Sales Order/A/R Reserve Invoice & Inventory Transfer

Suppose I have 2 warehouses A and B. A has 3 units of a particular good and B has 6 units of that same good.
I understand that if I want to create an A/R invoice for a sale of 7 units of the good, I have to transfer 1 unit from A to B or 4 units from B to A before the tax invoice can be created. Does this requirement to have the stocks in one warehouse also apply to an A/R reserve invoice? Can I create an A/R reserve invoice for 7 units of the good before the transfer is performed?
My second question is this.
A sales quotation may be created when the required goods are in different warehouses. Can I create a sales order with the required goods still in different warehouses?
Thank you for your patience with my questions as I am new to SAP B1 and do not have access to a test system at the moment.

Only Delivery or normal invoices are related to inventory. For Sales Order/A/R Reserve Invoice, you do not need Inventory Transfer.

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  • Sale order 'value changes' after invoice creation

    A sale order was created / shipped / invoiced. The invoice did not go to accounting because of credit auth error. We have a procedure to fix it and then release it to accounting (transaction VFX3). All OK until this point.
    While fixing the auth error, an user changed the freight condition value in the sale order. Then invoice is released to accounting. Now, the value of freight in order and invoice match. How is it possible to change the value of an invoice after its creation?
    Any input would be appreciated.

    when the value is changed in the sale order, it would automatically transfer
       the new pricing to the existing open SD invoice pending accounting entry??
    Certainly not.  The control is in VTFL where if you select the billing item category for the combination of your delivery type and billing type, you can see a field "Pricing Type".  If you maintain any value other than "B", system will copy the price from sale order to billing and you can, as I said above, can change manually in billing.  On the other hand, if you have maintained "B" in the above field, system will not  consider sale order price but will check your pricing condition maintained in VK11 which you can check in VK12 or VK13.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Why we dont have a sales order in case of Intercompany Stock Transfer?

    Why we don't have a sales order in case of Intercompany Stock Transfer?

    It is up to the client requirement business scenarios..
    U can do stock transfer with so many ways..
    1. one step process
    In this just stock transfer between two plants but no goods reiceipt only goods issue
    2. two step process
    In this both goods issue and goods receipt docuements
    3. stock transfer with out delviery
    Here purchage order NB  with goods issue and goods reciept
    4. stock transfer with delviery and billing..
    In this Purchage order, goods issue, migo, miro and inter company invoice..

  • Routine for copying sales order header text to invoice

    Hi friends,
    My requirement is to copy header texts from sales orders when creating an invoice (VF01). In T-Code VOTX the system suggests two routines :
    1 - DATEN_KOPIEREN_01 include LV45TE01
    2 - DATEN_KOPIEREN_02 include LV45TE02
    Does anyone already use one of these routines? When invoicing more than one sales order does the routines work fot this case ?
    Best Regards.

    .....goto transaction VOFM
    Menue: Copying requirements -> Billing documents
    ...or maybe: Data transfer -> Billing documents
    Put a break-point and the header routine......for long-text you should use transaction VOTXN
    Edited by: Erik Hoven on Feb 24, 2009 12:28 PM

  • Sales Orders Report which are invoiced

    Hi gurus,
    I want to take a report of Sales orders which are invoiced. Its order related invoice.
    from 01.04.2008 to 30.04.2008 I created 120 Sales orders, out of 120 i created invoices for 80 Sales orders. Now i want the report of the Sales orders(80) which are invoiced. How can we get this report.
    In VA05 Report we can find out open & all sales orders, but we cant find this report. other than this any report is there, please let me know.

    1. You can use VA05, to find out the list of orders out of those 120 orders which are not yet invoiced. Thus you will know the invoiced orders.
    2. In this way, go to table VBAK to get the list of 120 orders you have created.
    Give these 120 orders in VBUK table as preceeding document adn find the follow on documents which are of document category M. This will give the list of orders adn the invoice numbers created for them.
    Now the rest of the orders are open orders.
    Hope thsi helps you
    Pls reward if it helps you

  • Request: "Draw Document Wizard" when copying from Sales Order to A/R Invoic

    Hi Colleagues
    Our clients complain about not being able to choose the exchange rate from the base document when copying the Sales Order to A/R Invoice.
    The "Draw Documents Wizard", where you can choose this option, starts only when you're in the "A/R Invoice" form and copying data from the Sales Order. But "Draw Document Wizard" doesn't start when you're in the Sales Order and copying all its data to an A/R Invoice, and they use only this sequence.
    Is it possible to add the "Draw Documents Wizard" for the "Sales Order -> A/R Invoice" chain in one of the next versions of SAP BusinessOne 2007?

    is this happening for perticuler user or for all users.?
    check any addon is running ,If yes stop addon and check again this activity.
    Check general authorization too for perticuler user..
    Hope it will help you.
    Deepak Tyagi

  • Sales orders that have been invoiced are still in the Billing due list

    Friends :
    We have  sales orders that have been invoiced are still in the Billing due list. When i look at sales orders it has 0.00 price.
    The error message is
    Billing not possible because repair is not yet completed
    The item is not relevant for billing
    The item has been fully invoiced already
    Full pints will be given.
    Van bills

    I believe these are repair orders, and invoices through order related billing. Check the incompletion log in the order, check whether the repair is complete. Go to the order VA02 --> Order ---> Environment --> Status. You may know the over all status of the document. Check for the billing status, if the billing status is not invoiced, then you need to generate invoice or Reject the line item.

  • Sales order v/s Reservation

    Dear Friends,
    Please advise as how to overcome this situaton. All the Reservations done against a Sales order are being consumed by new sales orders.
    Eg: Part A has unrestricted stock of 20 Units.
    I created Sales order 51230 for 10 units. Then I created a Reservation(MB21) for the same sales order for another 10 units. Now my availale stock is O. When I am creating a new sales order 51331, the Reservation stock of 10 units is being stolen by new sales order. Pleae advise how to avoid this???

    Hi sanjay
    First of all check wheather , availability check is happening or not.
    So check in Material master record for that material, wheather stratergy group , availabilty check and MRP type has been maintained or not .
    If they are maintained check in MD04 wheather the order which is getting confirmed must have been  showing in the open order only.

  • Return sales order( with ref. to Invoice) need to have less quantity

    Hi Friends,
    Here one issue is coming while creating a return sales order with ref. to  invoice.
    Example is:
    In original invoice an article X is of price 10 having 10 quantity and hence total price 100.
    but now customer wish to return only 5 articles and creating this Retun sales order with refernce to this invice
    now in return sales order quantity is coming correct i.e 5 but the amount is still the same i.e 100.
    But this should be 50( 5*10).
    Please can someone help to find the reason why the price is not changing while quantity is changing.
    I have already check the copy control but there also setting seems to be correct.
    Also when i try to update the pricing via condition tab the price got changed. but that is manually.

    Thanks Jignesh,
    But can you please tell which pricing input should be the best.
    As "price redetermine" option can't be selected as price keep changing.
    also i did that for "same price and redetermine tax" but doesn't seems to be working.
    Please if you can suggest any option where the price of the article will be same (the old one when article was sold) as proportionate to quantity without redetermining the price.
    like article x has qty 10 and price 10 hence amount 100
    but later price of article change to 11
    then if i chose redetermine price then for five article this will be 55 which is again wrong( it should be 50 as at the time of sale the price was 10)
    Hope I made the issue clear enough. Which setting in pricing one can recommend.

  • How to copy Sales Order to A/R Invoice (or at least set the BaseRef)

    Hi, currently if I need to 'convert' a Sales Order into A/R Invoice, I have to do it via the SAP application directly. What I'm trying to achieve is to automatically do it via an EXE application (I have one ready for other purpose -> connect to SAP via DI).
    So far I know how to create a new A/R Invoice and close the Sales Order, but the problem is that I can't 'link' the Invoice to the original Sales Order (ie. the BaseRef field). Is there a way to do it?
    Furthermore, is there any easier way? ie. simply call a 'copy' method or something else, instead of writing the same information (field by field) from Sales Order to Invoice?
    Please advise.

    Hi Afandi,
    This will solve your problem
    Private Sub CreateInvoice()
            ' init the invoice object
            oInvoice = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oInvoices)
            oInvoice.CardCode = cmbCustomer.Text
            Dim sNewObjCode As String
            Dim i As Integer
            ' Get last added document number (the order that was added)
            ' this loop adds the different items to the invoice object
            i = 0
                oInvoice.Lines.BaseEntry = sNewObjCode
                oInvoice.Lines.BaseLine = i
                oInvoice.Lines.BaseType = SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders
                oInvoice.Lines.TaxCode = TableLines.Rows(i).Item(4)
                i += 1
                If i <> TableLines.Rows.Count Then
                End If
            Loop Until i = TableLines.Rows.Count
            ' Try to add the invoice object to the database
            lRetCode = oInvoice.Add()
            If lRetCode <> 0 Then ' If the addition failed
                oCompany.GetLastError(lErrCode, sErrMsg)
                MsgBox(lErrCode & " " & sErrMsg) ' Display error message
                cmdInvoice.Enabled = True
                MsgBox("inv Added to DataBase", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Order Added")
            End If

  • Copy Sales Order to A/R Invoice

    Hi, currently if I need to 'convert' a Sales Order into A/R Invoice, I have to do it via the SAP application directly. What I'm trying to achieve is to automatically do it via an EXE application (I have one ready for other purpose -> connect to SAP via DI).
    So far I know how to create a new A/R Invoice and close the Sales Order, but the problem is that I can't 'link' the Invoice to the original Sales Order (ie. the BaseRef field). Is there a way to do it?
    Furthermore, is there any easier way? ie. simply call a 'copy' method or something else, instead of writing the same information (field by field) from Sales Order to Invoice?
    Please advise.

    If you need discuss about DI programming, it is better post it on SDK forum.  In this forum, you may discuss about achieving it by DTW.  However, I don't think that has any time benefit for this task.

  • Linking Sales Order to A/R Invoice

    Hi Folks!
    Good Day!
    My concern is somewhat related to this previous thread: [linking AR Invoice to Sales Order;
    I'm running a query but unfortunately it returns multiple results of one result. I mean the result duplicates or even triplicates. I know that the contruction of my joining of tables is the reason. Can you help me to arrange my tables and their linking? thanks
    My query goes like this:
    SELECT T0.[DocNum], T0.[CardCode], T0.[DocDate], T1.[ItemCode], T1.[Dscription], T1.[Quantity], T1.[U_FREE], T3.[DocNum], T3.[DocDate], T2.[Quantity], T1.[OpenQty], T1.[OpenQty]* T1.[Price] AS Amount
    FROM [dbo].[RDR1]  T1 INNER JOIN [dbo].[ORDR]  T0 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry INNER JOIN [dbo].[INV1] T2 ON T0.DocNum = T2.BaseRef INNER JOIN [dbo].[OINV] T3 ON T2.DocEntry = T3.DocEntry 
    WHERE T0.[DocStatus] ='O' AND  T0.[DocDate] BETWEEN [%0] AND [%1]
    My query will display the mentioned fields with the condition of Open Status and belongs to the period inputted.
    Thanks and regards,

    Hi Fringe,
    I believe in your context, there is a possibility one Sales Order fulfilled by more than one Invoice isn't it? This is actually a logical result, considering that you want the query to display Invoice number also.
    SO 1001 :  ItemA - 25
    SI (Sales Invoice) 3001 : ItemA - 10
    SI (Sales Invoice) 3002 : ItemA - 8
    The result should be like this:
    Doc No - Item Code - Qty - Open Qty - Invoice - Qty Invoiced
    1001 - ItemA - 25 - 7 - 3001 - 10
    1001 - ItemA - 25 - 7 - 3002 - 8
    The problem is, you want the query to display invoice number. Since a Sales Order could have a link with more than one invoice, of course your query will display ItemA with open quantity valued of 7 having duplicate rows. If there are 5 Invoices linked with the SO, and the SO status itself not yet closed, the row will be 5 also.
    There are 3 ways to overcome this problem:
    1. You create two separate query for two different purpose. The first one you only create a list of outstanding Sales Order without displaying the invoice number, thus, the result shouldn't be duplicate. The second one, you create a query which join the RDR1 table with INV1 and OINV table, which act as a summarize of which SO correspondence to which Invoice.
    2. You use Crystal Report. Therefore, you could grouping the result based on Sales Order.
    3. You create a rather complicated query, which concatenate Invoice number as a string in one field, instead of displaying Invoices number in multiple rows.
    1001 - ItemA - 25 - 7 - 3001, 3002 - 10, 8
    Best Regards,
    Hendry Wijaya

  • Sales order detail in AR invoice

    I want know Sales order details like SalesOrder No, Sales Order Value. Total Sales Order Qty in AR Invoice PLD screen. Please help how can i retrieve the information.
    Thanks in advance.

    Expanding to what Kamlesh has replied.  Adding Sales Order fields to the Invoice PLD would require a bunch of formula fields and the results might not be all that perfect.
    So as Kamlesh mentioned, create the UDF's you need for each data component you need from SO in the Marketing document rows.
    To these UDF's at the Invoice rows add SQL based formatted searches which will fetch the values from SO.
    Map these UDF's in the Invoice template.

  • Sales order stock on delivery document and transfer order

    Hi all,
    At my current client I have a requirement where we need to put stock against sales order (sales order stock E). So, being a MTO process we create production order and perform goods reciept to unrestricted stock. To avoid getting picked up by a different sales order, we move the stock to sales order stock using 412 E (tcode: MB1B). Here are the issues I am facing currently:
    1. Is there a direct way of receiving production order directly to sales order stock?
    2. I couldn't find a way to do the first, so I am currently receiving production order against unrestricted inventory and then move it using MB1B. So, the stock can be seen to assigned to sales order.
       2a. When I create delivery it is not consuming same stock, it is consuming inventory out of unrestricted stock (if any, in case no inventory is available it throws error of 0 available quantity). Once I have assigned sales order stock why is it still looking into unrestricted? Is it due to the requirement type which is assigned. Do I need to change the item category so availability will check sales order stock (similar to item category TAB)?
      2b. This probably will be resolved if I get the delivery fixed but we have SAP WM and during TO creation I don't see the special stock reference filled in? I tested this process with item category ZTAB (copy of TAB) which creates purchase requisition and it seems to be working but I don't need the purchase req for my case.
    3. This is more of an accounting issue: when I attempt to move stock from unrestricted to sales order stock using 412 E, I was getting "Account XXXXX is not assigned to cost center". So, I went in an assigned a cost center to this cost element. IS THIS REQUIRED & WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE as it takes stock out of inventory.
    I understand it crosses other functional areas but even if you can clarify 1 part of it, will be very helpful.

    Dear Friend
    You are telling that it is MTO scenario and you are posting stocks into unrestricted stocks
    This is entirely wrong
    This is happening because of a simple thing missing in your sales order item category configuration in VOV7 that is special stock indicator E is missing which should be there
    This is the cause of whole problem
    MTO item categories will have special stock indicator E in standards
    In MTO based on the sales order production order is triggered and stocks are receipted against sales order and not into unrestricted use by defaut in standard
    You will receive MTO stocks as sales order stocks in your plant  only in standard
    But it is not happening for you because of  stock indicator E in VOV7 of your sales order item category is missing
    Posting MTO stock in to unrestricted use is meaningless  and the same is happening because of a slight miss out in setting in VOV7
    This is the solution for issue no 1
    For issue no 2
    You have created the sales order( MTO order) without special stock indicator E and now you are doing a transfer posting in MB1B with 412 E  referencing the order no sales order stocks  that is Fine
    You are getting an error that only zero qty is available either at delivery or at pgi eventhough in MMBE you will find sales order stocks in your order name
    This is happening because
    Reservation in MB1B is done with special stock indicator E for sales order
    But the  same sales order is not created with special stock indicator E in VA01 during creation
    There is a mismatch
    Hence the system is not able to sense while the order comes for delivery there are already stocks are reserved
    By inputting  special stock indicator E for sales order item category the whole issues will get solved
    By doing that there is no need to do MB1B itself
    The first step itself will get corrected  as the stocks will be posted to sales order stocks no need for MB1B
    No need to touch TAB make it ZTAB as it is meant for a different purpose it is for individual purchase order not to be used for MTO
    *By marking the special stock indicator as E in your sales order item category your entire issue will be resolved*
    Issue no 3
    MTO is based on costing for which you have take the help of FI person
    Note Very important
    If U make the settings now in item category it will not work for the existing or already created order
    With existing orders it will have the same error as the order is created without special stock indicator E
    Only for new orders it will work and from Now on it will work
    Test it with new order cycle starting from VA01
    Please let me know this issue has got solved or not?
    I am 200 % sure it will get solved

  • Sales Order Management - Stock reservation

    Need some help on the solution for a sales order management situvation for a hardline retailer
    A hardline retailer takes direct orders for customer at the store and the stock is delivered to the customer from the warehouse.
    They have one central warehouse all stores check for inventory at the warehouse before creating the sales order.
    Once the stock availbility is checked , the sales associate at the store accepts the order and takes acceptance on the delivery dates and process the payment (100% advance) in the POS and then creates a sales order in IS retail
    Problem: The process post the inventory check step takes 20 min and often there are situvations where the stock is reserved for some other store . The stores often have unfulfilled orders despite checking inventory before sales order system.
    Question : How can this be handled , is there any way store can block the stock required during which the sales process is completed.

    Hi Madhav,
    spontaneously, I have the following idea:
    You could create a different storage location in the DC/Warehouse (Storage location "Sales Orders).
    When you make the availability check, you check general stock. If there is stock and the stores wants to use this, you could create a transfer posting from general stock to sales orders stock.
    So, the stock is no longer available for other stores which look at the general stock.
    After that, you can proceed sales order processing. The delivery process should use the sales order storage location, which can be customized.

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