Report painter libaries and report group

I would like to seek advice on the relationship of libaries and report group.
in GRR2 navigation, i can see libary and report but i do not see report group in the navigation structure. So I would like to know what is the purpose of report group?
From the help it says "A report group is a group of reports and parallel reports from the same library which need to be processed together in one run."
So my question is, since the report already grouped in a single library, why still need to defined report group?
Normally we just run by report that we interested in. So what does it mean "A report group is a group of reports and parallel reports from the same library which need to be processed together in one run".
Possible to have different report group in a library?
Example library ZA1 has 2 report group ZG1 and ZG2. If can, what is the implication to have more than 1 report group.

report group is used to identify the reports belongs to which functional part.
FI Standard Report
CO Standard Report  etc..,

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  • Report painter name and librery name

    Please provide me report painter name and librery name for the output list generated by MC10 transaction.the list is a EXCHANGE BALANE.Please provide me urgently and also its funtionality for breifly.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi RadhaKrishna,
    Report painter/Report Writer
    for designing the reports without programming.
    see the links
    report painter/writer
    Report Writer functions can be accessed from within the Report Painter.
    The difference lies in the GUI of the report painter.
    For Report Painter
    For Report Writer
    Refer the following links :
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  • Setting Isolate Report/Page sections and Isolate Group sections using SDK

    Hi all,
    Has anyone exported the report to CSV format, by setting Isolate Report/Page sections and Isolate Group sections programmatically. If so, to which object should i set, and what are the methods to do
    this ? The CSV exported report contains lots of these sections, along with the actual data, so i am
    trying to suppress these other data in the exported file.
    I am using BOE SDK.

    Hi Nithy,
    RAS SDKs may help you to achive your task.
    I would suggest you to see setGroupSectionsOption and setReportSectionsOption of CharacterSeparatedValuesExportFormatOptions class given in RAS APIs.

  • Report Painter - Income Statement Report

    Hi SAP Experts,
    I'm trying to enhance an existing Income Statement Report (table GLPCT) by adding the PLAN (table GLPCP) columns. Right now, PLAN columns has no data when I execute it.
    Report Layout:
    Profit & Loss   ACT-2007 ACT-2006  PLAN-2007 PLAN-2006
    Here is my current settings.
    Gen Data Selection: Company Code - 8A-BKRS
                                   Co Area - 0002
    Actual Column: <b>Basic Key Figure</b> - BHSL-I
                           <b>Ledger:</b> 8A
                           <b>Record Type</b>: 0 (zero)
                           <b>Fiscal Year</b>: 8A-YEAR (Formula-GLPCT-RYEAR)
                           <b>Posting Period</b>: 8A-PER (Formula-GLPCT-RPMAX)
                           <b>Version</b>: 0 (zero)
    Plan Column: <b>Basic Key Figure</b> - BHSL-P
                         <b>Ledger:</b> 8A
                         <b>Record Type</b>: 1 and 3
                         <b>Fiscal Year</b>: 8A-YEAR (Formula-GLPCT-RYEAR)
                         <b>Period</b>: BD-PER (Formula-GLPCP-RPMAX)
                         <b>Version</b>: 8AVERS1 (Value-GLPCT-RVERS)
    My objective is to include PLAN figures againts ACTUAL.
    Please give me ideas on how to solve it.  
    Thank you in advance.
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    Report Writer functions can be accessed from within the Report Painter.
    The difference lies in the GUI of the report painter.
    For Report Painter
    For Report Writer
    Refer the following links :
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  • Report Painter for FI reports.... (BS & PL)

    Hi Experts,
    Can anybody here teach me the detail step-by-step procedures on how to create a report in the Report Painter? And what are my look-outs?
    I need to develop a balance sheet report and income statement report thru the report painter.
    Would appreciate your reply.
    Thanks so much.

    Refer this link:

  • Report Painter versus ABAP Report

    Hi everyone:
    Can someone tell me what are pros and cons of developing OR Running reports in Report Painter?
    Secondly can someone tell me when should one develop reports in ABAP and when should one develop reports in Report Painter?
    Thanks in advance

    Almost the entire SAP R3 System is written in ABAP u2013 including the Report Painter.
    The Report Painter is a tool for the end user to create evaluation reports without having to involve the IT Department. He therefore has the information he requires within the limitations of the Report Painter very quickly.  No programming involved.
    An ABAP Report has to be written by a programmer/developer. It takes much longer, has to be tested, and, when everything is okay, be transported into the production system. This is time consuming and expensive. The report may have to modified at a later date u2013 again by a programmer/developer, which in turn also costs more time and money.  A report created using the Report Painter can be modified or created immediately by the end user, i.e. low costs, immediate results.
    I hope this clarifies the matter.

  • Report Painter for Creating Report in Group currency

    Dear all,
    I have created a report using report painter.  I but currently the figures are in Local currency.  May I ask how can I convert these figures into Group currency? 

    In the characteristics you have defined if you double click you can see on top BASIC KEY FIGURE select Group Currency and the same shall happen.
    Revert for further help

  • Report Painter Lib 8A2 selection groups

    I want to modify a  customised report painter report  in library 8A2 (EC-PCA), I want to bring one of the field for selection in u2018Selection groupu2019  eg currently I have profit center group and Profit & loss account group  and I want to bring in balance sheet account group, I tried thru GRR2 but could not see the Account in the available characteristics to be selected, please let me how to modify the report.

    I guess you already use the field 'account' in somewhere else in the definition (row or column) , that is the why the field doesn't appear.

  • What is report painter? and how to use it

    hi all
    what is report painter and how we use it.
    please send tutorial
    thanks & regards

    Report painter
    the below Pdf should help you
    Nitin Aggarwal
    Please assign points if its helpful.

  • Report of Users and their groups

    Hi Experts,
    Is there a way to extract all the Hyperion Planning Users and the groups they belong in Hyperion version? I need an excel file having the users and groups.

    Hello Kannan,
    Yes, a clean list of Users with their Groups...
    Nothing standard. Strange...
    You might see if this export has something you can use. I do not recall it from the vast amount of detail exported here. The file will be generated on the server, so you might need somebody to pick it up and give it to you.
    MaxL command
    export security_file to data_file "essbase_security_file.txt";
    The alternative is to query the Planning repository. Maybe somebody has experience with this?

  • Implicit enhancement for report painter (CJE2 & GRR3 reports)

    We have a client requirement to add 5 fields (In selection screen) to report painter reports ( Reports of CJE3 and GRR3 ).We created Z reports as a copy of standard reports, added required 5 fields by implementing SAP notes and other settings.We have also done implicit enhancement for all these reports to make change in the behaviour of new fields.This is working fine in the development client but the problem is once we transport this to other client new reports get generated( With new name ) and implicit enhancement will be lost.
    For eg:in development client for CJE1/CJE2 report the program name will be "GPAVPSATWFP4NN0YRDBIQBHI8MQ"
    but when we transport it to other client new program "GP8O1UCNZTJYY5LTO8GN0UW2GQB" is generated in which implicit enhancements are not found.
    Can you please suggest how to handle implicit enhancement in such cases? Or what is the correct way to transport it.
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for the quick reply..
    I have already done implicit enhancement as you said ,my problem is to transport it to another client.
    I have implemented implicit enhancement for one report lets say it as "ABC", and i transport it to another client with all the enhancement. But in another client new program "XYZ" is getting generated for same report( dynamic programs ), so my implicit enhancement is present but its applicable to "ABC" program but not for "XYZ".
    Can you please suggest how can i handle this??
    thanks in advance,
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    i need to develop report painter report with drill down for cost elments and month wise
    out should be cost elements and all months
    Please suggest how to use drill down
    Thanks and Regards

    Along these same lines. I have a user that cannot drill down into a drill down report. Let me clarify. This  report does have drill down capability as some people can drill down into it but others cannot. If a user has authorization to run a report via GRR3. When they click on an item to drill down they do not get an authorization error statement, all they get is a statment that says "list contains no data". Any ideas why some can drill down and some can't? Thanks

  • Convert a report painter in a report writer

    How can we convert a «report painter report» into a «report writer report»?

    Hi Julien,
    Can you elaborate your question? and what is the requirement and what is the scenario ?
    Because Report Painter reports are created using Report Writers so i just want to know your exact requirement.

  • Report Painter for GR55 report

    I am changing the formula of one cell of one column in report painter type report. what is happening with my report there are FIVE columns of profit center AND one TOTAL column , every column has 10 rows, there are three rows of total revenue , gross profit and % value of , Gross profit / Total revenue. this % figure is correct for above mentioned five columns but for total column , it is adding horizontally all the five % figure and gives the %GP figure , which is incorrect, it should be TOTAL OF GROSS PROFIT / TOTAL OF REVENUE in TOTAL column itself. now formula for total column for total revenue or gross profit are correct as it is adding horizontally and giving the total, but for only one cell of the column that is GP % in TOTAL COLUMN needs to be changed, HOW it can be done ?

    You can not change a particular cell only in report painter.

  • Report Painter - Transfer of report data to Z-program

    I have created a report painter report for P&L / Balance Sheet.  I want to download the output, but in a specific format.   Is there any customizing option or a user exit or function module which can transfer the output value to a new z-program which can reformat and download the output in new format.  I tried report/report interface option.  But this does not work.
    I read SAP help documentation on SAP queries wherein it is possible to pass the query data to another external program for further processing.    Is it possible in Report painter / drilldown report ? 

    Hi Alexander,
    I have solved my problem. To send report to Solution Manager, you have to run few jobs in SDCCN of Satellite system. Procedure is as follows:
    Create Refresh Sessions Destinations job and set its destination as RFC back destination to solution Manager and run this job daily. By default, it will be periodically scheduled to weekly. Change its schedule in Tcode SM37.
    Upon Completion of above job, create Refresh Sessions job and run it manually.
    Upon Completion of above job, create Maintenance Package job and run it manually.
    In all of the above jobs, you will find set or have to set destination as RFC back destination to Solution Manager.
    Hope this will solve your problem.
    In case of any problem please revert back.
    Thanks and Regards,
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