Rendered Property calling managed bean Multiple Times

We have a problem within a command button in a jspx, which includes a rendered tag which references a managed bean method via EL.
When I debug the jspx, the PERUserInfo.trainee method is called 4 times instead of once.
We have noticed similar findings when using managed bean methods via the rendered property. i.e. calls getters multiple times.
Any idea why this is happening?
We are using JDeveloper v10.1.3, JHS v10.1.3 SU1.
All comments appreciated.

There can be many reasons why your bean method is called multiple times; but I would consider this perfectly normal in any JSF application considering all the lifecycles and (possible) Partial Page Rendering that happens.
The question is, by the way, more appropriate on the JDeveloper forum since it is not directly related to JHeadstart itself.
Hope this helps,
Evert-Jan de Bruin

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  • Problem Calling a WebService multiple times

    Hi Guys,
    I am a relatively new user of DS 12.2 doing a proof-of-concept to call an in-house WebService for a batch of customer records - lets say 1000.
    The WS has an input schema where it's parameters are within a nested table such that it can be called for many customers in a single call if desired. WS input schema (made-up example)=
    --$REQUEST_SCHEMA **added by DS on import
    I have successfully been able to create a Data-Flow that builds the input-schema such that 1 WS call is made with a nested input of all 1000 customers. This works and the output from the single call is correct (many records relating to the many inputs etc). Input schema =
    - <CustVerification>
    - <Details>
    <src_nr>1234<src_nr />
    - <Details>
    <src_nr>1234<src_nr />
    - <Details>
    <src_nr>1234<src_nr />
    Now the problem - I am wanting to do this flow so that it calls the WS once PER customer i.e. 1 entry in many of the nested CustVerification structures.
    I have, again, been able to produce the correct XML schema (at least it looks correct) which repeats the Input Schema for each customer record. HOWEVER, when hooking this up to the function call of the WS as before, I either get only 1 single call like before with the last entry in the file run through it..... or, after playing with the query's input schema to add an extra root level and changing FROM clauses to map to the function call schema I then get a huge ACCESS_VIOLATION dump which mentions "LoadDFXML::put_string()+2427 byte(s)" and other such XML-related but non-helpful messages.
    New input schema is:
    - <CustVerification>
    - <Details>
    <src_nr>1234<src_nr />
    - <CustVerification>
    - <Details>
    <src_nr>1234<src_nr />
    - <CustVerification>
    - <Details>
    <src_nr>1234<src_nr />
    So.... am I missing something simple in how I call a WS multiple times as opposed to once with multiple inputs? Could this be a setting/property somewhere? IS this linked with how I do a QueryTransform in a certain way to get the function called the right number of times? Anything else??
    Thanks for any advice/help.

    Thanks for the responses guys.... I actually got past the error with a change to the NRDM structure (as mentioned in the first reply, I think a small problem here really changes things).
    So - what I had to do to get this working properly was to add a new 'dummy' level into the structure - this kept it clean to denote that the 1 large bulk of messages were going to be sent through the WS many times. So - structure looks like this:
    - <ROOT>
    - <CustVerification>
    - <Details>
    <src_nr>1234<src_nr />
    - <CustVerification>
    - <Details>
    <src_nr>1234<src_nr />
    - <CustVerification>
    - <Details>
    <src_nr>1234<src_nr />
    Then, in the Output schema for the function call, I had to create a dummy extra schema level also - say 'WS_Call', and put the function call within this structure. The FROM mapping has to be set so that both the input_query level AND the input_query.root level are mapped to the WS_Call schema.
    And then it works!
    Summary -- its a bugger.... but playing with the structure levels (and adding your own at times) and FROM clauses can work!

  • How to add property through managed-beans.xml

    I am trying to take a hard coded value property from managed-beans.xml file. I tried using :
    <property-name> filename </property-name>
    <value> xx </value>
    I called getProperty("filename"); from one of my bean classes and it did not recognise it.
    I am not sure how to do this one. any help will be appreciated.

    I'm not sure what getProperty method you are referring to in your original posting. Is this a method on your managed bean class?
    Managed beans are implemented as regular JavaBeans so you will need to add a setFilename(String) and getFilename() method to your backing bean class to get this to work correctly. The setter method will get called automatically when the bean is first instantiated, either by accessing it from a JSP value-binding expression as a result of calling context.getApplication().getVariableResolver().resolve(context, beanName) where context is an instance of FacesContext and beanName the name of the managed bean as specified in faces-config.xml. You can then use the getter method to access the property value from within your application code.
    Alternatively, if you don't want to implement a JavaBean class, you can specify java.lang.HashMap as the managed bean class and use myBean.get("filename") to access the property instead.
    Hope this helps.
    -- Keith

  • Calling stored procedure multiple times in the JDBC receiver

    I am calling the stored procedure(SP) to update a DB table in the JDBC receiver.
    SP has 10 input parameters, and SP can receive one value for each parameter at a time.
    In my case, i will have multiple rows to insert using SP.i.e multiple values for each parameter.
    Its working correctly for a single value for each parameter, but when i have multiple values i want to call the SP multiples times.
    Is this possible and how?

    I think you can have multiple statements in the JDBC Adapter's XML, as in
    Here the StatementName1 node can be inserted into your JDBC XML as often as you want.
    Kind regards,

  • Calling managed bean method using ajax on jsp page loading

    I am using jsf1.1 i want to call managed bean method when page gets loaded using ajax.

    Use an ajaxical JSF framework, for example Ajax4jsf (part of RichFaces).
    But why don´t you just use the constructor of the bean class to do some stuff prior to page loading?

  • Call managed bean function using javascript

    Any one help me how to call managed bean function through Javascript onload() event.

    What do you want to do after all? Isn't the constructor/initblock of the bean sufficient? Which JSF version/implementation are you using?

  • Calling a servlets multiple times from a servlet

    Hi All,
    Advanced Thanks,
    I have a servlet which calls another servlet to display some records. Second servlet will access some data from XML files and forwards to a JSP file. What i want is I need to call the second servlet multiple times from the the first servlet. I used RequestDispatcher to call the servlet but I can call only one time after a an exceptions is occurred like cannot forward after response is committed.
    I need this scenario in the saem way because each time second servlet is called I am forwarding response to user each time records are accessed based on the request value.
    request.getRequestDispatcher("sample").forward(request, response);          
    Any one please give me a suggestion?
    Thanks in advance

    What are those servlets supposed to do? Sounds like that they are doing too much, e.g. acting like business classes or utility classes or so. Refactor your code.

  • Calling same form multiple times

    Hi, i need to call a single form with different table names as parameters depending on conditions.
    for eg here is the approach
    if flag1_is_set
      call form1 multiple times with table1, table2....... as parameters
    "and i can avoid this
    "  form 1 using table 1
    "  form 1 using table 2
    "  form 1 using table 3
    "  form 1 using table 4
    "  form 1 using table 5
        form 1 using table 2
       form 1 using table 3.
    but i cannot call forms like this. can someone suggest
    an equivalent implementation on how to do this.
    if i dont implement in the above mentioned approach i have to code the same thing with minor changes multiple times
    your help would be appreciated.

    You might try passing a field symbol (itab) in the tables.
    And assign the filed symbol with your itab as per the condition.
    Check if the program below gives you any idea.
    DATA: lt_users2 type standard table of usr02.
    DATA: lt_users1 type standard table of usr01.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_itab> type standard table.
    SELECT * into table lt_users1 FROM usr01.
    SELECT * into table lt_users2 FROM usr02.
    IF P_TAB1 eq 'X'.
       ASSIGN lt_users1 to <fs_itab>.
       ASSIGN lt_users2 to <fs_itab>.
    PERFORM test_form TABLES <fs_itab>.
    FORM test_form TABLES x_itab .
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_wa> type any.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_field> type any.
      LOOP AT x_itab ASSIGNING <fs_wa>.
        DO 5 times.     "Write first 5 fields of itabs.
          ASSIGN COMPONENT sy-index OF STRUCTURE <fs_wa> to <fs_field>.
          WRITE :  <fs_field>.
        WRITE :/.
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  • Calling a vi multiple times makes the timer "crash"

    I use a subvi for writing data from a profibusnetwork. In this vi I can set a timer for the "update" to write away the data. I use a global variable to remember the last time the writing was done. The problem I encounter here is that when I use this subvi multiple times only the data I want updated fastest will be written away.. My question is: Is it possible to use just this one vi multiple times instead of renaming it for every datasource I want to write away?
    Thx in advance,

    Use a while loop with an uninitialised shift register instead of a global,
    and build it into a function marked "re-entrant". This way different data
    exists in each different copy of it in the code.
    henk007 wrote in message
    news:[email protected]..
    > I use a subvi for writing data from a profibusnetwork. In this vi I
    > can set a timer for the "update" to write away the data. I use a
    > global variable to remember the last time the writing was done. The
    > problem I encounter here is that when I use this subvi multiple times
    > only the data I want updated fastest will be written away.. My
    > question is: Is it possible to use just this one vi multiple times
    > instead of renaming it for every datasource I want to write away?

  • Calling a webservice multiple times..

    Hi All,
    We have a requirment in which we are mapping a node "XXX" of an IDOC structure with a web service. Multiple occurences of a node "XXX" in IDOC are possible (1..9999). The web service is nothing but an array. At present there is a limit of 20 records per web service call. The records can belong to one or more "XXX" nodes. It is recommended to fill the array as far as possible. My mapping is working fine if there are upto 20 occurences of "XXX", but if there are more than 20 occurences of "XXX", the webservice should be called again to accommodate the remaining data. This is where I am getting problem.
                        Can anybody have an idea how can we implement this?

    >> As changing the SAP standard IDOC structures is not recommended.
    It is not required to change the IDoc structure, only modification needs to be done in the program that generates the outbound IDoc to create an IDoc with only 20 records i.e split the record and create a new IDoc for every 20 records.

  • How to call BADI Triggering Multiple Times

    Hi ,
        I got one requirement of Duplicate check for that i implemeted one BADI  in that i called Duplicat check function Module also so when i entered first, last and email id it is giving the message as Data is saved. when i entered the same data is entered it gives the message as Account is Duplicate and it wont save at that time when i modified the data then it wants to save that means it wants to call the duplicate check badi once again but thing is it wont save again it is giving the message as duplicate so for each change the badi wants to trigger agin and again but it wont so how can i do this one pls tell me which badi is suitable

    I think you can do it by using the same BADI. you can just create a static data to keep the first, last and email id. If the first, last and email id are the same skip the duplication check.
    for examples:
      Method badi.........
        STATICS static_name TYPE name VALUE 10.
        IF static_name is initial.
          static_name = im_name.
          perform duplicate_check.....
          if static_name ne im_name.
            perform duplicate_check.....

  • SubmitForm calls the url multiple times

    when I execute the following
    function SendServer(){
    bPDF: true});
    from a form it performs several submits.
    I'd like to have a
    app.alert( "sent form....
    app.alert("data sent to ....
    but the allerts show before the form is ever sent and also execute multiple times

    That's odd, and the oJavascript parameter wouldn't make any different here, even if you were submitting as FDF, which is the only time it's relevant.
    As a test, set the cURL parameter to use a mailto type URL, something like:
    mailto:[email protected]
    Does it attempt to submit twice now?

  • Call a vi multiple times to check progress

    My basic setup is that I have a caller vi calling a subvi.  However as the caller vi is looping i would like it to call the subvi and not wait for it to finish its execution.  Except i would like it to go to the next loop and then call the previous instance of the subvi to check on the progress.
    I have attached some example vi sto show m point, where the calls the to bgein exectution.  Basically i would like it to call the subvi to run independantly and while it is running the caller vi can keep calling it to check on the vairables 'x=1' and 'numeric3'.  However if the subvi has finished running then it should begin another execution again when called from the caller vi
    Ps. I have played around with the reentrant options and Run vi methods to no avail so far
    Attachments: ‏9 KB ‏6 KB

    Yeah the vi's I attached weren't the latest copies. So I have attached them again.
    As for what I need:
    What I would like is to call and run the from the and not wait for it to finish execution but return to the (For this I believe the run vi invoke node would be used with a false 'Wait until Done'...something similar to what is inside the case structure at the bottom of the Block Diagram)
    While the is running the should continue doing loops and therefore when it is doing another loop it should call the again. 
    From this new call I need it get the values for 'x+1' and 'Numeric3' only if the has not finished executing Otherwise it should run the again. SO if is finished then run again if is not finished then what is the value of 'x+1' and 'Numeric3'
    Obviously I have not called the in the correct manner or else my program would have worked but the previous steps shows what I would like to get
     I hope that makes things clearer
    Attachments: ‏7 KB ‏9 KB

  • Init method is called multiple times

    init method in my servlet is called more than 1 time.
    I think it is supposed to be called only 1 time,when the application is loaded.
    anything to do with web.xml ???
    or else what r the situations that init method is called more than 1 time

    actually I figured out the problem.
    I am using logger staements for debugging.
    I am also using singlethread model for servlet.
    I came to know that it creates multiple instances of servlet...
    which inturn calls init method multiple times.
    i took out that singlethread model,now it is working perfect.

  • Iterator returns no records in managed bean

    Yes, its time to talk about the old SelectManyShuttle again! Well I've tried my hand at revising some blog code for the managed bean this time in order to populate and control the shuttle. But the binding is giving me the blues. Here's the code. It's not copmplete but it's enough to debug and see that the Iterator is CAPUT!
    package nebula.view.backing;
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.List;
    import javax.faces.model.SelectItem;
    import oracle.adf.model.binding.DCIteratorBinding;
    import oracle.binding.BindingContainer;
    public class RoleShuttleHelper {
    private BindingContainer bindings;
    private SelectItem[] allRoles = null;
    private List manyShuttleValue;
    private List initialSelectedValue;
    public void RoleShuttleHelper(){
    public SelectItem[] getAllRoles () {
    if (allRoles == null) {
    DCIteratorBinding rolesIt = (DCIteratorBinding) this.getBindings().get("AuthGroupView1Iterator");
    allRoles = new SelectItem[rolesIt.getAllRowsInRange().length];
    manyShuttleValue = new ArrayList();
    for(int i=0; i < rolesIt.getAllRowsInRange().length; i++){
    SelectItem item = new SelectItem();
    allRoles[i] = item;
    initialSelectedValue = manyShuttleValue;
    return allRoles;
    public void setBindings(BindingContainer bindings) {
    this.bindings= bindings;
    public BindingContainer getBindings() {
    return bindings;
    It looks like rolesIt.getAllRowsInRange().length is returning an undefined value. The causes the for loop to be skipped over. I assume this means that no rows have been fetched. Can anybody help? I've also added the XML for my managed bean to the adfc-config.xml here is that listing:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
    <adfc-config xmlns="" version="1.2">

    you can try this too..
        public SelectItem[] populateShuttle(String iterName, String tmpValue, String tmpLabel){
            DCIteratorBinding iter= getBindingsForDCB().findIteratorBinding(iterName);
            int startIdx = iter.getRangeSize();
            Row[] rows = iter.getAllRowsInRange();
            SelectItem[] shuttleElements = new SelectItem[rows.length];
            SelectItem item = null;
            if(rows != null && rows.length > 0){
               for(int i=0; i<rows.length; i++){
                   Row r = rows;
    String attribute = r.getAttribute(tmpValue).toString();
    String label = r.getAttribute(tmpLabel).toString();
    item = new SelectItem();
    shuttleElements[i] = item;
    return shuttleElements;

Maybe you are looking for

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