Restrict access to modify Service Orders operations within IW32

Hello experts,
We have a challenge due to our certifications programs. We allow certains users to create services orders and make the selection of the task list via IW31. They also have access to IW32 so that they can release the order later on.
I am looking for a way to block their capability to modify operations informations (wc, texts, prt,etc). So far I have explored few avenues but I am still not convinced.
Option 1:
-use a BADI (WORKORDER_UPDATE) and functions CO_BT* to track detail fields that were changed
-this involves a good development
Option 2:
-I couldn't find authorization object for my need...
Option 3:
-a check on changes docs being created or apparently there is a field VBKZ we could use to identify a object change...
Would you have faced the same requirement?
Thank you for your time.
Francois Paquet

Hi Pete, I am glad to receive an answer from you! Your other answers helped me on some other requirements.
We have given a try to this badi and as per the documentation it works well to hide information. We will see if we can push other parameters than set invisible because we still want the information to remain visible.
Thank you.
Francois P.

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    Please guide me :
    Is it possible to restrict users (who are having authorization of marking service orders as deleted) from marking some service orders as deleted, if they have not created these service orders?
    In other words, requirement is : only the person creating the Service Order should be authorized to delete.
    Please guide.
    Thanks and Regards

    There are many BADI and EXITS available, you have find the appropriate place to put your code.
    CNEX0013  Order: Cust. enhancement: Default item category comp. assgmt
    CNEX0026  Customer enhancement for general inspection of material
    CNEX0027  Customer enhancement: Plant, storage loc. finding for comp.
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    Name of a BAdI Definition
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  • Service Order - Operations.

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a scenario here where I need your expert advice.
    Make to Order Scenario in PP , where some of the production operations are subcontracted. But here materials will not leave the premises, instead  people from outside will come and do the work (service) on the materials within the shop floor area, like Cleaning Operations.  People who come will work only for some stipulated amount of time and the work will be subcontracted to them.
    During normal subcontracting operations a PR will be created when you create a production order.
    Similarly is it possible to create a Service PR for the above mentioned kind of operations when a production order get created??
    Is it possible to simulate this scenario in standard SAP PP or any configuration changes has to be made??
    Any information in this regard will be very helpful..

    In ur case ,Vendor send people and do the work (service) on the materials /equipment within the shop floor area, like Cleaning Operations. So People will work only for some stipulated amount of time and the work will be subcontracted to them.
    So you can go for Service Order  or Service PO which serve as agrrement with ur vendor .You can cretae Service PR also.Service PO/Service PR is created with item Category "D" and an account assignment category as per ur requirement like "C" or "F". U can not enter ur material here only u have to maintain short text of material. Example: You want to clean the any equipment and u given contract to your Vendor. Vendor sends quotation mentioning that Rs.100/hr/Man head. Now how you will measure the cleaning activities of equipment? You can pay to contractor based on the hourly basis/ man head spent in cleaning activities. So in this case create the Purchase Order mentioning "Cleaning" in the short text in Item overview(Acc assignment ' F' or “C” or “P” and Item category 'D) and item details " Man Head" Service No , Gross price - Rs.100.00 and unit - hour ( or pick from Service master) and Quantity-number of hours spent by all man head. Once you create Service PR then create Service PO w.r.t Service PR
    The steps to create Service PO are:
    1) Maintain Item Category as D & account assignment such as Order“F”or slaes order”C”
    2) Keep material code field blank.
    3) Enter description of service & other fields in the PO Item Overview level. Press Enter.
    4) System will prompt you to maintain services at Item Level. Maintain your service master number / service description & other fields (quantity / rate /)
    5) Save the PO.
    Maintaion the Servive entty sheet(SES) in ML81N w.r.t Service PO.You can cretae "N" number of SES w.r.t to single PO.Then  go for Invioce verifiation MIRO w.r. t. SES and then payment in F-53.
    Biju K

  • OIM 11g R1 ( Restricting access to Modify resources by field.

    Is there a way to restrict the access to modify specific fields on a resource, based on roles? In design console you have the options of, "Allow Insert", "Allow Update", "Allow Delete" on the form associated with different roles. Is there any way you can restrict this access specifically to fields in the way you can restrict access to user attributes based on authorization policies?

    You are failing to utilize the product then.  You don't have to utilize a soa-composite for this.  They can be set to auto-approve anyway.  But you should not just grant admin access to the user and all their resources so easily.
    Not sure what kind of event handler you can even use.  You could try and explicitly deny access to those roles by adding them to the form permissions and unchecking all the values.

  • Service order operations with different plants

    We would like to use different plants in our operations for service. This works fine but at certain operations we have set components (with backflush). While processing the service order these components receive the service order planning plant where it should be the plant mentioned in the operation.
    The reason why we would like to use different plants is because the material that has to be repaired will pass through those different plants. (or should we just create multiple service orders ?)
    Example :
    Task list created in plant 001 :
    Operation A plant 001 with component Y
    Operation B plant 002 with component Z
    The service order is created in planning plant 001 and when you go to the component tab, the plants of component y and z are set to plant 001 where it should be component Y --> plant 001 and component Z --> plant 002.
    Is setting the plant for components equal to the planning plant, standard behaviour ? (can't find anything to change this)
    Do i have to achieve this with a user exit ?
    with regards

    Hi dear,
    In that Case : u can create a single delivery...... AS the ccriteria for delivery split as per standard are
    1. ship-to-party
    2. shpping point
    3. route
    4. incoterms
    5. transportation zone

  • Restrict Delta Load of Service orders in CRM

    <u>For the Techie guys in CRM:</u>
    Can anybody please let me know how to Restrict the Delta load of Service Orders coming in CRM version 4.0 .
    The Bdoc type coming is CRM_SO_DMBDOC.

    You should be able to achieve this by doing some filter settings in R3AC1, isn't it?

  • Service Order Operation User exit

    I am looking for user exit to validate operation data in sevice order on entry and while saving.
    I have checked IW01 user exits but enable to find the correct one.

    > Hi,
    > I am looking for user exit to validate operation data
    > in sevice order on entry and while saving.
    > I have checked IW01 user exits but enable to find the
    > correct one.
    This is my first post. I think you can also use function EXIT_SAPLCOIH_009. This is fired on any of maintenance order/service order save event.

  • Assigning  of   smart from  to print  Service Order using Tcode IW32

    Hi  Gurus
    i have  developed a Z smart form  to print shop papers  using IW32 how how to assign the  Zprint program and Z smartforn  to print  shop papers using iw32
    thanks in advance.
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    In config, under Plant Maintenance & Customer Service -> Maintenance & Service Processing -> Maintenance & Service Orders -> Print Control -> Define Shop Papers you can assign you own Shop Paper number , Form Routine, Form name. The SAP standard  is a Sapscript but I have used a Smartform. Note that you will have to give a shorter name for your Smartform to fit in the Form section in config.

  • Restrict Access and Viewing of Individual subfolders within a Share

    I'm looking around for the simplest solution and not quite arriving at what I'm looking for. I'm moving our files over from Windows Server 2003 to 2012 and it's both simpler and more confusing for me.I understand that sharing and permissions are different, what I don't get is how to prevent sharing on a sub-folder - I can block some permissions, but not all without "too" much work.Basically here's our file structure:CompanySharedFolder (All Employees - read/write access)
    --- Folder A (all access)
    --- Folder B (all access)
    ----- Private (access for only user A or group A)
    --- Folder C (all access)And my OU structure:
    All Employees
    --- Employee Group A
    --- Employee Group B
    --- Employee Group C
    AdministratorsSo, if I want to prevent all but a select group or user from being able to access/view/edit a certain subfolder like "Private" above -...
    This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community

    Security roles are additive. if all users are in the default roles, which are not queue scoped, they will have that access PLUS what ever other access you define. In this case, they will have Incident Resolver to all work items PLUS incident resolver to
    all work items in the queues you select. 
    you'll need to work backwards on this. Create a queue for all incidents that DON'T match your security filter. (i.e. an "everything else" queue) and put this into a new role. remove all users from all roles and only add them to the new Everything
    Else Incident Resolvers. 
    Essentially, public access work items would be in a public access queue, and "secured" work items would only be visible to people in the default roles, or people who were specifically given access to that secured queue. 
    Of course, you're still going to run into the the problem that new work items don't exist in ANY queue until the Group Calc process runs and stamps them. the default time for this is 30 seconds, so if an analyst creates a work item, they won't be able to
    see their own creation until up to 30 seconds after the first save. 

  • Text Flow from service order to requisition

    Hi Everyone,
    I having a problem regarding text flow from service orders IW31/IW32 to requisition ME53N.
    I created/updated a service order in IW31/IW32 and enter some text in "Operation Short Text" column. When I release the service order the short text should ideally be reflected in purchase requisition. What's happening right now is that "If the length of text entered in IW32 is more than 40 characters then the text is reflected in requisition ME53N otherwise any updates to this column text are not reflected in ME53N".
    I debugged ME53N and found that it gets the value of text using READ_TEXT so I hope the same is stored in standard text while saving IW31/IW32. I checked the text also which is created after saving Iw32 and it contains changed data only if the length of the data is more than 40 characters.
    To me it looks like standard SAP process that the text will flow from service order to purchase requisition only if the data length is more than 40 characters. If anyone has any idea can you please share. Is there any sugesstion for correcting this. Any reason or OSS.
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    my situation is:
    - a WM managed warehouse, society A;
    - a HU managed warehouse (without WM), society B;
    - a purchasing process of HU from society A towards society B.
    Society B have a scheduling agreement; when a delivery schedule appears, in society A born a sales order and a delivery. After the registration of the delivery good issue, an idoc transfer information for inbound delivery creation.
    This process is ok without WM, but with a WM managed warehouse the idoc has the following problem:
    "V51VP - item was not found - process cancelled".
    Can you help me to transfer these HU?

  • Creating Service Order from Campaign

    Hello Guru's
    I m really stuck presently with my Task.
    My scenario is, we have modified service order transaction (zsrv), and this service order has been modified by adding custom developed classification that we assign every time we create service order manually. I have to create same service order from campaign execution.
    At the same time when we create campaign, this classification is assigned in campaign screen and stored in bespoke table. Then i have to create service order automatically from campaign when executed.
    So can any one help me on this scenario. what BADi i have to use, what is the best approach for this. How i can pass the classification of campaign to service order.
    please help me
    thank you

    Hello. What was the solution, please?
    I have a similar scenario in which I need a mass creation of service requests from a target group.
    Thanks a lot,

  • Service Order Planned Costs and Cost Center Planned Line Items

    I am curious of Service Order Planned costs, and whether or not these planned costs are being posted to the Cost Center linked to the Service Order Operation's work center.
    I am a but puzzled as I don't see any planned costs from any Service Order Operation in a cost center linked to the Operations work center, when reviewing "Cost Centers: Plan Line Items" report.

    The planned costs were input in one of the Service Order operations as planned hours. There is a column for it in the operations list. The amount of hours have incurred a planned cost on the Service Order header.
    I simply assumed that this cost would be credited to the Cost Center linked to the operation's Work Center. But that is obviously not the case. I am not familiar with the PLICC field and the functionality it provides.

  • Mainataince/Service Order possible in SRM 7.0 SUS ?

    Hi Experts ,
    We have SRM7.0 and We have requierment  to access the Mainataince/Service Order  by Supplier in SUS. I am sure that is not a part of Std SUS functinality Order Collaboration in Std SUS system
    Can anyone please confirm me wheter any how it is possible ?  If yes , how ?
    Thanks in advance

    Maintenance Order/Customer Service Order are not setup in XI scenario.
    PO/Conf/Invoice etc are setup in XI scenario so that you get(see) those(MM) documents in SUS.
    Now if you can tweak XI scenario you can get those documents in SUS.
    P.S. All documents from MM generates IDoc. I think you should look for IDocs in MM so that you can setup XI scenario accordingly.
    I hope it resolves your doubt.
    reward if helps

  • XI - restrict access to Communication Channel and Receiver Agreement

    Hello Experts,
    We are trying to restrict the access to certain communication channels and receiver agreement in our XI system. We are able to restrict access to business service but not the afore mentioned objects.
    Our XI system version is 7.0 with SP level 17.

    We raised an OSS message and found that the issue was due to a missing JAVA patch

  • User timereporting on service order without assignment

    When a user needs to timereport on a service order operation, does the user's workcenter in any way be assigned or allocated for the operation/service order? Or can a user timereport on a service order without being assigned by default?

    Hi Kapil,
    Enter some value for work in the required operation and click on Internal tab, you'll find Reqmnts Assigment tab.

Maybe you are looking for

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