Rollover for element with Scroll Motion?

Hey There, I'm having a problem where I can't apply a rollover function to a jpeg that already has parallax scrolling applied to it. The scroll motion is working just fine. But when add an effect, like a shadow, to the jpeg under the rollover state, the next time I preview or upload the html to my server the jpeg is gone altogether. I've tried a number of options but am racking my brain for a way to have both a rollover function and parallax scrolling on the same element.
Thanks for any advice.

Hi Justin, I realized that I could use the tooltip widget to utilize the rollover function with that and then put scroll motion on the widget itself and it seems to work just fine.

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    Thanks for the help

    Specialcase has a very interesting site over Motion.Among other things you'll find Illustrator paths.Look if they can help you.The link is:
    P.S. While you'll at it, visit the tutorials as well.Very good work.

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    When the browser window is narrower than the site, elements with scroll motion "shake", often severely, and sometimes change position when using links to jump to different anchors on the page. What causes this and is there a way to fix it?
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    Hi @Kydos 
    Thank you for your reply.
    I grasp that if you disable the graphic driver in device manager the issue is gone.
    Here is a link to  Resolving Video and Graphics Issues that will assist with this.
    Have you tried running the  HP Support Assistant  to look for any HP updates?
    Here is a link to the  HP Envy 17t-1000 CTO Notebook Software & Drivers  to verify you have all the recommended updates.
    You could also try reseating the card if that does not help.
    Next would be to test the card. Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 7, Vista)
    Good Luck!
    I work on behalf of HP
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    122455_ 2220
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    Saqib Usman   

    Did you explore SAP Enhancement CNEX0002 Using Transaction CMOD?
    Thank you and regards,
    Varshal Kachole
    The SCN Rules of Engagement

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    Had Photoshop Elements 12 on my other Mac that recently got smashed, new one has no CD drive. How do I install Elements with my product key? Purchasing an external CD drive is not an option at this time after forking over the 2500 for the new Mac...

    Downloads available:
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    Acrobat:  XI, X | 9,8 | 9 standard
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    Captivate:  8 | 7 | 6 | 5
    Contribute:  CS5 | CS4, CS3
    Download and installation help for Adobe links
    Download and installation help for Prodesigntools links are listed on most linked pages.  They are critical; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click a link that does not have those steps listed, open a second window using the Lightroom 3 link to see those 'Important Instructions'.

  • How to map secondry elements with main if have same ids for both?

    I need to map secondry elements with its matching primary elements if they both have same id.
    How can this be achieved in xslt.
    If ids are not matching then not a single element of secondry sholud be shown.
    If ids matching, then other fields of secondry elements, should be mapped to similar fields of primary elements.
    Eg: Its like some program running and in between some add on programs started (may be trailor or advertisement).
    the add on program is not always shown (optional), and whenever shown it has its own data information etc etc.
    Please provide me some input, how to map and proceed.
    Not sure what this code is really doing.
    <xsl:template match="SECONDARY_EVENT_LIST">
              <xsl:variable name="secondaryElements" select="ancestor::SCHEDULE/SECONDARY_ELEMENT_LIST"/>
              <xsl:for-each select="SCHEDULE_ELEMENT_ID">
                   <xsl:variable name="id" select="."/>
                   <xsl:apply-templates select="$secondaryElements/SCHEDULE_ELEMENT[(@ID=$id)]"/>
    Is this having any relation with what my requirement is all about?

    You can use XPATH command to get the exact tag.
    You can access each tag with it location like “/Report_Name/Group_Tag/Element_ID”.
    I think this will remove the ambiguity of Tags with same ID.

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    Is there an upgraded to Photoshop Elements 5.0 for use with Windows 8?

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  • How do I partition a disc with a raid card installed for fcp x and motion

    I have just downloaded fcp x and purchased motion but have found out the drivers for my AJA io HD are not available as yet so decided to revert to FCP 6.5. My system now runs like a dog and then I discovered FCP x and Motion should be installed on a separete partition. I have a Raid card installed on my mac and the application disc disk does not enough space so do not know what I should do. Any help would be welcome.

    Hi Mark spencer4,
    The issues I have is No drivers for Aja ioHD so I cant test FCP X to see how it works. When I return to my FCP version 6 it just does not run like it used to and keeps hanging the Aja ioHD so I have to keep refreshing. My motion projects on the FCP timeline now do not open in the old version of motion so I cant round robin as before. My main disc does not have enough space to run FCP X projects and a post on Apple forum said to run FCP X and Motion on a new partition if  you still need to use FCP 6. As I have a Raid card with enough space, If I created a partition on it for fcp X and Motion 5 would FCP 6 work properly again.
    I could not see how to create a partition on the Raid drive?

  • Please help with Specs for Elements 10

    Its been so difficult to get to the detailed specs for Elements 10
    Can anyone tell me if it does the following
    1. Import raw data from a Panasonic X5?
    2. Adjust vibrancy directly?
    3. Add starburst effect like in this photo

    See this Adobe document for the latest Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) update:
    The "ReadMe" link lists the supported cameras.  (The DMC-LX5 is supported.)
    Yes, a RAW file will open directly in ACR, and JPGs can be opened in ACR by using File...Open As.
    No.  You'll need to find a plug-in that does starbursts.
    P.S.,  Barbara, once again, my slow typing did me in....

  • I have firefox 21.0. For some reason, it's not resizing html elements with Javascript. When I use getElementById, it ignores the changes I try to make.

    I've tried resizing and repositioning the element with this code:
    <pre><nowiki>widthPercentage = screen.availWidth / 800;
    heightPercentage = (screen.availHeight / 600);
    squareLeft = (124* widthPercentage);
    squareTop = 202;
    if (document.getElementById)
    TEMPO = document.getElementById('SQUARE'); = (124 * widthPercentage);
    I've tried with this code:
    squareTop = 202;
    squareLeft = (124 * widthPercentage);
    starterWidth = (495 * widthPercentage);
    starterHeight = (99 * heightPercentage);
    TEMPO = '<DIV ID="SQUARE" STYLE="position:absolute; left:squareLeft; top:squareTop; visibility:visible;">';
    TEMPO += '<P>';
    TEMPO += '<img name="screenTitle_box" ID="STARTER" src="ARTWORK/FRONT_SCREEN_TITLE_5.JPG" HEIGHT=starterHeight WIDTH=starterWidth>';
    TEMPO += '</P>';
    TEMPO += '</DIV>';
    document.getElementById('SQUARE').innerHTML = TEMPO;
    Neither way works. But the same code works in Internet Explorer.
    Here's the element I'm trying to manipulate:
    <DIV ID="SQUARE" STYLE="position:absolute; left:333px; top:10px; visibility:visible;">
    <img name="screenTitle_box" ID="STARTER" src="ARTWORK/PICTURE_5.JPG" HEIGHT="150" WIDTH="900">

    A good place to ask advice about web development is at the MozillaZine "Web Development/Standards Evangelism" forum.
    The helpers at that forum are more knowledgeable about web development issues.<br>
    You need to register at the MozillaZine forum site in order to post at that forum.

  • MinWidth not working with Scroller container

    So, this might be a dumb question from a relative Flex newbie, but I haven't been able to figure it out for the last few hours, after trying many different combinations.  In a scrolling Group, I'm able to get the vertical scrolling to behave exactly as I want it to, but the horizontal scrolling just doesn't seem to function no matter what I do.
    Examples from Design view:
    As you can see, the content is larger than minHeight of 800, so the scrollbar appears...hooray!  Now, for the horizontal scrolling....
    Horrible, ugly mega-fail.  (Note also that only some of the text areas actually scale, despite the fact that they're all coded identically...what's up with that?!).  I do realize that each of the nested border containers have children with fixed heights, and I'm using fluid widths throughout this layout..which may account for the different behavior.  But isn't that the whole point of the minWidth property?  To create a limit at which the scrollbars will appear?  I know I could force the Scroller size to 300, but then it would limit the size of the viewport to a maximum of 300, which is the last thing I want.  Basically, I need some help in understanding how the new Scroller system works with fluid layouts.  In MX, minWidth/minHeight just worked....*sigh*
    Can anyone help me fix this?  Please stop me from losing faith in Abode's ability to create APIs that function inituitively.
    Here's the code:
    <s:BorderContainer xmlns:fx=""
    xmlns:mx="library://" dropShadowVisible="false"  width="100%" height="100%">
    <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->
    <s:Scroller horizontalScrollPolicy="on" verticalScrollPolicy="auto" width="100%" height="100%">
    <s:Group width="100%" height="100%" minHeight="800" minWidth="300">
    <s:VerticalLayout paddingLeft="10" paddingRight="10" paddingTop="10" paddingBottom="10" gap="20"/>
    <s:BorderContainer id="choiceContainer" width="100%" minWidth="300" height="150" cornerRadius="10" backgroundColor="0xDDDDDD" borderWeight="0" dropShadowVisible="false">
    <s:VerticalLayout paddingLeft="10" paddingRight="10" paddingTop="20" paddingBottom="10" gap="10"/>
    <s:Label text="Learner Choice" fontWeight="bold" fontSize="14"/>
    <s:HGroup width="100%" height="20" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center">
    <s:Label text="Choice Label" width="100" textAlign="right"/>
    <s:TextArea height="100%" width="100%" id="choiceLabelField" editable="true"/>
    <s:HGroup width="100%" height="50" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center">
    <s:Label text="Full Choice" width="100" textAlign="right"/>
    <s:TextArea width="100%" height="100%" id="choiceBodyField"/>
    <s:BorderContainer id="resultsContainer" width="100%" minWidth="300" height="275" cornerRadius="10" backgroundColor="0xDDDDDD" borderWeight="0" dropShadowVisible="false">
    <s:VerticalLayout paddingLeft="10" paddingRight="10" paddingTop="20" paddingBottom="10" gap="10"/>
    <s:Label text="Outcomes"  fontWeight="bold" fontSize="14"/>
    <s:HGroup width="100%" height="50" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center">
    <s:Label text="Coach Feedback" width="100" textAlign="right"/>
    <s:TextArea width="100%" height="100%" id="feedbackBodyField"/>
    <s:HGroup width="100%" height="50" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center">
    <s:Label text="Customer Says" width="100" textAlign="right"/>
    <s:TextArea width="100%" height="100%" id="saysField"/>
    <s:HGroup width="100%" height="50" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center">
    <s:Label text="Customer Thinks" width="100" textAlign="right"/>
    <s:TextArea width="100%" height="100%" id="thinksField"/>
    <s:HGroup width="100%" height="20" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center" gap="20">
    <s:Label text="Satisfaction Change: "/>
    <s:NumericStepper id="satisfactionStepper" maximum="100" minimum="-100"/>
    <s:Label text="Expression: "/>
    <s:DropDownList id="expressionDropDown" width="100"/>
    <s:BorderContainer id="nextActionContainer" width="100%" minWidth="300"  height="130" cornerRadius="10" backgroundColor="0xDDDDDD" borderWeight="0" dropShadowVisible="false">
    <s:VerticalLayout paddingLeft="10" paddingRight="10" paddingTop="20" paddingBottom="20" gap="20"/>
    <s:Label text="Next Action"  fontWeight="bold" fontSize="14"/>
    <s:HGroup width="100%" height="20" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center">
    <s:Label text="Link to " width="100" textAlign="right"/>
    <s:DropDownList id="linkToDropDown" width="100%"/>
    <s:HGroup width="100%" height="20" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center" gap="20">
    <s:CheckBox id="alertCheckBox" label="Show pop-up alert before learner advances: "/>
    <s:Button id="editAlertButton" label="Edit Alert" enabled="{alertCheckBox.selected}"/>

    There have been a few bugs reported with Scroller.  It is trying to take on
    some new capabilities, like resizing content so it doesn't get occluded by
    the scrollbars and there's been some bugs in there.  In MX, the scrollbars
    just showed up on top of your content, which was undesireable for many

  • Scroll Motion Within Composition..??

    Hello All,
    I have just learned the cool trick with setting the scroll motion on the navigation bar to have it static at the top of the page.  Awesome.
    Now I've been trying to figure out the way to get the "triggers" within a "Featured News" composition widget to become static just below the navigation bar.  But not having any luck figuring that one out, and haven't had any luck finding any how-tos.
    Anyone got any thoughts or ideas how to achieve this effect..??
    Thanks for the help and advice.

    Hi Sanjit,
    Thanks for the reply.  I gave up trying to figure it out and just did exactly what you suggested.  I pinned the triggers and it pretty much suits the same purpose without the snazzy effect.  But still looks ok.
    Thanks for help..!!

  • Click issue with s:Datagrid on mobile for iPads with retina displays (only left half is clickable)

    I'm currently testing a Flex mobile application (that was originally made for iPad 2) on high rest iPad fourth generation and iPad Air devices.
    I'm having this strange issue where the s:DataGrid, no matter where I use it in the application, will display correctly, but only the left half is clickable to select rows. The number of columns in the DataGrid is not important, nor is the width of the DataGrid, the problem is always present. As soon as you try to click in the right half, it doesn't work.
    The application uses an applicationDPI of 160, and scales properly on the higher resolution devices.
    So this feels like a bug to me, as if the DataGrid scales properly, but not it's clickable area?
    I have tried a bunch of stuff to see if I could work around this issue, like calling invalidate functions and setting the DataGrid's width dynamically, but no change so far.
    At this point I'm open for any suggestions or ideas...
    Edit: After further testing it seems the same is true for the height. I noticed when I added more rows in the grid. Only the top half of the DataGrid can be clicked. So it really looks like a dimension issue with the clickable area?

    I ended up not using the DataGrid, and decided to use the experimental MobileGrid instead, which is not afflicted with this issue.
    So this issue no longer concerns me.
    BTW the default theme of MobileGrid is dark, but can be lightened up with CSS and by extending the MobileGrid skins, up to a point where I almost can't tell the difference v.s. the DataGrid.
    It also performs better then the DataGrid. since it's based on List. With 300 elements, it scrolled noticeably faster.

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