Report giving list of in and out of subcontract material

Dear all
We want the report which will give us list of material provided to the Vendor and material receive from the vendor in particular period. We are providing the stock by 311 e (where  stock is assigned to sales order) and also by 541 (For Stock without sales order assignment )
the expected report should include both these movements(311 and 541) as well as receipt/consume  movement (543)
is there any Standard report which will give above data in single report.

thanx for the reply.
But MB51 doesnot give the combined report of stock transfered by 541 and 311 E
We are using 311 movement for transfer within work storage locations also.
These internal movements, we cannot exclude on input screen while taking report from MB51.
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    Well, distribution groups don't really have a concept of "in" or "out". They only serve to distribute messages sent to them -- unless you're asking to know who was a member of the distribution group at the time a message was sent to the DL.
    Message tracking logs hold the information you want, though. You'd have to look for EXPAND events that reference the distribution group and take the sender's e-mail address from that event. If the DL is a simple one that's not a member of any other groups
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    Many Thanks,
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    dbo.v_Collection C
    join dbo.v_FullCollectionMembership FCM on C.CollectionID = FCM.CollectionID
    Thanks to Garth for original query. I just modified it :)
    Anoop C Nair (My Blog
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    Hi Greig,
    Link to ORCT - OINV( SELECT * FROM ORCT T0  INNER JOIN OINV T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.ReceiptNum )
    Link to ORCT -RCT1 - OINV( SELECT * FROM ORCT T0  INNER JOIN RCT1 T1 ON T0.DocNum = T1.DocNum
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    Lists of Incoming Payments and related Invoices.
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    COUNT(T0.DocEntry) 'No of Invoice'
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    See if this helps .... Reset the iPad.
    Hold down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears - ignore the red slider bar - let go of the buttons and let the iPad start up. Then check your emails.

  • Will SUBMIT report EXPORTING LIST TO MEMORY work, when Run in Background?

    You can use SUBMIT <report> EXPORTING LIST TO MEMORY, and then Call the FM LIST_FROM_MEMORY to get the Data.
    This works fine, when the Program is Run in Foreground. My question is, will it work when I Run the Program in Background? i.e. When I Run the Program in Background, will the SUBMIT Statement, Export the List to Memory? Because only then the FM LIST_FROM_MEMORY will get the Data.
    Any alternate solution to meet the same requirement will be appreciated.

    It works for me... my spool output looked like:
    11.01.2008          JC: Calling program - test list to memory                  1                                                                               
    ZLOCAL_JC_SDN_CALLING_PROGRAM                started at 12:54:29                        
    ZLOCAL_JC_SDN_CALLING_PROGRAM                call complete 12:54:30                     
    ZLOCAL_JC_SDN_CALLING_PROGRAM                started at 12:54:30                                                                               
    11.01.2008           JC: Called program - testing list to memory                                                                               
    ZLOCAL_JC_SDN_CALLED_PROGRAM                 was called at: 12:54:29                    
    for the following code:
    report zlocal_jc_sdn_calling_program.
      p_start(1)            type c.
      perform testcase.
    *&      Form  testcase
    form testcase.
       lt_list              type table of abaplist.
      write: / sy-repid, 'started at', sy-uzeit.
      submit zlocal_jc_sdn_called_program
        exporting list to memory
        and return.
      write: / sy-repid, 'call complete', sy-uzeit.
      call function 'LIST_FROM_MEMORY'
          listobject = lt_list.
      write: / sy-repid, 'started at', sy-uzeit.
      call function 'WRITE_LIST'
          listobject = lt_list.
    endform.                    "testcase
    report zlocal_jc_sdn_called_program.
      write: / sy-repid, 'was called at:', sy-uzeit.

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    you can get the report using below powershell scripts. first one gives list of users in a site collection level.
    The second link generates the permissions reports for each user.
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    Cr 2008 + SP2 + FP2.8 -
    Cr 2008 + SP2 + FP2.9 -
    Cr 2008 + SP2 + FP2.10 -
    Cr 2008 + SP3 -
    Cr 2008 + SP3 + FP3.1 -
    Cr 2008 + SP3 + FP3.2 -
    Cr 2008 + SP3 + FP3.3 -

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    I am in list view.  I am showing several favorited clips from one video.  Say I am playing back the third favorited range and I want to select in and out points for that favorited range.  The video is playing and I hit i.  I am immediately jumped from the favorited range I have selected to the first favorited clip in the list.  When I click back on the clip I was setting the in point for I find that it has set the in point where I wanted.  The entrire process then repeats when I try to select the out point.  Set out point.  Jumps up to first clip.  Click back on original clip to get to my out point.
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    That should not happen.  Before anythign else, do these two things.
    1- Go into the "Final Cut Pro" menu, "Command", and be sure "Default" is checked.   Quit out of FCP X.
    2- Open System Preferences (Apple menu), Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts.  Click the "Restore Defaults" option.  The issue here is OS shortcuts will override app shortcuts.
    3- Launch FCP X and try again.  If that doesn't fix it...
    4- Download the free app "Preference Manager" from  Digital Rebellion (dot com) and use it to delete the FCP X pref files.
    After you've done all of these, report back and let us know what's up.

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    Hi All,
    I want to create a listing of reports with last run date and number of times report is run in the past 18 months.
    If anybody can please help me with the query for the same.
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    Hi Sk
    Assuming you have the collection of statistics enabled, which it is out of the box, you can get the information you need from the EUL5_QPP_STATS table. This script will help:
    ORDER BY 1,2,3;
    Best wishes

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  • Report  showing list of order confirmations and open/close reservations?

    Can we have any standard report having list of  order confirmations and open/close reservations in SAP PM ?

    Hi Pooja,
    Try IW12, Display Document flow, if you are looking for a combined report of Order confirmations and Material status.There are various other reports related to order confirmations and Material status seperately. For material status you can use IWBK.
    Better place to post PM questions is in Enterprise Asset management Forum.
    Warm regards,
    Srinivas Potluri

  • Report to list manual changes to conditions in sales orders and invoices

    Hi experts,
    Is there a Standard Report to list the manual changes of pricing conditions in sales orders and invoices?
    Should be a selection on the field KONV-KMPRS.
    Please advice.

    Hi priya,
    In the Sales Order,Select Environment and then Changes to See all Changes made.
    Follow the Same procdure for Invoice also.
    There is no Standard report as such to see the changes.

  • Submit  ALV report in Background & exporting list to memory and return

    Dear all,
    I created one Z program (ZPROGRAM2). 
    Here i use SUBMIT ZPRORAM1_ALV exporting list to memory and return.
    call function 'LIST_FROM_MEMORY'.
    call function 'TABLE_COMPRESS' .
    ZPRORAM1_ALV output i send mail.
    This all are working in foreground.
    If i schedule ZPROGRAM2 in background. that SUBMIT ZPRORAM1_ALV statement not working.
    Please give me the Solution.

    It is because of the ALV output that you are using. Check the condition sy-batch = 'X' (background processing) and then display a classical report. It will work then.

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    Even after turning ON Reduce motion the icons and the windows and the apps zoom motion in and out is still giving me a lot of head ache and dizziness and motion sickness... Please fix it!!

    hi i had the same problem today when i updated my itunes to latest version. however, i have just found my songs in the 'itunes media' folder. this was accessed through 'my music'  then keep clicking through until you find itunes media and all my library songs were in there and i then just added these files to my library and all were restored however, i have lost all my playlists but at least my 700 songs are back. very dissapointed with apple that they have let this happen with their latest update, the previous version was miles better than this one . hope you find them. stevo

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