what it comes down to.  Anyone have any other suggestions?  Thanks ...

    There were two active mailboxes showing from the "Get-MailboxStatistics -Database <database name>" command, even though the database showed no active mailboxes when running "Get-Mailbox -Database <database name>" command.  Neither of these
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    hi guys, I am getting problem of memory of having repeating object.
    Below is my code.
    import flash.system.System;
    var counter:Number=0;
    var systemMemory:TextField=new TextField();
    function showNext(event:Event){
        var myTxt:TextField=new TextField();
        systemMemory.text="Total Memory Used :"+System.totalMemory.toString();
    Above code does repeat textField Object continuously. Now I want to destroy previous created textField Object. So that my memory will not be hang. I got some where in the blog that with System.gc()  could clear garbage collection. But currently I am not working with system.gc any more I want to clear previous object in programatically way. Is there any way that I could destroy previous created object ?

    ok, thanks for your kind replay. Above is my test case. Actually, I need to do show 4 texfield in each FRAME_ENTER with different text properties's value + previous textFields should be remove and comes next 4 textField.
    import flash.text.TextField;
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.display.Stage;
    import flash.system.System;
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    var txtFieldGroup:Array=new Array();
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    An app cannot self install. If you are using the App Store app see the app listed with a cloud icon, it means that app was downloaded previously but it is no longer on your device. Tap the cloud icon to redownload the app.

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    In R12, We tried remove personalization using Functional administrator responsibility done on Checkout distribution page and successfully removed so. We executed a test transaction to ensure that it works fine. the transaction was completed successfully after workflow approvals.
    However, later we observed that the data before the test transaction in PO_REQ_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL is completed removed. During this period, no other change was made.
    Can it be possible that removing personalizations on the page could truncate data in the table ?
    Is there a way to figure out that.
    Appreciate your help.
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    Removing the personalization is not expected to touch product tables at-all. I can think of few possibilities.
    + You may have executed some scripts along with the personalization task which could be causing this
    + Possibly the data in this table is restricted some newly created VPD and hence it is not showing up now.
    If you are sure that the data is removed from the database itself, please work with your DBA to use the flashback query to identify how exactly the records were removed. You need to do this ASAP so that you dont loose the history.

  • Deleting games from memory card

    I have three games saved on my memory card which do not work since having the phone sent back to be repaired, and I want to delete them, yet it wont work.
    Any idea how I can do this?

    Go to file manager, select card > options > format memory card
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  • Remove MXML Component reference from memory

    Hi Folks,
         I have a problem with component reference when it is open by PopupManager.
    I opened the mxml file thru PopupManager and close using PopUpManager.removePopup() method. But the reference of the mxml file still in the memory. If I opened it again and again means i have experienced performance issue.
    Have anyone solve this problem should be much appreciated.
    Thank You
    Arun P. Ganesh

    Hi Arun Ganesh,
    You also need to remove all the eventListeners associated with the PopUp before you close your PopUp. Otherwise you wil faced the performance issue the same way you are facing since the eventListners associated with the PopUp will not be removed when you close your PopUp instead you manually need to remove all the Listners before you close your popup otherwise your old listeners in adddition to new listeners exist as how many times you open and get multiplied.
    You can also refer to the thread that I have posted.
    Bhasker Chari
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