Right-Click Services with Automator

So I still have my Macbook Pro that I haven't upgraded but I did update my iMac to Mavericks, so far everything is working well except that I used to have a Batch Rename Service that I used quite often but now when I right click with my mouse the Batch Rename services I created with Automator doesn't show up. I tried recreating it but still nothing. I went back to my Mountain Lion laptop and it works just fine. Any ideas?

I too was having this problem. I did the following, and it seamed to get it going:
moved the service out of the services folder (~/Library/Services/) to an easy place to get to (Desktop).
In Automator, open an new document, and selcted iCould.
drag the service from the desktop to iCloud
opened it, from iCould
file -> convert to...
select service and give it a different name than the orignal.
save and exit.
service should now be available.
In my case, the service only runs on my mac hdd. I have not yet found how to get service to run on a connected drive as it did in Mountain Lion. I want to run the service on my netowrk drive from my Synology NAS box.
Hope this helps a little

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    I often have to open files .cue with Text Edit. Right Click, Open with, Others, Text Edit. Is it possible to put Text Edit in the menu avoiding to use "others"?

    The easiest way is to keep Textedit in the Dock and drag the .cue file(s) to the Dock icon.
    You can also create an Automator Service:
    Open Automator
    Select: Service
    Select Service receives selected [files or folders] in [Finder]
    Then select one or more .cue file, right click (or Control-click) on the selection to display the contextual menu. Scroll to the bottom of the contextual menu and select Services -> (what you named the Service).

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    As many others, I am a heavy Spotlight user/searcher. I tried quite a bit around, but I seem not to be able to "right click" open with on the Spotlight search results (Spotlight used from the menubar). I can open search results, but that is most of the time not what I wish to do. More commonly, I would like to "Reveal in Finder" or "Open with" (i.e., opening a PDF in Photoshop or Acrobat, not Preview, depends on what needs to be done with it...).
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    Thank you for your thoughts!
    (p.s. I know that I have the right click option if searching from a Finder window rather than then searching from the menubar, and that I can get the menubar Spotlight open as a Finder Spotlight search result set... however, the results in the Finder menubar are different, and much better, then the what is presented in Finder... so it would be much better to have the right click there)

    Thank you, that really helps!
    I tried Command + double click and that is exactly what I needed... you can "open with" from Finder then in a second step (one step more then would be logically required, I do hope Apple simply enables right clicks in search results in the next release)

  • Stacks ( No RIGHT-CLICK, Open with )?

    While I do like STACKS for my DOWNLOADS, I have not been able to figure out how to ( Right-Click, Open with ) on files it displays. It there a key sequence I am missing or is the functionality just not there.
    Opening the folder is a extra step just to ( Open with -> ) that is unnecessary.

    The functionality just not there. It can't be so hard to Open in Finder. If there are a lot of files you have to open with the same app but aren't saved as so (for example Word files to open with Pages) you can make all files with the same ending open with a specific app. Right click on the file, go to Get Info and under the Open With tab you can select an app to open with. Click Change All to change all.

  • Lost start menu icons and not listed in right click open with option +more.

    Weird. I need help. Quicktime only--Start menu lost it's icons in the quicktime folder. When right clicking video files, the "open with" option no longer displays quicktime as a program. And lastly, open an avi file or even mpg and the program stops responding without even getting to play the file. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but can't seem to fix these issues. Can anyone help? Thanks. This just seemed to happen out of the blue.
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    I also have lost the icons for Quicktime in my start menu under Windows XP. The icons actually work when you do click them but the icons are not loaded. Everything functions fine and it's the newest version of Quicktime installed. I also have the newest version of iTunes installed. I ended up manually adding my own icons on the start menu as I've uninstalled and reinstalled Quicktime several times to no avail and even attempted to flush the windows icon cache. No go. This just started happening recently.
    It's not happening on my WinXP Pro laptop however, although I've yet to upgrade to the latest version of iTunes+Quicktime.
    *Right-Click Open With Menu still functions properly and the icon image is appearing correctly in that menu.
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  • X220 touchpad, Can't right click drag with more than one stroke

    1. Put cursor over a file or folder on the desktop.
    2. Hold the lower right corner of the touchpad (embedded right button)
    3. Drag with another finger (either hand)
    4. Lift off the dragging finger to reposition, then touch again, and it lets go of the icon, returning it to the original position.  (This means I'm not accidentally lifting off the right button. If I was doing that, the icon would remain where I moved it to.
    There are 3 ways to keep it from doing this:
    a. Use the right hard button above the pad.
    b. Press the touchpad button below the bend along the lower edge (As close to the edge as possible.
    c. Insulate the button pressing finger from the pad with folded paper, or press with a pencil eraser.
    b and c above show that it's the presence of a touch in the active area above the lower edge bend,  This touch, plus another touch being initiated in any other area of the pad interrupts the drag operation.
    The "tap and drag" settings have no effect on this.
    I just received the machine today after a 1 month order wait, and this is frustating enough to make me want to send it back.  As-is, it's nearly impossible to do right-click moves using the right pad button.  It becomes a 2-handed operation, one to hold the upper right button, and the other to do the dragging.
    Go to Solution.

    Control panel, "Programs and Features"   Uninstalled Thinkpad Untranav Utility  and driver items.
     Rebooted.  Confirmed that these applications ar eno longer present.
     Checked Device Manager, under Mice and Pointing Devices.  All it shows there is "PS/2 compatible Mouse"
    1. Right click with touchpad right switch now generates a right click.
    2. Left, and right click drags with the touchpad lower switches now work, but there is a tendency for the finger touch to move the cursor off target before the press is completed.
    Suggestion to Synaptics.
    When pressing one of the touchpad switches, there will always be a finger touch on the touchpad sensing surface first, which will probably have a negative effect.
    To avoid this, any initial touch in the lower left or right areas should be ignored, and any cursor motion generated by that touch should be undone as soon as the switch closes.
    Downloaded latest driver and utility. 
    Installing driver ( / 6hgx40ww) first, and restart.
    Result for driver reinstall:
    1. Right click with touchpad right switch works
    2. Right click multiple swipe drag works.
    3. Left click drag works, but ONLY if the clicking finger is touching the active area of the pad.  If you click too close to the edge, or use an object to press the switch, then the switch closure itself is not recognized.  The same issue exists for right clicks.
    Actually the behavior seems to be reversed now,  You MUST have a finger touch in the areas that prevented movement earlier to register the click event,  If you press the switch too high, or too low, or with an object, such as pencil eraser, then there's no click.
    So, with the new driver. I get acceptable dragging action as long as my finger isn't too far out of position.
    However, doing things like dragging a scrollbar with these buttons is still very frustrating, since the cursor tends to move off target before the switch closes.  This can be avoided by bringing the finger down onto the pad very quickly, to close the switch before any movement takes place.  A slow press will almost always move the cursor before the click.
    Installing the utility (7VGQ14WW) next.
    Still works, and the initial lag when trying to drag things is now gone. 
    So, aside for the cursor to move while clicking, I'd say the problem was fixed by the new driver. 
    Thanks for the fast responses, and to the driver devs for fixing it this quickly.

  • Mac right click open with take a long time

    mac right click open with program take a long time

    One program?
    All programs?
    What programs?
    How long is a long time?
    Do you get the spinning beachball?
    If you open Activity Monitor what does that say is running/using memory/CPU?
    What Mac
    What OSX versin?
    How much memory?

  • Custom Right-Click Options with Mighty Mouse (scroll-wheel)

    Is there a way to add custom actions to the contextual right-click menu on the mighty mouse? Or a program that will allow me to do that? I am looking to add a script or other items to the right-click menu options.

    this has nothing to do with the kind of mouse you are using. you can add items to the right-click menu by creating a service. you can make your own using automator.
    also, some applications install services when you install the applications and there are a number of built in services available. you can check system preferences->keyboard->keyboard shortcuts->services and activate the ones you want.

  • How to right-click, open with, applescript

    how would I modify the following code in such a way that I can run it from the right click of a folder and choose 'open with' and select my script/application? I want to run the script from the folder rather than having to run the script and select the folder.  I want to use open with because programs like Path Finder and Fork  Lift do not show the services submenu.
    set this_folder to (choose folder with prompt "Pick the folder containing the images to process:") as string
    tell application "System Events"
        set these_files to every file of folder this_folder whose name does not start with "." and (file type is "TIFF" or file type is "JPEG" or name extension is "tiff" or name extension is "tif" or name extension is "jpeg" or name extension is "jpg")
    end tell
    repeat with i from 1 to the count of these_files
        set this_file to (item i of these_files as alias)
    end repeat

    the easiest way to do this might be two convert this to an automator service - open automator, choose Service, tell it to receive the selected folder(s) in the Finder, then add a Run Applescript action.  You'll need to modify the script slightly:
    on run {input, parameters}
              repeat with each_item in input
                        tell application "System Events"
                                  set these_files to (every file of folder each_item whose name does not start with "." and (file type is "TIFF" or file type is "JPEG" or name extension is "tiff" or name extension is "tif" or name extension is "jpeg" or name extension is "jpg"))
                        end tell
                        repeat with i from 1 to the count of these_files
                                  set this_file to (item i of these_files as alias)
                        end repeat
              end repeat
              return input
    end run
    but after you've saved it you can access it from the Services submenu of the contextual menu

  • Right click Open With sometimes not working (Photoshop Elements 9, Windows Vista)

    We recently upgraded from Photoshop Elements 7 to Photoshop Elements 9. We are running Windows Vista.
    Last night, my wife was right clicking on JPEG images in her My Pictures subfolders and choosing "Open With" to open the files with Photoshop Elements. In some cases, this worked. In other cases she would right click the file, Adobe Photoshop Elements would start, but the picture itself would not display.
    I tested one of these pictures and was able to open it with other applications, and was able to open it by choosing "Open" from Photoshop Elements' file menu.
    Has anyone run into this before? Why are some pictures not opening when you right-click and use "Open With"?

    you can make PSE9 default program for opening any image on you vista machine.
    Then it souhld work fine.

  • Why can't we add programs to the list of right-click "open with" in Bridge?

    I've followed various discussions and can find no official solution, nor any easy-to-follow solution for this issue.
    What is the point of having bridge if we are unable to right click from bridge and open any image in any of the CC programs.
    Am I missing something here?
    also, I was fairly convinced that I could do this the last time I used bridge, last week, and now I can't.
    I have used the "update cloud" today.

    What is the point of having bridge if we are unable to right click from bridge and open any image in any of the CC programs.
    Am I missing something here?
    Maybe you can specify a bit more of your problem?
    In basic, having a correct install automatically adds all CC applications to the list above the line and most of the non adobe applications under the line.
    You can add a new default using Bridge Preferences File type associations and if this is not in the list at the bottom of the pop up menu is a browse button to search your disk.
    But you simple can't open any image in any Adobe application because not all adobe CC apps support all file types or can't even view images.
    The Open Width list also varies per file type. For instance a Raw or DNG file gives you only the CC - applications with a Raw converter and that narrows it down to PS.
    A .mov file only provides After Effects and Premiere Pro etc etc.
    And you have to option to place all kinds of files in ID, AI, Ps etc. using the right mouse click menu.
    If your behavior differs then first start refreshing preferences as a start.

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    Out of the blue, am unable to open Word attachments in Mail with the usual double click. (Get a longwinded error message)
    Need to right click, select open with, and select Microsoft Word. Have been using Microsoft Office for Mac 08 for years.
    I have reinstalled the Office software. A couple of tech people have been unable to fix it. Any suggestion?? debsuemy

    Please re-post in the Office for Mac Product Forums .

  • Watching dvds with vlc-no right-click 'open with vlc' option as on the pc?

    i searched discussions for this question but wasn't sucessful ... so here's my question:
    i use a toshiba pc laptop and an iMac G5 ... in order to watch dvds (with different region codes) on my PC, I use VLC with great success ... I wanted to do the same on my iMac, but came across the following problem:
    when I want to watch a DVD on the laptop, i simply right-click the title and go for 'open with VLC' (which gives me the menu and so on) ... when I try to do this on the iMac, however, there is no
    'open with VLC' option when I right-click the DVD ... I can open single chapters of the DVD by opening the single .vob files, but I'm not happy with doing that ...
    any ideas how to make watching DVDs with VLC on my iMac as easy as it is on my laptop?
    thanx for your help!
    2.1 GHz iMac G5 1.5 GB DDR2 SDRAM   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    If you want all video DVDs to open in VLC, go to System Preferences>CDs & DVDs>When you insert a video DVD:>Open other application> and now select VLC.
    This will open VLC, but the DVD will not automatically play, you have to go to File>Open Disc once in VLC.
    One question though, why not use Apple's DVD player Application?
    Daniel Gilmour
    eMac 1.25 Ghz, iBook 14'' 1.42 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   512mb ram, Superdrive; 5G 30gb iPod, 4GB White iPod nano

  • Mouse Right-Click menu with JTextField and swing

    I created a small app for providing an organized gui to insert data and log it to a text file. I just recently converted it to swing to improve the functionality of it and try to get away from some of the bugs I found in using regular java.awt.
    So far so good, all of my complaints with regular awt are gone using swing, but I have one problem I see as a real pain.
    With a TextField in java.awt you can right click and get the standard mouse-menu. The mouse menu is nice for cut/copy/paste type operations and I do not want to lose this functionality.
    But with swing and JTextField I am not getting the menu. I right click in there and get nothing. My UIManager is loading the OS one (windows) and I cannot find a way to recover this feature.
    Does anyone know how I can get this working?

    Well as I posted here to try and see if there was a way to recover what the OS already provides I have struggled through creating a popup menu.
    I have the cut, copy, paste and selectall complete but I am struggling with the undo option.

  • Right click, Open with shows PSE11 instead of PSE12

    When I right click on a file and select OPEN WITH, only PSE11 is available even though I have PSE12 installed as well.  I have tried browsing to PSE12 editor and selecting it however, it still is not available in the Open With options when right clicking on a file.  How do I make this happen?

    Yes, I am sure.  The options when right clicking on an image file including raw is only PSE11.  I manually added PSE12 and the editor opens however, the image never appears.  I also manually went to the PSE12 folder and seleted the editor (PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe) and it opens in PSE11 editor instead.
    I have tried to get assistance from Chat Support however, they have stated that I need to call for support.  When I call for support they say there is only paid support for PSE.  That's just really odd as I just purchased this in Novemenber and the issue is obviously with the installation.

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    Hello everyone, My first computer was a Mac and I had many models and have always been an apple fan, but I studied and worked in architecture and was forced to switch to PC because where I lived the standard was Autodesk software. Then I got into arc