Request: "Draw Document Wizard" when copying from Sales Order to A/R Invoic

Hi Colleagues
Our clients complain about not being able to choose the exchange rate from the base document when copying the Sales Order to A/R Invoice.
The "Draw Documents Wizard", where you can choose this option, starts only when you're in the "A/R Invoice" form and copying data from the Sales Order. But "Draw Document Wizard" doesn't start when you're in the Sales Order and copying all its data to an A/R Invoice, and they use only this sequence.
Is it possible to add the "Draw Documents Wizard" for the "Sales Order -> A/R Invoice" chain in one of the next versions of SAP BusinessOne 2007?

is this happening for perticuler user or for all users.?
check any addon is running ,If yes stop addon and check again this activity.
Check general authorization too for perticuler user..
Hope it will help you.
Deepak Tyagi

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  • Can't change quantity when copy from Sale order for Delivery

    Hi all!
    Can i use authorization for can't change quantity when copy from Sale order for Delivery.

    Approval will not work when you have mutiple rows of data.  You would have to work with SP Transaction Notification
    There has been threads before on the forum on the same topics.
    Block the Quantity in Sales Delivery
    Approval Procedure for chaning quantity in Delivery Document

  • Copying from Sales order to A/R Invoice

    Hi All
    When copying a sales order to Sales invoice, the totals are not showing on the invoice. The system automatically assigns a 100% discount against the invoice.
    There are no formatted searches or any code in the sbo_transaction notification.
    Please assist
    Thank you

    is this happening for perticuler user or for all users.?
    check any addon is running ,If yes stop addon and check again this activity.
    Check general authorization too for perticuler user..
    Hope it will help you.
    Deepak Tyagi

  • Copy From Sales Order - authorization

    Dear all,
    I have a situation where the Customer Service user can add the SO and A/R Invoice and in the Authorization it has the No Authorization for Change Row Amount. It means that user can not change the Unit Price or Discount on the lines of SO or A/R Invoice. Which is OK and it works how it suppose to.
    But, if the user Open the blank A/R Invoice and make the Copy From Sales Order and choose Customize... user can modify the Unit Price and Discount!!!??
    My question is, did I forgot something in the Authorization or it could be the bug of the system. I am using the SBO 2007A SP01 PL12, however I tried also on some previous versions and it is the same.
    thank you
    best regards

    Hi Gordon,
    as I work for big global company upgrade to version 8.8 is not possible right now becasue lot of add-ons and interfaces developed for our needs.
    My problem is not in the limited license while in the authorization and the problem is not in Sales Order comparing to Delivery or Invoice. Problem is that I have the user with the authorization to ADD Sales Order, Delivery and Invoice which is OK and normal. As this user works in Customer Service department we need to limit the possibility to change the Unit Price or Discount on the lines, which we did in System Initialization -> Authorization -> General Authorizations and for Change Row Amount under the Sales - A/R I placed No Authorization.
    Everything works fine until they try to create A/R Invoice with the option Copy From Sales Order (Draw Document Wizard is opened). In that case if user choose Customize option Unit Price and Discount can be changed. In this way user "cheated" the system.
    thank you
    best regards

  • Text messages not copied from sales order to billing

    Text messages which have been given in sales order are not copied to billing. Two of the text are copied and the other two are not getting copied. Checked the access sequence.. everything is correct.
    Please give a clue.

    Dear DV,
    These are basic settings to copy the Text from sales order to Invoice so please check in these areas,
    First you need to copy the sales order text to the delivery document from the delivery document you can copy the text to the billing document.
    To copy the sales order text to the delivery document
    You do the text determination for the deliveries also,define and maintain same TextId in the delivery header text procedure ,maintain the access sequence ,in the delivery text procedure access sequence you put the Text Object as VBBK for that Text ID.
    Make sure that you have assigned access sequence for your missed Text ID's in VOTXN transaction
    To copy the delivery text to the invoice.
    You do the text determination for the billing document,define and maintain same TextId in the billing document text procedure and maintain the access sequence,after that
    Go to VOFA transaction then selct billing document type then go in to the details screen here you do the check in the Delivery Text check Box (Top most bottom of the screen.)
    Now you can able to copy the sales order text to the invoice.
    Use VOTXN transaction for Text determinetion
    I hope this will help you,

  • PO Text copy from Sales Order to Purchase Order

    Dear friends,
    Hope everyone is doing fine.
    I have the following business requirement for two situations
    Scenario 1) Purchase Order text from the Sales order has to be copied to the purchase order. Here sales order is converted to purchase requisition, and later the requisition is converted to the purchase Order.
    The standard SAP config is working absolutely fine for this.
    Scenario 2) Purchase Order text from the Sales Order has to be copied ot the purchase order. Here sales order is converted into a planned order, planned order is converted into purchase requisition, and later the requisition is converted to the purchase Order. For this situation, the text is not getting copied from Sales order to the requisition/purchase order.
    This is not working as of now with the configuration for the above scenario 1.
    Please throw some light to solve the scenario 2.
    Please let me know if there is a config or do we need to use any user exit or BADI to achieve this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sam Matt ;
    You can benefit from MM:Define copy rules for PR texts .
    I checked , you can copy from sales order , like a belowed screens.
      M.Ozgur Unal

  • Address not copied from Sales order/Delivery to Shipment Document

    Hello Experts,
    I need your help on Addrss of ship to in shipment document.
    Sales Order[VA01] >> Delivery [Vl01N]>> Shipment [VT01N].
    User changed the Address of ship to party (Header level) in Sales Order and It reflected to delivery as well and I believe It should also update the address in Shipment document.
    But when I checked the Address of the Customer/Unloading point in Shipment Document [VT03N] (as below) I found It was not updated It was same as Customer Master Record and I believe It directly copied from Customer Master Record.
    BUT While creating the Shipment system is copying the data from Customer master Record not from Sales Order /Delivery. Logically system should copy the updated address from Order/Delivery BUT It is directly copying from Customer Master i don't know where is the setting of this ??
    Can anybody help me on this ? How system takes the customer (ship to party) address in shipment ? Where are the setting of these.
    What I need to do so system take the updated address from Sales Order/Delivery not from Customer Master Record (Ship to party).
    Can I change the address of customer in shipment document ??
    Awaiting your precious reply.

    Hello Samir,
    Thanks for your response.
    I think you get my question in wrong way.
    I am sayingCustomer master data was not changed.
    User just changed the Address in Order (Order > Header >> Partner tab >> Change ship to address/overwrite ship to address).
    Overwritten Address / Updated address are copying in Delivery BUT not in Shipment document.
    What I need to do?  system should copy the updated address from Sales Order/Delivery BUT it is copying from Ship to party.
    I hope this time i am clear to explain my issue.

  • Cannot edit header price when sales order copied from sales order

    I have a requirement to copy a sales order with Freight manually added in Header Pricing to another sales order.  The Header Price for Freight is grayed out on the target document and the requirement is to have that price field open to edit.  I've tried several copy control settings to no avail.  Will a copy control routine need to be written in order to open the freight price field for edit in the target document?
    I very much appreciate your assistance.

    Hi Nancy,
    Validate the Pricing Type in the copy control at item category level, by default Pricing type is equal to A (Copy price components and redetermine scale), which can be adjusted to adjust your requirement in copying from another sales order.
    Make sure your setting in the condition type under "Changes which can be made" are supporting the necessary changes a user needs to make.
    Naveen Aggarwal

  • Price in invoice is not getting copied from Sales order

    In my case when i create a sales VPRS condition is taking price 4.020,24 (@335.02/PC). When i create a Invoice it is coming with 4.020,22 value and .02 is coming in different condition type ZDIF ( Rounding diff) automatically. When i check my PGI accounting document there also price 4.020,22  hits the G/L account.
    Now able to understand why .02 value is going in the ZDIF condition ?
    Need help

    Hi Nitin,
    Rounding condition is coming in picture because there will some difference in PR00 and VPRS.
    Generally VPRS is a statistical condition type and it is just used for viewing purpose not a part of calculation.
    So you can go to V/08, select your pricing procedure and then control data.
    In that find out VPRS condition type and click on statistical, then it wont come in calculation.
    If you want that this should be copied then you have to made changes in copy control.
    Go to VTFA if you are making billing document with reference to order document.
    Go to VTFL if you are making billing document with reference to delivery document.
    Select your combination of billing document and delivery document/order document.
    Then go to item level and select you item category and then click on detail
    In that you will find pricing type just change that pricing type to D.
    Now it will copy pricing as it is from sales order.
    Hope so it will solve your problem

  • Rounding Off Value is not copying from Sales Order to Invoice

    Hi Experts,
    In Pricing Procedure i maintained DIFF- Rounding Off Condition type with the following Combinations.
    Cal Type: 16
    Bas Type: 4
    When i create sales order the system is calculating Rounding Off after saving the sales order.The requirement is that it should shows the rounding off value before saving the sales order.Secondly when i make invoice the rounding off value is not copying from the saved sales order.After i save the invoice in VF02 the rounding off value is coming .

    Cond type DIFF has cond catgory L Generally new when copying. So the value from sales order will not be copied, it will be redetermined in invoice.
    Also rounding off cond is to round the total value which can change in invoice based on the invoice qty.

  • Sales Office copying from Sales order to Invoice ( order related billing)

    In sales invoice (vf01) is there any field for Sales Office.
    In order related billing . how we can copy sales office from sales order to Invoice.

    Hi Adnan,
    In Invoice you can find Salees office filed In the Item data >in the Item Detail tab>under Sales Order Data here you can get the sales office which you enter in the sales order.
    I hope it will help you,

  • Profit Centre in production order donu0092t copied from sales order

    Dear guru ,
    i maintain Profit Centre in Material Master Data , in Sales: General / Plant data, then the same will default in sales order.
    I can change it at the item level in the sales order T.Code: VA01, in the Account Assignment Section.
    I use make-to-order processing , but in the production order the system copied profit centre of material
    Master and not from sales order position.
    How can copy the profit centre from sales order position ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Pl. check TOR(Transfer of requirment) setting. your requirment type is make-to-order. do the setting accordingly. Pl. revert back if i am wrong. I think it will be helpful.
    Vinod kumar

  • Shipping Instructions text not copied from Sales Order to Delivery Document

    Hi All,
    The Shipping instructions text in the Sales order Header is entered manually. Now when the delivery is created, the text is not getting copied to the Header text (shipping instruction note) of the Delivery document.
    What may be the problem. Can anybody help ?

    Check this link

  • VPRS copied from Sales Order to invoice is different

    Hi experts,
    I have a query in VPRS costs.  Below is the setting for VPRS.
    In MM03 “Acctg view” the Price Control is “S” & Std. Price is $10
    In item category TAN 'determine costs' is ticked
    In the cond type VPRS cond cat is g (cost)
    In Pricing Procedure below is selected for VPRS,
    statistical value :- checked
    subtotal :- B
    an requirement :- 4
    In Sales Order the VPRS copies correctly the std price $10. But when creating invoice VPRS shows $21.
    Is there some setting in the copy control?  Pls share your ideas.

    To achieve that the actual costs of the business transaction are included in the VPRS condition, the condition category must be 'G' - Cost. Only in this case, the costs may be taken from the goods issue (or the invoice verification, goods receipt or purchase order). Settings 'S' or 'T' take the value from the valuation segment of the material master only.
    Go to the detail display of the VPRS condition. If the condition control (KSTEU) is set to 'H', the cost was taken from the goods issue. If it set to 'A', it was redetermined from the valuation segment of the material master, in case of 'D' or 'E' it was copied from the preceding document.
    Reward points pls.

  • Change price sign during copy from Sales order to credit memo

    Dear All,
    due to external system reasons we I need to manage one sales order type using not necessarily positive amounts.
    A custom logic (based on structural elements, tax information and sign of the amount) permits to identify the right billing type document to use.
    Example (using a simplified logic)  if the amount is positive the custom logic will determine an invoice.
    and if the amount is negative a credit memo.
    In VTFA copy rules has been defined but it seem that using transfer rules at item level (defined on VOFM) it is not possible to access and change the sign of the amount (net price will be enough) in order to have a negative amount copied into a positive amount of a credit memo.
    The following test has been done without succeed:
    custom routine on VOFM to change sign of VBRP-NETWR...but the price is 0 when the routine is called
    Using pricing type M - No effect
    Every hint will be highly appreciated.

    Hi Sudha,
    The coding added in 101 is not enough to achieve your requirement, because of the fact that the VBKD-ZTERM will be filled again with the original value from CVBKD in the copy routine on the item level. (For example 102 for OR to OR in standard system)
    Could you please create another routine 902(adding the addition coding to 102) and replace it on copy control for item level?
    It should work then.

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