Sales Order from one SAP to another SAP system thru ALE

I am trying to send a Sales order IDOC from one SAP system to another SAP system (basically from DEV to QAS). Will i be able to do this using ALE ? If so, how ? I don't want this Sales order to be posted as PO in QAS. I want it to stay as a sales order.


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  • Transfer of sales orders from one plant to another

    Dear all,
    My requirement is as follows:
    I have created some 500 sales orders (open) in one sales org+plant.
    Now due to plant shifting to other area, I want to transfer all the above open sales orders to another sales org+plant.
    One option is to create them manually. But that is time consuming and prone to errors.
    Second option is to upload thru LSMW. That too is very tedious.
    Third option is to extend/assign new plant to the old sales area and change the plant in the orders. But I want in the new sales org + new plant.
    Is there any other option by which I can transfer the above sales orders from one plant to another?

    Hi SAPshed,
    The problem is not the change of plant, which is standard functionality, but the change of sales organization.
    An awful lot of information depends on the Sales Organization: Company code (!!), customers, materials, prices, profit center, etc.
    SAP does not even admit creating a sales order in a Sales Organization A with reference to a sales order with a sales organization B.
    IMHO your best option is to try to maintain the current Sales Orders with the current Sales Organization and change the Sales Order in VA02 (your third option).
    If you are absolutely sure that all materials and customers are created for the new Sales Area in the same way and that prices (discounts) are the same, you might want to do a direct update to VBAK table to change the Sales Organization (nasty!), but be prepared for the consequences (no SAP support in case of problems, you are on your own).
    Therefore if you insist on a different Sales Organization, then option 2) will be your best best.
    Best Regards,
    P.S. IMHO it is Best Practice to have a unique Sales Organization / Company Code.

  • Sales orders from one salesorg. to another in same ssystem

    Hi Guys,
               I got a requirement like we need to convert or recreate sales orders from one sales organization to another sales organization in the same system without having any impact on the existing system.
    Any one have idea how to do it and is there any standard program to do this? is there any standard procedure for that>?
    Thanks in advance.
    Ram sri

    Hi Ramgopal,
    I never had this scenario, but the main step would be
    Define 2 logical systems: a sender and a receiver
    Assign one of them to the client
    Set up distribution model
    Generate partner profiles
    Set up converter (not filter!) /Application Link Enabling (ALE)-> Modelling and Implementing Business Processes-> Converting Data Between Sender and Receiver
    Here you can set up conversion rule for your sales org field.
    All of this step could be done in transaction SALE.

  • Problem in Creating Sales Order From One DB to another DB

    Hello All,
    I am trying to create a Sales Order in another database from the current database based on the Purchase Order but while creating the sales order system is throwing an error " In "To Whse" enter valid values [ZAPp 0] "
    My Code for Creating Sales Order in another DB are as follows :-
                 '==== Connect To another SAP Company ====='
                Dim oCompany_DB As New SAPbobsCOM.Company
                oCompany_DB.Server = "OSL_SERVER"
                oCompany_DB.LicenseServer = "OSL_SERVER"
                oCompany_DB.UseTrusted = False
                oCompany_DB.CompanyDB = Database_Name
                oCompany_DB.UserName = SAPUserName
                oCompany_DB.Password = SAPPassword
                oCompany_DB.DbUserName = DBUserName
                oCompany_DB.DbPassword = DBPassword
                oCompany_DB.DbServerType = SAPbobsCOM.BoDataServerTypes.dst_MSSQL2005
                lRetCode = oCompany_DB.Connect()
                If lRetCode <> 0 Then
                    oCompany_DB.GetLastError(lErrCode, sErrMsg)
                    If (lErrCode <> -4006) Then
                    End If
                End If
    '===== Creating the Sales Order ====='
      Dim oOrder As SAPbobsCOM.Documents = oCompany_DB.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
                Dim DocDueDate As String = oRecord.Fields.Item("DocDueDate").Value
                oOrder.DocDueDate = DocDueDate
                oOrder.CardCode = Customer
      While Not oRecord.EoF
                    Dim ItemCode As String = oRecord.Fields.Item("ItemCode").Value
                    Dim WhsCode As String = oRecord.Fields.Item("WhsCode").Value
                    Dim Quantity As Double = oRecord.Fields.Item("Quantity").Value
                    Dim Price As Double = oRecord.Fields.Item("Price").Value
                    Dim Discnt As Double = oRecord.Fields.Item("DiscPrcnt").Value
                    Dim TaxCode As String = oRecord.Fields.Item("TaxCode").Value
                    oOrder.Lines.ItemCode = ItemCode
                    oOrder.Lines.WarehouseCode = WhsCode
                    oOrder.Lines.Quantity = Quantity
                    oOrder.Lines.Price = Price
                    oOrder.Lines.DiscountPercent = Discnt
                    oOrder.Lines.TaxCode = TaxCode
                End While
                lRetCode = oOrder.Add
                '=== Check For Error if any ===='
                If lRetCode <> 0 Then
                    oCompany_DB.GetLastError(lErrCode, sErrMsg)
                    If (lErrCode <> -4006) Then
                    End If
                End If
    When i execute the above code company gets connected but sales order not getting added in another company.

    You can not do it the alternate way Kevin suggests, direct DB inserts are prohibited by SAP and can corrupt your DB, particularly because unlike what most people think, all SAP documents affect more than just their own tables (e.g. the numbering table, the history tables).
    Are you getting any error message, or is it returning 0?
    If it is returning 0, then check is the document actually going to the newly created database or maybe somehow going to old one.
    If it isn't returning 0, what is the error code and message.
    Also I do see an error in your code. As it stands, you are adding an empty line to the end of every order. This can cause problems for SAP.
    Dim counter As Integer = 0
    If counter <> 0 Then 'Not equals 0, forum hides lt & gt symbols.
    End If
    counter = counter + 1
    oOrder.Lines.ItemCode = ItemCode
    oOrder.Lines.WarehouseCode = WhsCode
    oOrder.Lines.Quantity = Quantity
    oOrder.Lines.Price = Price
    oOrder.Lines.DiscountPercent = Discnt
    oOrder.Lines.TaxCode = TaxCode
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  • How to Add Sales order from one database to another database

    Hi All,
    I am trying to add sales order with sales order object.
    I have completed connectivity from one database to another database.
    but i am unable to post sales order with orders object.
    My code is
    ObjSales = objMain.objUtilities.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
                ObjSales.DocDate = Date.Parse(System.DateTime.Now().ToString("d"))
                ObjSales.DocDueDate = Date.Parse(System.DateTime.Now().ToString("d"))
                ObjSales.TaxDate = Date.Parse(System.DateTime.Now().ToString("d"))
                ObjSales.CardCode = "C0006"
               ObjSales.Series = 92
                ObjSales.PaymentGroupCode = 3
                ObjSales.Comments = "vivek"
               ObjSales.Lines.ItemCode = "5127"
               ObjSales.Lines.Quantity = 100
               ObjSales.Lines.UnitPrice = 10
               ObjSales.Lines.WarehouseCode = "01"
                ObjSales.Lines.TaxCode = "0"
                ObjSales.Lines.DiscountPercent = "0.00"
                ObjSales.DocTotal = 1000
                 If ObjSales.Add <> 0 Then
                   objMain.objApplication.SetStatusBarMessage("Sales or Not Posted", SAPbouiCOM.BoMessageTime.bmt_Short, True)
                   Exit Sub
                  objMain.objUtilities.ShowSuccessMessage("Sales Order Posted successfully")
                End If
    The above code is executing successfully.But the Sales order is not getting added.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Vivek,
    If the code you posted is not throwing any errors, then the order really does get created. Apparently just not to both databases, am I correct ?
    vivek.Y wrote:
    > I have completed connectivity from one database to another database.
    That means that apparently you have not gotten this bit right.
    Generally speaking if you want to create an order into two databases, you first need to connect to both databases and create separate order objects for each database. So you need to do this bit twice; once for each database. Something like this:
    ObjSales1 = objMain.objUtilities1.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
    ObjSales2 = objMain.objUtilities2.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
    Then at the end you also need to add both objects separately:
    If ObjSales1.Add <> 0 Then
    If ObjSales2.Add <> 0 Then
    Good luck,

  • Transfer sales orders from one compnay code to another

    Is it possible to transfer pending sales order from one company code to another? if yes please let me know complete procedure.

    You cannot transfer the sales order like this.If your company is getting closed then you can keep a deadline date before which you can close all the open orders and after that you can start creating the orders in the new company code.
    If your delivery date is beyond the deadline date then you can reject the sales orders and create them with new G/L accounts from the new company code.
    For this,you have to assign your sales organisation to the new company code.
    Reward points if it helps.

  • How to Copy documents (like Sales Order) from one Company/Database to another

    Hi everyone!
    I'm developing an AddOn for SAP 9.1 version.
    Part of this implementation is to import some data from a Sales Order Document from one Company to another (Document selected by "DocNum" by the user).
    So, my doubt is: after select data saved in arraylist, how I fill the document with that values saved in my arraylist ?
    I wish you could help me.
    Diogo Carvalho

    Hi Diogo,
    You can achieve this requirement and you will be required to get user credentials for your 'copy from' company to make a connection.
    After you make the connection with your 'copy from' company, you can provide a screen with a matrix which have the document numbers of the type of document you want.
    Create two documents of the type you want from each company. You can fill the document which created from current company while you reading from the document which created from 'copy from' company using get by key method.
    Most importantly, the master data of the two companies should be same. Otherwise, you will have errors in creating the document or document won't be identical.
    Hope this will helpful to you.
    Best Regards,
    J S L Geeganage

  • HI Data Mart Interface from one BW to another BW System

    Hi ,
    I am trying to extract data from one CUBE in a BW system to another CUBE In another BW system .. WHen I am trying to extract it gives me srror saying that .
    udayulli - Short dump in the Warehouse
    The data update was not completed. A short dump has probably been logged in BW providing information about the error.
    System response
    "Caller 70" is missing.
    Further analysis:
    Search in the BW short dump overview for the short dump belonging to the request. Pay attention to the correct time and date on the selection screen.
    You get a short dump list using the Wizard or via the menu path "Environment -> Short dump -> In the Data Warehouse".
    Error correction:
    Follow the instructions in the short dump.
    When I went in to the short dump i found a message saying the internal table ID cannot be extended further ,
    Thanks in Advance .

    Hi dear,
    try to do a search in these forums with "Caller 70" will find a lot of useful posts...
    Hope it helps!

  • Copying sales order from one company code to other

    I am trying to copy one sales order data from one company code to another, all the details should be same other than the company code and some fields , for this I am using std BAPI Getdetail to get all the details of sales order and passing to BAPI, CREATE FROM DAT2 , so that I create new order.
    When I check the new order, I see everything same but CANCEL DATE value in the ITEM Overview is not copied, I checked the original order , it has cancel date value. The order is an AFS order with AFS tabs.
    I Checked the BAPI GET Detail FM, it doesn't retrieve that information, moreover it doesn't have that field ( J3_ACADA) in the ITEM structure. I can see cancel date value in VBAP. The ITEM structure in CREATE FROM DAT2 also doesn' have that field.
    I can populate using USER_EXIT but I need to get the value from original order.
    How to copy the cancel date value to new order.It should happen only for the orders which I run through this report.
    Any suggestions let me know.

    Hi Uma,
    As my understand, the couple Tcode FS15 and FS16 is used to copy GL master data from in same client or different client.
    The file attract from FS15 will be stored in SAP, not in your local computer.
    And when you run FS16, the system will file this file and upload it.
    Here is selection screen in FS15, you can determine the file name, and keep the batch input name as default.
    After executed, the file is generated with message like below
    Then, go to tcode FS16 with parameter:
    You can untick "Check file only" for Production run.
    When you execute it, the batch input RFBISA20 is generated.
    After that, you go to tcode SM35 to check the batch input RFBISA20, excute this batch input here and check the log.

  • Multiple Sales Orders from One Quotation.

    Hey SD Gurus,
    I want to create multiple sales orders referring to one quotation. When I create the first sales order the status from quotation change to Completed and this doesn't enable me to create a new sales order. Please let me know how to satisfy this requirement. Thanks in advance.
    Please search the forums before posting - see [rules of engagement|]
    Edited by: Ian Kehoe on Mar 2, 2012 2:17 PM

    go to vtaa- copy controls for sales document to sales document.
    select your combination of order and quotation go to item level. There select value 0(zero) in field positive/negative negative.
    No need to change update document flow.
    After setting zero in copy control that be told on above. create order with respective to the quotation.
    After saving the order.
    go to document flow to see the status in between quotation and order.
    If you placed setting right, then u certainly observe for quotation status will be open. so you can create no. of sales order with respect to that quotation..
    Have a good day..

  • How-to extract data in chunks from one R3 to another R3 system

    Does anybody know how to extract data in chunks from one system to another? Imagine you would like to extract 1M records in chunks of 10K records, how would you do it between 2 different R3 systems? A cursor (even with hold) doesn't work
    Any suggestion appreciated

    Hi Ioan,
    I'd do it with fm : TABLE_ENTRIES_GET_VIA_RFC (with where clause-tab)
    or fm GET_TABLE_RFC (get all items)
    regards Andreas

  • How to move my Developments from One IDES to Another IDES system ?

       I have one requirement that, I need to copy/move my developers developments from One IDES System ( with erp 6 ehp5) to another IDES system which have upgraded configuration ( ERP 6 with EHP6).
        Both systems have same SID - XYZ,
                               Could anyone please suggest solution to solve the issue?
    chandrababu katta

    BLOBs are a different kind of data, so they won't move along if you migrate the data. If there are a lot of BLOBS you can write a data migration, otherwise you can just upload them again in your new schema.

  • Copy Open sales oder from one DB to Other DB

    Hi Expets,
    Can any one help me how to copy Open Sale Order from one data to another Database which exact replica(Both are Same configration)

    I could give you some guidelines as you only know about the complete business data.
    You will need Header and Row level data.
    Header Data:
    DocNum, CardCode, DocDate, DocDueDate, SlpCode, GroupNum, TrnspCode
    Row Data:
    ItemCode, Quantity, Price, {any other additional row data....}

  • What are the ways to Copy Firm Planned Order from one ASCP Plan to another?

    We run two EDD Plans with very similar options, but with different plan horizons.
    To have the suggestions synchronized, we need to copy the "Firm Planned Orders" from one plan to another.
    We tried inserting the records in MSC_ST_SUPPLIES with Order type 5 and firm planned type 1 with appropriate plan id, but Planning ODS Load is not considering those inserted records.
    We don't want to insert directly into MSC_SUPPLIES.
    Any inputs is appreciated.

    You can also call a custom DTSX package in SSIS via the datamanager.
    there are at least 5 ways of transfering data in BPC between apps.
    1. Through the front end (excel etc) via evdre/evsnds
    2. Through Script logic using *Dest App
    3. Using BPC's standard export dtsx package via DM
    4. Using SSIS using BPC's custom SSIS tasks
    5. Through Script logic using stored procs.
    i am sure people will come up with more.
    remember if you use ssis and move data into any table but the wb, you need to process the cube afterwards.

  • Transfer Sales  Order from client to client

    Hi All,
    I am trying to transfer sales order from one sap to other sap system.Here i am using ale idoc process.In the system there are some sales orders,i need to transfer that to other system.we configured message type and added out put types as ALE and it is sending idoc to other sap system and it is not creating automatically so in debug mode i can run that and creating sales order.Here i am facing some issues like
    1) Condition types like (ZJPR) manual condition type for base and insurance   is not transferring,and i can not see in this in outbound idoc.
    2) Will it create sales order automatically or do we need run manually.
    All valuable suggestions are welcome.if it not a right place then i can move this to ABAP Connectivity.

    Thanks Madhu -
    Could you please Check that your Distribution Model is setup correctly.You should have Message type ORDERS in your sending and receiving System.
    Sender System
    Receiver System
    If Above setting is not reflected in your system then either create New Distribution model or delete message type from existing Model.-----Add New Message Type-----and distribute model from Sender system.

Maybe you are looking for

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