Running Lion and Snow Leopard on the same MacBook Pro

So here's the thing .....apparently Lion won't run Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 (which I'm quite happy with and not about to shell out silly amounts of money to Adobe for even CS3) and apparently there may be (and I stress may be) problems with Word 2008 (likewise money to Microsoft for Word 2011).
I think, and probably won't know till I've installed it, that I'd like to try Lion on my Macbook Pro but keep Snow Leopard as a separate OS to run Photoshop, Illustrator and if necessary Word until I can afford to pay Adobe (& possibly Microsoft though I can't really see what improvements they can make to Word 2008) the large amounts of money they seem to think they deserve for an upgrade.
Does anybody out there know if it is possible to run both Lion and Snow Leopard on the same machine and if it is how do I do it?
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Likely a corrupted cache file
Read the
Deeper cache cleaning/resetting

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  • CAn I run Lion and snow leopard on the same computer with different sign-ins?

    CAn I run Lion and snow leopard on the same computer with different sign-ins?

    Alternatively, partition your internal HD and dual-boot it. Do note that you have to reboot to switch back and forth. You can't do it by logging out and back in.

  • I need to run Lion and Snow Leopard on the same computer

    i have no money so the solution needs to be free.
    Can anyone help?

    Pondini: Formatting,  Partitioning, Verifying,  and  Repairing  Disks... -
    but I wouldn't just launch into this. I suspect your computer cannot run Snow Leopard as a major boot system.  There may be virtualization options, but if you don't know how to partition a drive then 2 pages of instruction using command lines to achieve virtualization may take a bit of easing into.  I haven't really gone into it myself, though I do recall discussions questioning legality.

  • Using lion and snow leopard on the same computer/ partition?

    In the old days to partition a hard drive on a computer the hard drive had to be erased/ reformatted first.  Do I understand correctly that partioning a hard drive no longer requires this?  Can someone explain, as if I'm 6 years old, how to do this?  I want to upgrade to lion so I can use i-cloud on a mpb  but must still have snow leopard due to a couple of ppc programs/files I still need  (such as the data in chronos personal organizer, quicken 2007, and maybe a few more).  So how exactly do I do this, without reformatting etc.  ?   Sharon

    Launch Disk Utility->Help->Disk Utility Help->Creating new partitions on a disk. Note, that to dynamically add a partition, journaling has to be enabled on all partitions. I have my iMac's 1 TB HD partitioned into three bootable volumes. Two running SL and one running Lion.

  • Can I run Tiger and Snow leopard on a new macbook pro 15"

    I have a Macbook running Tiger, soon to be replaced (I hope) by a
    15" Macbook Pro Sno Leopard. Can I partition the drive on the MBP to run
    Tiger also, as I have Adobe Creative Suite 2 and can't afford to upgrade that too. And I really don't want to run to computers.

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Snow Leopard will run CS2 with some limitations.
    Either find a Mac older than October 26, 2007 you can use until you can bring all your software to Snow Leopard compatibility from these sites*:
    Or find an alternative application for the functions you need from the first link that is Snow Leopard compatible if you can use that.
    - * Links to my pages may give me compensation.

  • Running Lion and Snow Leopard

    I have Lion on my mid-2012 MBP. I want to install Snow Leopard onto a partitioned HD so I run games supported by PowerPC. How do I safely do this?

    The newest Mid 2012 Mac's will not run Snow Leopard. They will run Lion as that is what comes on them, at this time.
    Snow Leopard does not have the correct drivers for the new hardware in the newest Mac's and Apple Never update an older OS to work on new Mac hardware.

  • Can I partition a new macbook air hd to run lion and snow leopard?

    I have a new 2011 Macbook Air and it came with Lion. I still have some mission critical programs that are not yet compatable with Lion. Can I partition the HD (I have 256GB) and dual boot with Snow Leopard? I have the Snow Leopard upgrade disk from another Mac. Will Snow Leopard work on this machine?

    No. The new MBAs require Lion and will not run Snow Leopard.

  • Can i have both leopard and snow leopard on the same partition?

    I have a MacBook Pro with 10.5. I want to install 10.6 and keep 10.5 on the same drive. The drive has only one partition. What problems might I encounter.

    Yes you can, you could put the two in separate partitions to be safe.
    Unless,  as Michael noted, you use VM software to run a different OS on the same  partition, impossible is the word you're looking for. Not safe.
    He asked if you can or not. not safety advice. It's a simple yes or no. and yes you can. For all I am concerned, the man is an evil genius building an IT bomb before his final day after an untimely layoff. It's a yes or no question man. Did not ask your opinion on the highly unlikely event that he is able to go through the initial system checks and failsafes, and installation, and then the cosmic chance of success.  If you notice, the only thing I stressed was to get your backups. After that, go nuts.  It's how you learn.
    Trigger a dependency issue that the OS tries to correct and it snowballs into a mess.
    Is that supposed to mean something? Anything?
    Are you by chance one of the apple-sticker-prius jockeys who deliberately close the door on me in the far left lane because you feel that every situation has a moral right and a wrong, and you're left to opine?  Except what's happening is I'm on my Yamaha and a you're technically attempting murder? I"m used to this guy.
             ALright say your mac OS =64 bit, but the hardware inside is 64 and 32. Off the top of my head- the Intel GMA chipsets are still running 32 bit drivers regardless of OS. Install 64bit on that machine and I think you're going to have issues with faulty driver dependencies where GMA spots a newer driver on the old 32bit partition vs. install disc. Youcan't fix this. By the time you start seeing errors, the OS has already tried fixing the dependencies by following down the 32 bit trail and dumping its own core. Try it if you don't believe me.
    you want to fill the disk with zeros.
    kadaggett (or anyone for that matter), do not follow this advice. It won't make a spit of difference how fast your  Mac will operate. The only purposes for a zero erase is to either try to  map out bad blocks that have developed (in which case, you should  replace the drive), or you're making it much more difficult for anyone  to recover deleted data.
              Right off the bat I think you should stay away from SSDs or perhaps run them in IDE mode to be safe. Or you'd bereplacing them every other day.  WHat I"ll be doing is allocating 10% to cache, playing with the trim, keeping it <50% full, and using 60GB cache to run my OS. You do what you like.  Send me your old HDD's though. Ever try formatting an SSD? And then it actually boots as if you hadn't formatted? Hey you thinkinn maybe sentient Macs experience phantom limb syndrome?
    I find and fix bad blocks and realize 90% of them weren't bad. I don't know maybe the ghosts are back. But maybe it was static shock that temporarily crippled a few blocks. Can't know until touch it with a 0. And there is nothing wrong with 0s.  This is not 1987 and you are not going to hurt your What?  Don't order people to follow this or that advice - are you like the hall monitor around here?  WHy do you tell people what follow? Why do you assume they are here to follow? Do you feel like you just led people to the right path? You feelin good? Because I think we both look like ********.

  • Is it possible to have Leopard and Snow Leopard at the same time?

    If you have an Imac with an external USB HD, can you have Leopard on the HD of the iMac and install a fresh copy of SL on the HD? Would it work?

    Thanks for asking, you reminded me of two things to keep in mind. Let's say you have two drives, let's call them SL and Leo. If you boot with SL all your preferences and settings are on the SL drive and if you boot with Leo, they are on your Leo drive. There's no crossover and nothing dangerous to worry about.
    There are, however, two little things to think about. a) by default, when you boot with Leo your files will save to your Leo account folder and when you boot with SL they'll default to your SL account folder. This can get confusing. There are several solutions but the easy one, and the one I used, is to use DefaultFolder and set default save folders so that the file selector automatically chose my SL folder to save into.
    The other issue involves Spotlight. When you switch from one OS to the other, Spotlight will try to reindex both drives. This isn't dangerous but it does bog down a slower computer. My solution was to use the Spotlight preference in Leopard and turn indexing off completely by making both drives private.

  • Can I install Snow Leopard on the latest Macbook Pros? (the ones pre-loaded with Lion)

    The problem and solution is pretty simple, I just want to know if anyone has tried this before. I have a brand new Macbook Pro that I bought more or less for the sole purpose of having a more powerful machine to run AVID Media Composer on. AVID is only compatible up to OS version 10.6.7 at the moment, and the machine I got was pre-loaded with Lion, 10.7....So I look at the support documentation Apple provides, and notice that in the nifty little chart they have, the latest line of Macbook Pros out there (early 2011) originally had version 10.6.6, so I'm assuming that's the previous version I can't downgrade past.
    To revert back to Snow Leopard, however, I need to install it from the DVD which has version 10.6.3 on it, and then upgrade to any version between Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and Lion 10.7. In theory this could work, the only problem being that for a brief time between installing Snow Leopard and updating to the version of it that I need, the computer will have version 10.6.3 on it.
    Now I'm pretty sure if the only thing I do on the computer is immediately update to a safe-to-use version, there will be no problems. However, if the machine's hardware is so terribly non-backwards compatible with the Snow Leopard OS, I may do all this backing up and reverting and not even be able to start the computer once I get the old install on it. Before I just go ahead and try this for myself, I was wondering if anyone else has, and more importantly, have you had any success?

    Hi r,
    EDIT: disregard my post. Waiting for that disc is a far better option.
    I hope w won't mind if I add a thought here:
    rmo348 wrote:
    Now I don't mind if some drivers are messed up and resolution is all funky when I install 10.6.3 on it, I just need to know if it'll be functional to the point where I can run the 10.6.6 update dmg. Once I update to 10.6.6 everything should work fine.
    Or could I install 10.6.3, have the 10.6.6 update burned to a disc, and boot straight from that? This is my first Mac so I'm not sure what little tricks work or not.
    Your first idea may work; the only way to know for sure is to try it. If you do, make sure you download and run the Combo update for 10.6.7 or 10.6.8. There can be different versions of a point update, those which are available for download, and those which ship on Macs, so you want to install one beyond that which shipped with some of the new MBPs.
    If the MBP won't boot to 10.6.3, something else to try is installing it to an external HD, then installing the 10.6.7 update on it, clone it to the MPB's internal HD, and run the 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 Combo update on it.

  • Lion won't operate my app and snow leopard came with my MacBook Pro

    I installed Lion without checking to see if it supported my "can't do without" app.  Now I'm in a panic.  One remedy is to reinstall Snow Leopard, but it came with my new laptop and I don't have any disks.  Is there a solution to that problem?  Is Lion just out of the question, never to be used?  Help! 
    Thanks to all.

    Your new computer came with Snow Leopard installer discs. If you've lost them you can purchase replacements at Apple Store Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775. Or you can purchase a copy of Snow Leopard at any Apple Store for $29.00.
    To reinstall Snow Leopard you will have to first erase the hard drive. I hope that you have backups of your files. If not then be sure to make one before reinstalling Snow Leopard.

  • Running 10.7 and 10.8 from the same MacBook Pro

    I'm unable to use the latest rev.'s of the software I use as they are written for 64 bit .... was wondering what I need to do exactly to have both 10.7 and 10.8 on the MacBookPro 5,1 ..... simply backup, partition and restore ?
    Also, can I install and boot Maverick from an external drive and use programs on the internal ?

    Depending on how much space you have on your internal drive, you could indeed create two partitions and install two OS's.
    You could also install Mavericks on an external drive but with only USB 2.0 and FW800 connections, performance would be painfully slow. Moreover, since many programs install parts of themselves in various libraries, it'd probably be better to clone your boot drive to the external, then upgrade that to Mavericks.

  • Is there a way to install OS X Snow Leopard on the 2014 MacBook Pro Retina?

    I have a 2014 MacBook Pro Retina that I purchased a few months ago. Is there a way to install OS X Snow Leopard on it? I do not have a DVD drive and do not own OS X Snow Leopard discs. I do have a retail copy .dmg file of it though. Can I copy it over to a USB flash drive and install it on a partition of my hard drive? How do I do that, if it's possible? Can you list the steps? I would appreciate it!
    P.S. Please don't ask why.

    pawlowskikacper wrote:
    P.S. Please don't ask why.
    Presumably, you want Snow Leopard in order to be able to run PowerPC applications.  If so, more information can be found here:

  • How to install and boot both Leopard and Snow leopard in the same Mac?

    I've installed 10.6 (SL) on my MacBook. After I installed SL, I found that a couple of softwares that were working in 10.5 don't work anymore and the providers don't have any update nor any support to the date. Then I decided to make a disk partition: the main with 10.6 and a small one with 10.5 to use with these specific softwares. (the idea is to switch from 10.6 to 10.5 and vice versa)
    I've searched in many Mac discussion forums and manuals for instructions to do that without success.
    I'm novice with these stuffs, so, somebody could help me with the right steps to do that? (in this moment I've already partitioned the HD: 220 Gb and 25 Gb)
    thanks in advance

    You just insert your install disk and when it asks where you want to install the OS, you choose the partition you want it on.
    If there is something about this which is still not clear, just post again.

  • Tiger and Snow Leopard on the same Mac

    I need to use some Apps that are Tiger only and so I thought to install Tiger on my MBP using a virtualization software. What would you recommend? VMWare Fusion? Parallels? Any other?
    Thank you!

    Advanced User wrote:
    ah... then
    Is there a way to RUN TIGER on my MBP? Anyone?
    NO. if you want to run tiger you'll need an older mac. there is NO way to run it on your MBP.
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