Sales Order Creation with reference to Contract

Hi all ,
Existing Setup in the System:
1)  I have a contract created with a validity period of 30 days. When i create sales order with reference to contract, then i get a pop-up box, from the box i can select my contract.
2) I have a Lead time configured as 5 days for the Sales document type , I,e when I create sales order I can see my Requested delivery date is always system date + 5 days.
3) I have a Pricing date configured as Today’s date. Therefore when I create sales order I can see pricing date becomes the system date.
Execution of Sales Order:
4) When I create Sales Order with reference to contract document. Always Requested Delivery date is compared with Contract Validity Dates.
Example: Contract Validity 01/03/2008   -    31/03/2008
Sales Order: Sales Order Creation date -> 19/03/2008, Pricing Date: 19/03/2008 Requested delivery date 24/03/2008.
But my requirement is when i create Sales Order it should consider System date or Pricing Date( since pricing date is today date)  for to compare with contract validity dates.
Can it be done with standard config or do we need to some type of custom?  Appreciate your help

Hi ,
As said when I create Sales Order with reference to contract document. Always Requested Delivery date on Sales Order is checked against Contract Validity Dates.
But i want Pricing date  in Sales Order should be checked against Contract Validity Dates.
Can someone suggest me on this?

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  • Problem in Sales Order Creation with reference to Contract

    Hi All,
    We had enhanced Contracts (VA41) by adding fields thru append structures in VBAP and the same is provided in the "Additional Data B" tab at the item level.
    The Z fields are populated with data and gets saved along with the contracts line items.
    But when a sale order is created with reference to a contract, the data in the Z fields (maintained in Append Structures) of the contract are not getting copied to the line item of Sales orders.
    Should a routine be necessarily written for copying Z fields from contract to Sales orders or Copy control must be set up for Z fields separately?
    Any info on this would help.

    Hi VJ,
    The copying from Contract to Orders worked. I copied the standard routine (151) in data transfers and added the code to transfer Z fields from work area CVBAP to work area VBAP and attached the same in the copy control. It works!!!
    Thanks for the help VJ.

  • Change of Sold to Party in Sales order created with Reference to Contract

    Dear Gurus
    I want to change the sold to party in Sales Order created with reference to contract.
    When I create a Sales order with reference to contract the system copies all the partner functions- Sold to, Ship to, Bill to and Payer alongwith other data.
    However Sold to is marked as "Grey" and not changable, rest of the partners can be changed.
    There is no subsiquent document created with reference to this Sales Order.
    Please advice.
    Thanks a lot.

    Hi ,
    Please follow the below mentioned step.
    1) Create a partner function letts say Authorized SP .
    2) Assign all the possible authorised  SP (customer) in the contract.
    3) When you create sales order with reff to Contract. Put the customer for whom you wish to create a sales order in release partner tab.
    Hop this will resolve our problem
    Krishna O

  • Sales Order Created with reference to Contract - Exchange rate Issue

    When Sales Order created with reference to contract VBKD fields KURSK and KURSK_DAT gets copied from contract and not redetrmined based on pricing date and Exchange rate type. I expected it to be determined based on pricing date is standard. What I am missing, should it be controlled by data transfers
    If Document currency and condition currency are different it cause problems with incorrect condition values are calculated, as KOMP-KURSK are copied from VBKD-KURSK
    Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated . We are on 4.7 ISOIL
    Sincerely Julietta

    and if we have the same issue, but we don't have OIL Version, but simple 4.6C, which solution has to be applied then?
    Thank you

  • Purchase order creation with reference to Contract

    Dear All
                    Purchase order creation with reference to quantity contract the contract quantity is not copied in to po. any configuration copying rules required. please guide

    Hi Buddy
    The correct business process is RV Preq created by a user from any department then buyer converts this Preq to a MK contract with some quantity keeping the duration as some months/year. Then as and when material mentioned in the contract is required during the validity period of the contract MRP creates Preq or buyer manually creates NB preqs , same are then converted to PO but these PO are released against MK contract. So qty in PO are different then mentioned in contract because contract is for  a large qty keeping in mind the duration (for example one year).

  • Sales order creation with respect to contracts

    Hi Guys,
    I am trying to create a saleorders with referece to contract for which in the background I configured so that during my sales order creation I see the pop-up box with all existing contracts for a specified sold-to party.
    This process is so painful that order entry people have to manually select from the big list (pop up box consisting of huge list).
    Is there any way so that I can automate this process insetead of selecting contracts from that list.

    Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for your solution and could you please give me some more details what is the neame of the user exit.
    and welcome for some more suggestions.
    One way is to create the order with reference to the Contract and then the system will not give the pop up for the existing contracts.
    The other way to automate the process is by using a userexit. Here the system should check all the existing valid contracts for this sold to party and should select the oldest or latest valid contract, as per the client choice.

  • Error while posting a sales order created with reference from contract for

    I am posting a sales document( Type: WA)  created with reference from contract document(  type wk2) for delivery.  The item category in the sales order of the Item is WAN. On posting this document for delivery I am getting the error as "Item category WAN is not defined".  Please help me out how to resolve this issue.

    Hi Jayant,
    I think its value contract releated error,
    You suppose to check material item category group through T.code-MM02 into sales2 tab and maintain VCIT,
    and do item category assignment through T.code- VOV4.
    plz.maintain like that,
    WK2 -          -VCIT-         -           - WAN(contract item category),
    wk2  -          -        -VCTR-          - WAN((contract item category),
    you should also maintain same against your standard Sales Document type and for Standard Item category into VOV4,
    WA(standard docu.type) -VCIT-                             -                -TAN(your standard docu.type item category),
    WA(standard docu.type) -         -VCTR(item usage)-              -TAN(your standard docu.type item category),

  • Sales order creation with reference to a contract....urgent

    Hi all,
    I am creating a sales order with reference to a contract, but purchase order no. and date are not copying to the sales order due to standard sap settings, is there any solution to copy these two from contract to order ?
    Useful solutions will be rewarded.

    Hi Jithendra,
    You need to edit the copy control settings. Path
    IMG Screen/Sales & Distribution/Sales/Maintain Copy control for Sales Documents.
    In this Goto Copying Control for Sales Documents to Sales Documents. And you need to change the header settings for the given selection.
    I think this might help you.

  • Sales order document with reference to Contract

    Hi Sap gurus,
    I have question pertaining to sales order with refrence to contract documents,
    I have created 2-3 contract documents, and with reference to these contracts i am creating a sales order, while i am creating the sales order i am supposed to get the Pop-UP box stating that this customer and particular material has got open contract documents , but i am not getting any such message why.? though there are open contract documents for that particular customer and material combination.

    To get the pop up message, u need to Goto  t. code VOV8, under transaction flow tab, there is a field called outline agreement messages.
    There u need to enter an entry as per ur requirement.  After that u can try to create the release orders.
    Hope it is useful,
    Reward points if useful...

  • Sales order create with reference to contract order

            I am trying to create a sales order with reference to an
    existing contract order. I have given the contract order and clicked on the selection-list button to select the items I want to copy. It listed the items, but I am not getting all the details of the item. Material description (VBAP-ARKTX) is not coming.
    Is it related to config? This is happening in my quality system where as in my development system, I could see the material
    shorttext appearing.
    Please let me know how to proceed.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vishnu Priya

    please check if there are any missing transports between Development and quality. and also check if there are any customizations done either to bring them or prevent on any specific conditions. Also check if all the required master data is maintianed correctly.
    sadhu kishore

  • Sales order creation with reference to check quantity according reference

    I create return sales order with reference. But the problem is that system can not check the quantity of creation sales order according reference quantity now. I want the system check the quantity according reference sales order quantity and do not allow to put sales order quantity more than reference sales order quantity.

    please check the below thread
    Return Quntity is more the sales Quantity?
    this may help you

  • Re. Sales order Created with reference to Contract

    Hi Guru's,
    I have create a Contract with Sold to party, Ship to party and material combination. So when i am creating a Sales order for the same combination system is not proposing the availability of contract. I manually need to assign the contract to the sales order.
    Am i missing any configuration. Can any one suggest the solution for the same.
    It would be of great help.
    Thanks in advance.
    With Best Regards,
    M. Rajendran.

    Hi Rajendran M, 
    Maintain the copy control in VTAA
    select your Sales document type & contract document type
    In Header
    Data T- 051
    Data T- 101
    Data T- 001
    copying req- 001
    check mark copy item number
    in Item - select yourcontract item category
    Data T- 151
    Data T- 102
    Data T- 002
    FPLA- 251
    copying req- 301
    check mark copy schedules
    x update document flow
    pos/neg qty - +
    pricing type- G
    Let me know if your problem is solved

  • Sales order creation with ref. to contract. Quantity related issue

    Hii All,
    I am creating sales order with ref. to contract. But i can enter more quantity than that mentioned in the contract. Here i need the system should give a warning while saving the order. I refered the thread Sales Order Against Contract
    In this thread the procedure to convert the warning to error is given. but i need how to give this warning message.
    In VTAA, I have maintained copy requirement as 303 at item level. & DataT as 151, 102 & 002.
    Please suggest.

    Dear Vijay,
    in incompletion procedure we can arrange to check whether any field is empty, here data comparison is not possible.
    As far as I know you can not achieve this through standard config.
    To achieve your requirement, you will need to take help of an ABAPer, it can be achieved using Userexit.
    ABAPer can use include MV45AFZZ
    and Userexit ""USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT".
    the code written in this userexit will check and compare the quantities before saving the dcument.
    Logic if quantity enter is greater than the quantity mentioned in Contract show warning Message.
    I hope this solves your Problem.

  • Sales Order Creation with reference to Quotation using FM IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS

    HI Guru's,
    I've a requirement to create the sale order from the quotation.
    For this we are using the FM "IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS".
    Here my problem is i'm able to create the sales order with the custom program, but if i made any changes to the quotation Header
    (Ship-to party address) before creating the sales order, it is not reflecting into the sales order header level (ship-to party address).
    What  i was thinking is we are not using the Quotation as reference to create the sales order while filling the segments.
    Could you please tell me which segment do i need to use fill the reference document number (quotation) at header level.
    one more problem, if i change ship-to party of one line item, it is affecting the other line items also.
    Please guide me what to do???

    HI Ramesh,
    Could you please tell me which segment do i need to use fill the reference document number (quotation) at header level.
    Sol: use segment E1EDK02
    Segment type E1EDK02 IDoc: Document header reference data
    QUALF 011 : Referenced Document Number
    BELNR XXXXX IDOC document number
    DATUM 20100121 IDOC: Date'
    what i've used in my program
    I'm using the E1EDK02 segment as you mentioned above.
    le1edk02-qualf = '011'.
    e1edk02-belnr = Quotes-vbeln.
    Here my problem is i'm able to create the sales order with the custom program, but if i made any changes to the quotation Header
    (Ship-to party address) before creating the sales order, it is not reflecting into the sales order header level (ship-to party address).
    Sol: Check you custom code .. whether you are bringing write address to segement or not
    (if you change any address in Quotation then Address master is added with new entry with new address no )
    In my program..
    I'm passing the partner numbers and partner types (WE & AG) to the segment "E1EDKA1". (Ship-to & Sold-to).
    What i was thinking is the above segment is causing the problems, because if we reference the Quotation, we should not pass the Ship-to and sold-to numbers, it should take all those from quotation.
    I've tried to comment the code which we have written for that segment "E1EDKA1", it is giving me the error saying that
    Customer numbers can't be determined for the document number..
    Please guide me how to solve this problem..

  • Sales order creation with reference to quote using BAPI

    Hi All,
    I am trying to create a sales order with reference to quote using BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.
    I am passing the Quote number and preceding doc.category (B) at the header level and
    at item level I am passing the quote number and the line item number in the quote for REF_DOC and REF_DOC_IT.
    The order is created but there seems to be some issue with the document flow.
    I do not see the Reference Doc number at the header level from the Sales order document flow whereas I can see the Reference Doc for each line item.
    In VBFA I can see the Ref.Doc number at the header level along with the Ref.Doc at the line item level.
    Why do you think it is not showing at the header level from Sales Document Document Flow?
    Is there any bug in the standard BAPI or is there any OSS note?
    Any answer would be greatly appreciated.

    Are you giving different quotation numbers in the different line items, if that is the case you will not get that in the header document flow, as it cann't point to all the quotations.

Maybe you are looking for

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