Request to Make Withholding Tax info changeable on Cleared Line items

Hello all,
I got a new requirement where the client wants to change the withholding tax information in vendor cleared items. some documents got posted with wrong WT T type, now they want to make the changes to submit 1099 report. Withholding tax info is updated in vendor master and it is picking up defaultly while making the postings to the vendor through FB60.Even this field  (Withholding tax type)  is not changeable in Withholding tax info tab of the FB60. i try to make the settings through Tcode OB32 (document change rules)  but unfortunately this field is not editable in withholding tax information, while open the document through change mode. The field is WITH_ITEM-WITHT (Withholding tax type).
Please can anyone help me who works on this.
Thanks & Regards,
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Dear Kumar
The relevant withholding tax types change, for example, as a result of legal changes. A withholding tax type is relevant if the following conditions apply:
1. The withholding tax type is entered in the SAP master record of the business partner and indicated as subject to withholding    tax (vendor).
2. The company code is indicated as authorized to deduct tax for vendors or as subject to withholding tax for customers for this withholding tax type (withholding tax data for company code: View V_T001WT)
3. The posting date is in the validity period for the deduction authorization (withholding tax data for company code View V_T001WT).
Chintan Joshi.

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    Dear Sir,
    While I am trying to make down payment to the WHT vendor I have found the above error.  Can anybody help.  I am not giving any base amount in WHT information while down payment.   It is picking automatically tax code P9.  I am trying to post the down payment 10000/- and P9 tax code amount is 2.266%.

    If the Error is 7Q 320 'Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts'
    then   follow
    Kindly check in the relevant bank GL account master whether you have
    activated the field "relevant to cash flow" in the create/bank/interest
    tab in the GL account master FS02. Also refer the SAP Note 198368.
    Madhu M

  • F-48 -  Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts.

    Dear all
    In F-48 i am getting following error msg,
    Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts.
    Message no. 7Q320
    All Config settings or ok.
    Kindly suggest with suitable solution.
    With thanks

    Select Relevant to cash flow field for Bank GL you are using for making down payment.
    Chintan Joshi
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  • Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts for currency JP

    Hi Friends,
    we are facing the above problem which posteing the Downpayment in to Currency JPY. I have checked Bank GL for flag "Relevent to Cash Flow" and WHT Type Central Invoice Redio button. Still the problem exists.
    This am facinf only for JPY can anybody help me on this.

    Try this,
    Follow the Path.
    WT > Ext WT > Calculation > Min and Max Amounts, Here you select the country (Japan JP) and then define the minimum and maximum amounts for Withholding Tax Types and Withholdiong Tax Codes.
    For Eg:-
    W Tax Type : .......
    Currency : JPY
    Valid from - 01.04.2009
    Min Withholding Tax Amt - 10,00
    Max Withholding Tax Amt - 999.999.999,00
    Min Base amt - 10,00
    Then Save it and try again.
    You should define this for all the withholding tax types and codes which you have created.
    Please let me know in casae of any doubt.

  • Withholding tax postings for a single line item during invoice posting

    Hello folks,
    I have a question from my client about withholding tax postings during invoice postings.
    Scenario is
    1. There's a PO with multiple line items.
    2. A vendor invoice is posted against this PO which has multiple line items. Not all line items are subject to WHT. Is there a way to post WHT specific to a line item while doing MIRO.
    3. One line item without WHT and another one with WHT in the same invoice.
    Inputs are highly appreciated

    Dear Sasidhar
    while posting document remove the withholding tax code manually then system will not post the w/h tax.
    in your case select vendor line and remove the tax code then system will not calculate the tax.
    another line dynamically calculate the tax.
    Madhu M
    Please refer the below wiki pages.   (Rupee word Format)    ( J1INEMIS   )   ( J1INACKN )   ( J1INCCREP)

  • Items have not been activated due to inconsistent withholding tax info

    Hi, expert
    I want to make  vendor payment  through F-53 after fill the detail when i click on open item process & double click on amount it gives an error 1 items have not been activated due to inconsistent withholding tax info

    Dear Kumar
    The relevant withholding tax types change, for example, as a result of legal changes. A withholding tax type is relevant if the following conditions apply:
    1. The withholding tax type is entered in the SAP master record of the business partner and indicated as subject to withholding    tax (vendor).
    2. The company code is indicated as authorized to deduct tax for vendors or as subject to withholding tax for customers for this withholding tax type (withholding tax data for company code: View V_T001WT)
    3. The posting date is in the validity period for the deduction authorization (withholding tax data for company code View V_T001WT).
    Chintan Joshi.

  • 1 items have not been activated due to inconsistent withholding tax info

    Hi Experts,
    I am doing Vendor Payment through T code:F-53
    That time following error coming.
    1 items have not been activated due to inconsistent withholding tax info
    Message no. F5787
    The open items display different withholding tax information from the relevant business partner master record. For example, the number of withholding tax types in the open item could differ from the number of withholding tax types in the master record.
    System Response
    Items are not activated.
    Change the withholding tax data for the open item in question.
    waiting for reply,
    In advance Thanks & Regards,

    Dear Jemes,
    the Error message F5 787 normally is displayed when you have                                
    activated withholding tax at time of payment.                                                      
    If at the moment of positing the invoice the vendor was subject to                                 
    withholding tax and afterwards, before the payment,  the master data                               
    was changed, there is an inconsistencie between the withholding tax                                
    data in the invoice document and the withholding tax data in the master                            
    You should run report RFWT0010 in order to update withholding tax data                             
    in the invoice according to the new withholding tax data information in                            
    the master record. Please read the note 890111 that can be useful as well.
    Please let me know.
    I hope this helps You.

  • Tax break up of Tax code assigned to every line item

    hi all,
    i want tax break of a tax applied to line item after every line item in the pld.
    ex:-  ITEM CODE         ITEM DSC        QTY      RATE    TAX CODE
            abc                     dhfh                   1          100        BED+VAT
                                                                           eses 2% 10                                                                               
    hses 1%  5
                                                    packing &Forwarding       200
                                                                            VAT 4%  100
    client  want same tax split up for all line item and not after end of report.
    can u guide me how to do it?
    thanx in advance.

    This might be helpful
    Link:[Tax Break up|]
    *S-User ID is needed for access

  • Defaulting Tax Code in the PO line item by Material Group

    Hi All,
    How do I default the Tax code for the PO line item by material group in INDIRECT purchasing (without Material Number)
    What is the config for this?
    Thanks in advance.

    Not possible with mateiral group except you devvelope custom solution or try the following
    Do the config in thetcode
    than maintain that for your conditon in MEK1. 
    In this section, you maintain the tax code determination facility.                                                                               
    Within the framework of the price determination process, it is possible       
    to have the tax code determined automatically via the conditions.                                                                               
    For the purposes of automatic tax code determination, tax indicators          
    derived from the material master record, Customizing, or the purchasing       
    document are used. The system determines the tax code on the basis of the     
    combination of these tax indicators.                                                                               
    To assign a tax code to a combination of tax indicators, you must             
    maintain master conditions in Purchasing (menu options "Master data ->        
    There are tax indicators at the levels "plant", "account assignment           
    category" and "material".                                                                               
    In addition, there are two tax indicators that are derived from the           
    purchasing document:                                                                               
    o  Country of origin and country of destination differ                        
    o  Region of origin and region of destination differ                                                                               
    The assignments "tax indicator -> plant" and "tax indicator -> account        
    assignment category" must be made in Customizing.                                                                               
    Automatic tax code determination can be useful, for example, if different     
    tax rates apply depending on whether a material is placed in stock or is      
    consumed immediately following its procurement.

  • Calculate teh tax maintained for the PO line items

    I need to calculate teh tax maintained for the PO line do i do it????
    can somebody help??

    Use this FM to get data from KOMP
    tax amount = komp-mwsbp
          comm_head_i = komk
          comm_item_i = komp
          language    = nast-spras
          comm_head_e = komk
          comm_item_e = komp
          tkomv       = tkomv
          tkomvd      = tkomvd.

  • Delete Withholding tax info in cleared document

    We recently made the change from classic to extended withholding tax. I've been able to successfully run RFWT0010 and RFWT0020 when the withholding tax in a vendor master record was changed. However, we have several vendors the were marked as 1099 vendors (non employee compensation) that really are not subject to withholding tax. I've removed the withholding tax data in the vendor master record, but the documents still contain the withholding tax information, even after I've run both RFWT0010 and RFWT0020.  I've opened up those fields to be changed in document settings already. Is it not possible to delete or remove withholding tax from the document unless I do it manually through FB02?

    We had the same problem. There is no SAP delivered tool like RFWT0010 and RFWT0020 that will work to delete withholding tax data from cleared documents.  However you can create a CATT script for transaction FB09 which will work to do this. I used SE16n to gather the needed information which is document number, Line item number and fiscal year. I uploaded the relevant vendor numbers into the query screen for table WITH_ITEM
    I chose the relevant fiscal years, tax type FE, tax code not equal to blank, base amount not equal to zero,  i chose to display all those plus line item number document number, vendor number,  We only have one company code so that was not relevant for me.
    I then copied that list into my Catt global variant spreadsheet and away I went. I would worn you about reversal documents you might want to exclude those.  I would create a Variant for these selections as well
    Good luck
    Also if it doesn't really matter what the historical line items say. I had the users simply exclude those vendors from 1099 selection criteria

  • Inconsistent withholding tax info

    Hi all,
    I got one error pop up.
    When I try to create Post Incoming Payment Process open item, it pop up one message "1 item have not been activated due to inconsistent withholding tax"
    what is the problem?
    Best regards,

    Ur party account is having two different type of transactions like one which are having Base tax , Surcharge & education cess which is deducted at the time of invoice booking and few transactions are having tax deducted components like Base tax, surcharge, education cess & additional education cess.
    thats why the system is prompting that WHT is inconsistent.
    Or change in the master data of the party for the additional tax code also creates problem because in ur transactions the tax is not deducted for this tax code.
    Either u have to remove the tax code for instance to clear the account or u have to manually clear these items & from the next time it won't prompt.
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  • How to clear line items with withholding tax manually

    hi Experts,
    i posted a vendor invoice with withholding tax and i made payment as well but not through f-58.
    now i wanted to clear these two through f-44 but it gives the message withholding tax information ignored and didnt display the invoice as open item.
    how do i clear both the trasactions

    hi Praisty,
    thanks for the reply
    i have a second opinion on your statement that no matter whatever tcode you use for payment it will clear the open item. Even in F-58, if u make partial payment it will not clear you open item. But i didnt use f-58 as i said earlier.
    i used FBV1 for parking the document through which i entered the payment details...ofcourse it doesnt have the option for clearing the open items, cheque printing and it will not update your cheque register. i posted the parked document through FBV0. for all practical purposes, this is my payment document but it didnt clear my open item, in order to clear it i now used f-44.

  • Restrict Withholding Tax change in not cleared documents

    We want to adjust the Document chnage rules - OB32 in a manner that it restricts Withholding Tax fields from changing when the document is not cleared.
    We tested & found that the Withholding tax fields as below when defined in document change rules are giving strange results.
    BSEG-QBSHB          Withholding tax amnt
    BSEG-QSFBT amt
    BSEG-QSSHB base
    BSEG-QSSKZ          Withholding tax code
    BSEG-QSZNR          Exemption number
    Of these the field BSEG-QSZNR - Exemption number field remains unmodifiable in FB02 when the document is cleared & also when it is not cleared. We tested it for Vendor & the settings were made for Account type K.
    The field is always greyed out even if we make the field as modifiable in OB32.
    The rest of the fields are remaining modifiable when the document is not cleared & become non modifiable when the document is cleared. This behaviour is not affected by whatever settings we make in OB32.
    We tried to search for an SAP note for this peculiar behaviour but could not find one.
    Could you please help.
    Thanks & Regards

    Dear Shreenath,
    if You want to retrict, please delete from V_TBAER table the entries I suggested and then go to IMG > Extended Withholding Tax>Calculation>Withholding Tax Type> Define Withholding Tax Type for Invoice Posting or  Define Withholding Tax Type for Payment Posting -->
    There will be a frame named  Control data; there please switch off the flag "W/tax base manual" and "Manual W/tax amount.
    Please do a test and let me know.

  • Withholding tax not considered on clearing

    Hi dear SAP colleagues,
    SAP does not retain the value related to withholding tax
    In this scenario, withholding taxes are charged on values since 7.000
    Company acquired equipment for 14.000 and in may 17 posted and advance of 13.000.
    In june when executing clearing through (F-44):
    A) Advance 13000  (effective date May 17)
    B) Payment value 14.000 (effective date June 16)
    Thank you
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    Hi Marssel!
    In master data it is checked. But in invoice the amount of withholding was NOT retained... (There appears the Code an Base amount only).
    How can I corrrect it?
    Thank you,
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