Safari interfering with Comcast email functions?

I have Comcast internet email and recently I noticed that the function of choosing font color won't work anymore. When I choose a color and start to type, no print shows up and when I fiddle with it it just reverts back to black. At first thought it was Comcast and contacted them. They had me check through another browser, I tried Firefox, and the font color with my email in Comcast worked fine. So that leaves the problem being with my Safari browser. It used to work just fine with Safari but apparently as Safari updates it messed something up. Any ideas, how to correct this?

Get Font Finagler which will clear your font caches.
See if that helps.
You may also have duplicate or corrupted fonts. Go here for help.;title

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  • I use Safari with Comcast email, when I forward an email that has pictures in the email it omits them

    I use Safari with Comcast mail, whem I forward an email that has pictures in the email it omits them.

    Make sure the photos are jpg format.

  • Font size issue with the email functionality of infopath form

    We have a SharePoint list created and customised the form to send the form via email using email functionality in infopath form.
    We have made the font size of the form fields( rich text box) to 11. But it is showing as 10 in email. Also for a text box we set the font size to 14. But it is 13.5 in the email.
    Could anyone please let me know how to fix this issue?
    Yes, this is normal. Forms Services has to convert the form to an aspx page, and things get lost in translation when this gets submitted via email.  My workaround has always been to set static widths to columns/controls, but you said that didn't work
    for you?  It's always worked for me.

  • Problems with comcast email on iphone

    Had problems sending emails from my iphone and ipad through Comcast. Apple could not solve the problem, contacted Comcast and they stated that they had issues with the Apple iphone and ipad and told me to download the "Xfinity connect ap" did so and everything works better than before.  When I used the Apple email had to trash what I did not want on Apple and then when I went to Comcast the email were still there.  Using the xfinity ap, when I delete on the iphone or the ipad the emails are deleted at all places.  Before I had to delete on my iphone and then my ipad and then when i went to my computer they were still there and I had to delete there also, which was a real pain. Still can send and rec email from my icloud account, but comcast email are handled through xfinity connect

    my point is what i stated. maybe i posted in the wrong forum. SORRY.  I was only trying to help. No it is probably not Apples problem but the Apple people did not know what to do or did not have a solution to the problem.  I spent hours trying to straighten it out on line and with apple personel with no results, Apple employees did not have a solution to the problem.  Like I said Sorry, but it cost me hours trying to straighten it out.  I had used it for 2 yrs and then it stopped working, I figured Apple had a solution but they did not, and wasted a lot of my time.

  • Problems with Comcast Email

    I've had my Droid X for several years, and received Comcast email in "Messaging" box after setting up the Comcast account.  A few days ago, I started getting error notices that the phone was unable to connect to comcast because of an expired certificate from "bouncycastle.jce."  Unable to figure that out, I thought I'd try to reset it by deleting my comcast email account and then setting it back up.  Which I did, but now it says "unable to connect to"  BTW, I have a gmail account and a business email account that are working fine through all of this, and my comcast email works fine on my desktop computer and when accessed on-line.  I spent time with a Comcast help person on chat, who could not make comcast email work in my "Messaging," but eventually had me download Xfinity Mobile.  I can get my Comcast email in Xfinity Mobile, but I don't like some of the permissions required for Xfinity Mobile, not the application bloat on my device.  I'd like to go back to just having the Droid pickup my comcast email through "Messaging."  Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?  Thanks.  

    Thanks RickR1958 & curtterp for sharing your solution!
    For MichGeo & psw456, please make sure you have the same settings curtterp posted above for your email account. These are the correct settings for Comcast email & should allow you to send and receive email. Also, here is a link to Motorola's website which further details the security settings you should have checked/not checked for your email account. 

  • At wit's end with Comcast email

    I have posted this here and on other forums. I cannot send email with my Comcast email account using MacMail. I have spent an hour with Comcast support chat and they say it is an Apple problem. Folks on here tell me it is a Comcast problem. I have tried all of the setting recommended to me and nothing works. I thought it might be a problem with Mavericks, but it worked for the first four months I was using Mavericks - then stopped working. Recently updated to Yosemite and the problem is still there.
    Comcast keeps saying that they cannot authenticate the outgoing mail server. I have tried changing port numbers as per some suggestions. I have deleted the account and started over. I have changed my password with Comcast. I keep getting David (the name of my Comcast account) as David (Offline). Nothing works.
    Thanks for any help.

    Hi: Thank you very much for the rapid come back, most appreciated.
    Hi Dan
    A wild guess. Can it be so that those clips are
    recorded in Your Camera with
    the sound set to 12-bit (often factory/default set).
    Should be 16-bit
    I'll check the camera for that, but the same camera was used in all the clips and only two or three were missing audio when exported.
    Try to extract the missing sounds from each clip and
    redo a disk image in
    iDVD and see if the sound is back.
    That sounds like a great diagnostic and should be far less time consuming than burning a DVD.
    Thanks for the hints.
    Dan Page
    Yours Bengt W

  • Iphone4 sync with Comcast email?

    Hi, I have correctly set up my phone to pull in & send emails from my Comcast email account.  However, let's say I'd like to delete an email from my phone.  I then would like to see that I've deleted the email when I go into my Comcast email on a desktop.  In other words, I'd like to see a true sync or mirror of one another.
    Does anyone know how I can get this accomplished?  Thanks a bunch!!!

    Hi, I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me what to enter in the "incoming mail server" box for the imap comcast, i tried "" and "" but neither work.

  • IPhone interfering with office emails

    My iPhone is set up to receive the same email accounts as my office Macs, but when the phone is in the vicinity of my office wi-fi system strange things happen to my non-MobileMe accounts that are accessed by my Macs. The presence of the iPhone causes one or other mac on my network (out of five) to fail to receive mail - Mail says that the POP Server rejects the password forwarded by the Mac. If I turn off the iPhone normal service is resumed.
    There does not seem to be any limit on number of Macs accessing the Pop Server (I have two machines elsehwere which access it simultaneously with my office network) but as soon as the iPhone appears the availability of these accounts to my macs is restricted. My MobileMe account is not affected in the same way - it remains available to Macs and iPhone simultaneously.
    Does anybody know what is happening?

    Hello everyone. I have personally found that the following tips work for me in my own home environment.
    1. Keep cell phone 10 feet away from computers and just waring my BT headset. Depending on your cellphone plan you can easily have these calls forwarded to a skype line of some sort. Which will reduce the need of having to have the cell phone near the computers. You can also use certain software to forward SMS alerts to the computer you are using.
    2. Update WiFi card and other driver updates for your personal machine.
    3. Updating Router Firmware as some of the updates will help improve stability and performance. (Check your router manufacture website for more info on firmware updates.)
    4. Changing the Radio mode from Mixed mode to a more precise mode. Like B/G only, G only, B only, N only, etc.
    5. Changing the channel on the router from Automatic to a channel from 1 to 11. In hopes of hitting a channel that will pose less interference with cell phones
    6. As stated earlier if needed you can activate Interference robustness on Airport Routers, and on the Tiger OS
    7. Raising the router and re-locating the router to provide better signal will also decrease potential drop outs and disconnects with the computer.
    AirPort: Potential sources of interference

  • Can I Integrate My Database with BC Email Functionality?

    I would like to set up automated marketing so anyone who is added to our database receives a series of emails based on their creation date in the system, as well as custom parameters.
    For example, anyone added to our database in the past 24 hours who just had a Yelp review would receive one email series, someone added to the database in the past 24 hours who just ran a Groupon would receive a different email series.
    Is there any way to:
    Link my database to my BC database so I can run scripts to import the updated contacts each night?
    Create a loyalty program based off a combination of standard and custom parameters?
    Please let me know if you need any clarification about anything I'm asking.

    The only option I can think of on top of my head is to use our API calls to connect to your external DB to pull contact details which you can perhaps gather and import into a mailing list within BC to use for sending newsletters to. 
    To be honest not sure if this will fully work to your requirements.  You might want to reach out to some of our certified custom implementors to seek possible solutions if feasible via BC. (Ask for Mario)
    Kind regards,

  • I cannot remove didisaver from my computer - it is interfering with my emails, my web searches, it is annoying and I want it removed. How do I do this?

    Sorry - spelling error above. I am trying to get rid of DigiSaver from my computer. It started to appear in my emails and web searches shortly after the last Firefox update. It is intrusive, I need it gone, how do I accomplish this?

    You '''literally''' just posted 5 minutes ago. Not everyone is sitting by their computer to answer questions. We have other things to do too, you know.
    Also, you've posted another question which I have answered to. Do the steps listed at [/questions/994997]
    This thread will be closed. Please respond at [/questions/994997]

  • Comcast email doesn't work with firefox 26. I can't get a full inbox, get to my preferences to change, drop downs need to use arrows to get to

    firefox 26 doesn't work with comcast email. won't keep me signed in; won't show whole inbox in either full or lite; won't allow me to get to preferences; drop downs only work with arrows. I could just keep going.
    Earlier this week they worked fine.

    Be sure to delete the cookie, it is not near the other comcast and xfinity cookies.

  • I think a firewall is interfering with my mail program - I can receive but not send. Please help!

    I think Firefox may have installed a firewall that is interfering with my email program - I can receive but not send mail.
    == This happened ==
    Not sure how often
    == Firefox updated with ALOT

    Firefox does not install a firewall.

  • Comcast emails are bouncing to- in US & Canada--June 2015!!

    Dear Comcast--During this past month, June 2015, I've had trouble with my emails from Comcast getting bounced from some other ISP's & servers--possibly May as well!  This morning I was booking a reservation for a British Columbia, Canada trip with a Canadian service & they asked me if I had another email address besides Comcast, as they've been having trouble with Comcast email accounts bouncing their travel confirmations.   This is a SERIOUS & ONGOING problem, Comcast!!  What are you doing about this?  It's been going on for too long, obviously.  What is amiss?  I had to give them my work email to send the travel confirmation because home Comcast email apparently is still bouncing them.  THIS IS NOT GOOD, Comcast!!  Please get this fixed ASAP!!  

    Call comcast security to see if there is a block in place for the domain in question-----------
    Comcast Customer Security Assurance-------------------
    Normal business hours (6:00 am to 2:00 am EST, 7 days a week)
    1 - 888-565-4329

  • Comcast email stopped updating

    My Comcast email just stopped updating on Thursday.  Did something change, or does anybody know how to fix it?  When I delete and try to reinstall, I get error 'Cannot connect to the remote server. Please check the network settings and then try again.'  It won't let me manually set up the mail widget using my previous settings.  Help!

    This thread explains what is going on with Comcast email.

  • My firefox has stopped working with my comcast email. It is loading fine on safari but it is no longer loading my email in a timely manner. Comcast says it is a firefox problem. They suggest I uninstall and reinstall firefox. Do I just drag everything to

    My firefox has stopped working with my comcast email. It is loading fine on safari but it is no longer loading my email in a timely manner on firefox. Comcast says it is a firefox problem. They suggest I uninstall and reinstall firefox. Do I just drag everything to the trash and download a new version? in English
    == URL of affected sites ==
    == User Agent ==
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_4_11; en) AppleWebKit/531.22.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Safari/531.22.7

    "Clear the Cache": Firefox > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    "Remove the Cookies" from sites that cause problems: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of your add-ons is causing your problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    See [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]] and [[Troubleshooting plugins]]

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