Sales Order CRM corresponding PO R3

when a sales order is created in CRM i need to automatically create purchase order in R3 system.How to achieve this.

Hi Swathi,
To make this work you can use work flows(WF). You can start with something like this:
1. Upon Order save in CRM the WF will get triggered.
2. Call the WF in ECC and create a PO thru the WF.
May be it takes time but It is doable.

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  • Sales order number corresponding to MTS production order

    Dear Experts,
    Kindly suggest a way to get or track the sales order number corresponding to MTS production order,
    In case of MTO we can get the corresponding sale order number for production order, since we have link.
    But in case of MTS production order , please suggest any standard report , table or any other way to get the
    information of sales order.
    Thanks in advance for your inputs and help in the matter...
    Best regards

    Dear Nitishj,
    If the strategy is MTS then in my understanding you cannot get any sales order order number with reference to
    production made
    Reason is in MTS production will be made collectively without reference to sales order
    where as in MTO it does with reference to sales order

  • Interdependent Changes in Sales Orders (CRM -- R/3)

    Dear Sap gurus,
    at my current customer they have implemented warranty complaints in SAP CRM.
    This is a copy of the transaction type CRMC (service complaint)- Type leading transaction category = BUS2000120 (complaints).
    Once the complaint has user status 'closed' this complaint is sent to R/3 for further processing.
    At that moment no changes made in R/3 are replicated back to CRM.
    Note 642944 explains that ou can make changes independent of the system in which you originally created the order. This is called scenario A (compared to scenarios X , Y and Z which are described in oss note 705200 (which are valid for older releases of CRM and R/3). <b>Since we are using CRM 5.0 and R/3 (release 4.7 and one is SAP ECC 6.0) we fall into validity for scenario A.</b>
    You still have a bunch of other related OSS notes such as:
    - 630778: Scenario A: mutual change of sales documents
    - 620139: Scenario A: independent changes in sales documents- R/3
    - 720511: FAQ: Data exchange sales documents (CRM <-> R/3) II
    - 656224: FAQ: Sales documents data exchange (CRM>-> R/3)
    - 642269: Scenario A: mutual change of sales documents - CRM
    - 971782: New Badi for exchanging data from sales document lists
    - 541113: Data exchange scenario for orders (CRM-R/3)
    -490932: Data exchange of sales transactions between CRM & R/3
    <u><b>My question is the following:</b></u>
    Since they speak about sales orders/Sales documents etc all the time, I am wondering if all these notes also would apply in the case of CRM Complaints (CRMC with leading transaction category COMPLAINTS).
    I would like to avoid investigating every single note, if in any case these would not apply to Complaints.
    <b>(Just for the record: the reason why I ask is that for example Product proposal (in the cross selling context) is for example also not supported for Complaints in SAP CRM 5.0, as opposed to Sales orders and Quotations.)</b>
    Thanks for a quick answer for those that already have had experience.

    To start with I have to describe the actual scenario...(therefore I think Interdependent changes is not valid as Lorna explained already).
    We are using Complaint management in CRM 5.0. combined with SAP ECC 6.0.
    Now we are not following the standard process flow which is described in:
    When Creating a Complaint (CRMC) and adding a unit (individual object/material) at header level, and the spare parts (on item level) we do certain validation checks
    for warranty validity etc.
    On item level we can set the status on either "Accepted" or "rejected"(where we also indicate per item based on code groups if this should be
    - credit memo request
    - free of charge substitute delivery
    After all item statuses are either Accepted or rejected, the user status on header level automatically changes to 'immediate settlement'.
    When this is the case we can manually set the user status to closed on header level.
    At this very moment replication takes place in the form that a Sales Order is created in R/3 with either a credit memo request and/or
    a Free of charge delivery. (these have the same item category as in SAP CRM).
    so far so good. But in this stage no manual changes are possible anymore in the SAP CRM complaint.
    Changes can still be made on Sales order level in R/3 by adding for example another item (spare part).
    <b>My Question now is:</b>
    Suppose a change is made on sales order level (this sales order has the same number as the complain which was originally created in SAP CRM), how can we
    update the Complaint in SAP CRM?
    I first was looking at delta replication for sales documents (described in notes 642944 and 705200) but this is not valid since the actual complaint is not
    replicated to R/3 in the first place.
    The only thing I could think of is making use of some action (profile)...which might for example check if the R/3 sales order with same document number is changed.
    Anyone experience with setting up such a thing or perhaps has another suggestion?
    Thanks in advance

  • A query to display sales orders with corresponding outbound deliveries

    Hi Experts,
    Don't know if this is the right place to post the question but i would like to know if a query, in SAP, can display sales orders with their corresponding outbound deliveries, i tried using table LIKP and VBAK, VBKD didn't help. the whole idea is to enter any specified sales order number and the query will return any outbound deliveries belong to the sales order.
    Thanks in advance!

    run the se16 transaction - table VBFA.
    This table gives the Sales document flow.
    Give the sales order nos. and in the subsequent document category select delivery.
    You will get all deliveries.

  • How the sales orders in CRM replicated to ECC??????????

    Hello gurus
    I am implementing CRM with integration with ERP, I would like to know if I have more than one type of sales documents in CRM and I want to replicate them to ECC do I have to have the same number of the sales document types in ECC or only one document type in ECC and all the CRM Sales document types will be replicated to it
    Secondly regarding the service order processing , is it replicated to sales order or service order in ECC also do I have to have the same number of sales, service document type
    If there are any useful links please provide
    Jacopo Françoise

    Hi Jacopo Françoise
    There are some prerequisites for replication.
    1. Your Item categories need to be configured to be released to R/3 for specific puposes like Pick, pack and delivery reasons.
    2. Only Sales transaction and delivery related transactions will be replicated to R/3 like Sales Orders and Service orders.
    3. When it goes to R/3 every order is a sales order type like Sales Order CRM - Replicated as Sales Order
    4. When replicate the documents it is important that you must have same document types and same item categories..
    5. If billing documents are directly created in R/3 then you dont need the exact same doucments, but your item categories will play a major role in creating a mapped document in R/3. you still have to map appripriate settings to tell the system on what item categories talk to what Doucment types.
    Thats the overview but list could go on... let me know if you have any specific issues

  • SQL Query to pull RMA number and corresponding sales order number info

    I do not have good idea on the data model. I was asked to pull Sales order info & corresponding Return order (RMA) information. Appreciate if someone can provide me the query.

    I believe you have to use the link_to_line_id column in oe_order_lines_all.
    For a return line, that column points to the original (i.e shipment) sales order line id.
    Hope this helps,
    Sandeep Gandhi

  • Doubt in CRM sales order Cube and ODS

    Hell Friends,
    We have a standard cube '0CSAL_C03' and ODS '0CRM_SALO' for CRM sales order.
    ODS is attached with infosurce(datasource) -0CRM_SALES_ORDER_I and 80CRM_SAL2(this is update rules-another sales order items(lean extraction) ODS - 0CRM_SAL2).
    we have another ods(lean extraction)- 0CRM_SAL2 and again it is attached with 0CRM_SALES_ORDER_I.
    Could anybody explain me why two ods ar coming for sales order- crm.
    Can we use two ods or only one ods-0CRM_SALO?
    Could you pls. check it the system under- crm  application component and let me know what is the best way for going impls.

    actually they definatly use Bdocs because messages bdocs are the main communication elements in CRM.  you will definatly find them in SBDM.  Bdoc are simmilar idoc's  they used to send information between CRM transactions and ERP systems, mobile clients or to BW.  there are 2 types of Bdocs message bdocs(M Bdocs) and synchronization Bdocs (S Bdocs). Sbdocs are used for sycronizing between moblie clients and  CRM online. M bdocs are used for communication within CRM and also for exachange information between R/3 and CRM as well.
      So for sales we normally configure our standard Bdocs or we can modell our own bdocs.  lean Bdocs are message bdocs but have only subset of all the fields in a transaction and used for updating only those fields. usage of them can be verified only CRM specialists. it depends on how your organizational sales process is configured in CRM.
    in SALES we normally use bdoc  BUS_TRANSACTION_MESSAGE this is used for most of the transactions in CRM. so you got to confirm from your team if they are using any other bdocs for slaes additional to the above mentioned.
    with regards

  • How to create a multi-level configuration sales order?

        My client use configurable material to sell computers. And the production mode is MTO. One sales order item correspond with a production order
        Now my client also sell array which consist of two computers, two storage, one UPS power etc. That means I must realize multi-level configuration. First, choose the computer type. Second, based on the choosed computer in first step, choose the cpu, disk and so on. And then based on the sales order item, there must be several production order related to the same sales order item.
        Now I have semi-finished product B1,B2--computer. Class type is 300. Many characteristics is allocated to the class. B type material has the BOM which consist of cpu,disk etc.
        Then I created the finished product A--array. Class type is 300. Allocated characteristics is the B1,B2. A has the BOM which consist of B1,B2 etc.
        When I create sales order, I can only config the first level,choose computers for A, can not choose cpu,disk for computers.
        So, how can I find a solution for this scenario?
        Thanks in advance.

    Thanks, Waza
    1.  Does the Sales order BOM explode in the sales order?
    No. Just one top item would be ok for my client.
    2. Why do thy want this in the sales order?  They can explode the BOM in the production order, do they then need pricing at the component level?
    They do not need pricing at the component level. Exploding the BOM in the production order is acceptable. But how can I config the configurable material in components of production order?
    I tried collective order, but the second level of configurable material can not generate production order. I just make use of special procurement 52 in MRP2 of top finished product. Is there something I missed?
    Thanks again.

  • Fetch Sales Order number VBELN from Purchase requisition number BANFN

    I'm not able to find a suitable method to fetch the sales order number(VBELN) from the purchase requisition number(BANFN).
    I tried using VBEP table to fetch the data, but it is giving serious performance issues, as in for fetching one record it is taking approx 20 seconds!!!
    Kindly suggest a suitable method for this.
    I've used the query as folllows:
    select single vbeln banfn
    from vbep
    into (wa_vbep-vbeln, wa_vbep-banfn)
    where banfn eq wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn.
    where: wa_vbep is the workarea having two fields vbeln and banfn, and wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn is the reference preq number.
    Scenario in brief described below:
    Whenever a direct delivery sales order is created on a supply chain plant, a dummy purchase requisition without source of supply is created automatically at preferred supplying plant for the customer in the sales order. Direct Delivery Sales Orders which are still in Open status and for the associated dummy purchase requisitions with these sales order, the deletion flag set has to be unchecked.
    in this case, only one sales order is created corresponding to a preq..
    BAPI: BAPI_PR_GETDETAIL is not giving entries for the table as this is a special case of direct delivery from the production plant directly to the customer, bypassing the warehouse / distribution center...
    selection screen has input fields preq, matnr(product) and plant. we fetch entries depending on the data filled in selection screen and also they should be of document type(BSART in EBAN table) ZDD1 and deletion indicator is set(LOEKZ in EBAN).
    then we check if the sales order corresponding to the preq is in open status...
    for this i need to programmatically fetch the sales order number corresponding to the preq...
    this is causing a performance issue as i could find only one way -- fetching sales order number from VBEP table corresponding to BANFN... indexing for easier also didnt work...
    no other way i could find to fetch sales order number corresponding to the preq number....
    there is a bapi: BAPI_PR_GETDETAIL, but this is not fetching entries to the changing tables related to sales order...
    also EBKN table doesnt have any entries as this is a special case of direct delivery preq..
    Guess i couldnt find anyother way...

    I'm not sure as to why the select query was still throwing performance issues. I could see that the index had been created on only BANFN in the DB. Prior to creating the index, it was taking approx 20 seconds per entry, but after creating the index, it took 13seconds approx.
    I used the select query as follows:
    select single vbeln banfn
    from vbep
    into (wa_vbep-vbeln, wa_vbep-banfn)
    where banfn eq wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn.
    where: wa_vbep is the workarea having two fields vbeln and banfn, and wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn is the reference preq number.
    I tried a few other combinations also, but  those also didnt work effectively:
    select vbeln banfn
    from vbep
    into (wa_vbep-vbeln, wa_vbep-banfn)
    where banfn eq wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn.
    without using SINGLE in the select query as the select query would implicitly pickup only a single record,
    select vbeln banfn
    from vbep
    into wa_vbep
    where banfn eq wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn.
    and another query where the INTO statement was directed directly to a workarea.
    But unfortunately, nothing seemed to be working.
    The index i had created was on BANFN alone in the VBEP table.

  • Change Request demanded while creating a Sales Order

    Dear All,
    I am creating a Sales Order. The solution is using user exits to communicate between SD and TEM.
    Whenever we create a Sales Order its corresponding sales order and line item is updated in TEM table HRVPAD25.
    While saving the Sales Order, its asking for a Change Request which is by default the Customizing Request created for functional configuration of that particular solution.
    Sales orders however are created successfully.
    Can anyone throw some light on the issue?


  • How to change the pricing rate of Sales Order after delivery is created?

    Is it possible to update(change) the pricing rate which belong to a specific condition type, of the "Sales Orders"  after corresponding delivery is created ?
    number of the Sales Order to be changed is huge. How can I handle this situation ?
    immediate replies would be rewarded

    Repricing is only possible if your pricing record has a valid from date that is equal to or before the pricing date on the order. Otherwise, your pricing rate change will be applicable only from the begin date of that record.
    Assuming that it is allowed by config, you can go to VA02, go to conditions, and then there is small button at the bottom, that says 'Update'. By pressing that, your system will automatically reprice the sales order, provided, as I said, all pre-conditions are met. Once you know that you can do this, then you can adopt any of the technical solutions that Rich had suggested above to do the mass changes.

  • Automation of Purchase Order to Sales Order

    Hi all,
    Suppose I created a Purchase Order '123' and an IDOC has also been created for this PO. I would like the system to create a Sales Order for the same Purchase order I created in the same system. Can you all let me know the different solutions for this?

    Hi Mohammed,
    Please check the scenario:
    Purchase order from Customer --> Sales Order in SAP for customer --> Purchase Req and Purchase Order ( if parts are not available, third party) sent to Vendor --> Delivery --> Billing .
    If the above scenario is correct, if you create a PO means, this is to Vendor (Internal or external), once this is created, goods will be shipped and billed.
    Suppose customer is buyer and seller. First Sales order and then PO will be created. Again SO wont be created.
    If you want to create a Return Order, then you can search from VBFA reffering the billing document of the customer and you can fetch sales order and corresponding PO's.

  • Enable to open Sales Order

          We are using R/3 back end, After replication of sales order from CRM to R/3,the system is not allowing to make changes in R/3. while click on  change mode button it showing error.
    Can anyone plz give me the inputs.....

    Hi Sourabh,
       Thanks for your response
               After replication of sales order CRM to r/3, I try to make changes particular sales order in r/3, the error is showing that "CHANGES ARE NOT ALLOWED". It is in display mode not allowing to change mode. 

  • Table containeing both the purchase order number and the sales order number

    hi all!!!
    what is table that contains both the purchase order number and sales order number corresponding to that purchase order number.
    Moderator message: please search before posting.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Jan 31, 2012

    Hi Sunny,
    Yes they are same. You will be creating a purchase order in ME21n. After creating purchase order you will shown a number for that order.
    Reward points if useful.
    Swamy Kunche

  • Sales order billing through CATS.

    Hello there,
    I have an issue..
    We are working on a PS implementation project. This is an implemention for n ERP solutions provider( say A).
    In this case A provides manpower for its respective clients. They have maintained contracts with their clients for specific periods.
    Now based on time sheets generated by the personnel, A generates sales orders and correspondingly bills their clients.
    Now our issue is, how do we use time sheets(CATS) to generate billing documents.
    Thanks a million.

    You can enter time against the sales order/item in the CATS timesheet, but I have never done that; I believe you don't do that if you are using PS due to the other benefits of collecting these expenses on the project (reports, RA, actual/plan comparisons, material, etc...).
    Using PS, you could use Resource-related billing for this purpose. You basically have the time charged to a network activitiy in CAT2, then transfer the cost to the project using CAT5. Then, you will create a billing request using DP91/95. There are other steps in between, which are explained in greater detail at this link on the SAP help pages:
    Let me know if you want to go deeper into any of these areas.

Maybe you are looking for

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