Replacing stereo mix with original mono tracks in edited program

Hi there,
I've edited a 2 minute program with the stereo mixdown of 6 lapel mics on 6 different speakers. I'm now finishing the project and am wanting to isolate each speaker's audio, but can't seem to figure out how to do this.  Using the Replace edit function loses my ins and outs.
Please help!
Thanks in advance.

You may enjoy the new Source ch mapping in CS3.
IF you clip is stereo with one voice in the lft and another voice in the right ch, BEFORE importing it change you preferences thusly:
Edit > Preferences > Audio Set Source CH mapping to Mono.
Import your clip.
Drag it to the timeline and you will see it will be two linked mono tracks.
That is a global method.
To do an individual audio clip:
Import it and before you put it on the timeline; select it in the bin and choose Clip > Audio Options > Source Ch Mapping and set it to Mono. This will accomplish the same thing, except for a single clip.
Re your 2nd question; If you do the above you can use the audio mixer to mix the voices.
I often shoot with a wireless in 1 ch and a shotgun in the other. So these options are quite handy.

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    I want to give my friend a video file, so when he imports it into avid, premiere, final cut etc. he would recieve 6 mono tracks (L,R,C,LE,Ls,Rs) and the last one to be stereo. but every time i export it comes as 7 mono tracks. and in the setting thats the only option

    i think you would have to go with 8 mono tracks, 6 for the 5.1 mix and 2 more for the stereo. that or try to use 4 stereo pairs, but that would combine parts of the 6 mono (5.1 mix).
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    I have a stereo audio file. I'd like to put it into GB2 with one side of the stereo file as one mono track and the second side of the stereo file as a second mono track.
    Is there any way to do this?

    Leon, Here is a file explaining what Monomaker does.
    Monomaker is a simple mono-merging and stereo-recentering utility plugin.
    You can use the mono merge parameter to progressively merge your stereo audio channels into a single mono signal. Turning mono merge all the way up to 1 will make your sound completely mono. Turning mono merge all the way down to 0 will leave your audio unaffected.
    You can then recenter your signal using the pan parameter. The panning is equal power (meaning that as you move further over to one channel, sound from the other channel is copied over to the first channel in order to keep the total volume consistent).
    Also, in case it's useful, you can re-route the 2 input streams in a variety of ways by using the input selection parameter. "Left-right" means that everything is normal, "right-left" means that the left and right streams are swapped, "left-left" means that you lose the right stream and get the left stream copied to both inputs, and "right-right" means that you lose the left stream and get the right stream copied to both inputs.
    Monomaker's signal path is input selection first, then mono merge, then pan.
    I have just downloaded it myself and have not looked at it yet. I apologize in advance for not checking it first before posting it. It may or may not help you, and I do not know if it works in Garageband.
    Here is the site I got it from

  • Stereo Track Showing as Mono Track in Edit View

    I know this is probably something ridiculously simple :-)...but, I CANNOT figure out why a stereo track I'm working with is looking like a mono track in edit view.
    What am I missing?

    His Productions wrote:
    I know this is probably something ridiculously simple :-)
    What am I missing?
    Go to View>Waveform Channels and take the check out of 'Layered'...
    Incidentally, the clue was that you have both channels displayed at the top of the screen - Layering is the only thing that will superimpose them.

  • I have a hp hpe-595a, i'm trying to use stereo mix with a hot mic. anyone know how to do this?

    I'm trying to sing along with the music in the chat program Paltalk and also host a music room on the same program, I can only use the mic or stereo mix but not both at the same time.
    I have been using this chat program for over 5yrs and have always been able to use Stereo mix with the mic active, using the realteck codecs or soundblaster (what you hear)
    I can't do this with the IDT codecs supplied.

    Hey Redritr,
    Thanks for the question. iTunes purchases are billed to Store Credits first, before Credit Cards, as outlined by the following article:
    When making purchases, content credits are used first, followed by Gift Certificate, iTunes Card, or Allowance Account credits; your credit card or PayPal account is then charged for any remaining balance.
    via iTunes Store: How iTunes Store purchases are billed
    It also may be that the iTunes Store is prompting to verify your billing information:
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    via iTunes Store: My credit card's security code or zip code does not match my bank's records
    Additional Information:
    Why can’t I select None when I edit my payment information?
    Matt M.

  • No sound using stereo mixer with speaker balance s...

    No sound using stereo mixer with speaker balance set between approx 95-100% of max to the right
    Setup: good quality functional soundcard, fine when audio not routed via Skype, mixer enabled, Skype mic / audio auto disabled, issue present when tested using a variety of different systems, latest version of Skype was used on all machines being tested
    Issue: When the speaker balance is set approx 95% to 100% to the right speaker channel using the Windows audio control no sound is generated. The issue is absent when audio is not routed via Skype. This would seem to be a Skype bug and would like to report the issue as a bug. Has anyone else encoutered this issue? Is there a resolution?

    Yes, I restarted my computer yesterday and this morning all my sounds is controlled by the left/right blance percentage. 

  • Best Way To Add Stereo Plugin To 2 Mono Tracks

    i have acoustic guitar on track 1 and 2 . panned left & right.
    i want to put 1 stereo uad neve comp on guitars. but not from a bus because i don't want to deal with pdc. so i want to add it to the track. i know i can bounce but want to avoid a bounce. so how would i add 1 stereo uad plug to a track but have both mono signals go through it.

    Check it out...
    If you normally work with Universal Track Mode "On", turn it "off" while you track vocals.
    Audio menu>Audio Hardware & Drivers>Universal Track Mode
    Make track one a stereo track, by clicking on the circle at the bottom of it's channel. This will cause track two's channel to become blank... because it is now being controlled by track one.
    If you put a UAD stereo compressor on track one, it will be compressing both tracks one and two.
    The downside of this, is depending in how much elaborate routing you have in your autoload, or current song, UTM set to off might cause some problems, but if you have a pretty simple set up, it should work without a hitch.

  • Trying to record Stereo Mix with a monitor through my headphones.  Using Screenium to record Audio and Video, using Avid MBox Mini with MXL 909 Microphone for the audio through the interface.

    Basically, what I am trying to do is this:
    Record my screen through Screeenium, record my voice as audio through an Avid MBox Mini (interface) with a MXL 909 microphone to pick up the audio.  I have all that figured out.  I'm able to efficiently record my audio and screenplay through these instruments and programs.  What I am having trouble with is the stereo mix.  I am running into a slew of problems here... My goal: Add on the audio of a game that I am playing (for example, Amneisia) so that the audio for my game will be picked up internally, and not through the speakers to be recorded through the microphone.  I want there to be no external sound except me talking into my microphone.  I also want to be able to HEAR the audio of the game through my headphones (and if possible, myself as well, through a monitor maybe?)
    Problems I have run into so far:
    -Haven't gotten it to pick up in game audio at all while using headphone.  Can't figure this out
         -Downloaded soundflower, have the output as soundflower.  Not picking up anything, will put all my sound and midi settings at the end.
    -When I do record through my microphone, it is only picking up a single channel (left earpiece only, no right channel)
         -I have figured out it is NOT the equipment, I use Pro Tools and am able to pick up both channels with my mic, recorded a few tests. It's settings and I can't      figure it out
    -Trying not to run 16 million programs while running the game, will cause lag.
    Summed up:
    Trying to record:
    -Audio from gameplay of any game I am playing through alternative route of speakers (do NOT want to record game audio through speakers, internally)
    -Record voice through Avid MBox Mini and MXL 909 microphone.
    -Record screen gameplay through Screenium
    I followed a guide that told me to achieve "stereo mix'' I need to download soundflower and follow "X" steps.  That is done and these are my current settings:
    Audio Midi Setup - Stereo Mix custom Aggregate Device, Soundflower (2ch) selected, Avid Mbox Mini selected, Soundflower Output #1 has 2 channels (1-2), using Avid MBox mini for "Input" in order to record.  Using Soundflower AND Avid MBox mini as "Output" in order to hear the sounds and replay game sounds (could be the problem? Maybe?)
    Sound Settings - Output Stereo Mix (custom channel)  Input Avid MBox Mini (recording)
    I'm hoping this isn't too hard to understand.. I'm VERY bad at explaining information regarding computers.. It's hard becuase I don't understand it.  I can clarify anything that I am able to, so any help on finding certain things would be greatly appreciated.
    My computer: Macbook Pro MAC OS X Lion (11G63) 10.7.5  2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 4GB 13333 MGz DDR3  (If any of this is imporant)

    Hey guys,
    I tried to do some research and it looks like you need to have an external device and its drivers, such as an external microphone, installed on the computer to record audio that can be saved as a sound file. Another Suggestion is to try an auxiliary spliter for your headphones and external speakers?
    What software are you using to record your game?
    If anyone knows anything different, please let me know.
    Thank you for being a part of the Lenovo Family,
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  • No stereo mix with Satellite T110

    I bought a Satellite T110 (Win7). There's no Stereo Mix option with the recording devices. I marked show disabled and disconnected devices. I updated the conexant driver ( Nothing helped. Still no stereo mix option. I tried connecting a male-male cord from headphones to line in - gave very bad quality.
    please help!
    Message was edited by: lelbd

    As far as I know the chip does not include this and there is no way to upgrade this
    PS: this has nothing to do how much the notebook cost there are many different notebooks on the market which costs a lot of money and dont support some features due to the different chip.... and there are a lot of notebooks you could get for favourable price and support Realtek sound chip.

  • Problem with panning mono tracks

    Hi everyone,
    I've got a Focusrite Saffire LE hooked to my macbook. But when i record my mono (guitar) tracks they only come out of one speaker. On most forums i read stuff like just pan your mono tracks, but i can't get them centered. They only play on the mono line side in i record them with (line 1 left line 2 right).
    Is this a common rooky mistake?
    I've got absolutely NO problems recording with my shure usb adapter mic.

    Did you select the proper input for your guitar track in Garageband? You need to make sure that if you have your guitar plugged into channel 1 on the Saffire then you have to select Mono 1 input in Garageband. Make sense? In this link Channel 2 is selected but you'll get the idea:

  • (need help) Replacing AVI files with MOV files in a edit.

    I'm working on a large edit that uses low res AVI files for editing,
    Though all the high res files are written as MOV's with exactly the same name (just being a different filetype)
    Is there a way to automaticly re-link all those avi movies with those high res MOV files?
    The edit is quite big, so it would save me a very tedious job

    Close Premiere.  Change the name of the folder the current AVI files are in.  Reopen Premiere.  When it asks you where the files are, point it to the new ones.
    The only stumbling block may be the different extension.  I'm not sure if Premiere will pass that by or trip over it.

  • Audition CS6 - Stereo Panning with Mono Content

    I'm mixing a stereo soundtrack for a feature film.  All dialogue and sound effects content is in mono and the score is in stereo.  All of my content is placed in stereo tracks (I learned the hard way that the panning feature doesn't exist in mono tracks), whether it's stereo or mono.  Even though Audition isn't a DAW, I assumed it would function just like any other multitrack application for mixing purposes, but it appears I'm wrong unless someone can tell me what I'm missing.
    I've gone through and added volume envelopes throughout all of the dialogue tracks, and now I'm trying to start placing them within the stereo field.  The pan envelopes are there, but whether I move a clip to a static position in the stereo field (such as 50% Left) or I automate movement through the stereo field (start at 50% Left and move to 50% Right), none of the changes are actually taking place.  The panned track is still sitting there right in the middle of the stereo field.  Even if I adjust the pan knob on the track itself, the audio is sitting dead center regardless of where it's panned.
    So as it stands, I have about thirty tracks of content, where all of the music is in stereo and every bit of dialogue and all sound effects are sitting right in the middle.  Needless to say, that's not a good approach for mixing a stereo project.
    What am I missing?

    Yeah, that's why I'm so confused.  Here's how everything is set up:
    All of my dialogue and ADR clips are mono, however they have all been placed on stereo tracks.  All of my dialogue and ADR tracks are being sent to a Dialogue/ADR Bus (mono).  The same with all of my sound effects.  Stereo tracks containing mono clips, all being sent to a mono SFX bus.  All of my soundtrack/score is being sent to a stereo score bus.  The three buses are going to the master stereo out.
    When I pan the individual buses, it works fine, regardless of whether they are stereo or mono.  But when I work with individual mono clips in my Dialogue/ADR/SFX tracks, none of the pan automation works.
    I might've screwed something up, but I originally had all of my mono material set on mono tracks, until I realized later that panning isn't an option with a mono track.  (All DAWs I've worked with didn't have this limitation, which is why I set it up that way.)  So I created a bunch of stereo tracks, copied/pasted the mono clips into those, then got rid of the mono tracks.
    What's goofy is that none of the new stereo tracks I created have "Pan" as an option when I click on the "Read" drop-down and select "Show Envelopes".  My score tracks (the original stereo tracks I created when I brought everything in) DO have "Pan" as an option.
    So, even though the new tracks are stereo (they have a pan knob on both the mixer view and the track header in the multitrack view) and there are blue pan envelopes on the tracks, there is no pan envelope in the automation lane, so I'm guessing that's why the pan functions aren't working on the individual tracks.
    I just don't understand why the pan envelopes don't exist on the stereo tracks I recently created, but they do exist on the stereo tracks I set up from the get-go.

  • 5.1 mix for blu-ray from 6 mono tracks

    Hi there,
    I'm not too well versed in creating 5.1 mixes at the moment. Here's the project I've set out to do...
    I currently have a 1hr 45min Apple Pro Res video with six mono tracks intended for a 5.1 mix for Blu-ray and DVD authoring. All six channels are in the order they should be in for 5.1 (i.e. 1st track LEFT, 2nd track RIGHT, 3rd track CENTRE, etc.). I'm just having difficulty in bringing the file back into Premiere and exporting it for Blu-ray H264 setting with the 5.1 mix functioning properly.
    Please advise,

    I'm a bit late coming to this thread.
    As Jim says the problem with Premiere is that you can't just send a track to the LFE.
    One work around that I use-
    Put the LFE mono track on 2 tracks in your sequence. Send one track to centre and LFE and the other track just send to centre BUT put the invert audio effect on that track. This will cancel out the feed to the centre just leaving the LFE.

  • Split Stereo to Two Mono Tracks - Need Help

    We're having trouble with STP working with two non-stereo tracks.
    We have footage that we're editing in Final Cut Pro that was captured with two separate mics providing the audio. (A wireless lav and a shotgun.) The sequence is set up with two mono tracks.
    When sending the project to SoundTrack Pro, it's opened up as a pair of stereo tracks. We cannot find a way to edit just one of the tracks without it affecting both at the same time.
    How can we separate the tracks so they can be tweaked individually and then sent back to Final Cut Pro?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    ...and when doing that, make sure when you export, you don't fall over one of the many bugs in STP:
    You will probably find that the clip with the right channel selected actually plays the left channel after being exported (sound fine on the timeline - problem only on the exported file).
    The solution is to
    1) duplicate the stereo file and place on new track (as suggested)
    2) select left channel on first clip (control/right click the file)
    3) select second clip and swap the L and R channels around (Process-> swap channels)
    4) select left channel on first clip (control/right click the file)
    Oh the joys of STP!

  • Does anyone know how to remove vocals from an import from I tunes...a  polyphonic stereo mix ?  o mixdown ,

    Does anyone know how to remove vocals from an import from I tunes...a  polyphonic stereo mix ? What are some other editing allowed on a stereo import (polyphonic mix) Thanks, Sploink.

    Does anyone know how to remove vocals from an import from I tunes...a  polyphonic stereo mix ?
    If you are talking about some "Karaoke" method using Logic I'll try to offer one. Before that I must say that most of the Karaoke methods are based on reversing the Phase of one of the stereo channel and bussing or merging the stereo into Mono. The result is: killing all Pan Centered in the mix - like Main Vocal, Bass, Kick, SN ect.
    The artifacts of the Stereo FX of the main vocal will stay in the Karaoke, cause the FX is stereo etc.
    Here is the Logic Setup I can offer to try some Karaoke trick using Logic.
    1. Import a Stereo mix into a Logic Stereo track.
    2. Create another stereo track and duplicate (copy) the Original Mix region to the duplicated track.
    3. Hard Pan L/R both stereo tracks.
    4. Insert an EQ and Gainer plugins into the duplicated track (R).
    5. Set the Output select of the both tracks to a Bus and assign the new Aux Track Switch mode to "Mono".
    6. Open the Gainer plugin and thick the "Phase Invert" Right button.
    7. To keep the "lowend" instruments like the bass and kick, open the EQ plugin and enable the Low Cut filter and try some Hz settings 80-115, or different Q which will sounds better for your Karaoke.
    P.S Click the image below to show its real resolution!
    Author of: Logic GUI Deluxe(Free), Vox De Bulgaria s.a.g.e vocal pack for RMX, Logic Snapshot Console, RMX Power CTRL - Logic Environment Midi editor for Stylus etc.

Maybe you are looking for