RFC not getting executed

I am executing an RFC which is to fetch some values.There are some conditions for which value is not fetched.Then
ResultNode.size() becomes 0. But after this situation arises, second time i call the 'fetch' method in my view, RFC is not executed.
Any clues why it is happening so ?
ResultNode : Model node containing the fetched values after RFC execution

It seems your ResultNode is not getting refreshed after RFC call. Please try following approach to determine what is wrong.
1. Try running RFC in ABAP side with Transaction SE37 providing values that are not getting any results from Java side. If it works there, try following approach.
2. Invalidate the Resultnode after executing BAPI with following code.
If these approaches do not work, please post your code here.

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  • Model object is not getting executed

       I have created a model and iam getting values from back end using RFC.The values are not retrieved in front end and found that my model object is not getting executed.how to rectify this problem.please help me out.

    Please psot your code for analysing, and also check whether it conforms to following coding:
    // Create a new instance of the Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input model object
    bapiInput =Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input();
    // Create the structured input parameters required for this RFM
    Bapisfldst destTo = new Bapisfldst();
    Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input bapiInput;
    Bapisfldst destFrom = new Bapisfldst();
    // Add the DESTINATION_TO and DESTINATION_FROM parameter objects to the
    // model object representing the input side of the BAPI interface
    // Bind the model object instance to context model node
    // If the execution is successful, then invalidate
    // the corresponding output node

  • Queries are not getting executed in the EJB

    I am using Stateless EJB for database transactions. I have one getConnection() method in it which I am calling in every method for connection. I have created one more method in that I am executing one simple query for count(*) from one table and returning the count in the Web dynpro application. But I am not getting the count. It seems the query is not getting executed. I have added classes12 jar externally to the EJB and also to the WebDynpro application. Is there anything I am missing????
    Swati Gaur

    Hi Swati Gaur,
    Did you print any logs in the your code to print the count after executing the query?
    For debugging purpose you can try
    System.err.println("Count after executing the query "+count);
    count is the variable which contains the count after executing the sql query.
    Check for the above statement in default trace. If count is printing in default trace then the problem is in your webdynpro code.
    Hope this helps!

  • Deadline branch not getting executed

    In my BPM i have an infinite loop and also the deadline branch with inerval as 1 minute (for testing purpose) but when i send the message my deadline branch does not get executed after 1 minute and it keeps on waiting.
    in the bpm monitoring it shows wait step created.
    i have verified my design with the standard pattern available, and it is almost similar.
    i am not able to find out the reason behind this strange behavior.

    Hi Saravana
    i did exactly the same, i have my deadline branch, in it i have my control step which trows exception, which is catched by my exception branch and does nothing, so ideally it should continue the processing after that.
    but the problem is the exception is never thrown.
    my deadline has been configured as
    Reference Date/Time: Creating the step
    Duration: 1
    Unit: Minutes
    control step in deadline branch
    Action: Throw Exception
    Exception: Time_out
    Exception branch
    Exception Handler: Time_Out
    and outside this block i have transformation and other steps... which shoul get excuted after 1 minute deadline.

  • In PO Release "PO release effected" is not getting executed

    Hi All,
               I am working on PO Release WorkFlow.
    when I execute the WF of PO release, its executing the first task "please release PO" but when I relase the PO from my work place the second step "PO release effected" is not getting executed. I could not found why this is happening.
    Please help me in this issue.

    Thank You Adithya,
                                     I have copied the standard one i.e. WS20000075. I am executing the workflow directly from the Workflow builde by giving the PO number and release code.
    with this in my business workplace I can able to find the workitem.
             I am releaseing the PO from the Workplace. After releasing the PO also I am getting the status of the workitem as "Inprocess".
             In workflow log I found that only first task (PO Released) has been executed the subsequent steps are not getting executed.
             Would be there any settings are missed out??

  • Tasks not getting executed as per schedule

    Hello Gurus,
    my query is with respect to tuxedo 7.1 / singleview
    I am facing some new issues these days with singleview.
    Whenever we submit any task in singleview, it is not getting executed on its scheduled time.
    this has been happening from past few days.
    worstly,nothing has been found in logs.
    Interestingly, twice it happened that i took down the application & after the app was brought up,these "NOT" executed tasks started automatically.
    Why this could be happening?
    unix file " stdout" <standard output> is getting written heavily & reaching its MAX size ( 2 GB) in less than 24 hrs.
    i have changed its schedule as of now,but has it got anything with above problem?
    Finally,i have generated a new "ubbconfig" for tuxedo which will help in maximising billing performance.
    reason for this is in recent times i have observed that memory usage has increased .so this "ubb" contains maximum billing servers & rest minimum.if you have any idea on this,pls let me know.
    your suggestions & corrections are welcome.
    Thanks & Regards
    Abhijeet K

    Some follow up questions:
    - How did you migrate (dsmig ldif or binary import)
    - Did the accounts in .x have any custom password policies set?
    For a "new" and a migrated entry, can you check if a passwordpolicysubentry is configured?
    (search as directory manager and fetch the attribute)

  • Scheduled job not getting executed on a logical standby

    We have created a job(through dbms_scheduler API). The job is enabled and shows up in the SCHEDULERJOBS view also.
    However the job does not get executed. I looked into the following tables there was no relevant entry found for the aforesaid job:
    select * from all_scheduler_job_log
    select * from dba_scheduler_running_jobs
    select * from DBA_SCHEDULER_JOB_RUN_DETAILS order by log_date desc
    Is there any limitation that we cannot execute scheduled jobs on a logical standby database. If i execute the relevant program (that is configured to be run as job in this scenario) as an individual procedure from SQL plus, it gets executed successfully implying there is no errors/problem in the subprogram that the job is going to invoke.
    Appreciate your thoughts in this regard.

    Hi Justin,
    Thanks for your response.
    As per the app design, the job invokes a stored program(that maps to a stored procedure present in standby db itself) that reads the data from standby and populates the relevant tables/entities in another database(third db, not primary or standby) which acts as a repository. No write operations are to be performed on standby.
    So, i have two doubts:
    -- Can scheduled jobs execute on logical standby db[Oracle release 10g(R2)]
    I was going through few of the oracle docs and it is mentioned that this is a known limitation in 10g
    R2 release and has been corrected in 11g. Now we have something called database_role
    attribute that needs to be set to 'LOGICAL STANDBY' if you need to execute a job on
    standby. However it is available in 11g onwards.
    -- If there is no workaround for the above mentioned problem in 10g-R2 release.
    Then we may have to schedule a job from third db instance that shall invoke the program(residing on the standby db). Can we have a scheduled job which executes a program that maps to a remote stored procedure instead of local stored procedure?
    Appreciate your thoughts.

  • Fault policies not getting executed for called BPEL process

    I am facing one issue in execution of fault policy for a called BPEL Process.
    I have two BPEL Processes - BPELProcess1 and BPELProcess2.
    We have fault-policies and fault-bindings file.
    Case1 - BPELProcess2 is synchronous :-
    BPELProcess2 throws a fault of selectionFailure.
    Now this fault is defined in fault-policies and fault policy is bound to BPELProcess2 component in fault-bindings.xml file.
    But this fault policy is NOT getting executed.
    This selectionFailure fault from BPELProcess2 goes unhandled and in BPELProcess1, invoke activity gets this unhandled fault and raises a fault "remoteFault".
    This remotefault is also defined in fault-bindings and bound to BPELProcess1 component. Here fault policy bound to BPELProcess1 is working fine.
    So problem is that for called process, fault policies are not getting executed while for calling process, they are getting executed.
    Case1 - BPELProcess2 is Asynchronous
    BPELProcess2 is asynchronous. So same situation happening here. Fault policy for BPELProcess2 is not getting executed on throwing selectionFailure.
    But now here, since BPELProcess2 is async in nature, BPELProcess1 is not getting response and it is always waiting for response which is wrong.
    So how can we use fault policies in this case?
    Please suggest.
    Thanks & Regards,

    So that means - only fault originating from invoke activity in BPEL can be associated with a fault policy. No other fault can be associated. Even if I throw a selectionFault from throw activity, that will not be captured. Only fault from invoke activity can be associated with a fault policy.
    Please confirm.
    Edited by: 833944 on Feb 24, 2011 9:36 PM

  • BADI is not getting executed in Portal (Front end)

    Hello Portal Gurus
    We have developed a new enhancement recently and it is not getting executed in Portal...what will be reason...?
    Can someone please help me out in this...

    Hi Vijay,
    It'll be a bit easier to point out some probable solutions if you can give some details regarding the error that you are getting... Also if you can mention the EP version it'll be great..

  • Workflow not getting executed

    Hello friends.
    I am new to workflows. i  have created a sample workflow to cteate a material and then to display it. i have created all the std tasks successfully, and also in the workflow builder all is fine. but when i try to test it by executing the workflow, it is not getting executed, it gives a status message saying "Current status in process". please tell me the solution for this.
    Thanks and Regards.
    Vishal VH.

    Go and check what is happening in the workflow log.
    After executing the workflow, run transaction SWIA and check the log. You can also check the containers there along with the graphical runtime display

  • Infopackage not getting executed through Process Chain

    Hi All,
    I am facing a strange issue in BW Process Chain. Sometimes 3 Infopakages in my Process Chain is not getting executed and the variants get stucked in Yellow state. I checked the status of variants in RSPCPROCESSLOG table and they went in Undefined State.
    Can anyone tell why this happening and how to resolve that issue permanently.

    Hi Javed,
    When you trigger the process manually, it might work.
    But, as Raman told - some times due to huge number of loads running at the same time, the Back ground processes will be heavily occupied and loads will stuck. By the time, you trigger them manually; they will be successful due to some of the back ground processes which becomes free by that time.
    Though this will not happen all the time. But this can also be the reason. Try checking, if the loads are getting stuck in yellow with "Target event" "with parameter" getting generated in display messages --> chain tab or not.

  • SQL not getting executed

    My sql below is not getting executed.There are no errors but even after long time it is not producing any thing (error or result).
    I am getting results till the statement SELECT D.budeptmap_v88_dept_id ,
    but when I right the last statement on top of this nothing is coming.
    select u.dw_code_skey,u.dw_code from dw.agg_inscope_top_nodes t, dw.dw_codes u
    and u.DW_CODE_DW_CUR_IND = 'Y'
    and u.DW_CODE_DW_DEL_IND = 'N'
    and u.DW_CODE in(
    SELECT D.budeptmap_v88_dept_id
    WHERE D.budeptmap_v75_dept_id = '-1'
    AND D.budeptmap_v75_bu_id IN(C.cli_acct_producing_offICE_code)
    any help in tunning is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    how long does this query takes to complete?
            SELECT D.budeptmap_v88_dept_id
              from DW.CLIENT_ACCOUNTS C,
                   DW.AON_V75_V88_BU_DEPT_MAP_SDO D
             WHERE D.budeptmap_v75_dept_id = '-1'
               AND D.budeptmap_v75_bu_id IN (C.cli_acct_producing_offICE_code)
               AND C.CLI_ACCT_DW_CUR_IND = 'Y'
                                       FROM PROFIT.FACT_CLIENT_SUMMARIES A
                                      WHERE A.CLI_SUM_PERIOD_SKEY = 3
                                        AND A.DM1_TOT_ADJUSTED_REV_AMT =
                                            (SELECT MAX(DM1_TOT_ADJUSTED_REV_AMT)
                                               FROM PROFIT.FACT_CLIENT_SUMMARIES B
                                              WHERE B.CLI_SUM_ENTITY_SKEY =A.CLI_SUM_ENTITY_SKEY
                                                AND B.CLI_SUM_PERIOD_SKEY =3))

  • AOP JoinPoint not getting executed

    The spring configuration that I have is
    <beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"
      xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:aop="http://www.springframework.org/schema/aop"
      http://www.springframework.org/schema/aop/spring-aop-3.1.xsd ">
      <aop:aspectj-autoproxy />
      <bean id="addCarrierService" class="com.service.AddCarrierService" />
      <!-- Aspect -->
      <bean id="authorizeBeforeAspect" class="com.custom.AuthorizeBeforeAspect" />
      <aop:aspect id="aspectLoggging" ref="authorizeBeforeAspect">
      <!-- @Before -->
      <aop:pointcut id="pointCutBefore" expression="execution(* com.service.*.*(..))" />
      <aop:before method="secureBefore" pointcut-ref="pointCutBefore" />
    And the join point class is
    package com.custom;
    import org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint;
    import org.aspectj.lang.annotation.Aspect;
    import org.springframework.security.core.context.SecurityContextHolder;
    import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;
    public class AuthorizeBeforeAspect {
      public void secureBefore(JoinPoint joinPoint) {
      System.out.println("Inside AuthorizeBeforeAspect.secureBefore() method");
      if (SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication().getPrincipal() != null)
      DEPUser user = (DEPUser) SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication().getPrincipal();
    AuthorizeBeforeAspect .java class does not get executed at all. Not sure where am I going wrong?

    Was the chain created and activated properly, try activating the chain once again, if there is an issue with any of the variants the process chian will not get activated and throw and error.
    If this is not the case and if you are able to activate the process chain successfully, open the start variant and change the settings.
    Right click on the start variant -> Select direct scheduling option.-> press Change selection button
    Select immediate button and press enter. Now come back save the start variant and activate the chain once again.
    Schedule the chain and it should run right away. Monitor the logs.

  • Dead line block is not getting executed

    I configured BPM scenario to collect messages from one interface and create IDOCs in ECC.i configured with following steps
    Block(start of Block)
    Loop(While 1=1)
    container step(to create multiline container)
    Exception branch
    Deadline branch(time 1 minute with control step)
    End block
    But deadline branch is not getting executed.its going to endless loop.
    anybody got idea about the problem?

    Make sure that:
    1. your deadline branch has a control step raising the exception (and this exception branch could be empty, since it will only end the block; you can create another exception handler for specific application exceptions);
    2. all the exception handlers are defined in Block step;
    3. your correlation container is properly started and used by receive step (with the right fields being used for each correlation string).
    And as best practices, make sure that:
    1. your correlation is defined as local correlation in the Block step;
    2. your loop step contains only the receive step (which starts process) and a container operation of type append, which appends the received message into a multiline container (do all mappings after the loop is complete).
    Finally, save and activate your changes, go into SXI_CACHE transaction and check the returncode your BPM; it should be zero. Otherwise, there is something wrong with it.

  • Java Dynpro - Consumed Java WebService - Not getting executed

    I have consumed a Java Web Service ( EJB ) in my Java Web dynpro code ( using Import Web service Model ( Not adaptive ))
    Successfully consumed.
    But the Web Service Model is not getting executed by this code -
    Request_CreatePortalUsrWebServiceViDocument_createUsr createPrtUsr = new Request_CreatePortalUsrWebServiceViDocument_createUsr();
    try {
         } catch (Exception e) {
              // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    This Web Service resides on the local portal server.

    First, have you tested that the web service works if you run it directly in the WS Navigator?
    Here is a snippet of how I usually call web services:
    public void getUserControlTable( )
        //@@begin getUserControlTable()
              //     Clear down existing context
              // Create model object
              DBMaint_ConfigServicesFactoryWS model = new DBMaint_ConfigServicesFactoryWS();
              // Create context elements
              Request_GetUserControlTable request = new Request_GetUserControlTable(model);
              GetUserControlTable method = new GetUserControlTable(model);
              // Bind to context
              // Call service
              try {
              } catch (Exception ex) {
                        "Error calling CanUserConfigureApp service - " + ex.getCause().toString());
                        "Unable to read User Control table - configuration not currently possible",
    I'm not sure why you aren't creating a model object as I cannot instantiate my objects without it - maybe it is because you are using a non-adaptive WS model.  Why aren't you using the adaptive WS Model?
    Also, I don't see where you are creating a method/operation object, you only seem to create the top level Request object.  I'd expect you to need to create the operation level object too and add that into the request, as I do above.
    There is little point in outputting the stack trace like that - I always use the message manager object to display errors and debug message on screen.  I think you should at least add some debug messages to try and pinpoint what is going wrong.

Maybe you are looking for

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