Report to show unsettled Orders Plant-wise

Hi All,
Recently we had some problems in settling orders during year we want to see if any orders are there which are left over for settlement to make them settle there any report to show Orders settlement status Plant wise?
Appreciate your quick response.
Thanks in advance.

Good evening and greetings,
Please use the transaction code COOIS for getting the details using the dynamic selection option.
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Thanking you
With kindest regards
Ramesh Padmanabhan

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  • Do we have standard report to show sale order stock with amount?

    Do we have standard report to show sale order stock with amount?
    I try to use MB5B and MBBS but they don't show value.
    MB5B show only qty
    MBBS no any report.
    Please kindly help.
    Thank you very much.

    Okay Thank you very much for your suggestion.
    I think I have to create a new ZProgram. T_T

  • Report which shows TECO orders by date

    Is there a report which shows by date which orders have been TECO ed. for example I would like to know which orders were technically completed on 5th of august by Plant
    thanks a lot

    I am not aware of such a report.
    Technical completion date exists in table AUFK (field IDAT2).  Easiest solution, for quick and dirty information, you could just browse the table using SE16.
    Next easiest solution would be to create a query.  I usually give the users a basic productionorder query when CO26 is not enough.  Create the infoset in SQ02.  Join tables AUFK, AFKO, and AFPO for basic production order data.  Then, create the query in SQ01 using the infoset you just created.
    If these solutions do not meet your needs, then you will have to commission a Z report.  Spec it out & hand it off to the ABAP developers.

  • Report to show open orders and valuation type

    Is there a report in SAP that shows the open orders and the valuation type of the materials in those orders?

    Hi jay,
    What is the definition of Open orders according to your company?
    Is it Sales orders created but not delivered?  or
    Is it Delivery created for the Sales order but not done PGI?  or
    Is it Sales orders but not billed?
    Accordingly you must decide.  Just VA05 will give list of orders where you can take from the Status updation whether it is delivered or not.  But apart from that, if you need any report relating to Open orders, you need to develop a Z report which will help your company.  Just ask your business user how he wants.  Based on that you can decide.
    Thanks and regards.
    Augustine Ponraj

  • CN41N and S_ALR_87013533 report not showing Production order planned cost

    Hi Experts,
    I am having issue to get total planned production order values in my CN41N or S_ALR_87013533 cost report. I am facing 2 issues :
    1. CN41N repoet does not show individual material cost planned in BOM.
    2. CN41N report and S_ALR87013533 report does not show total value but only picking fixed value.
    Example :
    1. CN41N report :
    Above screenshot shows no values in Project plan cost & Order cost column but it shows total cost as a lumpsum on top for project. I need to know how can i get material cost populated here for Project Valuated stock material?
    2. S_ALR_87013533
    This report shows Total Cost of BOM as 1 line under Material Procurement activity similar to CN41N report. Also Order value is picking from Fixed cost from planned order and total cost is added on top. How can i get Total cost picked from production order?
    Is there any Setting in PS config which allow me to pick the detail production order plan cost in both report under planned cost.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Ashish,
    I doubt whether Item level reporting  in S_ALR... (hierarchy report) is possible or not because I haven't seen item level cost in them only the lump-sum cost because they are summarized at cost object level itself. Navigation path are there which we use to go into details of cost.
    Please check the following links:
    (In the above thread,focus on  Mr. Mohamed Rafi comment.)
    Order cost plan in report CN41N
    Display of plan cost., CN41N | ABAP, SAP, benX AG, benXBrain,&…
    Just an additional pointer ,have a look on your costing variant and variation variant settings for material section.

  • Report showing Open Orders and Open deliveries

    Hi all,
    i need a report that shows open orders - whether with subsequent delivery or not.
    Is there such a report?

    Goto the T.Code VA05/VA05n T.Code.In this T.Code select the option as "Open orders".
    It will give you all the orders that are open means doesn't have any subsequent orders.
    Goto the T.Code "VF04".
    In this select the check box "Delivery related".
    It gives you all the orders which have delivery but doesn't have any billing document.

  • Purchase order number ranges plant wise

    Hi ,
    Requirement is , want to have purchase order number  plant wise. I know that we can have different number ranges for different document types in standard SAP. But how to achieve different number ranges for purchase order plant  wise.?
    Is there any user exits available for this?

    it is possible through a BADI to get the separate number ranges for plant wise PR/PO,
    but u need to maintain a customised table with number ranges and plants,
    whenever the user try to save a PO/PR the syatem will pick the number range from the customised table,
    it is very useful if any client has number of plants like 30 or 40 plants,
    and it is easy track the PO from where it has raised.

  • How to get open production orders by plant wise

    How to get open production orders by plant wise.
    i know from tcode COOIS, is it possible to get from this. if so what are the parameters we have to give to get open production orders by plant wise.
    is there any tcode or tables available , please provide details .
    Hari priya

    What is your definition of Open Production Orders?
    Definetly you will get the report from COOIS for Plant wise.
    Whther you want to consider all the Orders having the Status REL but not DLV?
    Then there is a chance of having the Orders, still with PDLV status but GR is done for the full Qty. May be you don't want to consider the TECO status, eventhough the Order is short closed??
    Better to ommit the Orders with CRTD status also..
    So, based on this which status to consider and which status not to consider..
    You can define the "Selection profile status" in BS42.
    Use this selection profile in COOIS, so that the rsults will be accurate..
    Best Regards,

  • Sales report for plant wise

    Dear All,
    I would like to know the sales report for plant wise, my client is having 1 sales org &  3 plants , will this do or can I go for more sales orgs? If so how will I get the plant wise report?

    You can view the list of sales orders in VA05 with plant as the selection criteria. Though Plant is not included in the Further Selection Criteria, you can add this by following the below steps.,
    Goto IMG - Sales & Distribution - Sales - Lists - Define Selection Criteria - execute
    In the screen - goto New Entries and add the following details..
    1. Program Name - SAPMV75A
    2. TRG (Transaction Group) - 0
    3. Display Group - K
    4. Event - SELK
    5. It - 8
    6. Field Name - WERKS
    Enter the details and save the changes. Goto VA05 and you can see the field PLANT in the Fur Sel Criteria.

  • Order Type Wise Summary Report

    Hi Experts,
    Is there any report or table which would give me order type wise cost summary like sum of cost booked for Rework Cost or sum of cost incurred for maintenance, since these are created as separate order types.
    Also further split based on activity type would also be very helpful
    Thanks in Advamce

    Set up Product Summarization Hierarchy in KKR0,say, ZTEST... (Eg: Contr Area, Comp Code , Plant > Material > Order Type)
    Then Execute KKRC to collect the summarized data
    Now when you run KKBC_HOE, choose ZTEST and execute.. You will the data summarized as desired
    br, Ajay M

  • Report for maintenance order equipment wise

    hi expert,
    is there any t-code fr displaying maintenance reprt equipment wise in that report i could see painding maintenance, service order & completed maintenance order & service order.

    you can use the T code IW38 or IW39 in that you can select in process,or completed order to display what are all the order which has not completed .
    system will not show the order which are pending because of want of material ,man etc unless you have activated the user status for the order which show the respective one

  • Vat input Report Plant wise

    HI, experts
    my client want to see the vat input report plant wise . can anybody knows the tcode for that

    here u have to run the report business place wise, generally for each state we gave one business place, under business place we have assign the plants in that state.
    when ever u have run with business place report showing all plants under which business place.
    if u want to see the one particular plant report u have to assign one business place to one plant.
    if u assign one business place to one plant u may face another problem in tax account assignment, one state related all plant going to one vat gl account, so all plants under state assigned to one business place
    hope u have understand the process

  • Report for monthly sales(sales office wise,sales group wise,plant wise)

    Please send the Report for monthly sales(sales office wise,sales group wise,plant wise)  with T.CODE.,

    As per my knowledge there is no Standard Report in SAP based on sales office, sales group. and plant.
    You may create your own report using MC18,MC21 and MC24.... Otherwise ask your ABAPer's help...

  • SAP report showing sales orders on which pricing conditions have been chang

    Is there a SAP report that shows a list of sales orders on which pricing conditions have been changed.
    My knowledge is:
    Review pricing condition transaction data table (‘KONV’) helps is some way.

    Hi Ashish,
    I don't know any such a report, but I guess you can play arround with table CDPOS.
    Change doc. object = VERKBELEG
    Table Name = KONVC.
    Actually this will take lot of time.

  • Plant wise stock report

    Dear All,
    I want get a report from Apr to March of a fiscal year.
    The report should contain plant wise purchase, consumption, opening stock and closing stock values.
    How can I get the report.

    For your requirement, report MB5B suits well.
    here in selection screen, select "Non-Hierarchial Display" option and also input the Validity Period as per your requirement and execute.

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