Return selected column header of table

I'm sure there's probably a way of doing this.  But I haven't found it yet.
I'm building an application that will act as a kind of "universal" report generator for tables in a MySQL database. 
On startup, a Combo box is populated with table names of the database.  When the user selects one of those tables, the column names are retrieved from the database and used to populate the column headers of the LabVIEW table.  
The idea is that the user will be able to select that column and enter filter contraints into a text box.  Those constraints will then be added to the WHERE statement for that column.  
So far I've only been able to find a way to return the Active Cell or a Selection of Cells when the user clicks on the actual data in the table.  
Is there a direct way to retrun a  selected column header value in LabVIEW?
I'm musing there may be some kind of workaround using transparent controls on top of the headers.  But since different tables will have different numbers of columns that the user sets the width on, I'm not really sure this will work either.  
Patrick Allen
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falkpl wrote:
If you make the headers editable, this allows active cells to specify your column selected active row is -1 column is the selected column. you might have to use mouse down? to filter out the ability for the user to edit your column headers though.
Hmmm.....this has possibilities. 
I definately don't want the user changing the actual headers.  Although in this case, maybe I could call that a "feature".   Eventually the idea is that when the user has all the data filtered to his liking , he pushes an "export" buttton and everything is dumped to an Excel worksheet.  He can then manipulate it.  Create graphs.  Etc. Etc.   So maybe changing the headers to something other than somewhat non-intuitive field names in our database is desireable.  
Thanks for the suggestion. 
Patrick Allen

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    Hi Ravikumar,
    As Sukanta has suggested create a Simpletype of String Type and Length 40.
    Then create a context for the column header and for its type, instead of choosing
    from the drop down, choose the 3 dots.
    In the window that appears, select Local Dictionary, and Select the Simpletype
    that you have created, from the respective package name. And click OK.
    This will make the text of ColumnHeader of type String and Length 40.
    Hope it helps.

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    The issue is that you have decided to use quoted column names. A pretty horrible idea (mostly for the reasons that you are now finding).
    Re-create the view and get rid of the silly double quotes.

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    how to mentain the column header in table control,
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    First just drag and drop all the fields that are to be a part of the table control. Then drag the label on the column header. Give name and text to the label.

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    I have 100 users. Each one has same table let's say tableA. I want a query that return back the value of a given column in that table for all users with their names. I thought about a join between dba_users (username) and that table. Basically I generate a script by this :
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    Or perhaps you just want some dynamic SQL like this:
    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  DECLARE
      2    CURSOR u IS
      3      SELECT username
      4      FROM   all_users
      5      ORDER BY username;
      6    v_cnt1 NUMBER;
      7    v_cnt2 NUMBER;
      8    v_tbl  VARCHAR2(30) := 'EMP';
      9  BEGIN
    10    FOR users IN u
    11    LOOP
    12      SELECT count(*)
    13      INTO   v_cnt1
    14      FROM   ALL_TABLES
    15      WHERE  owner = users.username
    16      AND    table_name = v_tbl;
    17      IF v_cnt1 > 0 THEN
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    20      END IF;
    21    END LOOP;
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    User: FRED Count on EMP:27
    User: BOB Count on EMP:34
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

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    if a stored procedure like to return 10 columns for a particular record from a single table do i need to define a TYPE statement for each colum like
    TYPE col1 is TABLE of varchar
    TYPE col2 is TABLE of varchar
    here i want to return only one row, not many rows.

    You can try one procedure with OUT or IN/OUT parameters that collect the values from one or more sql statements.
    SELECT table1.DESC1, table2.DESC2
    FROM TABLE1, table2 WHERE
    table1.COD = P_COD and
    table1.cod = table2.cod ;
    END P1;

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    I am selecting 27 columns from two tables
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    If you post
    1) The table definitions for the underlying tables
    2) The indexes that are on the tables
    3) The two SQL statements you're running
    4) The explain plan for both statements
    we can probably be of some assistance.
    My guess is that the count(*) is able to return much more quickly because the optimizer is able to use a significantly faster query plan that is based on an index which the longer-running query cannot utilize. Without the information I've requested, though, it's hard to do more than speculate.
    Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

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    i need 2 columns from each table . say (A.product_no ,A.product_name,B.prodeuct_price ,B.confirm)
    here product_no is primary key and present in both tables.
    i need to create a VO combining these two tables and put it as ADF table in a jspx page
    Functionality :
    my 'confirm' field is a checkbox field in table . whenever the checkbox is selected,
    the corresponding price will be getting added and display it in a textbox.
    if my first 4 price values are 3000 , 2000 ,4000,2000
    and if i select first 3 values , then the text box should contain 9000 value.
    i need help ...
    i need help in creating VO and functionality part

    it is easy: create an entity object for every table and one view object where you select your both entity objects and join them in your select statement.
    Your desired 'confirm' functionality could be achieved with helpp of view object transient attributes - for more information see:

  • How to export selected columns in a table using expdp of oracle10g

    Hi all..
    I have a table with 10 columns and i want to export only 4 columns(selected columns) data using expdp
    Pl. tell me if we can do this and if yes what is the syntax.

    That's not possible, you could use QUERY to specify where clause but not columns in select clause,
    for example,
    QUERY=employees:'"WHERE department_id > 10 AND salary > 10000"'
    you could use
    create table2export as select c1,c2,c3,c4 from tableof10columns;and export the temp table.

  • How to freeze the selection column in the table control of the module pool.

    hi ,
    in my module pool there is a row selection field  <b>w/selcolumn</b> of the table control called as mark.
    how to freeze the selection column where there is no record in the table control row.
    or in other words where wa is initial.

    Hi all,
    in the PBO of the screen the following code is written.
    say the selection column is MARK and is declared in the data as well.
    *************************C O D E **************************************************
    MODULE disp_tabctrl1 OUTPUT.
      IF flag_c = 1.
        READ TABLE it_create_data INTO wa_material_data
             INDEX tab_ctrl1-current_line.
        READ TABLE it_material_data INTO wa_material_data
             INDEX tab_ctrl1-current_line.
        IF sy-subrc = 0.
          IF ok_code_0101 = '&SEL1'.
            mark = 'X'.
          ELSEIF ok_code_0101 = '&DSEL'.
            mark = ' '.
          LOOP AT SCREEN.
            IF screen-name = 'MARK'.
              screen-input = 0.
              MODIFY SCREEN.
      index_t = tab_ctrl1-top_line.
      index_d = tab_ctrl1-top_line + n.
    ENDMODULE.                 " DISP_TABCTRL1  OUTPUT

  • Variable column header in table control

    Hi all, I need a variable column header text in table control. I am doing the following but is not working,
    I have deleted the header field that the wizard created me thorugh a internal table, and put a I/O field instead.
    I have assigned a variable in the name of this field.
    In the PBO I am writing the following:
      LOOP AT   i_details
           WITH CONTROL tc_detail
           CURSOR tc_detail-current_line.
        MODULE m_modify.
    MODULE m_modify OUTPUT.
      IF tc_detail-current_line EQ '1'.
        var1(header column text) = 'text1'.
        var2(header column text) = 'text2'.
    But with this is not working, the rare thing is that the first time that the screen is shown, this value is not appearing. After press Enter or some action, the value appears.
    I am not doing anything in PAI. The only code that is in PAI is:
    Loop at i_details.
    Nothing more.

    First just drag and drop all the fields that are to be a part of the table control. Then drag the label on the column header. Give name and text to the label.

  • Dynamic Column Heading in Table Control

    I have a table Control which needs dynamic heading for the first column. So i dragged a label and placed it on the Column 1 header. I gave the corresponding declaration and assignment in TOP include for that screen field. I also tried assigning values in the PBO of the screen also. I even tried replacing the Label with an I/O field. It is not allowing.
    Nothing is working. Any suggestions.

    Instead of the text field for your column heading, put an input/output field there, and specify the field for output only. Then assign the field with the header that you want on your PBO.

  • How to display only selected columns in the table on the tableview

    Hi All,
    I am displaying in the below tableview the data from the SFLIGHTS tables in the tableview using flow logic. It displays all the columns in the database table. How can I set in the code to display only selected columns and not all columns.
    Also, in these columns displayed I want to make the key columns of SFLIGHT as non editable and the rest of the columns in SFLIGHT editiable. Can you please kindly share the code to implement this.
    <%@page language="abap" %>
    <%@extension name="htmlb" prefix="htmlb" %>
    <htmlb:content design="design2003" >
          <htmlb:tableView id              = "tv1"
                           visibleRowCount = "10"
                           selectionMode   = "lineEdit"
                           table           = "<%= flights %>"
                           filter = "SERVER"
                           sort = "server"
                           iterator        = "<%= iterator %>" />

       Please try this code.
    <!-- To display Table control on BSP page with table internal table it_hist  --!>
              <htmlb:tableView id              = "TV_HIST"
                               headerText      = "Previous History"
                               headerVisible   = "TRUE"
                               footerVisible   = "TRUE"
                               design          = "ALTERNATING"
                               selectionMode   = "LINEEDIT"
                               visibleRowCount = "5"
                               fillUpEmptyRows = "TRUE"
                               table           = "<%= it_hist %>"
                               width           = "500" >
    <!--  to show selected columns give required field name --!>
      <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName          = "FIELD1"
                                         title               = "COLUMN1"
                                         horizontalAlignment = "CENTER"
                                         width               = "65" >
      <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName          = "FIELD2"
                                         title               = "COLUMN2"
                                         horizontalAlignment = "CENTER"
                                         width               = "65" >
      <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName          = "FIELD3"
                                         title               = "COLUMN3"
                                         horizontalAlignment = "CENTER"
                                         width               = "65" >
      <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName          = "FIELD4"
                                         title               = "COLUMN4"
                                         horizontalAlignment = "CENTER"
                                         width               = "65" >
    <!--  to make column editable set edit property to TRUE --!>
      <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName          = "FIELD4"
                                         title               = "COLUMN4"
                                         edit = "TRUE"
                                         horizontalAlignment = "CENTER"
                                         width               = "65" >

  • VC Multiple Table Column Header Lines, Table Width Adjustment

    Hi Experts,
    1) How to have Multiple headers for a column in a single cell i.e multiple lines in the same cell. please provide with example.
    2) How to set your table to adjust the width automatically for all screen resolution since columns of the table disappear and some of the content of the header is not visible if the screen resolution is low.
    3) Is there any way to set the screen resolution for our report alone to very high resolution even if the end user has set the system resolution to low. The reports were developed on a high resolution and now we face the problem as citrix is rolled out and it is standard 1024 * 768 resolution.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Wrapping the text of a table column caption into lines is currently not possible. Workarounds could be:
    - using a single character text and a tooltip for the description
    - using an image containing the wrapped text
    Both workarounds have their problems.

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