Sales order billing through CATS.

Hello there,
I have an issue..
We are working on a PS implementation project. This is an implemention for n ERP solutions provider( say A).
In this case A provides manpower for its respective clients. They have maintained contracts with their clients for specific periods.
Now based on time sheets generated by the personnel, A generates sales orders and correspondingly bills their clients.
Now our issue is, how do we use time sheets(CATS) to generate billing documents.
Thanks a million.

You can enter time against the sales order/item in the CATS timesheet, but I have never done that; I believe you don't do that if you are using PS due to the other benefits of collecting these expenses on the project (reports, RA, actual/plan comparisons, material, etc...).
Using PS, you could use Resource-related billing for this purpose. You basically have the time charged to a network activitiy in CAT2, then transfer the cost to the project using CAT5. Then, you will create a billing request using DP91/95. There are other steps in between, which are explained in greater detail at this link on the SAP help pages:
Let me know if you want to go deeper into any of these areas.

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    Due to continues rollouts we need to reinitialize Sales Orders, Billing and Delivery do-cuments from R/3 into BW.
    This requires us to delete all loaded data, logs, queues etc. on the BW side - Fair enough.
    The real challenge come as we need to run the transactions OLI7BW(order), OLI8BW (billing), OLI9BW (deliveries) on the R3 side in order to fill the setup tables. Here we need to switch the "block all orders" on in order to ensure that no new documents are created while load-ing.
    In relation to the above situation I have a couple of questions:
    Is there no way of doing this in a more "online" fashion?
    What transactions are actually blocked by flicking the "block all orders"?
    Thanks in advance
    Michael Bisfelt
    Arla Foods a.m.b.a
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    Hi Michael,
    I've seen this process accomplished without blocking orders, but instead by blocking all transactions that may in any way lock an order or related sales document.  Also, you can dramatically speed up the process of gathering the old documents by running multiple batch jobs (with different document number ranges) at the same time.  In this case, I believe you want to "uncheck" the "New run" flag.  I've seen runtimes for this reduced from over 24 hours to under 4 hours.  The important thing is that you don't want to have ANY activity that modifies or locks order documents until after the date and time of termination that you specified, otherwise you will lose data on your transfer to BW.

  • Third Party Sale order Billing Before Before MM Billing

    In our company case . we are not dependent for MM billing . Our Sale order billing is independent and it's on the daily bases.
    i have done following changes
    item category to TAS
    VoV7 'TAS'  Billing Relevance to 'B' Relevant for order-related billing - status according to order quantity
    VTFA (Order,to,bill,copying,control)
    But when i am doing SD Billing VF01
    error messages:
    Message no. VF17  Document 15000962 does not contain any items with open quantities
    Message no VF147 1015000962 000010 No open billing quantity has been determined
    plz resolve this problem

    we  don't want to Depend upon MM. Because, we have to update our customers ledger with creation of Sale order and PR.
    What does it mean by don't want to depend upon MM?
    How the vendor delivery the goods if you create only PR ? with ref to PR vendor delivery the goods?
    PR is not a legal document unlike PO which is legal document, in standard with ref to PO , MIGO MIRO are created.
    Also you mentioned
    note: Vender send us hard copy of desptaches after one week. so with that we invocie our PO.
    After one week how does the PO comes into picture will you create PO with ref to PR after dispatch notification comes to you  after one week by vendor then you do MIGO and MRIO?
    Please note : In  3rd party sales we have two kinds of process.
    1. 3rd party sales with out shipping notification( this is SAP standard,  settings already available no need any changes)
    Here we do the customer invoice after vendor payment only...
    2. 3rd party sales with shipping notification(here we need to do small changes as i mentioned above)
    in the process you need not to wait till the vendor payment(MIRO), as per your requirement you can bill the customer before vendor payment(MIRO)...But here MIGO is mandatory.However it is dummy MIGO( no inventory updates).
    Actualy , we  don't want to Depend upon MM. Because, we have to update our customers ledger with creation of Sale order and PR.
    Beacuse we want to update our customer ledger on daily bases.
    Let us assume you are creating customer invoice with ref to sales order and in your case you mentioned you won't do MIGO or MIRO before customer invoice creation so in this case for how much qty you bill the customer on daily basis?
    If the vendor delivery goods lesser qty than order qty then how do you manage with out doing MIGO or MIRO?
    Please answer the above questions?
    You may able to create customer invoice with ref to order with out MIGO or MIRO by changing some copy control but you can't bill the exact qty to the customer if you don't do MIGO or MIGO.
    So i suggest you to go with 3rd party sales with shipping notifications .
    Here sale order( VA01)
    PO (with ref PR).
    MIGO( dummy MIGO)
    VF01( customer invoice)
    MIRO( vendor payment)

  • Trying to create a Sales Order Confirmation through IDoc

    I am trying to create Sales Order Confirmation through ALE with message control.
    My recieving system is XI server.
    Can u please send me the steps to what to be done to trigger IDoc automatically.
    The condition types and access sequence created is for Output type customer but i am sending it to XI Server.
    please help me.
    Thank you in advance,

    Hi Gangolu,
    Have a look at url. Hope this provides some inputs.

  • Sales Order Billing Block Removal after Milestone POC 100% Only

    Dear Experts,
                         My client requirement is like following.
    1.Total Milestone number is 10
    2.Each Milestone carries weightage of 10% Invoice billing.
    I want to bill the milestone which is 100% completed only.
    In SAP Standard Function what I am getting is , When I feed Actual Date in Milestone then Billing Block is removed in Sales Order Billing Plan.
    Is it possible to remove Billing Block if Milestone POC is 100% also.
    Kindly suggest if there is any User exit ocustomer exit available for that.

    I want to bill the milestone which is 100% completed only
    This is a standard feature. Once you reach the milestone enter the actual dates and the billing block gets removed allowing you to do the billing.
    Whatever you are getting in the standard system is perfectly fine. That is how the standard system works.
    Is it possible to remove Billing Block if Milestone POC is 100% also
    Could you please explain this statement? Are you asking, whether its possible to remove the billing block without entering the actual dates even though the milestone has been reached?

  • What is diff between delivery related sales order & billing related sales o

    what is diff between delivery related sales order & billing related sales order ???

    hi prasanth,
    extending the Answer of shasikanth,
    1) Order Related Billing:
        some items are not related to delivery, like service items.
    these items will be defined by different ITEM Categories.
    2)  Delivery Related billing:
    standard item like TAN,which is delivery related billing.that means for this item we need to create a delivery documnet.with reference to delivery document we need to create a billing document.
    when we define item category,
    we miantain whether its order related or Delivery related billing.
    The respective field in item category is......
    Relavant for Billing  A - delivery related billing
                                  B - Order realted billing
    by this we can say item category defines, whether item is relavent for billing or not and also it defines whether its a Order related or Delivery Related billing.
    The Respective billing document type will be determined from Sales document type(vov8).

  • Update Service order status based on Sales order billing status

    Hi All,
    Pls give some suggestions for below scenario.
    Sales order will be created from Service order.
    Service order should get completed once the sales order is billed fully.
    Billing status is available in Sales order header. When ever billing is created, sales order status get updated.
    Where I need to have the trigger (User exit etc...) to update the service order status w.r.t sales order billing status.

    As standard the system update service status, maybe some config is missing. Please check the copy control conditions in SD.
    Hope this help.

  • Where we can found  sales order billing status

    Hi guru's
    where we can found  sales order billing status?
    suppose if i created one sales order that sales order related billing status i want to let to know
    where can i found that one.

    Hi upendra_sap
          Go to the menu in VA02, VA03 goto >header>status, there you can see the header billing status and also item billing status.
          In table VBUK (header status) field FKSTK, and in VBUP (item status) FKSAA (Billing Status for Order-Related Billing Documents) or  FKSTA (Billing status of delivery-related billing documents).

  • Field/Table to change the header tick in sales order billing plan

    Hi SD Guru's
    I am using a GUI screen to create standard sales order (VA01). Since my order dates at header and line item level can differ, i want the field name or table name of the header tick which is taken as default from my billing plan in my sales order.
    Or is there any setting where my billing plan at item level is not defaulted from my header.
    Its really urgent. Would appreciate your reply.

    Hi Ravi,
    I'm unsure whether this will help you or not. In VOV7, choose your It Cat, in detailed screen of It Cat settings there's a checkbox with "Business data" when not checked which will allow you to change Data at Item level.

  • Sale order Billing invoice history.

    I am an ABAPer. I have to create a report that displays the invoice billing history of a sales order for a particular period of time.
    My final table should contain the following fields.
    Invoice Date
    Document Type
    Invoice Amount (in DC)
    Invoice Amount (in LC)
    Invoice Amount (in USD)
    Invoice Period
    SOW No
    SOW Description
    PO No
    Account Manager
    Project Manger
    Project Code
    WBS Element
    Business Area
    G/L Account
    Special G/L ind.
    Spl. GL Text
    I need to the know the tables i need to fetch these information.
    Please help!

    Did you already find tables VBAP/VBAK, VBFA, VBRP/VBRK, BSEG/BKPF during your search or anlyzing FM SD_DOCUMENT_FLOW_GET ?
    Nevertheless I suggest you read first note 185530 - Performance: Customer developments in SD, then post where you get a problem.

  • Changing the Ship-to partner details in Sales order header through exit

    Hi all,
      I have a requirement where in during the process of the sales order creation, based on certain
      criteria, the details in the ship-to partner would have to be modified.
      These details like the Name, Street, etc would be maintained in a local table and based on the criteria,
      the appropriate record from this table would be fetched and updated to the ship-to partner.
      I was trying to implement this in the MV45AFZZ user exit. However, I was not able to update this through the exit.
      Would I have to somehow update the ADRC table directly through this exit or is there any better method.
      Please suggest.

    If you could not find Street in this Routine call the BAPI BAPI_BUPA_ADDRESS_CHANGE to update Street and required details ..
    Thanks and regards,

  • Update sales order qty through BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2

    Can anybody help me out.  I have the requirement for creating sales order through BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2. The sales order is created but with 0 quantity.
    I am using fields RNDDLV_QTY and TARGET_QTY and REQ_QTY in schedule lines & also setting the update indicator to 'X'  in the corresponding itemx structures.
    In fact it used to work earlier and has stopped now. I am also checking if there could be any change in configuration but don't think this should be the reason.
    Can someone guide me as to which quantity fields of the BAPI are the right ones to update sales order qty?

    You are using the correct fields i.e. TARGET_QTY and REQ_QTY. Just check if you are passing the same Item Number in both the tables.
    Hope it helps...

  • Sales order uploading through LSMW

    *Hi All,*
         *SAP version Up gradation how to Sales Order data migration through LSMW Batch input Record. Please tell send me any one step by step.*

    check the link
    Amitesh Anand

  • Sales order uploading through bapi

    i want to upload sales order to bapi pls give the code and i also error handling through bapi

    Hi Awadhesh,
    pls look at this link you will get a clear idea and the code.
    Happy to help you.

  • Sales order & Billing document  ( VBAK & VBRK )

    Hello All,
    What is the link between table VBAK and VBRK? I have requirement where I need to find out the sales document number from the billing document number. I can see the relation in the relationship browser but I couldn't find the columns which link those tables.
    Thank you.

    The link between sales order and billing is found in VBRP table.  The following fields will tell you which sales order is used to create the billing document / item.  you can also find the delivery document here.
    VBRP-VGBEL     Document number of the reference document ( This will be the delivery document if the invoice is referred to delivery document )
    VBRP-VGPOS    Item number of the reference item ( Item no. of VGBEL )
    VBRP-VGTYP    Document category of preceding SD document (
    VBRP-AUBEL    Sales document ( This will be the sales order no. )
    VBRP-AUPOS   Sales document item ( Item no. of AUBEL )
    I hope this helps.
    Yatin Thakkar

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