Retraction Cost Center Plan Data into SAP R/3

Hi All,
I am working on Integrated Planning and we have a requirement to retract the Cost Center Plan data to SAP R/3. Can anyone tell me how to do it in SAP BI-IP envirinment.

Hi Keyrun:
Please refer to slide 7 of document below.
"SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Data Retraction in BI Integrated Planning"
>Online documentation:
>See SAP Note 525543 for additional documentation on field mapping.
Francisco Milán.
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  • Retraction cost center plan data from BPC to ECC

    HI Experts,
    We are integrating BW-BPC.
    The client wants to Retract the data from BPC to ECC System for reporting purposes.
    u201CIn order to be able to calculate standard costs correctly in production plants planning data from BPC is needed in SAP ECC.
    The data needed is the planning data on cost centers which are currently entered into SAP manually via transaction KP06. This data will now be entered into BPC instead and therefore it is required to get an interface between BPC and SAP ECC for transferring data.
    A description of the process and the data needed is available in the section u201CSAP ECC Screen Dumpu201D sectionu201D including screen dumps from ECC
    If this interface is not created the task of entering in the planning data will double as the data must be entered both in BPC and SAP ECC. The process of entering in the data twice I estimate will add 1 u2013 2 extra days of work for each subsidiary involved in this.u201D
    What is the options to support this Business Process of getting data from BPC to SAP ECC.
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    Hi Keyrun:
    Please refer to slide 7 of document below.
    "SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Data Retraction in BI Integrated Planning"
    >Online documentation:
    >See SAP Note 525543 for additional documentation on field mapping.
    Francisco Milán.
    Edited by: Francisco Milan on Jun 22, 2010 8:13 PM

  • RE: Cost Center plan data

    Can anyone tell me in Cost Center plan data KP06 i want to give uers only layout access we have several lay outs how do i restric other layouts

    You can restrict this by planner profiles.  In the role assigned for planning to the user, there will an authorisation object K_TKA50, where you can restrict the planner profile.
    And as you may know that layouts are assigned to planner profiles in customising; the layouts are thus restricted by the ones assigned to the planner profile.
    To reach this customisation, navigate as follows in the IMG:
    Controlling -> Cost Center Accounting -> Planning -> Manual Planning -> Define User-Defined Planner Profiles
    So the steps will be:
    1.  Create Layout
    2.  Create Planner profile, assign layout to profile
    3.  Modify user role to restrict planner profile to the one created above.

  • Cost center planning data table and transaction code to view

    I want to see the cost center planning document. In which transaction code, I can see this document.
    In which table, cost center planning data is stored?
    VS ramaiah
    Moderator: Please, search SDN

    I do not think that COEP contains the plan line items*. For plan line items it is COEJ. But as suggested by Christian the better option in case you want to create a report is you use COSS/COSP and COST. The latter is for activity type planning (KP26) and the other two are for cost planning (KP06).
    The transactions to view the plan document is KABP and line items is KSBP.
    * Christian, do correct me if I'm wrong. I was not able to see anything with value type 01 in COEP.
    Kind Regards // Shaubhik

  • Error while uploading cost element planning data into KP06 transaction

    I am facing the below error while uploading the Cost Element Planning excel file in KP06 transaction code. Please help me in fix this issue.
    We are trying to enter a budget upload using Transaction code: KP06. We get the following message errors  when we do this. It seems revenue accounts cannot be entered using cost centers. Question, how should these accounts be added? Kindly help me how to add Revenue cost elements to this planning?
    Error accured when generating data for the planning processor
    Messange no.K9400
    Revenue element 451000 can not be planned on cost center 9720

    The cost element which have  category 01 only can be planned in the Kp06.

  • Table for Cost center plan data by version

    I need to find out which tables in sap hold the cost centre and profit centre plan data by version.
    I am having trouble finding the tables if anyone can help?

    COEP     CO Object: Line Items (by Period)(costing document line item information)
    Orders, sales document items or cost centers can be described as object types. The connection of an object to its CO data is given by the general object number (OBJNR field in the CO tables, such as COEP-OBJNR). This field provides you with information about the object type and, if needed, about the object key (such as the order number).
    GLPCP   EC-PCA: Plan Line Items

  • Cost center planning data-Plan Variable Costs in Object Currency

    Dear All:
    I have copied a standard planning layout and for the field, 'Planned Fixed Cost' and 'Planned Variable Cost', I have selected 'Plan Variable Costs in Object Currency' and 'Plan Fixed Costs in Object Currency' as the Key Figure.
    I am doing this because our Controlling Area currency is TWD and the other company will upload the planning data in RMB .
    However when I do the above settings and try to save, I am getting the following errors.
    The column 'Plan Fixed Costs in Object Currency' can input correctly but the column 'Plan Variable Costs in Object Currency' canu2019t be update in KP06 .
    Planner profile: SAPALL
    layout :1-101
    I can't update the column "Plan Variable Costs "
    I copy the layout 1-101 and change the column to  'Plan Fixed Costs in Object Currency' and it  still can't input variable cost

    Hi Carol
    I have done this many times and never faced this issue
    Just delete the copied layout and Copy it again from 1-101....
    May be delete the existing columns of the layout and choose the desired key figure of object currency
    Then assign the layout to Planner Profile
    Ajay M

  • BPS : Problem in retracting 0QUANTITY in cost center planning.

    Hi folks,
    I tried the standard retractor for retracting the Cost Center plan data from BI to ECC. I followed the blogs "BPS Retraction for Cost Center Accounting - I&II (Primary Cost & Qty)" by Praveen Mayalur and made the settings accordingly.
    I am having problems in retracting the 'quantity' to ECC and hence I tried the following scenarios and got different results.
    Scenario 1:
    In the level, if I select Keyfigures "Amount" and "Quantity" --
    When I execute the function, the system does not pick up any data. The message given by the system is "0 data records were read, 0 of them changed, 0 generated"
    Scenario 2:
    In the level, if I select only Keyfigure "Amount" --
    When I execute the function, the system does the retraction without error and with the message - "Retraction: Update completed without errors. No. of records: 4.   4 data records were read, 0 of them changed, 0 generated".
    I am able to see the amounts in ECC also.
    Scenario 3:
    In the level, if I select only Keyfigure "Quantity" --
    When I execute the function, the system gives the message -"Retraction: Update completed without errors. No. of records: 3.   3 data records were read, 0 of them changed, 0 generated".
    But I am not able to see the quantities in ECC.
    If anybody has worked on quantity retraction, kindly guide me through the settings.

    Did you check the below point when you define sender structure?
    Make sure to pass the Unit of Measure when passing the Quantity else retractor wont update the Quantity in R/3. (Either you can map the field or maintain constant in the sender structure)

  • Cost center plannig data was deleted in production client

    Hi All Please look into below problem.
    2008 GP1 cost center planning data(KP06) that is entered in SAP Version 1 and 3 and assessed with planning assessment cycles has been mysteriously deleted from SAP.   The data is entered and re-enterd every month.   There are no line items in GP1.  The data is in GB2 to prove it was in GP1 when a snapshot of GP1 was taken to refresh GB2.   We need a root cause analysis.   Screen shots of GP1 and GB2 are attached for one cost center as an example
    Please let me know your opinions and thougts.
    While i am executing Assurance i am getting Actual and planned costs values, but the same one while i execute in production values are displaying in Actual costs not displayed in plaaned cost.
    Please suggest to me tables which which is

    "deletion" of CO plan data is possible but not "mysteriously...
    Just copy an empty plan/actual version to a plan version containing plan data.
    T-Codes: KP97 or KP98, the important thing is, the source version needs to be empty, copy "all data" and flag "reset and overwrite".
    Pls. ensure that this T-Codes are not executed by mistake.
    Best regards, Christian

  • Copy cost center planning to profit center

    Hi dear,i did cost center planning with KP06,then i try 1KE0 to copy cost center planning data to profit center,but seems it does not work,because there is no relevant planning data when i use KE5Z to check planning data
    can someboyd kindly tell me what i need to do to transfer cost center planning to PCA,THANKS

    To integrate cost center accounting (CCA) planning with PCA, for each fiscal year in Maintenance of Versions, the Integrated Planning checkbox should be checked . Also in PCA, maintenance of plan versions -> settings for Profit Center Accounting, the Online Transfer checkbox should be checked so that the postings are transferred to Profit Center Accounting for each activity automatically
    Tcode KE5Z is for Profit Center Actual Line Items. So even if you select record type 1 here, it will not give planning data. Similarly, tcode KE5Y is for  Profit Center Plan Line Items. If you select record type 0 here, it will not give actual data. If Integrated Planning is activated (as mentioned above), then KE5Y will give you all planning data, irrespective of whether it is planned using PCA or CCA.

  • RE: Cost center Plan

    Can anyone tell me in Cost Center plan data i want to give uers only layout access we have several lay outs how do i restric other layouts

    Hi Venkat,
    I think what you could do is create new Planner profile, containing only the planning layout you want and then assign this planner profile to the user parameters in user master record. SPRO - Controlling - Cost center accounting-planning - manual planning-Define User-Defined Planner Profiles
    There can be also an authorization restriction if you want to prevent user from changing the planner profile himself.

  • How to Make the Name 1 field in cost center master data as compulsory

    We have requirement from the client to make the Name 1 field in the adress tab of the cost center master data as a compulsory field when the cost center master data is accessed through KS01, KS02 T code.
    There is also existing cost center master data in SAP system for which NAME 1 field is blank. How the issue of the existing master data can be dealt if there are no data NAME 1 field in the existing cost center master data.
    Partha B

    This path refers to exit COOMKS01.... (For Cost Center Enhancement using Custom fields)
    For the above requirement, I belive COOMKS02 is the right one.... (Custom checks before saving)
    Br, Ajay M

  • SAP - Cost Center Planning - Version 1

    Dear All
    Recently we have started to use the cost center planning through KP16 under plan version -1
    However we are unable to down the plan data in excel with a cost center break up through KSBP report.
    We are not using any special ledger
    System is showing the following error
    No plan cost line items recorded.
    Message no. KB419
    No planned costs line items are written to controlling area DXES in version 1 of fiscal year 2009.
    System Response
    The report cannot be executed.
    Check your selection criteria or activate the line item update function.
    The line item update function is controlled depending on the application:
    Cost center planning
    Here you can define the update for each version and fiscal year. You can maintain the corresponding indicator (integrated planning) in the version maintenance (settings for the fiscal year).
    This indicator you can either
    set manually when creating a version or
    set later via the menu sequence "Planning -> Planning aids -> Integration active".

    The impact is that the planning is stored also as line items and the planning is integrated between the CO-PCA components. In SAP words:
    - All available plan records for controlling area/version/fiscal year are posted as line items. The R/3 System posts these line items to the AC interface.
    - Any existing line items in the plan allocation transactions (plan assesment, distribution, or accrual calculation) are posted to the AC interface as well and made available to other components.

  • Reverse cost center & profit center plan data

    Hi ,
    Any one can tell how to reverse the cost center and profit center plan data. We have loaded plan data for 2010 there are some correction we want to reverse the posted data and reload the plan values.

    Simply reload the new values.. They will get replaced....
    If you have uploaded values to some cost ele, which should be zero actually, simply upload them zero value
    Ajay M

  • Loading non sap planning data into BWBPS

    Hi BPS Gurus,
                         I'm new to BPS I want to load hyperion planning data into BWBPS Could you suggest me how to do it.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi raki,
    My mail id is
    [email protected]

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