Rotating pictures creates problem

The issue is the following.
I asked my photo shop to put my négatives on CD's. I have a specific iLibrary, with pictures imported from the CD's with the files coming from my negatives. Most of these files are actually upside down in iPhoto. When I rotate them either individually, with one picture upfront and the others in banner, or simply when they are all on screen (selecting several pictures and rotating all of them at once), two strange things happen: first, scrolling through the pictures after having selected one brings back to the screen with the one selected, and, after having selected a certain number of pictures, iPhoto quits.
I have rebuild the database, with some result. Some because all of the rotated pictures are not put correctly. More: there is regression after several rebuild: pictures that were shown correctly are again upside down after the next rebuild.
I have two questions:
1, Is what seems to be some kind of problem linked to 1Photo 6 with imported CD's solved in the next version (iLife 8)?
2, Is there a way to tackle this in iPhoto 6?

Hi Terence,
As what you proposed didn't work, do you think it's due from the fact that I didn't take the pictures from the disk instead of exporting them from a library? Could that make the difference?
In the meantime, I tried another way: I export the upside-down picture to a separate library, and rotate them. The two bugs are still there: moving back to the last selected picture after scrolling, and quitting iPhoto after rotating a large quantity of picture (above 50 according to my empiric approach). Then I quit iPhoto and rebuild the library (size around 60 pictures). When I open the rebuilt library, some pictures are OK, but not all of them. I rotate the pictures again, to have them correctly presented, quit & rebuild again. And so on. It takes me between 7 and 15 rebuild to have all the pictures OK.
As you can imagine, it takes quite a lot of time... If there is anyone with a better way to address this, I would really appreciate.

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    Still I have to scan every picture again
    No you don't. You can change the colour profile to sRGB with a script. Search this forum. Old Toad has one that he created and you can download it.

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    Which I wonder why that is even in there?! If it will throw off things.
    CRTs are glass screens coated with dots of phospor that light up when excited by an electron beam. They don't have physical "borders" for each of the "pixels" they render. So they are much more forgiving about displaying different aspect ratio images. An LCD monitor is made up of discrete cells. Set it to an aspect ratio by which the number of cells is not divisible and you get not only the ugly disproportionate scale, but also a hideous blurring effect.
    It never ceases to amaze me the number of users (even mechanical engineers) who tolerate this, as if completely oblivious to it. It's also amazing to me how many people also watch movies on supposedly "high def" TVs which display Sandra Bullock's (and everyone else's) head at 1.5 times its proportional width, and never seem to notice.
    I set my monitor to that native resolution and I believe that fixed things. Only thing is all my icons etc are really small.
    If the size is a problem, use a setting that is the same aspect ratio as, and half the pixel count of the native resolution. In other words, tell your monitor to use four of its hardware cells to display each pixel, instead of one. But if you choose a setting that effectively tells it to use, say, 1.5 cells for each pixel, sharpnes is...well...going down the tube, because it can't actually do that.
    Me, I always set my LCDs to their actual hardware resolution at their native aspect ratio.

  • PSE8: Rotated picture isn't saved in folder of the original

    I have encountered a strange problem (for me). Whenever I rotate a picture in the PSE8 Organizer which is located on my NAS, the rotated picture is saved in the local folder (which you can define in the preferences dialog). This is really annoying. I can drag the picture (or the complete stack) back to the original folder on the NAS in PSE8. So there shouldn't be an access/right problem.  Is there a solution of this strange behaviour? When I rotate a picture in a folder on the local harddisk, the rotated image stays in the original folder.  Thank you very much!

    Yes, your catalog has two entries in the volume table for your network drive that differ only in the case of the UNC path, and this is most likely causing your problems.
    Did you convert this catalog from an earlier version of PSE? I know that in PSE 8 Adobe fixed one bug with respect to the case of the path, and I'm wondering if this is another bug still remaining in PSE 8 or whether it was introduced by your earlier version of PSE.
    As for fixing this, your only option is to download the SQLite Database Browser tool and modify the internals of your catalog file.  I can give you a sketch of what you need to do if you want, but if you haven't worked with Microsoft Access or relational databases before, it may not be something you want to take on.   And I'm not sure whether the bug might come back to bite you again.
    psedbtool version 1.08
    Opening catalog C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\Mein Katalog\catalog.pse8db
    Photoshop Elements version:      8
    Total files               :  13656
    Total files missing       :      0
    Total files offline       :      0
    Total files wrong volume  :      0 
    ****** Volumes with warnings: 1 
    PSE Volume Table
    Path used by PSE        : C:
    Type                    : builtin_drive
    Status                  : online
    Total files             : 47
    Total files missing     : 0
    Total files wrong volume: 0
    Description             : Lokaler Datenträger
    Serial                  : 0429-F284
    Drive_path_if_builtin   : C:
    Id                      : 173
    Path used by PSE        : \\weidenserver\DISK 2
    Type                    : network_drive
    Status                  : online
    Total files             : 0
    Total files missing     : 0
    Total files wrong volume: 0
    Description             : //weidenserver/DISK 2
    Serial                  : //weidenserver/DISK 2
    Drive_path_if_builtin   : 
    Id                      : 1495
    Path used by PSE        : 
    Type                    : no_drive
    Status                  : 
    Total files             : 0
    Total files missing     : 0
    Total files wrong volume: 0
    Description             : 
    Serial                  : no drive
    Drive_path_if_builtin   : 
    Id                      : 1361
    Path used by PSE        : C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\Mein Katalog
    Type                    : database_relative_drive
    Status                  : online
    Total files             : 0 Total files missing     : 0
    Total files wrong volume: 0
    Description             : database relative
    Serial                  : amoc:database_relative_volume
    Drive_path_if_builtin   : 
    Id                      : 2
    Path used by PSE        : \\Weidenserver\DISK 2
    Type                    : network_drive
    Status                  : online
    Total files             : 13609
    Total files missing     : 0
    Total files wrong volume: 0
    Description             : //Weidenserver/DISK 2
    Serial                  : //Weidenserver/DISK 2
    Drive_path_if_builtin   : 
    Id                      : 11179
    ***** WARNING *****     : Duplicate drives in catalog
    Windows Drives Drive  Type             Serial     Path
    C:     builtin_drive    0429-F284  
    D:     readonly_drive   2592-AABE  
    E:     builtin_drive    0000-0000  
    F:     builtin_drive    98D4-9DF6  
    L:     builtin_drive    4578-1F63  
    N:     network_drive    BDEC-0782  \\Weidenserver\DISK 2\

  • Rotating Pictures & Video Sent Through Email

    I have taken pictures and video holding my iPhone 4 in a portrait mode (not landscape), but when I email the video or pictures via iPhone the pictures and video are sideways (rotated on its side 90 degrees) to the person receiving the videos and pictures. How do I keep the pictures and video from rotating 90 degrees?

    I called Apple about this problem, and they said there is a software glitch and some phones were rotating pictures and videos when emailing from iPhone 4. But there wasn't enough compliants about it right now to generate a quick fix for it and it should be corrected in a future software update.
    I suppose it is something similar to the glitch with the sensor when holding the phone up to your ear when talking--some phones have the problem and some don't. Mine doesn't have this sensor problem as the screen goes dark when I am on a phone call and hold the phone to my ear.
    I hope the fix comes soon. Does anyone know when they expect the new software update to be released?

  • Rotating Pictures In Slideshow

    Is there a way to rotate pictures in DVDSP4 to make them not be sideways?

    I really think it is better to use PhotoToMovie or FotoMagico for three reasons.
    1. Enormous control over sequencing, pan/zoom if you want it and output;
    2. The ability to output to a lossless codec like animation, which means that your source encode is pristine;
    3. Creating a movie instead of a slideshow track.
    I get substantially better slideshows this way.
    It runs about $50.00 for that app, but the result is priceless.

  • I want to go back to the previous 2014.2 version.  .3 is much too buggy and full of error messages. Creating problems as I am on a timeline with my client and I don't have time to fool around with all the problems.

    2014 .3 is much too buggy and full of error messages. Creating problems as I am on a timeline with my client and I don't have time to fool around with all the problems.

    You didn't mention what error(s) you've encountered? A workaround for the most commonly hit problem is here Re: error in Muse : Object UID:U6875 has two (or more) owners: U3633 and U3165
    If you have a copy of your .muse file that has not been saved using 2014.3, you can downgrade by uninstalling Muse and then choose Previous Version in the Filters drop down in the Apps panel of the Creative Cloud desktop app. There will be a popup next to Muse where you can select a prior version to install.

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    What are the error messages you are seeing?

  • HT4906 how do you rotate pictures in photo stream?

    how do you rotate pictures in photo stream.

    The pictures in the photo library are rotated. When I view them
    t in photo stream they are not.

  • How do i rotate pictures in ipad albums?

    How do I rotate pictures in ipad albums?  The icon they show in the user instructions does not appear on my ipad.

    You need a third party app to rotate the photos. The ability to do that directly within in the photos app does not exist in iOS 4. It is supposed to be one of the new features of the iOS 5 coming sometime soon.
    You and download a free photo editing app called PhotoPad by ZAGG in the app store. You can use this app to rotate, crop, etc and then resave the photos after you change them.

  • Importing rotated pictures from iphoto

    Hello everyone. I'm a new mac user and I am in love with my new mac. I'm mainly using it for the imovie application. I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer...
    Does anyone know how to take a rotated picture, pull it into imovie and then have it stay rotated instead of reverting back to the sideways nature it originally was? I would appreciate anyones help.
    I took pictures off of my pc and imported them from a cdr. Some of the pictures were taken sideways. Im able to rotate them in iphoto, but when I drag them into imovie they go back to being sideways.

    Welcome to the forums.
    One option would be to Export the photos from iPhoto (they should reflect your rotations) and then import to iMovie. If this is all you're doing in iPhoto, you could also use Preview to handle the rotations.

  • How do I rotate pictures once uploaded to Adobe?

    How do I rotate pictures once I have uploaded to Adobe

    Select the file(s) you want to share, then click on the Share File icon: 

  • HT1386 I replaced my iPad and now don't see the iPad backup in iTunes.  Any advice?  Should I use my latest iPhone backup or will that create problems?

    I swapped out my broken iPad for a new one, and went to sync in iTunes and only see my iPhone backups.  Should I use those to back it up (most of the apps are the same across both, and same with the email, calendar, and contacts settings).  Will that create problems if I use the same backup for two devices?  Thanks!

    No it will not create problems but if the iPad that you got is running an iOS less than what you are running on the iPhone, you will have to update the iPad first, before you can restore from the phone backup. You can't use the backup of a newer iOS on a device running an older iOS without updating the device first.

  • I wish to rename my drive letter & not create problems

    I had an SSD installed on my PC.  The SSD is 'C' & kept for programs only. The other drive  letters I have currently got displayed don't make much sense.I started with CD burner & Blu-ray burner & got them away from my own files by changing the drive letters to Y & Z.   A USB drive which is red in color is not R drive.
    I want to give the drive that has all of my music files & its catalog data another letter.  I want to do this without having problem with file associations etc.  How is this done without creating problems?  My photos are also on this drive but I know that I can just direct that program to its catalog location.
    Since an SSD is fast enough it apparently doesn't need to be indexed.  What I have done is plugged a couple of my external drives into the PC & had Windows index every drive except 'C'.  I don't know is indexing will automatically updated the index to reflect the new drive letter for my music files but it It doesn't I'll ask for it to be done again.
    Thanks in advance

    Just before I did this I when I opened iTunes I got the message that said that I must have changed by burner or something to the effect & that I had to re install the program.
    I held of doing this because I wanted to change the drive letter first.  This I did & that appears to have worked.
    I hadn't made any changes to DVD burning software.  I did see that there was a new 64 bit version available so I downloaded & installed it.
    The next time I opened the program I got the same message that I needed to re install the program.  When I went to tell it where the library.itl I must have directed it to the wrong library as it asked me again about my account details & wanted my credit cards details.  Only after I give this information did I find that the library that I had nominated was in fact the account for my wife's iPad.
    So now I have 2 major problems firstly I'm linked to my wife's account where it displays the few things she purchased.  My library was make up 100% from all of my old CD's that I had ripped. nothing else.  How do I connect to the other library.itl file?
    The second problem is that even though I downloaded & & installed a new version of iTunes I'm getting the message that I need to reinstall because my burning software has changed & it hasn't.  How do I get past these problems?
    Thanks in advance

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