Report Title in Header Bar

Hello All,
We are creating new Web Templates in 7x version and want to know if the Report Title in Header bar can be customized by removing the "<SAP Logo> BEx Web- " instead only allow report title
As Is
"<SAP Logo> BEx Web - <Report Title> "
To Be should be only Report Title
"<Report Title>"
Abhishek Shanbhogue

Are you not using "Info Field-->Data Binding-->General Text Elem-->Query Description" web item to show Title ?

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  • Report Title in FR Report Header

    I'm creating a Report in FR which has image on the Left side and Title on Right side in Report Header. I'm creting a report Title for ex. ABC company. I've nearly 20 entities in Column. When i view the report in workspace, it looks fine, but when i export to excel, the Report title is showing at the end of all columns, for ex. in this case it is showing the report title after column 20, which looks odd. Can any one help on this ?

    In design via FR Studio for the report have you 'anchored' the title and image? Did fix them horizontally and vertically?
    With my images/titles I fix to Middle/Center and Right/Top and they export to excel just fine.

  • How to put report title and page no to appear in multiple pages,when using cross tab reports

    Post Author: shaminranaweera
    CA Forum: General
    I am using crystal reports 9.0 with odbc foxpro database conectivity
    I have designed a cross tab report and it is on the report header part and all the report details  are fine,except that the report title and  and page no's only show on the first page of my report.Pls tell me how can i put my report title and page no on all the pages in my crosstab.

    Post Author: foghat
    CA Forum: General
    You need to put your title in the page header if you want it to appear on every page.  The report header only displays once per report.

  • How to add a filter/selection into the report title?

    Hi experts,
    Currently I try to fugure out how to set up a field into the page header (title) of a report in order to dynamically adapt the title to selected filter criteria. I tried to use the Reprot Filter Summary, but since I do have several sheets in my reports the information given through it is not applicable.
    What I would like to achieve is that the end user can select e.g. a category X and Y and the title says: "Report title - categories: X,Y" Somthg like this. I'd appreciate any tips.
    Best regards

    Hi guys,
    thanks so far. I managed to show prompts in the report. But still my problem is nor 100% solved
    I would like t achieve that the filtered criteria in the report title is separated through a comma like in the report filter summary - e.g.: {001, 002, 003, 004} followed by just 1chart/table that is including the whole information.
    When I however just drag a variable into the report it automatically created different sections, right? Like ........ table, chart, whatever... .......table chart whatever........

  • Display drilling path at granular level of report title in BAM 11g

    Is it possible to show drilling path at report title location at the granular level of drill-down?consider that i have a report zone wise distribution of total price in a barchart.Once i click on say east zone it will show office wise distribution once i click on say canada-office bar it will show the details of the canada the canada office details lavel i want to disply total driling path in the report title location at run i can have at the report title location of the granular level eastzone-->canada office-->like this.if you have any solution on that please help me.thanks in advanced.
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    I am sorry this is not available right now.
    BAM Development

  • Using Standard Text Variables for FYPERIOD in Report Title ?

    We have a requirement where the user input the variable 0fiscper to the query (001.2010). How to get the text value of that variable in the query description in the bex query ?
    For example user input, 008.2010. We need to get "Aug 2010 Sales values " where Sales values will be the report text. I want to get Aug (month) and year (2010) before the report title. I have searched in google and sdn and could not find any link, but found a doc for the column header text using the same variable. I have tried the same procedure and its just display the zvariable name and Sales value's instead of the label. Please advise.

    You can create a Text variable with replacement path of Fiscper as reference char. Select Key in details tab of replacing variable.
    If you are just getting technical name, then it is understood that it is not getting replaced.

  • Twitter Profile Photo header bar is #F1F1F1 instead of dark gray in Firefox and Seamonkey on Win764

    Twitter Profile Photo header bar is #F1F1F1 instead of dark gray in Firefox 26 and Seamonkey 2.22 on Win764bit.
    Here's a picture.
    It displays correctly in Chrome and Internet Explorer.
    It's like this on freshly created default profile, or in safe mode.
    It's the same using Windows Aero Theme, Window Basic theme, and Windows Classic theme.
    I have tried to use Firefox's Tools/Web Developer/Style Editor and right-click Inspect Element to figure out where the color for this thing is and change it but haven't succeeded.
    It seems like it might be a problem with transparency rather than color, but that's just a guess.
    I know of one possibly similar problem with colors on in Firefox using Windows Classic theme regarding the background color of selected text in the Twitter search box. However that might only be similar in that it's a color problem in the same environment and not be relevant to what I'm asking about.

    Firefox on Windows is now following display scaling options which may render text larger on high resolution displays. There's more than one way to resolve this problem. See the [[Webpages are large and blurry after updating Firefox - how to fix ]] article for one suggestion. Here's another possible solution:
    * Type '''about:config''' into the Firefox address bar and tap on the Enter key.
    * If the warning '''This might void your warranty''' appears, click '''I'll be careful, I promise'''.
    * Search for '''layout.css.devPixelsPerPx'''
    * Double-click on layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to modify its value. The default is -1.0 in Firefox 22 and above. Change it to '''1.0''' to make it work like in previous Firefox versions.
    If necessary, further adjust the value in 0.1 or 0.05 steps. Use values between 1.0 and about 0.5 to reduce elements in size. Use values greater than 1.0 to increase size. For example, a value of 1.25 will increase font size to 125% to accommodate the default DPI setting in Windows 8. '''Double check the value that you enter.''' Setting a too small value will make everything disappear and a too large value will blow things up.
    If web pages still need to be adjusted then you can look at the [ Default FullZoom Level] or [ NoSquint] extension.
    To adjust the font size for the user interface, you can use the [ Theme Font & Size Changer] extension.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!
    Thank you.

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    Occasionally, FF gets these odd, jagged lines in the header bar. Hard to explain:
    The lines seem to be different in shape and color each time.
    When I restart FF, the lines go away for a time.

    I have Firefox 9.0.1 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I have also had the problem of errors in the Firefox graphic user interface (GUI) that appear as jagged lines and pixels over the title bar, back and forward buttons, over words in the address bar and in the Google search box, and over tabs. If I continue to use Firefox when this happens, Firefox and the Mac OS will freeze within a minute or two. I then have to shut down the computer and restart, as I can not Force Quit Firefox from the Firefox dock icon or from the Apple menu icon at the left of the Mac OS menu bar, which is at the top of the screen. I have not tried the Command + Option + Escape keyboard combination yet to see if this will bring up the Force Quit window.
    I have used Firefox for years and never had problems like this before. Firefox 3.6 on Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11 was stable. I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Firefox 8, which had the same problems as Firefox 9. To make sure that the problem was not an OS upgrade issue, I erased and formatted my hard drive and did a clean install of Snow Leopard, but Firefox 9 is still apparently unstable. I have not noticed similar problems with iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Pages or Safari, but I do not use these applications as heavily. For a short while, I tried Firefox 3.6 on Snow Leopard, and it seemed to be stable, without the problems of Firefox 8 & 9. If I continue to have problems with Firefox 9, I plan to go back to Firefox 3.6 for a longer period to see if it remains stable.

  • Want report title on the same page above the column names

    I have given report title in the report header but for some reason it displays title on first page and data from next page on wards. I have also given a page break for the groups, is this the reason for getting  title on one page and dtata from next page?
    Pls suggest me something so that i can have report title on the top and then data stating frrom the same page.

    Expand the page header, move your column headings down, and put the report title at the top of the page header.
    The title has to be in the PAGE header in order for it to print on all pages.

  • Trying to get header bar correct height

    I have the following code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var thetext1=new Array()
    var thetext2=new Array()
    function jumptolink(what){
    var selectedopt=what.options[what.selectedIndex]
    if (document.getElementById &&
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
    <link href="./../Style/Format.css" rel="stylesheet"
    <body class="body" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000"
    topmargin="2" bgproperties="fixed">
    <table width="100%" style="background-image: url(bg.jpg);
    background-repeat: no-repeat; border: 1px solid gray;">
    <td height="25" align="center"
    valign="middle"><form method="POST" action="maindb.php">
    <div align="left">
    <span class='BoldItemText'>  Quick
    Link </span>
    <select name="select1" size="1"
    <option value="#"><b>Please
    <option value="a" id="test"> test</option>
    <td height="25" align="center"> </td>
    <td height="25" valign="middle"> </td>
    <p> </p>
    <link href="../Style/Format.css" rel="stylesheet"
    type="text/css" />
    When viewed in dreamweaver, it all appears fine, the table
    row is 1 row high. but when viewed in IE, it appears 2 rows high.
    does anyone know why? The image is 23 pixles high, trying to set
    the dropdown over a header bar.
    But when i take out the following code:
    <form method="POST" action="maindb.php">
    <div align="left">
    <span class='BoldItemText'>  Quick
    Link </span>
    <select name="select1" size="1"
    <option value="#"><b>Please
    <option value="a" id="test"> test</option>
    it appears fine!

    Rudei wrote:
    > <link href="../Style/Format.css" rel="stylesheet"
    type="text/css" />
    The bit above should be in the head of your document
    > But when i take out the following code:
    > <form method="POST" action="maindb.php">
    > <div align="left">
    Try making this edit to the above code....
    <form method="POST" action="maindb.php" style="margin: 0;
    padding: 0;">
    chin chin

  • Hiding report title in Group Tree View Pane

    In a .rpt file, if I provide a Group Field, it is displayed in the "Group Tree View" when I preview the report.
    The Group Tree View pane also contains the name of the report - actually the title. Is there a way that I can choose not to show report title on this pane?
    Here is my requirement:
    I'm localizing the report file and that includes localizing group names too. I've also localized the report title by using a formula and displaying the formula in the report header. But this pane - Group Tree View -  uses report title from "Special Fields", which I'm not able to modify. So I'm always getting the non-localized report title displayed on this pane, which I want to avaid somehow.
    If I remove report title from the report properties, this pane shows report file name instead, which again i do not want to be displayed.

    After removing the report title from the report properties try to place a space " " in the report title field in summaryinfo so that a blank space is shown in the group tree.

  • How to display the sort value in the selection screen in the report title

    Dear All,
    How to display the sort value in the selection screen in the report title? I have selected a value in the selection screen for sorting , but i need that values by which i have sorted with in the report title. Can you please throw some light on this!!
    Good day,
    Thanks and regards
    Arun S

    Hi Arun,
    Try this.
    1, Set one dynamic parameter,
    2, Drag and drop that parameter into  your report title.
    3, Pass the value(sort value) dynamically from your application,
    4, Cheers..
    Other wise Try with Dataset, create a dataset and fill thev alue into that.. Then  set the data source from CR designer. and darg and drop that data column into the report.
    Hope this will work,
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  • Duplicate report title for every date where records are found in date range

    I have a developed a report that lists multiple entries by date range with a page break separating each date. What I would like to include now is a report title which only appears once for each date, and separated by page break.
    (Business Unit)
    (Report Title)
    Entry 1
    Entry 2
    Entry 3
    Entry 4
    Entry 5
    Entry 6
    Entry 7
    (Business Unit)
    (Report Title)
    (Date)Entry 1

    Hi Camelbak2113,
    According to your description, it seems that you want to eliminate the duplicate report title for every date. If in this scenario, I suggest that we can try to add a group grouped on date range, and then add a child group grouped on report title. Then add
    page breaks between each instance of date range group.
    If I have something misunderstood, please provide us more information about the report. Such as provide us some screenshots about the report with sample data. So that we can make further analysis and help you out.
    Katherine Xiong
    Katherine Xiong
    TechNet Community Support

  • Report Title Displaying in Multiple Lines on PDF Format when i Print in PDF

    Report Title Displaying in Multiple Lines on PDF Format when i tried to print in PDF Format, is there any limit for Report Title Characters
    Displaying Like -
    Any Info Appreciated

    Got It .. Just need to chnage the Width Parameter.......!

  • Use abap report program to print bar code instead of smartforms

    Do anyone know how to use abap report program to print bar code?

    Hi Celina,,289483,sid21_gci839063,00.html
    I hope this will help, also it depends on the barcode type like ARTNR-code 128...

Maybe you are looking for