Return delivery to import vendor

Hi all,
I have Created an
1.) Import PO.
2.)custom Miro done
2.) GRN done at Port Plant
3.) Created a STO and recived material at working Plant
4.) Invoice verification done
Now,I want to return a material to import vendor, what will be the steps to follow.
Pls help me to resolve the issues.

IF this is indian scenario than follow the steps below
Without creating GR Document, system will not reduce stock of material on the basis of return PO.
Return PO Cycle is as following;
1. ME21N - Create a Returns PO (Activate "Returns" indicator for PO line item)
2. MIGO - Goods Receipt > Purchase Order (Returns PO) (Here system will hit Mvmt type "161" and you can also select Un-restricted/blocked stock from where you want to return the stock)
3. J1IS u2013 Excise Invoice Other Movements
Here click on u201Ccreateu201D button to create an outgoing excise invoice and reverse the CENVAT Amount.
Here put all details as below and Press u201CEnteru201D.
Ref.doc.type - MATD, Doc Number - Material document No of 161 mvmt, Doc Year, Series Group, Excise Group, Vendor
Here check BED, ECS and SECess values to be reversed and click on u201CSaveu201D button to post the excise invoice.
4. J1IV - Post and Print Outgoing Excise Invoice.
5. MIRO - Credit memo w.r.t. Returns PO.

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  • Return delivery for imports with duty

    Dear all,
    I have recieved goods from imports vendor and paid the duty taken credit . I want to return the goods back to the vendor
    What's the procedure coz it involves duties.
    Is ARE1 anywhere related.

    Yes, follow Export sales process to return the material and also you have to create ARE1 document for the same.

  • Enter tax code in return delivery to vendor

    Hi everyone,
    I have made a PO, GR, GI and a credit note, in that sequence, with no problem. However, when trying to create a return delivery to the vendor (movement 122), the system shows up the following error message: Enter a tax code.
    Of course, the tax code has been informed into the PO, consequently brought to the other documents. Why is it not bringing the tax code to the 122? Is there anything else I have to do?
    I would appreciate any help.
    Marcelo Buosi.

    The tax accounts should be nullified right when you dont want the material.. You will be paying extra to the vendor on basis of tax when you are purchasing so when you are returning bac the material that material amount + the tax amount should come back from the vendor rite. that is the reason the system is asking for tax code so that it calculates the amount that as to come back from the vendor.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • QA11 Return Delivey quantity to Vendor ( Inbound Delivey Batch Split - PO)

    Dear all
    We have batch management & QM module active for Purchased item.
    On Goods Receipt stock is posted to quality inspection and creates inspection lot.
    Return Delivery Qty. to Vendor as below:-
    Step1:- Tcode QA11
           Entered Inspection Lot number and Press Enter key.
    STEP2:- Defects Tab             - entered UD as rejected and
    Inspection lot stock tab - entered quantity in the Return Delivery field
    Then press enter
    STEP3:- System displays the popup screen to input Purchase order and item.
    Then click on SAVE Button I got the below error message
    error message:
    19,480 KG Incorrect posting back to vendor,
    The batch you entered XXXXX791 does not match batch YYYY770 in the PO.

    U have to give the batch number manually i.e yyyy770.

  • IBD Updation at the time of return Delivery

    We are using PO and IBD process
    But after return delivery to the vendors the IBD is not getting updated, becasue of which we have to create the fresh PO insted of makeing use of old open PO.
    how this can be corrected
    Niti Narayan

    While receiving of material through MIGO transaction then system will Shown "excise Invoice" tab in MIGO tcode. But While Return delivery of material, then system will  not shown Excise invoice in MIGO, because  the Return delivery is nothing but issue of material to vendor or outside the gate, So in this case we can use transaction code J1IS.
    Mahesh Naik

  • Subcontracting return delivery

    how can I post a mvt 161 for subcontracting ?
    I posted a mvt 101 for the finished product which has a bill of material with two spare parts, now I'm trying to modify the purchase order and add a flag on Returns item field but the message error is:
    Returns not possible for subcontracting items
    How can I post the return delivery to subcontracting vendor for the finished products ?

    Think in diff . way.
    why don't use '122' mvt type , and then modify your PO & again reissue the components..
    The  usage of 'Returnble PO' cann't be used here.

  • Customer Master,for a Vendor, takes wrong Ship-to in Return Delivery

    Hi Everyone,
    Process: Return to vendor based on the standard PO (type NB) with return delivery (type RL).
    Settings Made: A customer master with account group Sold-to created and the code maintained in vendor master and vice versa. In this customer master Ship-to parter is not the same as other partner functions. Say Sold-to = Billed-to = Payer = 1234, but Ship-to = 5678.
    Issue: Whenever a return delivery is created agianst a PO (in VL10D) the system proposes Ship-to customer same as the sold-to 1234 . Delivery is getting processed without any error but the question is why system should propose 1234 as Ship-to which is not defined in the parter functions of Sold-to cusotmer 1234? Instead system should take 5678 as Ship-to which is the only entry in the sold-to cusotmer 1234 available.
    If a sales order is created for this customer, system correctly populates Sold-to (1234) and Ship-to (5678). The issue is only when a return delivery gets created against a standard PO.
    Kindly advise.

    My reply to you is more of logical than SAP
    Normally SP is the most dominant and important party in a sales process
    If you have a different SH in a CMR that means this sold to party tells you rather than delivering goods to me you deliver it to this person
    In standard SAP goods receiving hrs,Taxes,ship to address these are the data taken from a SH in a sales order
    In case of returns the decision to return stocks will be taken only by SP and not the person who receives the goods
    What i am telling is more of logical business process
    That is why the system is proposing likewise
    May be the other experts has give better explanation for this

  • Cancelation of Vendors return delivery document  ( 122 Movment type)

    Dear All,
    We have a case where in all vendor receipts are quality checked and in case a quality lot is rejected a returns delivery is crated to the vendor with SD returns delivery type RLL..
    We want to reverse this returns delivery and accept the the quality rejected lot. Can you please suggest how to do the same.
    We tried to reverse the returns delivery with transaction VL09 we got an error " the vendor rejection returns delivery type RLL cannot be reversed.
    We also tried out transaction  MIGO Cancellation option and got an error "material document cannot be processed"
    Please suuggest the procedure to reverse this material document.

    H i Deepak!
       We also have the same scenario like yours.But I am struggling to get the pricing details from the purchasing document. I don't know how to control this function.Material price and ED elements to be copied from the reference purchase document.How are you handling this? Kindly reply me soon.
    The following information may be useful to you.
    Posting a Return Delivery with Reference to the Purchase Order
    Choose the Enjoy transaction MIGO for posting goods movements. Enter the purchase order. In goods-receipt-based invoice verification, the system displays all the GR items. Choose the items that you want to return, specify the quantities, and choose movement type 122.
    Posting a New Goods Receipt with Reference to a Return Delivery
    If you receive a substitute delivery after you have returned goods to a vendor, it is advisable to reference the associated return delivery by using a reverse posting when you post the new goods receipt. This enables the system to suggest and update the data for this particular business process. This is particularly important in goods-receipt-based invoice verification, so that the link between the goods receipt, the return delivery, and the invoice remains intact (see also Subsequent Delivery).
    The table below shows which reversal movement types you can use to reference the associated return delivery.
    Goods receipt      Return Delivery              Substitute delivery
    101                         122                                    123
    103                         124                                    125
    105                         122                                    123
    For example, if you posted the goods into goods receipt blocked stock using movement type 103, you return them using movement type 124 (return delivery from goods receipt blocked stock). To post the substitute delivery back into goods receipt blocked stock, you do not use movement type 103, but reverse the material document for the return delivery. The system automatically suggests movement type 125, which maintains the link between the goods receipt, the return delivery, and the invoice.

  • Return Delivery to vendor

    If the purchase  is for 100 qty and having  4% VAT
    But in case if partially delivered (50 qty)how the system will calculate tax.. and in the same case if i return 25 qty frm it..
    how the system calculates the VAT.....

    If the purchase is for 100 qty and having 4% VAT
    But in case if partially delivered (50 qty)how the system will calculate tax.. and in the same case if i return 25 qty from it..
    how the system calculates the VAT.....
    It is very simple it will calculate based on GR Qty
    Assume iy order 100 Qty
    100* 10= 1000
    4% * 1000=40
    It w ill shows in PO but if done GR for 50 Qty system will take in to account for 50 Qty only.
    And same will appear in MIRO.
    If you perform 122 return delivery and then post the vendor invoice MIRO. System automatically consider for 25 Qty and subsequently 4% VAT on that portion.

  • Vendor return delivery form Quality Management on inspection type 08

    Dear all.
    I have a query regarding vendor return delivery. The issue is on a transection when one of our user has wrongly post the material to restricted stock after rejecting it on an inspection lot (Orign 01), that actually has to return to vendor and lot is the second return delivery to vendor on the same P.O. and line no.
    To correct this i have done a transfer posting and transfer the material back to quality inspection by using movement type 322. Now i have an inspection lot with 08 orign but this time the system is not allowing me to post a return delivery and showing "PU Qty deficit" error.
    Any one has any idea! please advice.
    I am very thankful for your help.

    Dear Tahir,
    Have checked the scenario and is working fine, I think  there is some i found in  your  3rd communication in this thread. Gajesh has given you right path, you are trying it differently  so there is a error. Just do following and revert back:
    You have applied 08 insp type  and lot i generated again and you have posted it to block stock correct no???  and you have already removed 08 type now fine.
    Now go to migo >> *select return delivery  against  original material document, put reason for movement  and select stock type as block stock *  and post the document.
    You were trying to do reverse GR instead of return delivery hence system was not allowing, pl check and revert it works 100%.

  • After Return Delivery to Vendor cannot remove shipping notification in MD04

    Good Day.
    I would like to ask help regarding to my issue.
    We had to create a return delivery to send the goods back to the vendor A. The packaging item was blocked and we created the outbound delivery via transaction MBRL with reference to material document when we do GR with the inbound Delivery A. After having processed all necessary steps including the posting of the goods issue of outbound delivery, the inbound delivery A is again open and expects a goods receipt of the returned units. This can also be seen in MD04. Meanwhile the supplier has sent a new "compensation" delivery, with a different inbound delivery B. This was goods receipted and with this delivery the complaint/return process is finished from the supplier's and our point of view.
    Problem: What remains is the original open inbound delivery A. Currently we have no idea how to get this one deleted, but we need to cancel it, because there won't be a credit note and there won't be another physical delivery for this inbound delivery A.
    What I have done so far:
    1) Tried using VL09 to inbound delivery A but there was no effects. probably because the inbound delivery A is already closed.
    2) It is not possible to set the item of SA to finished because we my use that item again.
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Madhu.
    Good Day.
    First of all I really appreciate your response.
    I tried to change the first inbound delivery but canu2019t do much. Because all fields were block since it is already completed.
    The system shows the error "The goods movement status (partially or completely processed) does not allow the item to be deleted."
    I also tried to change the schedule line but it didnu2019t do any effect with the issue.
    Thank you,
    Best regards.

  • Vendor return delivery for excisable goods

    I have few queries regarding vendor return delivery of excisable items.
    1) MIGO is done- Part 1 is done
        J1IEX_P- Part 2 is done.
       MIRO is done/not done.
    2) MIGO is done-Part 1 is done.
        J1IEX is not done.
        MIRO is not done.
    3) In case of return PO, when we do MIGO with 161,
        should I select Create excise entry or No Excise Entry??
    What will be correct vendor return delivery procedure??
    I've searched forums, but I'm not able to get the proper solution for excisable items.
    Can anybody tell me step by step procedures for above.
    Thanks in advance,

    You need to select Create excise entry , as you have claimed the Credit for the materials , so you need to reverse that as you are not utilising the material in production of finished goods.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Vendor Return Delivery Process

    Dear All,
    Kindly listout the process of Vendor Return Delivery for the Subcontracting Purchase process...
    MIGO (GRN) qty : 4 EA (Main material) (sub contracting challan reconciliation done for the full required sub materials)
    Reworkable Qty: 1 EA (Found by Quality)
    Return Delivery : 1 EA (in Movement type 122 through QM side so that the Main material only will remove from our stock)
    Now while sending this return delivery Main Material to the Sub contractor what could be the official document will be sent
    along with.

    This one defective item has to be sent to subcontractor for rectification .. right !!!
    You have to again go for subcontracting cycle .... Here BOM will be recursive .... Vendor most probably will do it for free ... so u have to go for free PO or just put say 0.01 as amount. .... do MB1B 541 ...create a subcontracting GR and reconcile the challan ....
    Now the catch .... how to differentiate rework material ....
    You can create a new PO doc type ... as "JW or SC Rework" ... Create rework PO in this doc type ...

  • Vendor Return Delivery through Quality Notification.

    Hi Experts,
    I m doing vendor return delivery through quality notification with action box , after giving PO NO. & Material document no we are getting the  following error
    1) Could not create return delivery
    2) Deficit of PU IR quantity 2.000 EA
    For the GR based IV reversal after IR tick is not active.
    Kindly suggest possible reason for the same
    Thanks & Regards

    There is deficit of Quantity i.e the quantity lying in stock is less than 2. and secondly for GR based invoice verification the IR tick should be there in PO in Invoice tab.

  • Regarding Return delivery to vendor

    Dear Guru's,
    While doing return delivery to vendor, i am facing an error
    "Deficit of PU IR quantity 5.000 L"
    Message no. M7021
    Pls help me out..

    Hi Cherukuri,
    Vendor Returns after MIGO & MIRO will be handled like this.
    Create a Return Purchase Order with standard doc type NB and check the box Return Items in Po Detail tab.
    Now Make a Goods Return receipt for the return po. Here 161 Mov type will be automatically takes place.
    Now create a Credit memo for the Vendor using MIRO.
    Please check the stock is there.
    Rewards if helpful.

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