Report to see WIP calculation details for sales order

I want to know which is the best report to see the details of WIP calculation for a sales order. There is a WIP posting of 1 million to a sales order and i want to understand how this amount was computed.

Yes when i went there and call up the line items report i got the following error :-
Display of debits for object type SDI is not included
Message no. KD232
You want to display a report for the current sender. This function is currently only possible for the following object types:
Cost Object
WBS Elements

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  • Update payment card details for sales order

    Hi all,
    Is there any function module or bapi which can be
    used to update the payment card details for a sales order
    The bapi_salesorder_creatfromdat2 is having the structure
    CCARD which takes in this details , but what I really want is to change the already created sales order.  The bapi for sales order change is not having any structure which allows passing this details.
    Please can anybody give some inputs on it.
    Shibu Mathew.

    Hi Anurag,
    Thank you very much for the answer..
    I too found it as i was digging through the
    One's again thanks for the solution.
    Shibu Mathew.

  • How to find out Enhancement details for Sales Order

    Follwing is the scenerio:
    As soon as Third Party Sales Order created, Header Billing block gets triggered (from Sales Doc settings in VOV8).
    In Sales Order there are 4 items of items:
    1. Hardware Material (Price) with Item Category, say A
    2. Hardware Material (Free-of-Charge) with item category, say B
    3. Service Material (Price) with Item Category, say C
    4. Service Material (Free-of-Charge) with item category, say D
    Now there is another billing block, at item level, for Hardware Material (Price) - item cat. A, ONLY.
    I checked item cat. in VOV7, and this block is not configured there.
    Sales Order saved (with pop-up message - Maintain Serial No. for Material, but as it's third party Order, stock is not in Inventory, so no Serial number at this point of time). PR triggered upon saving the Order. from PR, PO gets generated,and then MIRO.
    Now, as vendor Invoice received with Stock details (Manufacturer's Serial No.), we go to VA02 and maintain Serial No. (Extra --> Serial No.) for all 4 types of material (Pls note that Billing block is for Hardware Price Material, but we need to maintain Serial No. for all 4 types of material) and save order.
    As soon as, serial no. maintained, item level billing block gets removed for Hardware (price) material, automatically.
    I need to understand how this functionality has been achieved?
    More precisely how and where i can see the technical details, like What program is being developed, which user-exit is being used etc...

    Hi Sumitra,
    Since the system exit handler has to call your BADI  go to SE24 and display
    Chose method get_instance and set a break point.
    And, then press F8, so it will show all the Badi's.
    Shivesh Ranjan.

  • Details for SALES ORDER for qty produced, Qty despatched etc.

    Dear  All ,
                                 pl help that user wants details for a t. code which can give details for produced qty , despatched qty & remaining qty to be despatched against a sales order .
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    This is a report to be developed in SD.the report is dependend on SD module no need of abaper.
    this can be solved by sales information systems.
    transaction code is MCHI.

  • How to see archive data for Sales order

    Hi all,
            I am working on PS , network is created with sales order 10911. the components are added while sales order created, but after that someone deletes the sales order, because now it is showing oder does not found, where i get the entreis for sales order.

    Hi Khushi,
    To see the archived data for sales order , go to transaction code SARA.
    Choose object name as SD_VBAK.Click READ.
    It will show a screen giving a name of program and option to execute in background or foreground.
    It will help you to get information about archived sales order data.
    Hope it helps you.
    Sarita singh Rathour
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  • To check whether searchterm maintained for   sales order

    hi ,
    i have to generate one alv report to check whether searchterm maintained for  sales order or not...
    can any one help me on this...

       The field VBAK-KTEXT can be of use to you.Refer tables :VBAK and VBAP.

  • Report for Sales Order Change History   CDPOS and CDHDR

    How to take a report of the data for the Sales Order Change history for a particular period of time. It is required to take a report of all the Sales Orders for which the basic price has been changed. Please let me know the procedure. I could not get the data from the table CDPOS and CDHDR
    Helpful answer would be rewarded.

    Dear Praveen Kumar
    Have you tried with VBAP where sale order details at item level would be stored.
    Moreover, to my knowledge, there won't be any changes as for as pricing is concerned at sale order level but there is at billing level.  Normally, any price increase / decrease would reflect in billing.  So why dont you to table join through SQVI VBAP (for sale order details) and VBRP (for billing details) so that you can compare the selling price in sale order with billing. 
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Is there any report to see the consumption details?

    Is there any report to see the consumption details? with material number or without material number?

    There are a no of ways from where you can get your desrired data....
    Table mver---used for material consumption.
    T code mcre---again used in consumption reports,
    Table MVER gives you detail of Material Consumption
    Also, MSEG (MENGE) and S026 (ENMNG) ... Pls restrict the selection condition for material with movement type 261 in table MSEG
    DBERCHV Consumption History
    DVER Material Consumption for MRP Area
    You can get all the consumption details in MB51 report by selecting relevnt movement types. And MB5S also.
    For Repetetive :-
    Check this T Code MCRP,which gives you the exact material consumption datewise or order wise.
    *Report MCRE is widely used for the material cosnumption than checking in COOIS.*
    Also these reports can help you.
    MCPF Material analysis: Dates
    MCPO Material analysis: Quantities
    MCPW Material analysis: Lead time

  • How to create a daily report for sales order

    how to create a daily report for sales order. what fields it must consists of. what are the tables it need?

    You have to use the sales order tables VBAK,VBAP and VBEP
    So keep date field on selection screen
    and treat this date as Order creation data audat field in VBAK.
    based on this fetch the data from VBAK and VBAP  with the following fields like
    VBELN, KUNNR,NETWR,POSNR, MATNR,ARKTX,KWMENG,WAERS  etc and display in the report
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  • Need code for sales order create report using bapi's

    need code for sales order create report using bapi's

    Go through below link
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  • Difference between MMBE & MBBS report for sales order stock E

    What is the difference between MMBE & MBBE report bcoz we are getting difference in sales order stock in both reports.
    Thanks in advance.
    Basavraj Patil

    MBBS will give the STOCK OVERVIEW  for specific sales order and specific Project
    MMBE will give the stock at PLANT, STORAGE LOCATION, & At Special stock indicator level.
    The sales order stocks will be same at both, You have to count the stock of sales order at all the Plants and Storage location level inorder to get the same stock of MBBS at the sales order level
    Hope it is clear,

  • Interactive report for sales order

    how to create an Interactive Report which displays all the sales orders for one particular customer, the materials ordered, quantity ordered, goods issue date of that particular order and contact information about that particular customer.
    Have a look at the demo programs,
    Please give me reward points.
    Murali Poli

  • Report for Sales Order changes

    We are searching for a report which can list the changes of sales order items for a selected group of materials.
    Thanks for the help.

    Please search the forum before posting.  This has been discussed many times and being an old member, you should be aware of forum rules.  Please try to adhere to forum rules.  Answer to your query is execute AUT10.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Back Calculation in Pricing for Sales Order.

    Hello friends,
    Please help me out with this below mentioned problem in the Pricing for Sales order.
    I am creating a Contract with Customer and Plant from the same Region (State), while creating the subsequent Sale order I want to use the plant of some other Region which is different from the contract. In this case the pricing will change as there will be different Taxes (%) that would be applicable for different Region.
    Now the requirement is that we want to use the Final Selling price which is calculated in the contract, therefore by keeping the Selling Price Fixed we have to backtrack and calculate new pricing accordingly.
    An example for the same is explained below:
    When Both Customer and Plant are from same Region:
         Particulars                        %           Value
    A     Basic Value                                       100000
    B     ED                     10.30%           10300
         Sum total (A+B)                                 110300
    C     VAT                        5%            5515
         Sale Price (ABC)                                 115815
    When Customer and Plant are from different Regions:
         Particulars          %           Value
    D     Basic Value (A-B-C)                  92105
    C     ED                        10.30%            9487
         Sumtotal (A-B)                  101592
    B     VAT                          14%            14223
    A     Sale Price                                       115815
    Please reply with possible solutions.
    Thanks and Regards,
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    Hi Nitin,
    Go through the bellow links you can resolve your problem.
    Re: Reverse Calculation in Pricing Procedure
    Reverse Pricing???

  • C form Details table for sales order

    Hi Experts,
    What is the tsble for C form details in a sales order.

    The tcode for maintaing C form for sales orders is J1IUN. The table is J_1IFRDTSO.
    You can find J1IUN Under area menu J1ILN - India Localization Menu.

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